Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Blood 29

Can we get past page 1 of the book? It might be a serious challenge for some…

For what it’s worth, I’m now 10 chapters behind the current raws. However, I’ll be away most of next week and won’t be translating anything until I’m back. I should be able to get the next two chapters done before I leave though.

Blood 29 – Bafflement

This is bad, really bad. How did you have a conversation with people again? Argh, I don’t know. It’s rare for goshujin-sama to actually talk in the first place, and when she’s drunk it’s like she doesn’t even hear what I’m saying and just unilaterally monologues. Without using hypnotism, it’s been so long since I’ve actually had a normal sane conversation that I’ve forgotten how.

Still, it’s good that I had mentally prepared in advance to use a haughty tone that doesn’t appear condescending, but, is this working? He’s not thinking I’m being strange, right? It seems like I might have been able to fool him that I’d forgotten his name, or rather, his entire existence.

While pretending to be reading the book, I glance up at the oni, Wrath. He’s reading with a serious expression, so it seems that he’s not worried about my situation. If that’s the case, then I’m angry that he’s acting like I don’t even exist. Though it’s good that I voluntarily proposed to read the book because it was hard to continue the conversation, it’s awkward for this silence to continue like this.

Besides, what’s with this book? This is goshujin-sama we’re talking about, so she probably wrote the book because she hates to talk, but comparing the effort involved to make the book and the effort involved to talk, it should be more difficult to make the book though. If you’re going to intervene then we could both be a bit more taciturn though. When it’s one-to-one isn’t it unnatural to not answer something that must be heard no matter what?

Complaining to someone who isn’t here will get you nowhere though. I’ll read the book for now. Let’s see, Shiro-chan’s basic skills course? I should praise you for this amazing ability to kill any enthusiasm to read any further at the very first page. As I’ve come to expect from goshujin-sama, in terms of being able to make me irritated she’s the best in the world indeed. What’s this, aiming to play up your cuteness when you normally don’t even have the slightest bit of civility? Are you messing around?

Ahh, not good, not good. I should read it properly.

『A skill is the transformation of part of the soul, in order to easily draw out the power of the soul that all living things possess.』


『Therefore, a skill is equivalent to being a part of the soul, and the more skills you gain the greater the amount of the soul becomes usable. By itself the soul has a natural limit, which leads to a limit on the number of skills that can be retained as well, but in order to forcibly mature the soul beyond those limits, there exists in this world the System that increases the number of skills.』

Erm. There should be immensely important things written here, yet as emphasis next to every letter is a little motif of a spider that’s wildly dancing or something, so I can’t concentrate on the words.

『However, in contrast to these normal skills that only transform no more than the surface region of the soul, there exist some special skills that transform the inner region of the soul. These are the Seven Deadly Sins skills and the Seven Virtues skills. Commonly called the Ruler skills.』

The Seven Deadly Sins. My Envy is also one of those, right? The Wrath skill that Wrath has too. It’s a bit late, but I guess I shouldn’t mock his naming sense for calling himself Wrath, should I?

『Because the Ruler skills transform the inner region of the soul, a comparison can be made to the effects that other skills have on the owner. One, the effects of the skill itself are powerful. Two, each skill also has an impact on the owner’s personality. Three, the more it is used the more the soul is eroded. Therefore, unless usage of the Ruler skills is avoided, then before long the personality will be completely taken over.』

Wait a second. I’ve not heard this important information before. If it’s used, your personality will be taken over!?

「That skill erodes your soul, just like that oni, don’t use it if you don’t want to lose sight of yourself」

I recall the words said by the man in black when he barged into my fight with Wrath. Then, this is what he was referring to? In that case, Wrath had his soul taken over by Wrath? Or perhaps, he was holding out on the brink of being taken over?

This time I take a good look at Wrath. He’s still seriously reading the book as before, and not paying any notice of me. That indicates just how important the contents of the book are to Wrath. In other words, it’s because he’s experienced it himself huh.

It’s not somebody else’s problem for me either. Because I have the skill of Envy after all. So this is what goshujin-sama meant when she said not to use this skill. I’ve always thought this, but your words are way too brief! If you’d explained things properly then I wouldn’t have used it.

『There’s four possible countermeasures. One, don’t acquire a Ruler skill in the first place. Two, abstain from using the skill. Three, tough it out with guts. Four, put effort into the Heresy Resistance skill, and acquire Heresy Nullity.』

The third one is ridiculous so I’ll ignore it. Finally, I’ve understood the reason why Wrath and I were made to meet this time.

『Heresy Resistance counteracts against negative effects that would directly interfere with the soul. With Heresy Nullity, the power of attacks from within the System can be almost nullified. That applies equally to the Ruler skills. To be able to freely exercise Ruler skills while keeping the negative influences to a minimum, this method is the most suitable.』

In short, she’s telling both Wrath and I to raise our Heresy Resistance together. Hmm. The book does continue, but the rest can be left to later.

「Do you have a moment?」

This guy, he’s not even raising his face despite me calling out to him – you’ve got some nerve.

《 Proficiency requirements met. You have gained the skill [Dignity LV1] 》

I acquired some kind of skill it seems, but I’ll look at it later.

「Do you posses Heresy Magic?」
「I do.」
「I see. Then, shoot the weakest one at me.」

Wrath finally raised his face.

「Oh? Could it be that you cannot understand the book?」

I’ll go with some slightly disparaging words. As if he really doesn’t understand, Wrath makes a puzzled expression. This sense of superiority sure is nice. I’m the one who understands what goshujin-sama wants to say. Naturally, I’ve not been together with her since a baby for nothing. There’s still many things about her that are impossible to understand though.

「In short, to suppress the effects of the Ruler skill, Heresy Nullity must be acquired. I’m telling you to strike me with Heresy Magic in order to acquire it.」

This time Wrath makes an understanding expression but it looks like there’s something he doesn’t understand still.


Translation notes:

The quote from Kuro is from “Oni VS Oni ⑥”

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