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(TN: ノンホモ Don’t ask me the rationale behind the title because I have no idea It’s supposed to mean non-homogenized milk, you dirty minds)
I have acquired Grand Wizard.
However, the name of the skills are, again, something like Intermediate Fire Magic, Intermediate Water Magic, etc. It still doesn’t show the name of the actual magic.
So cruel!

“Do you know about the magic which Grand Wizards use?”

I ask Sherry since I’m stumped.
After having left the Adventurer’s Guild, I ask her while shopping.

“Umm, yes. If I’m not mistaken, six types of magic are: Burn, Aqua, Wind, Dirt, Ice and Thunder.”

She knows, huh?
As expected of thunder- I mean, Sherry.

“Thanks. Is there a job that’s higher tiered than Grand Wizard?”
“In theory, there is but up till now, it is merely a legend.”
“And what types of magic does that job allows one to use?”
“Even I wouldn’t know that.”

Since she went as far as to call it a ‘legend’, I expected as much.
Because Grand Wizard’s skills are ‘intermediate’, I am pretty sure there must be another job with ‘advanced’ magic.
Will it be the advanced job, then?
Until I’m able to use the magic, I won’t be able to understand.

Even if I acquire the advanced job, I will have a hard time figuring out the magic spells.
As for the Wind magic, the first was Breeze. After that is Wind. The next one will probably be Tornado then?
I can’t make out the others.
When the time comes, I’ll have no choice but to experiment.

“For Ice and Lightning magic, it will most likely be Ice and Thunder.”
“Correct. Both of them are special magic. The Ice magic seems to be effective against monsters that are weak to Water attribute and/or Earth attribute. In other words, unless you have resistance to both the Water and the Earth attributes, you won’t be able to reduce the damage.”

The Ice magic seems to combine both the Water and the Earth attributes of magic.
Is being solid the characteristic of Earth magic?
Since the monsters match their strengths and weaknesses to form groups, it will prove to be quite useful.
Even if they are not weak against any attribute, it won’t be possible for them to have resistances to both the attributes.

“I see.”
“As for the Lighting magic, while it is not a weakness of any of the monsters, it is a special attribute that none of them is resistant to. In addition, there is a chance of getting inflicted with paralysis if hit by the Lightning magic. It is this characteristic that makes it an excellent magic.”

The Lighting magic is perhaps the most suitable magic for me.
The reason being, I have Jobless and I can use multiple jobs.
If I set Lighting magic as the skill of Jobless, I’ll be able to cast two spells at the same time.
Won’t that make my chance of paralyzing the enemies double?

If that didn’t work, casting the spells alternately would do, too.
Moreover, I may be able to complement it with the [Abnormal Status Probability Up] skill of Assassin.
I look forward to it tomorrow.

The problem, however, is the jobs which I should be using.
Because Adventure is currently at low level, I can’t afford to set another job.
It will be difficult to set Gambler and Assassin.

I can also cast three consecutive magic spells with Jobless, Wizard and Grand Wizard.
It is quite attractive.
Whether I should give up Adventure or Explorer or Priest or Hero, I have to think it through.

Wizard can’t use Lightning magic.
If I set Lightning magic as the skill of Jobless, even setting Wizard as First Job will no longer be a problem.
Should I give up Explorer then?

Both Explorer and Wizard are Lv50 now.
Since it was difficult to increase the level beyond Lv30 and Lv40, it would be even more so beyond Lv50.
The difference between levels of Explorer and Wizard shouldn’t be that wide.
Even if Explorer reached Lv51 earlier, a difference of one bonus point would not be fatal.

However, won’t it be problematic during the verification of Intelligence Card?
If I remove Explorer, I will have to put the items in the Item Box of Adventurer.
In that case, I won’t be able to set Adventurer as First Job during the verification.

Because Explorer can easily be set as First Job, there’s no need to remove it now.
If it wasn’t for Adventurer, I wouldn’t feel the difference whether it was Explorer or Wizard.
I wonder when will the time come when I can stick my chest with pride as an Adventurer during the verification.

“Is it used the same way — Ball, Storm and Wall — as before?”
“I have heard there are three types of spells, certainly.”

There is no variation in this regard, huh?
After shopping, I [Warp] back home from the Adventurer’s Guild.

Because the walls of Quratar’s house are made from protective cement, [Field Walk] won’t be usable.
Without [Warp」, I won’t be able to move directly to and from the labyrinth.
As for the difference between [Warp] and [Field Walk], I haven’t compared the two yet.
Now that I have acquired Grand Wizard, should I try various things out then?

First, I went to the bathroom in order to prepare the bath.
As I’m always alone in the bathroom, I can undertake whatever experiment I like in here.
I cast [Aqua Wall].

A wall of water emerges.
It’s one size bigger than [Water Wall」.
Not just bigger, thicker as well.
If it can produce this much quantity, it’s great, isn’t it?

The consumption of MP, however, is a bit higher, or so I feel.
Because I can only rely on my feeling, I can’t be accurate about it.
But if I feel it’s higher, it should be higher.

When the spell breaks, the water falls into the bathtub.
Since the water directly fell in the bath, I couldn’t accurately measure the difference in quantity.
I can measure it using the buckets but I’m not sure if I need to go to that extent.

After setting Intermediate Water Magic as the skill of Jobless, I cast [Burn Wall] and [Aqua Wall] simultaneously.
The water is boiling inside the wall of hellfire.
The Burn Wall, too, seems to be one size bigger than Fire Wall.
The method of use did not change between intermediate and basic level of magic.

I try [Ice Wall] next.
I was able to create a wall above the the Bathtub.
The Ice magic seems to be used in the same manner.

Over time, the wall of ice drops as is.
After initially falling vertically in the bathtub, it collapses sideways.
After hitting the edge of the bathtub, it slides back into the boiling water and floats up the surface.

Even though it’s the hot water I painstakingly boiled using [Burn Wall] just now.
Oh well. Since it is a test, there is no helping it.

The ice, which was still intact and floating on the surface of the water in the bathtub, is melting little by little.
The Ice magic seems to produce frozen water.
Since the water produced by [Water Wall」 is safe to drink, It should be the same in case of [Ice Wall」.

I bring Durandal out and crush the Ice.
I’m using a holy sword as a replacement for an ice pick.
Here, however, it is better to use Durandal than doing it with bare hands.
Think hygienically.

I try to taste a piece.
It’s chilled.
It’s ice.
It feels good.

Although it’s not hot in the bathtub yet, ice will be refreshing in the summer.
It will be amazing.
I have got a great magic.


When I was going to the kitchen holding Durandal, I run into Roxanne.
It’s my routine, going to the labyrinth in order to replenish my MP while heating the bath.

“Nope, I wanted to share crushed ice with you. Everyone, come to the bathroom.”
“Crushed ice?”

Disregarding the puzzled look on everyone’s faces, I take out a small bucket as a substitute for a cup.
If I don’t hurry, it will melt.
Well, even if it melts, I’ll simply have to produce it again.

When I come back with the cup, only a little thin ice was left.
Because it has now become thin, it shatters once I poke it with Durandal.
I scoop the ice with the cup.

“This is crushed ice. Try putting it on your hand.”

I have everyone present try it.
I put the ice pieces on their palms.

“It’s cold.”
“Is this by any chance ice?”
“I think it’s certainly ice.”

It’s really popular since it’s summer, after all.
And she doesn’t seem to be weak against ice.
I have no idea what Miria said, though.
I take the initiative of eating it and then instruct them to try eating it, too.

“The ice is floating on the water. So, it really was true.”

Sherry is looking at the bathtub.
Which reminds me, I taught her this before.
So she didn’t believe me back then, huh?

“It was like I said.”
“Is this Ice magic?”
“Were you perhaps able to acquire Grand Wizard?”

Sherry is unnecessarily sharp.
Although you didn’t believe me back then.
The Ice is clearly floating on the water.

“I just happened to acquire it.”
“As expected of Master.”
“But- in order to acquire a superior Job like Grand Wizard, you require tens of years of hard and dedicated training. Without using Dope medicine, it’s impossible.”
“It’s to be expected because it’s Master.”

Did Sherry believe it couldn’t be achieved without tens of years of training before witnessing me?
Even though I didn’t do any such training.
I wish you learn from Roxanne’s obedience.

Also, I don’t think using the Dope medicine will turn out good.
Because the Dope medicine does not necessarily strengthen you, the increment in your stats will be small, if any at all, should you level up using the Dope medicine.
If there is a stats requirement to acquire Grand Wizard, you will not be able to acquire it using the Dope Medicine.
Furthermore, you will end up in a miserable state after consuming a large quantity of it.

“Amazing, desu.”
“I think it is amazing.”

Miria and Vesta praise me.
I stroke Miria’s cat ears over and over again.
Later, I will make some ice cream for you.

I have the four of them leave the bathroom and get back to preparing the bath.
I try to cast [Thunder Wall] as an experiment.
There is no point in doing it inside the bathroom but it can’t be helped.

A white, flashing wall emerges.
Is this Lightning magic?

I undertake [Field Walk] experiment, too, inside the bathroom.
The black wall doesn’t appear after I invoke [Field Walk].
Apparently, it doesn’t even invoke under the effect of protective cement.

Midway through, I enter the labyrinth with Roxanne.
Even with the intermediate magic, recovery of MP is necessary.
The efficiency of MP consumption doesn’t seem to have improved.

Grand Wizard is only Lv1, though.
It will become easier once it levels up.
Its effects are splendid, after all.

“Roxanne, I would like to take some time with the experiments.”

After informing Roxanne in advance, I try to invoke [Field Walk] inside the labyrinth.
The black wall doesn’t appear.
[Field Walk] doesn’t seem to even invoke inside the labyrinth.

It was the same when I tested it inside the bathroom under the effect of protective cement.
Does the labyrinth has same effect as the protective cement?
Nope. Since [Dungeon Walk] can be used, there’s no such relationship, is there?

Anyways, since the black wall didn’t appear, I don’t need to tell her about the experiment.
I am glad it wasn’t in front of Sherry.
Although it took some time, Roxanne did not even realize the experiment was already underway.

Without saying anything, I [Warp] at once to Quratar Adventurer’s Guild.
From there, I move to the forest in the outskirts of Vale via [Field Walk].
It’s nostalgic.

Here, we are out of everyone’s sight.
I imagine the house wall and invoke [Field Walk].
A black wall appears.
However, I’m not able to go inside.

Will it likewise fail if I use [Field Walk] from a place, where it is usable, to another place where it is not?
I return home using [Warp] this time.
The way of using [Field Walk] is similar to [Warp].
As for the consumption of MP, there may be a difference but I didn’t notice it.

“Un, I see.”
“Did it turn out the way you wanted it to? As expected of Master.”

It wasn’t anything great, though.
We separate and I carry on preparing the bath.
After preparing the bath, I try to make ice cream.

It failed.
I failed to make ice cream.
Although I was trying to make ice cream, I ended up making a sort of sherbet.
I wasn’t able to make ice cream.

Is it impossible to make ice cream?
Well, I have never made ice cream before.
I don’t know the detailed procedure of making ice cream.
I added some salt to the ice in order to maintain the temperature and kept stirring it *guruguru* until it was cold enough. I don’t think I made any mistake up to this point.

I added less sugar than required, it seems. It was probably insufficient.
It looks like I need to add more.

“It’s chilly and delicious.”
“This sensation, I never experienced it before.”
“Amazing, desu.”
“Wa, it’s cold.”

Even though it’s a failure, it’s still popular with the four of them.
If I stop thinking about ice cream for a minute, it won’t be that bad, huh?
But I wouldn’t have needed to trouble myself with stirring for a mere sherbet.

Since it’s called ice cream, maybe I need to add cream as well before cooling it, not just milk and sugar.
Fresh cream does exist in this world.
Rather, if I leave the milk as is overnight, I can obtain fresh cream by skimming the milk skin.

The milk in this world is a little weird, though.
As you would expect from another world.
It is different from the milk in Japan.
I thought it was rotten when I saw it for the first time.

Besides, I didn’t get the quantity of milk skin I needed for the fresh cream.
Just a little float.
I tried it once before because I wanted to put cream in the crepe. However, when I didn’t get the quantity I wanted, I gave up.

I can try again for the sake of ice cream, though.
This time, I will buy a large quantity of milk.

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