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1st Volume, 11th Chapter 【The Port Town, Pascam】

In the southern part of Merville town is the Commercial district which I’m familiar with.
In the eastern part is the Industrial district where craftsmen and artisans have their workshops.
In the northern part is the Residential district where people abide in.
And then, in the western part is the junction of Commercial and Residential districts, making it bustling.

In Pascam port town in the west, a variety of items is imported via sea route.
Items of daily necessities, utility items, raw materials such as ores and leather, and variegated items are transported to Merville town, and are then delivered throughout Lechelle kingdom.
It’s logical for the western part to be bustling for it’s a gateway.

I, who had yet to visit this part of the town, had my heart racing when I visited as a Pascam escort.

Hey world, wait for me!

Oh well……I arrived at the west gate ahead of time and was now waiting for others.

After a while, Arnold-san and Lim, Bays-san, and Batteau-san arrived respectively.
Batteau-san arrived in a large, hooded carriage drawn by two horses. To possess such a carriage, Batteau-san seems to be a successful merchant, don’t you think?
As expected of Merchant Lv2.

Earlier, Batteau-san said that he was going to Pascam in relation to procurement. However, if you looked at the items inside the horse-drawn carriage, you could guess that he intended to export, too.

Because we were escorts, I was behind the carriage.
The beastkin parent and child were on the left and the right.
Bays-san was sitting leisurely with Batteau-san on the coachman’s rack.
Oh well. This time, he’s an examiner and accompanying us for free, is that why? However, is that really fine?
As far as the front is concerned, as long as Batteau-san calls out to us if anything happens, there’s no problem.
Bays-san, who demanded to be treated as nothing more than air, gave me just one piece of advice.
According to him, there have been incidents of horseshit triggering land mines, so I have to be extra careful.
I hate him already~.
Was the one who nonchalantly advised me to guard the rear not you, Bays-san~?
Someday, I’ll make you pay.

After leaving Merville town, we headed straight to the west.

When the lush green filled my view and the silhouette of the town faded, I started feeling homesick even though I hadn’t even spent 10 days there.

The speed of the carriage was pretty fast.
According to the feedback from my body, I think it should be about 6~7km per hour.
Walking on foot at such a pace was quite tiring.
If I didn’t have the Physical Abilities Enhancement skill, I would most likely be smeared in horseshit by now.

Since the two guarding the left and the right had naturally more strength than a human, they were doing fine.
As for Bays-san, I couldn’t see him……He must surely be asleep.

When the shadow cast by the sunlight shrinked, indicating that the sun had reached its zenith, the carriage came to a halt in order to take a short break.
Because the place was slightly inclined, it seemed to be a small hill.
I sat on a rock, where the view was nice, opened the water flask and rehydrated myself.

Whether it was an illusion or not, the soothing view was washing my fatigue off.

When I looked up, the clusters of clouds were gently drifting across the blue sky.
When I lowered my gaze, I could see the far, far away horizon.
When I lowered my gaze further, I could see a forest on the left. The very forest which was my hunting ground — the south forest.
On the right, I could see plains stretching and a river flowing.
The Pascam highway seemed to pass through there.

There was still quite some distance left. However, there seemed to be a post station along the highway.
……According to Batteau-san, we will be having the lunch there.

Built at the post station along the highway is a plain and simple inn for travelers’ and merchants’ use. It’s managed by the villagers who live nearby.
There was a small road branching off the post station to the right. It must lead to the village. It wasn’t visible, though——

「Did you find something……?」

——!? The sudden question surprised me so much that the water in my throat shot up my nose.
It was Lim.

「No, I was just thinking how beautiful the scenery is.」
「Is that so? The village where I used to live was just as beautiful……I so miss my village.」

Lim’s dark brown hair, bathed in the sunlight, was shining golden just like her eyes.
Her expression was sorrowful. Was she reminded of the demons’ invasion of her village?

It was bad of me. But I had no idea that my words would have this effect.

「My pocket is getting too heavy……」
「Eh? Did you say something?」

……This beautiful scenery and Lim’s tragic past; I can’t take both at the same time, is what I meant but I couldn’t say it.

「——The carriage should be leaving anytime now.」

I was rather fortunate that Lim didn’t get what I said.

Was my mind off because of walking so much so fast?
『What do I do? I’m ashamed to death.』
Is what would have happened.

A while after descending downhill——
We arrived at the post station. It was lunch time.
Batteau-san and Bays-san planned on having the lunch inside.

I and the beastkin family decided to have the lunch, which we brought with us, outside.
It was also our duty as escorts to guard the carriage from those who were up to no good.

I bit into Dario-san’s 『Alma Chicken Roast Mille Feuille』 style pastry.
Because I was told that it would taste even better if warmed, I had someone in the inn heat it over fire.

Is that how it was made on Earth, too?
The pastry comprised several layers. Each layer had a different seasoning, with meat stuffed between layers.
The first layer contained salt and pepper — hors d’oeuvres.
The second layer contained bouillon like sauce. It had a strong taste — main dish.
The third layer——……

「……Dario-san, you’re a god, seriously.」

After I was done with the lunch, I took out the fruit pie which I received from Dario-san.
One of the two, who were having their own meals, twitched——which didn’t go unnoticed by me. It was Lim.

I decided to eat one myself and offer the rest to Lim.

「Is it really that good?」

I tried to ask again but the pie had already been snatched from my hand.

「Aah, you’ll have to share it with Arnold-san this time, however.」

Her expression was so funny, I couldn’t keep myself from watching. *gununu*……was her expression when she was handing half the fruit pie to Arnold-san.
It was such a charming sight.

——Once again, we coursed to the west.
While we were advancing along the highway, we could see the silhouette of a dense forest on the left.
Because there were only plains on the right, we were required to be cautious of the left.

I would hate it if thieves showed up.
Killing humans……I’m not sure if I can do it.
Oh well. According to Batteau-san, thieves don’t take unnecessary risk of raiding escorted caravans.

I’m probably overthinking because of fatigue——

「——Pugiiiii!」 「Pugyuaaa」

Un, it was the monsters that attacked.

Coming out of the forest were four Orcs.
As for their appearance, there was nothing notable. They looked just like a bipedal pig.
Their skin was a mix of ash and mud. Their height was same as an average human. Drool was dribbling down the corner of their mouths as if they were excited.

They were holding clubs in their hands.
As for their skills——《Stick Arts Lv1》.
They had varying skill points (6~8/10).

Stick Arts, huh?
There’s no harm in having one more skill. Should I steal then?

「Seiji, Lim! Take on a monster each. I’ll take on two.」

Arnold-san, who was guarding the left of the carriage, charged first.
Followed by me and then Lim.

I pulled the whetted Baselard out of its sheath and closed the distance while observing the swinging club of the enemy.
They seem to be strong physically……However, if they can’t hit, it’s of no use.
The swung club hit the ground.
After I dodged the attack by jumping to the side, I swung my sword before the enemy could regain its posture, sending its right arm flying.
I touched it in the meantime. However, it resulted in failure.

……It’s not like I’m ruing.
Mopping it up was now the priority.
The orc, which was groaning upon losing its right arm, lost its head next. Thereafter, I shifted my attention to Lim.

Right at that moment, the Orc, which was wielding a club, received Lim’s fist.
The blow was heavier than what I saw in the contest earlier.
Well……She has the Magic Power Conversion skill, after all.
Mana is converted at the point of impact and added to the attack power, most likely.
The Orc, whose head had completed one full revolution, collapsed.
The monster, which had collapsed with a thud, was breathing faintly.
I quietly touched it with my hand and stabbed my sword into it.
——Alright, successfully stolen.

By the way, a skill can’t be stolen from a dead opponent.
There’s no doubt about it for I have already tried it.

Thereafter, I turned to Arnold-san. Apparently, my worries were unfounded.
When I turned to him, he was holding an oddly curved blade. The Orc was lying, bisected. There was no need to lend him a hand.
I wanted to steal from all four of them but we were acting as a group.
I was able to steal from one, though. It’s satisfactory in itself.

「Indeed——……You all really are strong.」

Batteau-san admired us, gasping.
Bays-san didn’t come down the carriage.
He probably knew that it would be alright.

「Orc subjugation should be a rank D quest……」

I muttered to myself.

「However, Orcs don’t come out of the forest much, they only appear on the highway……Should I……keep something for verification at Pascam……Should I?」

The bodies of the Orcs didn’t have anything that could be used as raw materials and we didn’t receive any subjugation quest either, so we left their bodies as is and proceeded.
The forest, which could be seen on the left, disappeared. After a while, we caught a glimpse in front of us on the horizon.

After walking for one more hour……we finally arrived at Pascam port town.
It wasn’t on the scale of Merville town. However, the spectacle of a port was exciting, nevertheless.

Because it was about sunset, the sun setting in the shoreline painted the port in a romantic color.
Since the ships normally arrive during the day, it’s usually lively at that time. At this time, it seemed deserted.
Oh well, it’s not like I came here to play.

After Batteau-san arranged for an inn, he went to deliver the goods on the carriage to the trading firm at the scheduled time. After we escorted him to the trading firm, we were relieved for the day.
Tomorrow morning, we would likewise go to the trading firm to stock up the procured goods. After that, we would depart for Merville town. It would be quite a busy.

Bays-san had to check up on Pascam Adventurer’s Guild, so he separated from us.
Unlike Bays-san, who had it easy on the coachman’s rack, we were tired of walking (or it might be just me), so I made a beeline for the inn.

I entered the inn, which had already been arranged for, and was led to the room.
Judging from the construction, this inn looked to be of higher grade than Feeder Pops’.
However, it all comes down to the food.

Since it was an inn located in a port town, it only had fish.

『Who made this crude thing!?』

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that.
……I won’t be able to say it.

——More importantly, it was a room for three.
Oh well. The client was paying for the inn, I couldn’t tell them to arrange a separate room each for us escorts.

Also……Lim didn’t show any signs of rejection upon sharing a room with me.
Was that the effect of regular dose of fruit pie?
Or was she at ease because Arnold-san was there?
It was probably both.

Hey, there’s a girl here, right? I mean……It’s about time for bath……I can’t do it inside the room……
The attendant probably read my mind, so he said.

「It must be tiring coming here all the way from Merville town. There’s a bath facility at this inn. Do use it, please. It will be charged additionally.」

……There is?

After all five of us gathered, we had the dinner. It was quite delicious.
The fish was fresh. Lim, who was a cat herself, especially liked it.
When the fish grilled with fragrant grass was served, she couldn’t suppress the twinkling in her eyes.

After I was done with the regular maintenance of the sword, I took bath and changed into comfortable clothes.
I massaged my feet a bit, which went stiff after traveling all the way on foot, and threw myself on the bed as I would have to be up early morning tomorrow.

After I lied down, I decided to confirm today’s spoils before going to sleep.

Name: Seiji・Agatsuma
Race: Human
Age: 18
Job: Adventurer (Rank E+)
Unique: Scholar’s Knowledge
・Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper) Lv2 (6/50)
・Physical Abilities Enhancement Lv3 (5/150)
・Sword Arts Lv2 (25/50)
・Abnormal Status Resistance Lv2 (1/50)
・Stick Arts Lv1 (7/10)

I still have six attempts left but there’s no helping it.
The moment I closed my eyes, the feeling of fatigue subsided and a floating sensation overcame as I fell asleep.


I heard a voice……What was that?
I, who was hazy after having just woken up, shook my head and looked around the room.
It was dark outside, so it should still be midnight.

「——My bad. I seem to have woken you up.」
「Err……Arnold-san? Just now, that voice……」

Under the moonlight shining dimly through the window, Arnold-san was sitting on a chair by Lim’s bed, scratching his head *puripuri* apologetically.

「Lim had a nightmare just now. She was dreaming of the time when our village was attacked.」

Again, some words full of anguish leaked out of Lim’s mouth while she was asleep.

「N……o……Mama……where……Stop, please stop……Hot, it hurts……Papa, where……」

Arnold-san grasped Lim’s hand.
Her breathing gradually calmed as the pained expression on her face gradually receded.

「Umm, now that I think about it, I haven’t heard about……Lim’s mother——」
「——She died. To save……her only daughter.」
「I- see……」
「Seiji, I’m sorry to disturb you. With me here, she’ll be fine. You should go back to sleep.」

Has Arnold-san been doing this all night!?

「Umm……I don’t think I can do much but……If there’s anything I can do, please tell me.」

Such words came out my mouth subconsciously.
Being an outsider, there wasn’t much I could do.

「……Is that so? If you don’t mind, can you please caress this child’s head……My wife- used to do that.」

Puzzled, I put my hand on Lim’s head and caressed.
While I was caressing her silky hair, I gently touched her fluffy ears.
As her cat ears twitched, Lim muttered something.

「……Ma-ma……Thank goodness……」

Tears ran down her cheek.

「Thanks, Seiji.」
「Not at all……Good night.」

I went back to the bed and kept staring at my palm, recalling the sensation.

——Really……My pocket is getting too heavy……

It’s building up! (Author’s note)

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