Slave Harem – 158 – Intermediate Job

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Intermediate Job

Thereafter, the battles continue.
As speculated, paralysis proc’s approximately twice as much as petrifaction.
This skill seems to be easy-to-use even for someone who’s not an Assassin.

I want it attached to Roxanne’s and Vesta’s weapons, too.
Was it a bad decision to have withdrawn from bidding on Shrub Monster Cards?
Oh well, it can’t be helped now.
It would seem suspicious if I asked of him again.

After the dinner, I have Sherry fuse the Lizard Monster Card.
She still seems to be a bit tensed but it succeeds without any issue.
As expected, the name of the Damascus Steel Forehead Protector is still the same.
The name of an equipment is decided based on the first skill attached.

The Damascus Steel Forehead Protector has now both the Wind Resistance and the Fire Resistance skills attached.
And I have yet to use the Mermaid Monster Card.
Just a bit more and it’ll have the resistance to all four attributes.

“Roxanne, what’s the status of the forehead protector?”
“Yes, the damage has decreased, indeed. As to how much, I can’t say.”

The next day. After Roxanne receives an area of effect magic attack, I enquire the status from Roxanne.
Since the resistance to fire has now increased, the damage seems to have decreased.
However, that’s only in Roxanne’s case.

Now that I can recover MP from petrified monsters, I rarely move to the front with Durandal.
Originally, I had a Hard Leather Hat equipped because I used to exchange it with Miria’s Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat or Vesta’s Strengthened Hard Leather Hat when moving to the front.
Now that I don’t move to the front, I can equip the Wind Resistant Damascus Steel Forehead Protector myself.

From safety viewpoint, it would perhaps be better for me. Roxanne, too, would probably say the same thing but I decide to keep quiet.
It’s not nice to hog all the good equipment to myself.

Without exchanging our equipment, we continue with the exploration.
There’s no need anyway for we can safely fight on Haruba’s 24th floor.
Also, now that we have the Paralysis skill, it has become even easier.
The next day. My Explorer job finally reaches Lv50.
When I open Job Settings interface, the Adventurer job was there.

Adventurer Lv1
Effects | Medium Increase in Endurance | Small Increase in Spirit | Minute Increase in Dexterity
Skills | Item Box Operation | Party Formation | Field Walk

Finally, an advanced job, huh?
It took long.
Actually, my long doesn’t necessarily mean long nor my short necessarily means short.
The people in this world become Adventurers after a long struggle, so I shouldn’t complain.

As for the verification of Intelligence Card, there’s no longer any fear.
I can now live in this world with my head held high.
Even if it’s the entry test, I can push through it like a don.

The requirement of Adventurer seems to be Explorer Lv50, indeed.
Even if the requirement is something else, it seems to have already been met.
Like moving via Field Walk of another Adventurer?

The job effects of Adventurer are pretty good.
But the skills are bland.
They’re not any different from Explorer’s.

Explorer Lv50
Effect | Small Increase in Endurance
Skills | Item Box Operation | Party Formation | Dungeon Walk

This is what Explorer looks like.
Even though it’s Lv50 now, the effect and the skills haven’t increased.
However, the effects of Adventurer are vastly superior.
If every party member had an advanced job, it would be totally awesome.

I add Sixth Job and select Adventurer.
Originally, I didn’t plan on using it except for during Intelligence Card verification. However, now that I have seen the job effects, I decide to level it up.
Because First Job is connected to the bonus points, I can’t replace Explorer Lv50 with Adventurer Lv1.
Since I can’t dispense with Jobless, Hero, Wizard and Priest, I had to add another job in order to select Adventurer.

To be honest, I would like to remove Explorer as First Job.
Even if Explorer is not First Job, I can keep items in its Item Box and when there’s verification of Intelligence Card, I can freely select Adventurer as First Job.
But Hero and Jobless are not as high leveled as Explorer.
And unlike Jobless, I won’t be able to rest easy with Hero as First Job.

There wouldn’t be much difference if I replaced Explorer with Wizard. If Wizard were First Job, it would be troublesome to use the magic skill of Jobless.
If there are multiple jobs with magic skills, that of the lower numbered job invokes first.
Setting Jobless, which can have no more than one skill, before Wizard, which has four attributes magic, will be more effective.

In summary, there’s no problem in selecting Explorer as First Job and adding another job to select Adventurer.
There’s no pressing need to remove Explorer as First Job.
In order to add another job, I have to abandon Required Experience 1/20th but it can’t be helped.

Kaga Michio | Male | 17 Years Old
Explorer Lv50 | Hero Lv46 | Jobless Lv41 | Wizard Lv49 | Priest Lv39 | Adventurer Lv1
Equipment | Sacred Spear | Hard Leather Hat | Alba | Dragon Leather Gloves | Dragon Leather Shoes | Earring of Offerings

As for the Item Box of Adventurer, I’ve heard that its size is 50 types of items x 50 units.
It’s probably fixed, regardless of the level.
The Item Box of fixed size, it’s same in case of Cook.
And in case of Sherry’s Master Smith.

As for Field Walk, since it can’t be used inside the labyrinth, I can’t ascertain it now.
More than failure, I’m afraid of Sherry’s eyes.
But I better try it soon.

While I was exploring Adventurer, we arrive at the boss room of 24th floor.
Finally, huh?
It took quite some time.
After all, it seems to have expanded more than 23rd floor.

“In this boss battle, there will be a slight change in the tactics. I’ll still be using magic; there’s no change in that respect. However, we won’t be waiting to separate the monsters. We will actively attack from the outset. Roxanne will take on the boss. Miria and Vesta will take on the two accompanying monsters. Sherry will keep an eye on the boss from the centre.”

I issue the instructions in the waiting room.
If we waited, we would come under area of effect magic attack.
I mean, we already have once before.

I remove Adventurer and select Gambler.
In the boss battles, we rely on Miria’s abnormal status inflicting sword.
Now that the Paralysis skill has been added, too, it’ll be even better to leave it to her.
Whether or not the number of area of effect magic attacks Miria’s opponent uses is less than the number of area of effect magic attacks we would receive if we waited is yet to be seen.

“The Cyclops boss is called Silver Cyclops. Its resistances are same as Cyclops.”
“Do, desu.”
“I think it’ll be alright.”

I hand Durandal to Vesta and rush into the boss room.
Three monsters take form.
Three giants, huh?
There are two Cyclopes and in between them is a Silver Cyclops.

The Silver Cyclops is bigger than the Cyclopes but not by much.
It’s color isn’t red; it’s grey.
Or is it silver? It’s name is silver, after all.

After casting one Wind spell, I use Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the Cyclops which Miria was confronting.
When I cast the Wind spell, the Cyclopes close their eyes.
The Silver Cyclops, however, is unaffected.
The resistance of the boss seems to be higher.

The Silver Cyclops advances two to three steps and swings its fists down.
Roxanne dodges with ease and thrusts her Rapier out.
The boss counters with a backhanded blow which barely misses her head.
It loses its balance.

When the Cyclopes falter after the second Wind spell, Sherry and I use the gap and move behind the boss.
While Roxanne was playing with the boss, I harass it by poking my spear.
I’m keeping some distance for I’m afraid that I may get attacked.
While casting Wind spells, I poke my spear from the safe zone.

“Did it, desu.”

One of the Cyclopes has been petrified already.
That it was petrified, not paralyzed, does the probability of paralysis decrease considerably in the boss battles?
It’s the Cyclops that was petrified, though, not the boss.
So, was it random then?

I cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the Silver Cyclops, too.
Miria attacks from the side.

“Sherry, do you want to change position?”
“I guess.”

When I call out to Sherry, she changes position.
Sherry was diagonally behind the boss, next to the petrified Cyclops.
This deployment was in order to tackle area of effect magic attacks of the Cyclopes.
Because the petrified monster can’t use area of effect magic attack, it’s better to move next to the Cyclops which Vesta is keeping company.

Since Vesta has Durandal, she can cancel the attack herself.
Besides, Sherry’s spear may not reach in time for there’s some distance between the Cyclops and the boss.
Still, it’s better to be next to it.
In case of a contingency, we will have a back up.

Ah, it has been paralyzed.
When I move diagonally behind the boss from behind Sherry while casting a Wind spell, the Silver Cyclops gets paralyzed.
Because it’s paralysis, Miria continues to attack it without saying anything.
So paralysis proc’s in case of the boss, too, huh?

Sherry moves and thrusts her spear into the Cyclops.
Roxanne and Miria are still attacking the boss.
You might think as to why Miria is not moving to the other side. However, because the boss is still under the effect of Abnormal Status Resistance Down, it’s the right decision to continue as is.

“Did it, desu.”

Before the Silver Cyclops becomes able to move again, it gets petrified.
Roxanne and Miria join in the attack on the remaining Cyclops.
I switch to Breezeball and join in the attack, too.
This one shouldn’t require me to cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down.

With one more monster, Miria can completely shut the battle out but there’s no need to go to that extent.
In the end, without getting petrified or paralyzed, the Cyclops dies to Vesta’s Durandal.
Is the effect of Abnormal Status Resistance Down really that big?

After Vesta hands Durandal over to me, I tidy up the remaining two.
I finish the boss off.
After a series of strikes, the boss turns into smoke.

When the smoke dissipates, there was a small item left.
I thought it was a monster card but it’s a silver coin.
Was it there from the beginning?
Is it perhaps a lost article of the previous party?

“Silver coin?”
“Yes, I have heard that Silver Cyclops drops silver coin.”

Sherry explains.
Because it drops silver coin, is that why it’s called Silver Cyclops?
It must have silver somewhere on its body.

A monster shouldn’t be carrying money.
Is it just the people who call the silver dropped by Silver Cyclops silver coin?
No, Appraisal is showing it as silver coin, too.

If a monster were to drop silver coin, it would be farmed by those who are strong. (TN: Literal translation was overhunting but I changed it to farming.)
Wouldn’t it cause inflation?
Or because it’s the boss, it can’t be farmed?

Does it perhaps perish after some time?
If I didn’t put it in the Item Box and it perished, I would be heartbroken.
Just like proton decay.
It must have something like half life.

Because silver coin is a dropped item, is that why it can be put in the Item Box?
If it’s kept in the Item Box, it shouldn’t perish.

Thereafter, I take out the petrified Cyclops. With that, the boss battle concludes.
This time, the boss was paralyzed throughout. With the addition of the Paralysis skill, it has now become easier.
Miria is flourishing in the boss battles.

“This time, Miria petrified two which made it easier. I’ll be relying on you from now on.”
“Okay, desu.”

Although I want to stroke her cat ears, I can’t in the labyrinth due to her protective gear.
After leaving the boss room, we move to 25th floor.

“Sherry, which monster appears on Haruba’s 25th floor?”
“Gummi Slime.”
“Gummi Slime, huh? It’s weak against Wind magic, too, right?”

Gummi Slime is weak against many attributes of magic, including Wind, which is the weakness of Cyclops, too.
There’s no need to change the skill of Jobless.
25th floor can be explored as is.
We advance while taking the monsters out.

Although the duration of battles has increased on 25th floor, it doesn’t mean we can’t fight.
Even if the battles are protracted, Miria’s abnormal status inflicting sword makes it easy.
As for paralysis, its duration doesn’t increase proportionally with the duration of battles.
We can manage 25th floor, somehow.

However, I’m not sure if we should advance to any higher floor than this.
Before that, we need to strengthen.
Should I have abnormal status inflicting skills attached to all of our weapons?

While I was thinking over various possibilities, my Wizard job reaches Lv50.
I have acquired Grand Wizard.
It’s the same job as Gozer’s.

Grand Wizard Lv1
Effects | Medium Increase in Intelligence | Small Increase in MP | Minute Increase in Spirit | Minute Increase in Endurance
Skills | Intermediate Fire Magic | Intermediate Water Magic | Intermediate Wind Magic | Intermediate Earth Magic | Basic Ice Magic | Basic Lightning Magic

The job effects clearly tell that it’s a job of higher tier.
Moreover, magic skills have been upgraded to intermediate.
The tier of Grand Wizard is higher than Wizard’s but it’s actually an intermediate job.

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