~Regarding Demon Lord’s Pet Release Schedule~

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Who am I, most of you might not be wondering about that, right? Muhahaha! I am none other than Fair–Ahem, I mean Light! ­*Curse wordpress for not letting me post anonymously!*

So as some of you have verbally or telepathically asked us, *Yes, I got tons massages inside my head. They won’t stop! The voices! Someone, please make them stop! If not for that, I wouldn’t be here posting this post! I’m not some 4th wall breaking super hero dammit!* I am here to say, once and for all, that we’re going to be releasing these chapters in batches! Once a month!

“Ehh~ But Light-Sama, I won’t be able to satisfy my carvings then!”

Oh, no worries, I’ll make sure to release cliff hangers all the time in order to further induce those carvings.

“Light-Sama is a meanie!”


“So, Light-Sama…Umm…Err…”

C’mon, out with it you imaginary feminine voice within my head.

“I-If I might be so rude to ask, Light-Sama…H-how many chapters would be in each…batch…?”

Good question, good question. Well, it all depends on us, the translators’, time and mood. Oh, and let us not forget those we sacrifice in order to edit our chapters. When reading the comments, I mostly see “Thanks Fairy~” Or “Thanks Light~”. What happened to the editors?! They go through our junk to iron out a somewhat understandable English, dammit!

“L-Light-Sama…A-are you perhaps…avoiding answering the question…?”

Eh? I-I am?! But those are serious issues! *Ahem* W-well, it depends, really. I mean, we have to measure up how much fluff is in a chapter first before deciding how much effort we should invest in it…

“Ehh~ That can’t be right~”

Huh?! Don’t tell me you don’t even know this?! All translators know this! Each line costs 10 fluff points. God dammit imaginary voice, google for once would you!

“I seem to have noticed that you released 4 chapters at the start…can that be it…?”

E-eh? A-ahh…Hmm…No…?  I-if you’re lucky, then maybe…? It all de-depends on the respective period. Real life can get into translations, and we end up not putting in enough time…Or worse of all, not having enough fluff points to put forth…!!! We could release more or less depending on how things play out, so…yeahh? Take things with a grain of salt. Also, Yay to human pets!

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Demon Lord's Pet ~ Chapter 4
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I see you enjoyed the Deadpool movie.


Once a month? Good enough for me really.


Collective thanks to all editors and translators. GJ!


No release schedules were harmed in the making of this post.

Warming, may contain traces of nuts.


Thanks to TL for doing this Novel.

Big Thanks to ED for smothing out chapter after chapter just to make readers understand better.



yay, sempai received our minds mensages~~
well joking aside, thx for everyone on the team for the chapters o/


A big thanks and virtual hug for all of you editors and translators!!!
Best Regards~!


Is it wrong that every time I see a translator do this kind of thing instead of just typing out what they’re trying to convey I instinctively start hating them? This is all gibberish to me and I don’t give enough kerfuffles to decode these arcane texts.