Slave Harem – 157 – Paralysis

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We enter the labyrinth.with the Estoc of Petrification that now also has the skill of Paralysis.
Miria will still be the one using it, and we’ll explore the 24th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth.
The first group to appear is two Ma Bream, a Cyclops, and a Scissor Lizard.

I use [Breeze Storm] and [Sand Storm] in succession.
Earth magic is good for this combination, but I have Jobless’s skill set as beginner level wind magic.
I can’t use two [Sand Storm]’s.

Four people run forward to engage the demons before they can use area effect magic.
Three demons line up.
The Cyclops is at the back because the wind magic slowed him down.

The lizard is in the middle.
The Ma Bream are to the right and left of the lizard.
I’d normally like to petrify the lizard.

“Miria, left. Vesta, right.”
“I understand.”

The central position can be attacked by multiple demons, so Roxanne takes that.
Roxanne will handle an extra demon in the center if there are more than three lined up.
Roxanne’s instructions aren’t wrong.

Miria is on the left.
Miria might be fine in the center this time, but we don’t need to overdo it.
She is on the left because the Cyclops has moved towards the left.
Between the Ma Bream and the Cyclops, it would be good to petrify the Cyclops.

Miria attacks with her Estoc of Petrification.
The Ma Bream in front of Miria doesn’t move at all.
One shot?
Is it because of her skill increase?

“It’s not white, desu.”

So, according to Miria does the demon get whiter when it’s petrified?
Then, this demon is not white, it’s paralyzed instead of petrified.
I can’t notice the colour.

While the Ma Bream wasn’t moving, Miria attacked the Scissor Lizard.
It seems a little difficult without moving around to the side.
After the third attack, the Cyclops came.
The lizards movement was not able to be stopped.

Miria returns to her position and takes on the Cyclops.
While I unleash magic, the Cyclops stops moving.

“Miria, is it paralysis?”
“It’s not white, desu.”

I check with Miria to see if it’s paralysis.
Does the paralysis happen often?
Miria moved sideways and attacked the Scissor Lizard.

“It’s moving.”

Roxanne calls out a warning.
The Ma Bream has begun to move in front of Miria.
Miria dodges the attack and returns one of her own.

“It is white, desu.”

The Ma Bream that had begun to move has stopped moving again.
She said it’s white this time, so it’s petrified.
It seems that both the petrification skill and paralysis skill are properly working on one sword.

Maybe it’s three times more often than petrification.
The paralysis skill seems to be a wonderful one.
Even though I’m not sure the exact percentage of paralysis.

“Miria, lets switch.”

At Roxanne’s instruction, Miria swaps with Roxanne for the position in front of the Scissor Lizard.
The Ma Bream is petrified to the left of the lizard, and the Cyclops is a stone next to that. Miria might get attacked from both sides.
Roxanne moves while attacking the Scissor Lizard, just as the Cyclops begins to move.

Roxanne thrusts her rapier at the Cyclops.
Roxanne avoids the Cyclops attack with no problems.
Miria attacks the Scissor Lizard with the Estoc of Petrification while avoiding it’s attacks.

The Scissor Lizards movement stopped.
If Miria doesn’t say anything, is it paralysis?
Miria moves to the side and attacks the Cyclops.

As I thought about it, the Scissor Lizard began to move at once.
What happened?
Paralysis seems to happen easily, but getting out of it easily is a problem.

The petrified Ma Bream became smoke because of my magic.
The blockage between the Scissor Lizard and the Cyclops is gone, and Miria is in the center.
The Ma Bream that Vesta is handling soon becomes smoke as well.
There’s just two demons left.

“I did it, desu!”
“Is it petrified?”
“Yes, desu.”

The Scissor Lizard seems to have been petrified.
Only one remains.

I switched to [Breeze Ball] and attacked the Cyclops.
The Cyclops stops moving again because of Miria, and falls before it begins moving again.
After the Cyclops, I pull out Durandal to finish off the lizard.

“Paralysis seems to happen often, but is a bit troublesome.”
“We can handle it.”
“Well, it did stop the demon moving quite a few times.”

It’s probably alright for Roxanne, and it doesn’t matter for Sherry at the back.

“It’s fine, desu.”
“I don’t think it’s a problem.”

Miria and Vesta don’t mind, so it should be fine.

“Miria, you can tell the difference between a petrified monster and a paralyzed one?”
“I can, desu.”
“You don’t need to let us know if it’s paralyzed, only let us know if it’s petrified.”
“I’ll do it, desu.”

When a demon stops moving, I can’t tell the difference between it being petrified or paralyzed, so I gave out instructions.
It’s a surprising blind spot.
It would be bad if it began to move when I thought it was petrified, and I don’t want to waste magic because I think it’s paralyzed.

The next group has two Cyclops, and two Scissor Lizards.
Four people start running as I use my wind magic.
I use double wind magic because there are two of each.
After using [Wind Storm], I run in.

Sparks are dancing as the four people arrive at the demons.
It’s the area effect magic of the demons.
Since there are four demons that can use area effect magic, it can’t be helped.
We’ll try and stop them getting a second shot.

Roxanne stops and uses [Area healing].
Once might not be enough so I use it as well.

A party normally can’t use the same skill at the same time because of incantation resonance.
That doesn’t apply to me though since I have [Incantation Omission].
I tried it earlier, and it works fine.

Miria and Vesta take one Scissor Lizard.
Sherry arrived before they got a chance for a second shot.
Sherry uses her spear from the back.

When one of the lizards tries to use area magic again, it’s movement is stopped.
Miria didn’t say anything so it must be paralysis.
Roxanne catches up and takes on the other lizard.
Sherry and Vesta attack the hardened Scissor Lizard.

The other lizard swings it’s scissors.
Roxanne avoids it easily.
Miria uses the chance to strike with the Estoc of Petrification.

Oh, it’s movement stopped.
Both the Scissor Lizards aren’t moving.

“I’ll go forward. Come with me if you can Sherry.”

Roxanne casually slips between the two who had stopped moving.
Aren’t you worried they might recover from paralysis.
Vesta keeps slashing away with two swords, doing as she pleases.


Sherry checks to make sure the lizards aren’t moving, and then carefully moves along the side.
Miria and Vesta are attacking the two Scissor Lizards that aren’t moving.

I use the Sacred Spear to attack during the intervals of my wind magic shots.
I’ll be able to notice the moment they begin to move from here.
I can attack without having to worry about a counter attack.

Roxanne arrives at the Cyclops.
The Cyclops are hindered by the wind magic, so they hadn’t advanced much.
Sherry reached them a little later.
The two of them line up in front of the Cyclops.

There’s no longer a worry about area effect magic.
There’s still the possibility the Scissor Lizards might recover and try to use it though.
Sherry is at the Cyclops now, but Roxanne’s judgement is correct.
The demons who can’t move can’t conjure.

The lizard that Vesta is attacking starts moving again, but Miria slashes at it and it stops moving again.
The paralysis is quick.

The paralysis skill really seems to happen a lot.
Of course that’s because Miria is an assassin.
It’s a considerably useful skill.

“I did it, desu.”

Petrification finally happens.
I don’t think that the speed of petrification has changed since the paralysis skill was added to the Estoc of Petrification.
It can happen around twice during a fight with a group.

Paralysis is happening at minimum two times more often.
I think the chance is at least double that of petrification.

“Vesta, come forward.”
“I understand.”

Since one has been petrified, Vesta has been called away.
Miria attacks the paralyzed lizard.
There’s not much distance to the Cyclops, but it’s better to petrify the Scissor Lizard because I am using wind magic.

Vesta ran forward.
As she charges in, she swings her two swords from the right and left at the Cyclops as it flinches from the wind magic.
Sherry steps back a step to keep watch of the two Cyclops with her spear.
It’s safer like this.

I keep the wind magic going as I attack the Scissor Lizard with the Sacred Spear.
Paralysis happens often, and petrification happens moderately often.
The two Cyclops were defeated before the second Scissor Lizard was petrified.

“I did it, desu.”

When the Cyclops were defeated, the three people there started running over but the Scissor Lizard was petrified before they arrived.
Two petrified Scissor Lizards are lined up.
It’s turned out there was no need for the three of them to run back, but it’s safer this way.
Vesta returns to the Cyclops and then comes back with copper she picked up.

I take out the two petrified demons with Durandal.
The lizards became smoke one after the other.
If they are petrified then there is no risk, and I can absorb some MP.

With paralysis on the Estoc of Petrification the battles have become easier.
Even though both skills are on a single weapon they seem to be working properly.
The paralysis is a bonus.

The frequency of the petrification has not changed.
Even if the chance of petrification has fallen because of the paralysis skill, it isn’t enough to notice.
There is no difference I can see.
It also seems like a paralyzed demon can be petrified.

Paralysis can be removed naturally, and the vanguard has to move a lot.
I hope you don’t mind that much.

When the smoke from the Scissor Lizard dissipated, there was a card remaining.
A monster card.

“Oh. A card.”
“The lizards monster card from the Scissor Lizard. It has the skill for fire resistance if you add it to a piece of equipment.”
“Like the mermaid monster card I have?”
“Yes. The same sort of thing.”

Like Sherry said, I can tell it’s the lizards monster card even without [Analyze].
The mermaids monster card puts the water attribute on equipment.
The butterfly monster card puts the wind attribute on equipment.
The fire attribute version comes from the lizard monster card.

I have one kobold monster card.
I also have a mermaid and a lizard monster card.
Should I fuse the lizard monster card?

At the moment we have to deal with the Cyclops and Scissor Lizard, both of which use fire attribute area effect magic.
I can decrease the damage.
But, even if fire attribute magic is used, we can fight fine on Haruba’s 24th floor.
Should I prepare for future problems?

Tur Turtle on Quratar’s 24th floor user water attribute area effect magic.
I was thinking of fusing the mermaids monster card when I tried Quratar’s 24th floor.

“Roxanne, which do you think I should use?”
“Well, I think it would be best to use the resistance to fire attribute for now.”

The mermaids monster card or the lizards monster card.
No matter which I fuse to the Wind Resistant Damascus Steel Forehead Protector it will only be Roxanne that benefits from it.
Even though Roxanne said to use the protection from the area effect magic of the Cyclops and the Scissor Lizard, maybe the water attribute would be better.

Maybe the Tur Turtle won’t be too much trouble either?

“We might be able to get another kobold monster card before we pass the 24th floor.”

As Sherry says, there’s that possibility as well.
It might be best to fuse it with the lizard monster card.



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