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Soft-shelled Turtle

When I went to bed that night, I placed ice into the tub near the side of the bed. It didn’t provide as much cooling as expected. To the degree where you wouldn’t even know whether it cooled at all. This didn’t go so well.

Vesta’s skin was much cooler than that of a human’s. It was so refreshing that I ended up moving close to her. It seems cooling with ice is quite difficult.

The wind that passes over the tub is still cold. The idea itself is not wrong. Do I get someone to fan it overnight? I really can’t say I should.

If it was some rich person in this world, they would likely have someone to do it. If that was their only job they’d work at night and be able to sleep during the day so it should be fine. Do I buy a dedicated maid as well? If I bought one in the summer and got rid of them in the autumn it’d be too cruel.

Or do I make enough ice to fill up the bedroom? The ice would melt of course. Dealing with the aftermath might be more troublesome.

Ice magic isn’t a magic that cools things. It only creates ice. There seems to be a barrier that prevents the effects of heat.

Waking up only slightly cooler than yesterday, we entered the labyrinth. Making Wizard the first job, I remove Explorer and add Grand Wizard. When I made ice last night, I had the skill of Jobless set to Basic Ice Magic. Ice magic will be effective on 24th floor of Quratar.

Gummi Slime is weak against the Water attribute and Tur Turtle’s weakness is the Earth attribute. Because Tur Turtle has resistance to the Water attribute, it’s unknown how Ice magic will affect them. Will the resistances and weaknesses offset each other? Because it is not resistant to both the Water and the Earth, the resistance should not be completely effective.

If Ice magic is useless, then I will try Lightning magic next. Since Ice magic was set as the skill of Jobless last night, I can freely set a new skill now. The Wind attribute becomes effective if we head to the 25th floor of Haruba with Gummi Slime and Cyclops appearing there. It is possible to set it to Intermediate Wind Magic if the skill remains unchanged at that time.

I handed the map to Roxanne and proceeded to the 24th floor of Quratar and came across Tur Turtle and Gummi Slime groups. Perfect. I cast Ice Storm two times.

The Wizard job is also active, but I left it at two shots of Ice magic. This is because it’s to test the difference between Gummi Slime and Tur Turtle. Four people start running while the snow dances. Does it become snow when it is an Ice Storm?

I also give chase while casting Ice magic once again. Four people arrive at the demons. This time they don’t use area of effect magic. It’s a good sign right at the start.

The demons all fell at the same time. Four people only just arrived at the demons. Even if Water attribute is resisted, Ice magic still seems to be a weak point of Tur Turtle.

So, the demons fell quickly. Basic Ice Magic is more powerful than regular basic magic. It is because of this that the low level demons are falling this quickly. Battle time has immediately shortened.

“This is quite good.”

I did not even reach the demons. I ran to join up with the four people.

“As expected of Master.”
“It seems that Grand Wizard really has greater magic power than Wizard.”
“Fast, desu.”
“I didn’t think it would be so amazing.”

The last thing you would want to hear from a girl is that you’re fast. I received the dropped items.

Then we came across a group of 3 demons — Tur Turtle, Gummy Slime and Clam Shell. I fire a volley of three shots using Wizard’s Basic Earth Magic. It feels like there is a dust cloud mixed in with the snow. When compared to the snow of the Ice Storm the sand of Sand Storm would feel just a little dusty. Luxury is an enemy.

By the second shot, the Clam Shell became smoke. Again this is fast. If it is a demon of the lower level, it ends up an easy victory.

At the third barrage, Tur Turtle falls. Even this is fast. It was faster than before after mixing the Sand Storm in.

Even using the basic magic of Wizard has an effect if used properly. It is a difference in the weakness of Earth attribute that causes the Gummi Slime to not fall. The remaining Gummi Slime will probably fall if hit with one shot of Burn Ball or Aqua Ball or Wind Ball. I do not know whether or not to take down the enemy with a basic magic shot.

However, there is no gap to shoot. Roxanne stands in front of the demon enemy, three other people surround the demon, I’m still further back. It is difficult to aim only at the demon with magic attack from this position.

Even though only one Gummi Slime is left, should I use an area of effect magic attack? When I was think that, the movement of the demon stopped. It is paralysis. This is a chance.

“Everyone move back!”

I cry out and cast Burn Ball. I will not let this opportunity go to waste. A ball of fire appears overhead.

Burn Ball is about the same size as the Wizard’s Fire Ball. Not much change in size. However it feels hotter. It is the normal orange color so it’s not a thousand times hotter.

The Burn Ball went flying towards the Gummi Slime. It is traveling at quite a speed. The speed is above that of Fire Ball. Faster than that of a ball in a game of tennis.

I say tennis but I mean the lawn tennis you did in high school classes. Moreover, it was hitting the ball against a wall. In the class I almost always hit against the wall. Leave me alone (Don’t judge me).

Even if it was fired from further away, it would be difficult to avoid with this speed. The Burn Ball passes beside Roxanne and crashes into the Gummi Slime. The Gummi Slime fell. After all, there was only one hit remaining?

The number of times I can fire magic increased and even the type increased as well. It has become bothersome to calculate the shots, so I don’t waste any. Well, it can’t be helped.

“Yes, desu.”

Running to join up, Miria passed me the slime starch. It’s also annoying that I can’t join in the combat at the end. Should I have them return to me at the end again? I wonder how that would work.

“There seems to be a little problem but does it seem to be alright?”
“We have it easier thanks to Master.”
“It is thanks to Roxanne that I can make it easier for everyone.”

Because there is no change in the need to approach the demon while running, Roxanne and the rest still can’t relax. Combat time is shortened. It is better to approach the demons in order to cancel the area of effect magic attack, even if the possibility is just a little.

I’d like to try other magic but Lightning magic would be good to use when going to the 25th floor. Other attributes can be used depending on the combination of monsters. We advanced towards the boss room.

I recover MP along the way. It is good that combat time has shortened but the petrification of demons by Miria has also almost disappeared which kinda hurts. Easily absorbing MP from a petrified monster has stopped happening.

If a petrified monster does not remain, then there is no choice but to assault moving demons with Durandal. I rush to the Tur Turtle and Gummi Slimes in a group of two.

Three monsters against three people. Since an area of effect magic attack has been used once, only a Tur Turtle is left. Roxanne used Area of Effect Healing from the back.

I swung Durandal into the Gummi Slime. I somehow avoided the counter attack and gave another blow in return. Because there is no room for the job of Warrior, Rush cannot be used. Since I am using Item Box, I cannot remove Adventurer.

Before I finish the Gummi Slime, Miria paralyzed the Tur Turtle. I would like to attack it since I won’t be counterattacked when attacking a paralyzed demon but it is better to leave it to Miria and Vesta. Even if I do get counterattacked I can recover quickly due to Durandal. It does hurt, though.

“Did it, desu.”

Miria has petrified the other Gummi Slime. For it to happen this early in a lengthy battle, I am thankful. Two of the three at the front have stopped moving now.

“Miria, go to the demon at the back.”

Miria went to delay the Tur Turtle as instructed by Roxanne. Since the second row often uses magic, I will keep them company and go to them. I can cancel the area of effect magic attack with Durandal. I went towards them as soon as I finished the Gummi Slime.

“Did it, desu.”

I finally defeated the Gummi Slime that had been my enemy from the beginning. At almost the same time, the Tur Turtle, that Miria was attacking, was petrified.
As expected of Miria. Splendid.
Since combat time is normally shorter, petrification no longer proc’s regularly, so keeping Durandal out to recover MP has become necessary. Because Abnormal Status by Miria seems to activate in longer fights, it’s not too big of a problem.

We surround the paralyzed Tur Turtle with everyone to defeat it. Before Miria could turn it to stone, I took care of it. The remaining two petrified animals were taken care of by me. It would be good if we continued like this.

Before arriving at the boss room, I also tried using Dirt Storm when we came across three Tur Turtles. Dirt Storm, Sand Storm, combined with Ice Storm. Sand, snow and dirt dance. After two volleys of three shots, the demons fell to the first Dirt Storm.

Faster than the triple combo of Ice Storm, Ice Storm and Sand Storm. The weakness of the demon seems more Dirt Storm than Ice Storm.

Well, that’s to be expected. If Basic Ice Magic is lower-class than Intermediate Earth Magic in power when I attacked the weak attribute, Ice magic might be compatible with higher ranking Earth magic. There is a possibility of difference in the consumption of MP. Normally, for the demons with the Earth attribute weakness, it would be more effective to pinpoint which is more effective; Intermediate Earth Magic or Basic Ice Magic.

Because I did not meet a group of Gummi Slimes by themselves, I was not able to confirm it with the Water attribute. The circumstances will be the same even with the Water attribute, probably. I entered the waiting room after supplementing my MP with Durandal. I receive the briefing from Sherry in the waiting room.

“The boss of Tur Turtle is Total Turtle. Like Tur Turtle, it’s resistant to Water attribute and weak to the Earth attribute. Since the Total Turtle specializes in biting attacks, please be careful. Once it bites, it will not let go unless it is attacked with Lightning magic.”

It is a soft-shelled turtle. It looks like a fearful enemy who does not let go if it bites.

I pass Durandal to Vesta and adjusted my jobs. Because I depend on Miria inflicting Abnormal Status in a boss battle, I had better put on Gambler. Because I am using the Item Box, I cannot remove Adventurer. I add the seventh job and add Gambler.

This is the first time I have up to seven jobs. Even though I have a good number of jobs, this number will likely end up not being enough. Common sense would mean that the Wizard being only able to use basic magic would be a candidate for removal.

Smoke gathered when I entered the boss room and three demons appeared. There is a Tur Turtle and a Gummi Slime, and in the center is Total Turtle. Tur Turtle has a bulging cylindrical body, like a barrel. The body of the Total Turtle has a normal flat shape. It’s just a turtle.

But the shell is covered in grass. It has a head like a crocodile, feet like an elephant, a tail like a fish, and the shell covered in grass. If you look at the separate parts, it doesn’t really look like a turtle. However, it is a turtle when viewed as a whole. So it’s a turtle in total, huh?

Dirt Storm, Sand Storm and Ice Storm in a triple combo were cast. I also cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the Gummi Slime Miria is approaching. Since Total Turtle and Tur Turtle have the same weakness attribute, it is the correct decision for Miria to take charge of the remaining Gummi Slime. Roxanne and Sherry move to the boss while Vesta runs to the Tur Turtle.

Taking a little detour, I moved to the back of the boss. I stab with the Sacred Spear during the intervals between magic. Since I do not know whether it was effective to attack the shell, I mainly aimed at the foot. Rather than a giant tortoise or elephant, the foot of the Total Turtle is like a big pillar of meat.

You must be cautious of the tail because a kick won’t be able to reach me. Because I hit it with a spear, the distance opens up to some extent. Roxanne is in charge of the head that won’t let go if it bites you. However, if it’s Roxanne, it should be safe enough.

“Did it, desu.”

While being cautious of the tail, Miria has petrified the Gummi Slime. Almost at the same time, Vesta defeats the Tur Turtle. Because magic offensive ability rose, this too is fast. I was not able to give the decisive blow.

“As expected. I’ll rely on you for the boss like this.”

Abnormal Status Resistance Down was applied to the Total Turtle. I fire a Dirt Ball, Ice Ball and Sand Ball towards the boss in sequence.

“Did it, desu.”

The boss turned to stone right away. As I thought, Miria’s efforts really shine during boss battles. It is a complete victory. I had Vesta return Durandal and cleaned up the Gummi Slime and the boss.

When the boss falls and becomes smoke, a shell-ish thing remains. It seems to be called “soft shell” when I try to appraise it. The Total Turtle even drops a soft shell item, so it really is a soft-shelled turtle, huh?

“Soft shell?”
“It is a material for anti-petrifaction medicine.”

Sherry told me. It becomes anti-petrifaction medicine because it’s called soft shell. I feel like that’s a little too simplistic.

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“The last thing you would want to hear from a girl is that you’re fast.”


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