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Chapter 40

[Because I have [Divine Protection]]

Of course everyone already knows about it from Feryu’s story earlier.
It might be possible to manage with the power of my Divine Protections, the real meaning is something like ‘don’t mind the details’.
However, because I was told they couldn’t leave everything to me it was decided that I’ll have a couple of extra people help me.

[Do you have any requests?]

[Well, since you’re asking. Please lend us several people who are good at archery.]

A total of 8 combatants and 2 messengers were prepared.
I don’t remember their names from when they were introduced individually, but I was surprised that there was a woman among them.

When the introduction ended, we head towards the West gate at once.
It’s only a short hour before the attack. It took time because of that idiot.

Ayla and Raru’s group were waiting outside the West Gate. Even though I already explained to the assistants about our subordinate monsters, they still seem uncomfortable around them.
We are prepared to intercept, but before that we dig a ditch about 200m from the gate. it’s about 50 cm deep and it covers an area of about 25mx50m.
Raru’s group has already almost finished working on it.
Next, we prepared a formation of several panic ghosts in the forest.
Finally, Amy, Zir, the assistants, and the goblin archers were gathered in front of gate. They’re behind a 5m tall improvised brick wall we made with earth magic and water magic, and dried with wind magic and fire magic.

I should study how to make concrete some time.

The exterior of the brick wall is curved so that the inside has a gentle slope making it possible to retreat towards the gate, while on the outside it looks like a vertical cliff surrounding the gate.

I also considered digging a pithole outside the wall, but I gave up on it due to lack of manpower.
I told our archers not to venture out by themselves as they might get hit by enemy projectiles.

We completed our preparations ten minutes before the arrival of the monsters.
It’s thanks to Zir that we had enough time to prepare.

『Master, The ones being lured by the smell will arrive shortly.』

[Is that you, Zir?]

I heard Zir’s voice from the approaching ghost behind me. This one is called a whisper ghost and has the power to deliver the voice of the human who summoned it.

[Please tell me earlier if such a convenient ghost is available.]

[Sorry. But Master, We’ve hardly been apart since the day you bought me. No good opportunity to talk about it appeared either.]

[So it is.]

The monster vanguard had appeared from the forest while I was speaking with Zir. they come toward the smell which drifted from the ditch beneath my feet.
Half of the monsters were afflicted with [Panic], and were rushing towards the [Demon’s Perfume] which drifted from the liquid from the ditch.
With room to spare I cast Firestorm towards the leading monsters.
The firestorm used the flow of air to send a breeze of [Demon’s Perfume] adrift towards the forest.

The monsters who appear as the vanguard mostly consist of light-footed beast monsters and flying-type monsters.
The flying type monsters spun in the air because of the violent turbulence created by the magic.
Moreover, the wall of flame was cast in the front of beast-type monsters on the ground to stop their movement.
This way both groups were driven to the same place and were finished off by the firestorm.

[Fuu. Now it’s time to sweep the monsters that escaped.]

The vanguard numbered only 50 monsters. more are coming.

15 minutes behind the monster vanguard the main forces arrived at last.
Around 30 percent is in a state of [Panic], but we don’t know what effect this has on such a close formation of monsters.
Orcs, fragrance ants, and armor mantis… There were a lot of familiar monsters. They’re approaching at an amazing speed.
Finally, the main force reaches the center of the ditch which we dug earlier. A thick red liquid fills the ditch which was the origin of the smell. This is also my trump card.

[Ruby, you can eat now!!]

And then, the liquid in the trench forms tentacles towards the surrounding monsters and restrains them. The ones who escape the restraints are deprived of their freedom slowly by the new tentacles that appear at their feet.

[Welcome to the [Slime Pool] (kanji: mucus paradise). Make sure to not drown while having fun!!]

One by one the monsters fascinated by the [Monster Perfume] were inflicted with [panic].
To this end the monsters are enjoying their tentacle play and their lotion play all around me. To be honest, I didn’t expect such hobbies other than in hell.

[Owner, I request an explanation about tentacle play and lotion play]

That [Lewd Book] seems to be doing just fine at this time as well.
I blew the monster whistle while ignoring it (TN: he means the Lewd Book). Right away the goblin force led by Raru comes from the behind of monster horde, pushing more of the monster horde into the [Slime Pool].

[Raru, good job~]

Only Ayla and me are besides the [Slime Pool], but we efficiently finish off the monsters who keep resisting.
30 minutes later, Raru’s group has pushed back all the monsters into the [Slime Pool], and completely encircled the ditch.
Because Ruby can’t distinguish between Raru’s group and the invading monsters in the ditch, my job is to push back the monsters who try to run away.
The monsters who still remain inside the ditch numbered around 50. Ruby absorbs the monsters into its body with its skill and dispose of them in an instant. (TN: The monsters)

[Yosh, it’s all good around here. Zir, how is the east gate?]

[Let’s see, the east gate is not yet breached because everyone is fighting hard]

According to our plans the battle around the east gate relies on the town walls. Although they’ve used a lot already they make use of offensive items at the base of the walls.
However there are a lot of tricky monsters left like skeletons and nitro powder butterflies. (EN: seriously how does the author keep coming up with these names)

[Does the east gate stand a chance to win the battle?]

The Necromancer who released the zombies in town might control the skeletons.
I pass Raru’s group some potions while I make preparation to rescue the east gate..

[The main unit has arrived already and the majority of the monsters are clinging close to the gate itself. Although we keep attacking from the town walls with throwing stones and magic, it seems we won’t be able to defeat them all.]

We decided to initiate an attack from the side of the town walls near the East Gate. The invading monsters are already reduced by half so it’ll probably work out
I informed our assistants of the strategy and let them go ahead to convey it to the East Gate.
I’ll have them help Zir out over there.

As soon as Raru’s troops have finished their recovery we received a report from Zir that the combat preparations for the assault is complete.

『If possible I’d like you to come over as soon as you’re ready.』 (ED: said by Zir through whispering ghost)

[Understood, I’ll let you know before we begin the attack, so please stop throwing stones and magic attacks at that time.]

『I get that, I already let everyone know.』

[I see. oh, we’ve arrived already. I’m starting the attack now.]

We charge the monsters who cling onto the gate.
While swinging my sword Raru and I form the vanguard.
We charge the monsters. Several Orcs were sent flying.
Using the momentum of the charge we distanced ourselves again from the monsters. Before the invading monsters could reform their lines we charge again.
I cut down the Ogres who stand before me with my sword. The monsters blown away by my attacks are groaning all around me.
Once again we make the best use of our momentum and take some distance again. The monster might become accustomed if we continue the hit and run tactics, so instead of charging again we adopt a tight formation.
Rather than engaging in another melee we switch to long-range magic attack.

[The necromancer boss doesn’t seem to be around, huh.]

While I was saying that, the earth started rumbling from the East.
When I looked to see the origin of the noise I saw a giant near 20m tall approaching us.


Indeed, there is only one big eye on the giant’s face. This is a cyclops.
The giant slowly approaches the adventurer town. It’s like it was ridiculing our victory after repelling the large horde of monsters a moment ago.


(Author note:) A bit short this time.



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