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Chapter 65.The former hero: enjoying a day before journey.


In the morning, I woke-up languidly.

It’s still winter but, strangely it’s slowly become warmer. It’s still chilly season
However, when I’m surrounded by these girl’s warm skin, I don’t feel cold.
Rather, I think the heat from last night still remains, and it’s quite warm.

As usual, I moved Laurier to the side to avoid waking her, and sit up.

I was sleeping sandwiched between the girls. I stroke Sharon and Rithina’s cheeks.
Then, I pat Laurier’s cheek on the other side.

I’ll do it to Mina, who slept on the other side of Rithina, later since I’m unable to reach her.

This is the routine that I do every morning after waking-up. It has no special meaning.

When I look to my feet, Tanya is in a state of half-falling from the bed, and gurgling in her sleep.
She no longer looks like an 8 year old, but closer to 13-14 years old.
Bigger than Laurier, but not quite as big as Mina.

Did she absorb enough magic last night, from all of that kissing? She does seem to have grown a little bit bigger.
In fact, I see her growing with a bikibiki, scared me for a moment.

Near soft, budding breasts is mysterious embodiment.
The other four people beside me observed it with a great interest as well.

Just then, Tanya’s breasts grew bigger than both Laurier and Mina’s.
Although Laurier doesn’t seem bothered by it, I didn’t miss Mina’s cloudy face.

Tanya, is a masterpiece because she is even bigger than Rithina back then.
I’m unable to forget how she looked Yesterday, the tied-up Tanya.

I don’t have any objection to magic replenishment. That big size, with this hand!
I proactively accept the “big” policy

At first I though Tanya was too small to get laid so I thought it’s impossible, but with only kissing she reached a size where there wouldn’t be a problem.

There are no policeman in the another world.
No, there is the Knight Order, but there are no age of consent laws like on earth.
Another World banzai.

The problem starts with how to keep her at her current size.
It seems that in order to grow this much, a proportional amount of magic must be absorbed at night, or else she will become a child again by morning.

But if we try too hard, the magic will be dispersed into nothing like yesterday.

That’s how it is. But, even though the number of girls has increased, it won’t be a problem with my new killer move.
I worked the girls so hard that I was the first to wake up.

As expected, Sharon was the first one drawn back by the tentacles, didn’t you love it?
Despite what they say, they are cute girls who listen to what I say.

Maa, because there are three excited person.
It’s easy to raise my Japanese spirit, for Sharon.

Due to my efforts last night, I feel languid now.
When I think about it, despite using magic for two hours straight in the daytime, I was in high-spirits last night.

After sleeping soundly, I feel that my magic is still not exhausted, but I still feel the languor.

While I am thinking about it, everyone wakes-up one after another.

[Morning…] [Good morning]

Does Sharon have low-blood pressure? So weak in the morning, when you’re squirming to sit up like that, I can’t resist touching your ass.

[Nuu~… ] [Morning. Hey, wake-up]

When you leave Laurier alone, she will go to sleep again. I poked her squishy cheeks, to wake her up.

[Good morning] [Good morning]]

Watching Rithina wake-up is excellent. Furthermore, her morning stretch is so erotic. Do you do that on purpose? Her clothes are so bare. However, they’re still barely able to cover her important places..

[Funya… A… o… G, good morning] [Morning]

Mina is also considerably weak in the morning, it’s only possible to hear her [Nya] during the night with a pretty voice. The change into -sama is cute too.

[Suu… Haaa~…. Suuu… Haaa~……]

Tanya is still sleeping. Last night was her first time so I guess I’ll make an exception for her.

After they exchanged greetings with one another, they put on their scattered clothes, and we go get breakfast.

The Marquis’ family has asked for us this afternoon.

It’s about the school, Celis’ graduation ceremony is tomorrow.

We will discuss the investigation of the Golem’s movement over the last month.

According to Tanya’s story, that fellow is moving toward the area near the Eastern Border.
If this information is also supported by Marquis’s investigation, then it’s decided.

I’m thinking of bringing Tanya along, but the decision will be up to Rithina and two others.

Sharon, Laurier, and Mina, will be the ones watching over Tanya.
Well, I don’t think Tanya will do something foolish after last night, but just in case…
If by any chance, other assassins were sent, the possibility of which is not zero, I think those three will be okay with their strength.

As Rithina and I enter the Marquis room, we pass through the usual entryway.

There is an unknown man near Marquis.
There seems to be no sign of Pig Frog-kun. Whatever.

[Princess Rithina. Haruto-dono. We’re sorry for calling you at this time]

[No, there is no problem. Is there any news from the outside?]

[Indeed. Now, please have a seat]

Rithina and the Marquis pass greetings to each other, and then Rithina and I sit down in our seat.

The unknown man remains standing.

[Then, I believe we should go straight to the point. Oi]

The Marquis gives instructions to the man.

[Ha. Then please let me explain]

The man, his voice is a bit strained, puts down and spreads a map.

Ah, there is no self-introduction.
Isn’t that supposed to be done when meeting for the first time?

Maybe, this man comes from an organization? One investigating the golem?
It’s a secret, eh? Yada, that’s seems cool.

Even though we’re only going to be associated for a short time, let’s call him Secret-san.

[From the investigative reports from the Labyrinth Knight Order, we’re searching the cave-in location. Apparently there is a passage in that place
We’re unable to get through because of the complete cave-in, but we made a prediction of the direction and we are searching for an entrance above ground. It would seem that it’s connected to the east side of the Iris Forest.]

Hee. A secret passage.

That underground labyrinth is truly absurd.
I’m sure, there are various other passages.

However, the east of the forest.

[After searching that area, we came across this information from an adventurer in the forest. We’re also collecting information in the village along the road, we found out the golem is moving toward the east.]

During this past month, Secret-san’s group seems to have been investigating various things.

It’s a match with Tanya’s story.
As I expected, there is no doubt the golem is moving towards the eastern border.

I explained yesterday’s events to Marquis and Secret-san, as well as passing along the information from Tanya.

[I see, such a thing…]

The Marquis is thinking with a serious face.

[If this fellow crosses the border, it’ll be in your Excellencies territory, once that happens there is nothing more I can do.
I want to run after that fellow, but if that happens there is nothing to be done.]

I should tell the Marquis.
Yeah, that fellow spoke of the trouble in this area.
That fellow in another territory. Furthermore if it’s gonna cross the border, there is no way the Marquis can stay calm.

If that’s the case we might lose a chance with Celis, oh well.

[No, Is Princess Rithina going along too?
I have been thinking that this fellow is not a problem for our territory alone.
If you need our help to pursue it, please let me know]

The Marquis is willing to help us. Yay!

We’ve saved-up money during the past month, so there wouldn’t be an issue even if we recieved no help from the Marquis’ family, but I’m still glad that Celis will come with us.

… There is no hidden motive.
It’s not because she has blonde hair like an elf, nor because she calls herself boku, nor because she called me onii-san, it’s no such thing as that.
It’s completely not like that.

Anyway, she is a talented magic caster.

I think she’d be very useful as a rear guard.

Moreover, she is able to use recovery magic.
The splinter which pierced her chest, she was able to recover in an instant.

Mina is also capable of using recovery magic, but if something were to happen, I can’t let her work as our rear guard.
Sharon, Laurier, Tanya, and myself probably can’t use recovery magic.

As a party, the user of recovery magic is indispensable. (TN: Healer)

I want her to join us by all means.

[Then, tomorrow, when Celis graduates, we will chase the fellow to the border]

[Umu. Understood. Also, this might be necessary if you go all out to the border. Here you go.]

The Marquis presented us a piece of wood and a letter.

[This is?]

[N? Ah, this is a passport to leave our country.
The security at the border is in my territory, so I this will help you bypass it]

A passport.
I see, I see.

That’s very analog.
Crossing the border, that’s pretty easy.
Aren’t you afraid of counterfeits?

No, I feel a slight tingle of magic from the object.
I wonder if there is something embedded inside?

Surely, there might be a mechanism which prevents it from being counterfeited.

[Ano, our party has increased in number, will we be ok with this?]

I become uneasy when I hear the explanation.

I don’t know if Tanya will follow us or not, I might get trouble then.

[Is it the half-beastman that you mentioned earlier? No problem, there is no restriction on the number of people, it’s a bill that lets you pass anytime]

Oo, what a wonderful document.
I kinda feel like I’ve obtained a magic key.

[I understand. Thank you very much]

[No problem, it’s natural for me to do at least this much. Later, let’s proceed with the supplies and funds]

[Thank you. Marquis Cordato]

Then, Rithina offer her gratitude.
When I look at her, she really is a Princess.
Such dignity.

After that, we left Marquis mansion, and returned to the hotel.

[Oh yeah Haruto. Yesterday, was amazing!]


After checking that there was no one around us, Rithina suddenly brings up the topic.

[Even though the number of people increased, to think up such method, as expected from Haruto.
But, starting from tomorrow, it will be impossible to be alone together, right?]

While she says it, Rithina rubs her shoulder into me.


I was so happy we did it together, but everyone else was reluctant because their time with me will decrease when the number of girls increased.
Certainly,it’s important to enjoy one-on-one time to the fullest, it’s necessary to follow-up with this.

The Princess’ dignity was blown away somewhere, and Rithina invites me with a bewitching smile.
So devilish. I feel as if I’m being drawn into her eyes.
Also, her breast rubbing against my arm is pleasant.
Why is it so pleasant?

It’s because the hopes and dreams of humanity are packed in it.

Okay. I consent.

The discussion with the Marquis also ended early, so we still have time.

I take Rithina and we start walking towards another inn [Rest Speciality] near our hotel.


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