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Chapter 41

[Damn it, we’re done for!]

[Why, is it like this…]

There was a feel of resignation from the surrounding adventurers. Like the adventurers, even the guild was responding negatively.
During that time I was thinking.
Right now, the adventurers who remained in the town are the ones who were not chosen for the rescue party.
They are probably inferior in both abilities and mental strength than the first-class adventurers.
But, where did this gigantic creature come from?

[Master, that is a zombie as well.]

When you look carefully, there are indeed several parts which are rotten.
The reason why we were unable to recognize it, is because something like that didn’t originally exist.

[This might be the enemy’s last resort.]

[Perhaps it is so. The scout ghosts also disappeared from the town’s environs. Most likely because of that Cyclops’ power.]

Most of the large horde of monsters were already defeated, so they decided to use this last trump card.
Although, I don’t know why they didn’t summon the Cyclops inside the town.

The Zombie Cyclops is coming towards us at a slow pace.
The town’s ramparts are about 15 meters. If this fellow comes near, it’ll be the adventures on the rampart who will be struggling when the Cyclops swings down its club, which is as big as itself.
It’s over once the Cyclops reaches the rampart. The wall which is suppose to protect us will instead be a lethal weapon that can crush us.
If we want to defeat him, there will not be a better situation such as now.
Do they also notice it? The Lord which was on the rampart began directing a coordinated magic attack.
There were various kinds of human magic gathered on the rampant, but it was amazing that there was no visible difference in the degree of magic.
With this, it seems I can launch a strong attack too.

At the Lord’s order, the magicians launch the fire magic together.
The fire magic that was shot, flew in an arc and crashed into the Cyclops’ chest.
Everyone, but the magicians, cheered.
The magicians who shot the magic have practically fainted from exhaustion due to the magic attack.
It seems they were already exhausted from the battle against the large horde of monsters.
When the smoke from the direct hit of fire magic cleared, it looked like the neck bones were broken and the Cyclops’ head was dangling and swaying on its left side.
However, the pupil which continues to watch us is unfazed.
The adventurers were dumbfounded because the Cyclops who received the direct hit has not stopped advancing.

[Hey, mister Lord!! It’s useless. That cyclops is a zombie!]

The Lord reacted to my voice. Even though I remembered his voice, I don’t know the Lord’s name.

Then a pale light emitted from the Cyclops. When the light was gone, the damage on its body disappeared.
It’s the very same thing that happened to the Skeleton Warrior and Zombie Mother.

[Zir, do undead automatically regenerate?]

I think the Zombie Mother regenerated automatically.

[No, but it does not mean this absolutely impossible, it merely requires a particular tactic since a summoner’s wilt is necessary for the regeneration of undead, except for special entities. T’would need a tremendous amount of magic for every regeneration. That is why t’will automatically absorb the Summoner’s magic every time it hath fallen.]

In other words, there is a mastermind somewhere nearby.
Moreover, there is most likely a traitor among the Adventurers. A traitor to humanity.

[Zir, I’ll try to keep the Cyclops at bay. Meanwhile, please somehow find the summoner.]

[Very well, although this quite a troublesome task, it is not impossible.]

[Ayla, sorry but follow me. Amy will cooperate with Zir.]

[Yes, Master.]

[Please leave the caster to me.]

After making sure that Zir and Amy return to the town, Ayla and I headed towards the Cyclops Zombie.
To prepare to intercept the Cyclops who is moving closer, we’re standing 200m from the gate and restoring our physical strength and magic by using a potion.
As for LaLu’s troop, which is in charge of the ranged archery and magic attacks, they divided into smaller units in order to help me fight the Cyclops Zombie.
As for Ruby, because the digestion from the overeating earlier is not finished yet, it was in a state where it couldn’t control its volume so it came to the west gate. I think it will be alright since I stationed some goblins there.

[LaLu, direct the ranged forces to attack one of its legs. Also have the close combat force buy some time by attacking with their spears, but don’t have them get too close to the target.]

When LaLu acknowledged the strategy, the Goblins began to move according to the command.
There were 16 soldiers consisting of Goblin Archers and Goblin Mages aiming for the Cyclops Zombie’s right leg from the outer most range for launching arrows and magic.
Since the damage from an arrow is low, they used a fire arrow instead.
It seems they understood it is effective when they witnessed the earlier fire magic attack. Those guys sure are clever.
The approaching combat force is also concentrating their attack with their spears according to my instructions. These fellows are also securing a safe line for the ranged attack which is aimed at the right leg.
The Cyclops advancement is slowing down after the Goblins’ attack begins. Well, even its walking pace will be stopped if we destroyed its limbs even though it’s a zombie.
I didn’t just leave everything up to LaLu and aimed at the left leg. Coating my sword with [Recovery Magic], I swung at full power.
The left ankle is partially cut down, and the Cyclops will collapse and come to a stop if a dozen more cm are cut.
It seems it’s unable to regenerate. At this rate, we might able to defeat it without waiting for Zir.
While I was thinking about that, the Cyclops Zombie began to tear and eat its own right leg, from mid-thigh to ankle.
It might have done that so the foot which was already torn could be regenerated, though it seems that the Cyclops Zombie has resigned itself to defeat.

[But still, after using it for awhile, it’s a fact that [Recovery Magic] is really effective.]

When the Cyclops Zombie tore it’s own leg, and therefore came to a complete stop, it was possibly to buy time for better footing.
While I was thinking, the Cyclops Zombie raised its right hand, and its club, which was a tree as thick as my body, came raining down from overhead with terrible force.
Dangerous, I can’t evade it in time. With my eyes still fixed on the club, Ayla came running from my left side at great speed.
Don’t come!! Before I could shout, Ayla is facing the club. She jumps and turns her body in a triple axel in the air.
The moment she is about to make contact with the club in the air, the [Protection Charm] on her right hand strikes the club and spins it around forcefully.

The club is sent flying, and the Cyclops Zombie falls down on its bottom.
I don’t know how that unlikely phenomenon that happened before my eyes occurred, but suddenly the answer appears in my mind.
The effect of Ayla’s [Protection Charm].

Protection Charm +5

[Shock Reflection] +5
Reflects any attack with a certain probability.

It’s the so called knock-back.
Originally, the purpose of the effect is for defense, but it’s seems it’s also amazing as an attack, as seen just now.

[Master, are you okay!?]

Ayla asks me in a panic.

[Yeah, I’m saved. Thank you, Ayla.]

[No, it’s the natural thing to do.]

I saw the Cyclops Zombie trying to stand up, so I made a hole about one meter wide using earth magic near its right hand which destroyed its posture.

When he heard my voice, LaLu instantly understood my intention. Before the body posture is adjusted, the close-combat team moved and aimed at the Cyclops Zombie’s limbs.
During that time, I apply [Recovery Magic] onto my katana. In order for the magic power of [Recovery Magic] to circulate, it will be better to remain in contact with the affected area.
However, the Cyclops Zombie had recognized this move after being attacked several times by it, so it tried to quickly cover the rotten parts. Even though this is just normal [Recovery Magic] it’s still very practical.
Because of my cooperation with LaLu, the Cyclops Zombie had both of its hands fixed onto its feet, resulting in a bridge-like posture.
Now, if only Zir can find the summoner and stop the magic. Then after staying in a bridge-like posture for 15 minutes, the Cyclops Zombie finally disappeared.

=== Change POV to Zir===

As of now I am heading towards the town from outside the ramparts to accomplish the task on behalf of my Master.
Master had requested of me to search for the magic of a necromancer, other than my own, and put a cease to it.
Since it is a request from my beloved Master, I will do it splendidly.

[Although, whither could that necromancer beest?]

Amy gave a heavy sigh from behind me. Such an impertinent fellow.

[Zir, why did you just unthinkingly return to town?]

[T- this not the case. Uh, see over here, there is a possibility that the necromancer is among the adventurers.]

My master had said that, though I do not know the reason.

[Let’s see. The timing for the Cyclops’ appearance was too good, and above all the preparations for this must have been meticulous.]

Indeed, I too concur and nod in assent.
The Zombie Mother’s attack to the interior. After that, the certain overwhelming horde of monsters, and then, if only to just breakthrough the defense, it was the opportune moment to use their trump card.
Well everything was dealt with at an early stage due to the fact that it had not escalated into a serious matter, the demons came up with dull tactics like that. That is what I believe.

[This monster attack is so suspicious. But, I don’t know if someone can manipulate monsters in such numbers.]

[Forsooth, it appears that the monsters intend on attacking this town gravely.]

[In other words, the other party is most likely [Evil God Religion] followers.]

The reputation of the [Evil God Religion] is not very well taken. Us vampires do not worship the God of ordinary humans and demi-humans.
Therefore, it has been called by me the name [Evil God Religion].

[I see, let us be careful.]

The monsters might have been given to the [Evil God Religion] followers by the Evil God.
In other words, there is a possibility that the caster is still near the monster that was taken from the Evil God.
Unh, unh, a large amount of magic is flowing towards the outside of the ramparts.
This might be the caster sending magic for the [Recovery] of the Cyclops Zombie.

[Amy, follow me. To the top of the ramparts.]

[Eh? Ah, the magic flow was discovered. Understood. Is the caster still up there? Let’s go together.]

How did you find it? All the same I didn’t ask. She seems to be able to instantly perceive the flow of magic.

We have moved onto the ramparts at once, but there are 100 adventurers on top of the ramparts right now.
From amidst this, finding a necromancer will be even more distressing. I say, this will be troublesome.
Then, ‘Zudon’ a dreadful sound was heard from outside of the east gate. What the, it would appear that the source of that sound is the Cyclop Zombie falling on its behind. As expected of my Master.
When I overheard the chatting, it was Ayla who had made the Cyclop Zombie fall.
Incidentally, while everyone was looking at Ayla in ecstasy, there was one person who was looking at my Master with hatred.

[T’would seem that sir is the caster.]

[That person? That looks like a normal person.]

[Is that so? Allow us to capture that man.]


When Amy and I approached from the back, the caster fainted.
The reason this was so, was that my Master had passed me [Stun Ball], a bullet which was created from a magic stone.
I had heard it is a magic stone which was poured with [Shock Magic]. Master said anyone who had this thrown at them will be unable to move their body for a moment.

[With this, is it alright?]

[Seems so, we can doth nothing except to hark to what the person himself hath to say.]

The Cyclops Zombie who was unable to move could not take getting disgraced. I could not bear to gaze, but it will disappear now that the caster has fainted.

[The Cyclops zombie has disappeared!!]

A cheer was raised all around. It seems everyone is sending up a praise for my master. At last, the long night has ended.



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