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Chapter 39.

Author note:
I got a lot of ideas from everyone about lightning magic and I’ll leave it dormant for now.
After the end of this fight I plan to have the experiments continue.


The sun had set while we were practicing other magic. Then, we returned from the Goblin Village back to town.

Before we head back to the hotel, we dropped by Thill’s shop to hand off some production requests. There are several necessary things for next time’s experiments.

He said the requests will be finished tomorrow at the earliest. We decided to head out back to the Demon’s Wilderness tomorrow to hunt again.

We returned to the hotel. We took our meals on the first floor where the combination of dining room and bar is located. By the time we’re done, it’s already pitch black outside.

When we return to the room in order to rest, Ayla leads me to the bed while smiling. (TN: Laid time~)

[N,no. We’re going to hunt tomorrow so I want to conserve our stamina.]

Amy came to me while holding a large amount of medicine vials. It’s the [Youth Medicine] that she created in the village.

I steel myself and lay down. Zir, who tries to run away, was caught by Ayla by the arm.

When the number of comrades increases, I don’t want anyone to be left out. Let’s all happily enjoy it together.


[NyamNyam… Hafu]

Zir embraced me from the front while sitting on my lap and bites my neck while immersed in the afterglow. Zir often does this in this situation.

[Oi, Zir. Don’t bite me seriously]

Zir bites carefully with her fangs, but she isn’t loosening up on her strength.

[Pi-cha. Kufufu, master doesn’t change even if I suck your blood after all.]

Zir whispered happily while licking up my blood that oozed out from the wound. I wonder what she’s so happy about?

『For a Vampire, the act of sucking blood is like a courting act, I see. It seems it’s also possible to have some pillow talk while doing it.』

It’s coldly analysing the situation from the sidelines. Isn’t it too interested in this stuff? I’ll start calling this book the [Lewd Book] instead, darn it.

Although the wound has stopped bleeding, Zir seems to keep sticking to it. I pull her off somehow and put her back to bed.

Ayla and Amy who were sleeping next to each other like logs in the bed show satisfactory smiles. [Youth Medicine] is awesome.

My stamina and magic were exhausted after my blood was sucked by Zir. I need to increase my Stamina if I want to keep doing this from now on.

I laid down and thought about drinking a potion to recover and sleep like this.

At that time, a ghost came out from the wall.

If I didn’t get used to seeing ghosts since a few days ago, I might have screamed a little.

I turn towards my bed with the intention of falling into it.

[Watch out!!]

Zir shouts loudly to get my attention. I activate shock magic on my right hand immediately and turned around.

When the magic in my right hand made contact with the ghost, it made a ‘bachi’ sound and the ghost disappeared.

[That is a nightmare ghost. It inflicts [Nightmare], which in the worst case can lead to death]

[I’ll just ask to be sure, but this isn’t one of your ghosts, is it Zir?]

Maybe she slept feeling disgusted after having a evening festival (TN: lewd feast) every night to the point of running out of stamina?

[That’s not one my ghosts. also, I’m not really all that disgusted. … at the moment.]

She let out a weird voice. However, This means there is another necromancer who employs ghosts beside Zir.

Not just that, but this guy sent a ghost who’s able to cause a potentially lethal abnormal state.

[It’s strange but there are zombies in this town. There are only a couple of them right now, but they could overwhelm the town before long.

Zir explained the situation while showing a genuinely displeased face.

I wake up both Ayla and Amy immediately. Even though it’s an emergency I have a hard time bringing myself to wake these two girls up who sleep so happily.

[Ayla, Amy, sorry but please wake-up]

Both woke up at once when I called them and shook their bodies. I passed them a physical recovery potion and explained the situation to them.

[So, what will we do?]

[Let’s try attacking the ringleader for now. Zir has guessed what monster is controlling the zombies. The two of you should take shelter in the goblin’s village just in case.]

[No way, I’m going with you.]

[Duo and the rest are just outside town so I can call them right away too.]

[I won’t allow it. Please be obedient. I’ll have you help me when I can no longer manage it.]

[It seems the situation is already beyond Master’s control.]

Zir poured water over our conversation. (EN: she interrupted/ruined it)

[What do you mean?]

[A horde of monsters have gathered on the outskirts of town from the Monster Wilderness and forest. These seem to be the main force.]

When hearing the detailed explanation from Zir, A large horde of monsters seems to be heading right for us through the east and west gates.

The Zombies earlier seem to have been only a beginning. The horde will seemingly arrive in about 4 hours.
After hearing this I explain our strategy to the others. This is a situation we cannot handle by ourselves. We need more people.

Amy will go to the Adventurer’s Guild and explain the situation. Maybe the commotion in town is already being noticed by the guild.

It may be hard to convince the others, but it’s better than doing nothing.

We need people from the guild to fight the current zombies and wake people from their [Nightmare] affliction so we can properly prepare for the monster horde.

Ayla and Raru will prepare for combat in the Goblin’s village. I’m planning to prepare several tricks from the forest side.

Zir and I will defeat the [Zombie Mother] and head to the Adventurer’s Guild. Afterwards, most likely we will participate in the start of strategy meeting.

After everyone got their tasks, I instructed them to run away when they are in danger.

[Okay everyone, absolutely don’t do anything dangerous.]

[Yes. Master, please take care too]

[I’ll make sure to move out with Raru’s group immediately]

After separated with the two others, Zir and I move out to defeat the [Zombie Mother].

The [Zombie Mother] seems to be moving around the Lord’s Castle. After Zir guided me we found a zombie with the appearance of a pregnant woman walking around randomly.

[Is it this one?]

[Yes it is, Master. Let’s defeat it quickly]

Zir answered while desperately turning her face away. It’s still quite painful to cut the pregnant woman even though it’s zombie. I decided to erase it with fire magic.

The fire from my hand burns the zombie.
After doing so for 30 seconds the flames slowly dispersed and the zombie is barely intact.

When I tried to finish it with another flame attack a pale light wraps the zombie mother and recovered its whole body.

Although I say that, since it’s a zombie originally its body returns to being a gooey and sloppy mess.

[This is the same thing like with the Skeleton Warrior]

[Yeah. Most likely the magic is being supplied automatically]

It has recognized us as an enemy after being attacked, so the Zombie Mother moves in our direction.

[Good thing I fought and undead once before already.]

Saying so, I pour the magic that defeated the Skeleton Warrior into my sword.
I swing the magic-clad sword and aim for the neck of the Zombie Mother.
The head went flying and melts away in the air.
The remaining body collapses smoothly and disappears.

[I saw it when you dueled with my Skeleton Warrior too. What magic is that?]

[I strengthened my weapon with healing magic. A healer can use healing magic to filter out black magic from a victim, and because undead are filled with pure black magic I can use healing magic to completely remove all their power – making regeneration impossible.]

Healing magic usually defeats zombies in games. Although I only tried to copy this, it worked out well in the end.
The healing magic sword finally gets a chance to be recognized. There are zombies still lurking around the town.

There’s a crowd in front of the Adventurer Guild when we arrived after finishing the clean-up of the zombies in town.

[Master, over here!]

Amy waved at us from inside the building.
When we are able to get through the crowd and enter the building we’re brought to some kind of conference room. There are around 20 people inside.

[You are Hibiki, right?]

I took a seat at the far back of the room after entering, and was immediately addressed by an older guy.

[Yes. I am]

This uncle is the branch-head of the adventurer guild in this town. I heard he is the local lord as well.

Although it’s a town filled with adventurers, there are few people skilled enough to hold 2 major positions concurrently.

[Is the information that girl brought true?]

Without any idle chat he gets right down to business. This uncle seems quite excellent.

[Yeah, the horde of monsters approaches from the forest and wilderness. Most likely they will arrive in this town in about two hours]

[Don’t lie to us!! Do you have any evidence!?]

An idiot flares up…

[If you don’t believe it that’s fine with me too. If you guys aren’t going to do anything we’ll just leave town]

The others in the room start to get noisy. I continue without minding it.

[The number of monsters is around 1600. about 800 each for both the east and the west. It’s likely they are aiming for the gates]

[Preposterous! Currently there’s no more than just 300 people who are able to fight, including the soldiers!]

What Seyra said is the truth. The enemies outnumber us five to 1 or worse. We will be overpowered even with the town walls.

[Hibiki, why do you have such detailed information?]

Because of the lord’s question the others became noisy again. They’re suspicious of me.

[There is a necromancer in my party. Because a strange ghost entered into our room we inspected the town. Doing so we found the zombies wandering around and we ended up examining the surrounding of the town as well. Thus, we found the horde of monsters]

People reacted again when I mentioned a necromancer. Are you guys reaction performers or something?

[How did things end up like this anyway!?]

[Are the zombies and ghosts in town not perhaps your own forces?!]

It’s the same idiot who shouted in the beginning too. I’ll remember this guy’s face and name. I glared at the idiot’s face. It’s a coward.

[The barking of a weakling. Some adventurer you are.]


The idiot turned on me after I provoked him. It’s a genuine moron.

[Don’t you bastards go blaming your own weakness on others!! Do the adventurers in this town shake in their boots because of something on this level? Adventurers from an adventurer-town sure have a top-class ability to turn tail.]

The surrounding adventurers sent hostile glares toward me for my words. Although it’s a critical situation, we should still be able to manage with this number of people. They’re all guys with adequate levels after all.

[I don’t know if I should trust you]

The Lord said while shaking his head..

[I believe in him]

The voice came from Feryu.

[To begin with, These guys could have happily fled just by themselves but came to tell us anyway. Instead of being thankful you lot can only resent them]

[Also, I know these fellows fairly well. [Annihilation] are not bad guys]

[Annihilation] isn’t well-known in this town. Feryu begins to speak fluently about the events with the sharp wolves.
Probably because the Divine Protections are being brought-up the people begin to believe it.

[But, the enemies are more than five times our own war potential]
The Lord said half-complaining.

[Please leave the West Gate to us, we’ll do something about it]

[Are you sure can do it?]

I say a phrase I haven’t used for a while.

[I have [Divine Protection] after all]


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