(R18) Frequenting Brothels Prologue

Hello everybody… I’m a new member of RTD, who goes with the name Nymphriel, and I’m MTL-ing “Game nai ni haitte Dragon o Hanto Shinagara Shokan ni Kayoi Tsumeru Hanashi” together with Editor Weslykan.

Quick synopsis is that, this dude was given a game console that can make him go into the game, and apparently there’s a red-light district in there… the rest you understood…

This is an R18 web novel written by the same author of “Living as I please”, which you may or may not have read *cough*Mr.Pun*cough*.
This series already ended at the 31st chapter.

Please proceed with care. I surfed through many chapters and there seemed to not be NTR in here… but still, you have been warned, again, this is R18.

Here’s the prologue already TL/TLC/ED… have fun.



I, Fujisaki Nobuhiko, am a man with stronger libido than most anyone, I’m also a vigorous 18 year old student.
By all rights I should be diligently studying, but if I don’t masturbate 5 times at night and 5 times in the morning, I can’t go to sleep because I’m too horny.

My penis is also larger than the average Japanese person’s as it is 20cm.
It is my shameless partner that doesn’t wither after a single session of masturbation.
I think my face looks decent, but I’ve never been able to get myself a girlfriend, I’m what most people would call a virgin.

I’ve always let my feelings out on eroge and videos on the internet, but as it is now it’ll end up affecting my school exam results.

So, to give myself another hobby besides masturbation and distract myself from my lust, I saved up pocket money to buy the most-wanted game to come out this winter called 「Dragon Hunter Cross」.

The 「Dragon Hunter series」, also known as Dorahun, is different from the common generic ARPG, by giving players the real feeling that they were going hunting, the game slowly became a very hot title.

This new 「Dorahun Cross」 has a lot of new content and features, plus its reviews have been very good too.

That’s why I was very excited and happy as I headed towards the game shop where I ordered the game, but…

「What are you looking at ! ? ! 」

I suddenly encountered an emergency situation.
Three Japanese-style yankees were surrounding an old man sitting in his wheelchair.

「S-Stop it ! Aren’t you guys just ganging up on a disable elderly man……!」

「What’s that…! This guy bumped into us with his wheelchair and now he’s givin’ us attitude,  mind your own business!!」

「I’m sorry… I didn’t hit you on purpose….」

The old man tried to calm the situation with poor timing.

「If being sorry was enough we wouldn’t need the police!!」
「Boss, this old geezer’s bag is empty, he doesn’t even have any money」

The yankee who looked like an underling opened the old man’s bag at his own convenience and turned it upside down.

「Y-you people, messing with people’s stuff at your own convenience……!」
(TN: According to later chapters, the MC stepped out and spoke to the Yankees here)

「What’s this, niichan, are you gonna pay the debt for this old man!?」


Before I even realized it, a yankee came up from behind me and restrained my arms.

「S-Stop it……」

A dull impact hit my abdomen.
The boss yankee gave me a blow.

「Gu……!! *cough*……!」

「Stand still, niichan……oh? you’re carrying quite a bit of money, aint’cha?」

Taking 30,000 yen from my wallet, the Yankee laughed with a satisfied smile.

「Th……That was……my money to buy the 3PS and Dorahun……*cough*!!」

The yankee hit me with a body blow again while he walked away still laughing contentedly.




「Are……are you alright, ojiisan……」

I pushed the wheelchair to a nearby park while rubbing my aching abdomen. I bought a coffee from the vending machine and offered it to the old man.

「Did they……rough you up or steal anything from you?」

「Nah……you helped me before anything happened.」

「It’s all good then……」

The old man drank a mouthful of coffee and looked up at me.

「? ……What is it?」

「You……are a praiseworthy young man, even though you’re the one who got hurt helping me, you ask me if I’m alright.」

「Um……that’s……I couldn’t just leave you like that……」

The old man’s eyes suddenly shone with sincerity.

「Are you frustrated?」

「……To be honest, yes I am……」

「Do you want to become strong?」

「……if it’s possible……then yes I do……」

「Very well, then for the honest you, I have a present 」

The old man took out two boxes from his bag while saying so.

「That’s……! Aren’t these the 3PS and the game “Dragon Hunter Cross”!?」

It was supposed to be empty, what was going on?

「This is what you wanted right?」

「That’s……true but……is it alright to give me such expensive things?」

The old man’s shoulders shook as he laughed and continued talking.

「This isn’t a regular item that you’d usually see, but please use it as it has some……special features, I guarantee its functionality」

Not the usual thing? Is it a knock-off made in a foreign country?
As his words trailed off, I looked to his direction but he had already disappeared without a trace.


I was left alone at the park with a sense that I had been tricked by a mischievous fox spirit.

This was the beginning of my new life as a pleasure hunter.


Return of the former hero 67
Takami no Kago Chapter 41

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  Thanks   ii!i!i
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