Master of Monsters Vol 2 Chapter 9 ~ Way of the master

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09. ご主人様の在り方 – 09. Way of the master

It was the next day that I woke up.

Fortunately, the continuous decrease of my magic power has stabilized after a day. It is not certain since the cause of the phenomenon was unclear to begin with, but it seems I can be relieved for the time being.

From what I heard, Gerbera was at my side the whole time giving me magic power until my condition stabilized.
Even with Gerbera’s persistent stubbornness, she endured the task of providing me magical power through sheer willpower. After ensuring my safety, she passed out and fell asleep.
Speaking of which, she did mention she was poor at treatment of magic power.

I have really troubled her.

「Good work today」

When I patted her white head, her spider legs made a grinding sound.*Kichikichi*
I was charmed by the smile which appeared on her soft pretty face which was that of a person who had completed their task.


「We were saved this time.」

I called out to Lily who was in the rear.
The two of us moved to a small room installed in the Arachne’s nest.
It was a『bathroom』built by Rose whilst we were away. Even though it was only 『a partitioned space with a bucket wide enough for a person to enter』.
In an isolated place with nobody else.
It has been a long time since Lily and I got our alone time.
「Although it is related to my treatment, I was saved despite the issue with Gerbera. If Lily was not around, what would have happened… Sorry for the trouble we put you through.」

「It’s ok, there’s no such thing.」

Lily responded to my apology with a wry smile and she sat in front of me and *JAKIRI* cut my hair with the scissors Rose made.

After a month of surviving in the wild, my hair has gotten longer. A portion of it however is uneven due to it getting burned from the fireball of a Balloon Fox.

I asked Lily to trim the hair back evenly. After all, I am fine even if I were to have it cut at a cheap barber shop. Letting an amateur cut it won’t leave any dissatisfaction. As long as it is not ugly, I am fine with it.

「Although I had said it previously, I am everyone’s older sister. So that’s just a natural thing for me to do.」

「Is that so? That reminded me, you had said that previously.」

「Rather, I want you to praise Rose. In that way, it’s unexpected that Garbera can be accepted that easily.」

「Ah, I thought it would take more time. Possibly, I was worried the relationship between the two would break because Gerbera didn’t manage to protect me.」

「I also had the same opinion. I thought that child would be more stubborn. However, Rose has also thought about Gabera in her own way, right?」

「Yeah, you are right.」

「Certainly, Gerbera had also worked hard. She definitely fought bravely until now. 」

While chatting, the hair cut by Lily fell to my towel covered waist.

In this way, with me being semi nude, I can consider taking this opportunity to wash off all the dirt and sweat from my body while washing off the cut hair.

Lily is my attendant for when I take a bath.

Because my body doesn’t move really well yet.

This is simply weakening from a lack of physical strength, rather than a side effect of the magic received from Gerbera.

Anyway, I feel heavy and my body doesn’t move properly.

Fortunately, as for now, there are no other ill symptoms. There is no particular pain apart from the burn mark on my arm and the faint scar which remained when the metal seed vine’s gun seed was taken out.

However, it might be possible that I have yet to be aware of the bad condition of my body. I must take note of the unknown reason of the loss of magic.

「That’s right. I was saved by Gerbera. Lily and Rose too. It seems everyone has grown up before I knew it…」

Listening to the scissors making the smart snipping sounds, I reflexively leaked out a sigh.

「I did not notice it at all… This is proof that my vision has become narrowed.」

「That probably can’t be helped.」

After evening up my hair, Lily began to *Shaki Shaki* fix the hair points with the scissors.

「My Master, I wish to know how important we are to you. The discord between Rose and Gerbera is a great problem for Master. Since it is important, the bigger the discord between Rose and Gerbera, the more issues for Master. Putting in effort only to see it for naught, I think it is normal for humans..」

「Oh, please close your eyes Master.」

When the haircut was finished, Lily began to draw water and started washing my hair.

Slender fingers tussle my hair and tickled my scalp. Water was poured on top of my head and flowed along my chin to the floor.
I kept talking while closing my eyes.

「It may be as Lily says.」


「The talk about rushing to put in effort which ended up fruitless.」

Thinking back on it, I consider the situation whereby we met the enemy balloon for the first time. The careless behaviour that I exhibited which lead to us facing a group of them suddenly, is probably due to my bearing an impatient attitude at that point in time.

「I was somehow very impatient and ended up nearly dying. On the contrary, due to me not being able to solve the discord between Gerbera and Rose, I am able to conclude the gap/misunderstanding between Gerbera and Rose. 」

After Lily cleansed my body, I submerged into the water in the tub.
Though it would be better if there was hot water, being clean is good enough.
However, the pleasure of taking a bath is halved.

「It’s pathetic. Even though I’m your leader…」

Is it because my feelings loosened a little?The whine that should be kept deep in my chest was let out.
「At any time, there is no room for doubt and I am driven to the wall worrying about everyone. The plan I have is full of holes . I do not have the power to solve your problems. 」

On the brink of death due to my rapid loss of magic power, the spectacle of everything nearly coming to naught played out in front of me and I thought 『Why did it turn out to be like this?』
If you try to reconsider the chain of events that happened, the answer is clear
That is because I’m incompetent.

Lily said that my impatience and fruitless effort was 『Ordinary』.
However, being the norm is no good. This is because I am the Master of Monsters.
It is due to me not having sufficient ability, which ended up with such mistakes and failures. Thanks to Lily and everyone, we were able to overcome this danger.
This is nothing but an afterthought. It doesn’t change the fact that there is nothing that I can do.
They are certainly growing at the moment. But, I am still useless for now.

「Being impatient, moving around aimlessly. There is nothing I can do. There is nothing that I can obtain. 」

I let out a heavy sigh and feel depressed.

「Truly deplorable」
Fairy: He is scolding himself


Lily embraced and carried me into the bathroom, who is unable to exert any strength into my body, and peered into my eyes as I am.

She quietly gazed at me with her big eyes.
When I looked at her questioningly, she cast her eyes downwards.
It seems she’s thinking about something. I wonder what’s she’s thinking about… I am unable to read her mind using the monster family link.

Lily looked up.
A smile as if flowers are blooming spreads throughout her face.

「As for that, I guess it can’t be helped. 」

Those are kind comforting words…. or not.
There is a strange aura behind her smile


I felt unease and unconsciously started stepping back. But the place I am in right now is in the so-called big pail and there is no escape.
I wanted to pretend that I did not notice it but unfortunately, there exists an monster family link. between us. Lily’s highly strung feeling leaked out to me. In addition, she did not intend on hiding it.

「Master, as for me. Okay. I am very angry about this incident.」

Lily with a look of protest stood up from her kneeling posture and moved closer towards me.
Without consideration of the water in the pail as she moved towards me. Her jersey got wet and she does not seem to care about it.
When I try to bend my upper body backwards, she pushes me down. With her slender arms that have strength far above that of a normal girl, she seized both my arms in order to not let me escape.

「Why don’t you consult with me? Why do you hold it in yourself? Why are we not relied on?」

「Didn’t rely on you? What are you talking about? There is no such thing, is there?」

「Are you saying that I misunderstood?」

I nodded and protested.

「Without you guys, I would already be in a monster’s stomach. As expected, even I understand this. 」
「I didn’t think of it. Uhm… Yes, isn’t it? That’s right, isn’t it? 」

Lily nodded easily.
A bittersweet smile floated on her face.

「It is as Master has said. Master will not view us as unreliable, right? 」

With a smile that looks slightly sad, Lily said to me.

「However, you don’t rely on us.」


「Although Master has thought of us as『Reliable Companions』, I’d rather be『Companions to rely on.」


I couldn’t find any word of denial this time.
It is an unmistaken fact that I turned down Lily with all my might.
It’s the same for Rose and Gerbera. Same goes for the issue with Kato-san. Although I was pampered by Gerbera once, since it became like that, I had somehow deceived them at first.. As for other minor details, my visual problem has also been kept silent.

I went through the problem alone without relying on my friends that should be reliable.
If pointed out, it is clear I have such a character.
However, it is just my excuse.

「I have a role to lead you guys. This is one of the liabilities of the role.」

I am the Master of Lily and Co.
If there are family problems/squabbles among the girls, I, as a Master, must solve them.
The problems that arise from me, naturally I will solve them myself.
That is, no matter how imperfect, the duty of the leader leading the group.
Aside from lamenting my lack of strength, there is nothing wrong with my stance itself.
That should have been so.

「That’s wrong.」

But Lily shook her flaxen-haired head.

「Why won’t you understand? Taking on this and that and each and everything on your own, failing is a matter of course.」
「Like I said, that’s due to my lack of strength」

「What’s wrong with lacking strength? To compensate for that, aren’t we the Family here?」

Receiving Lily’s slightly upturned eyes appealing to me, I was being startled.
Unable to hold back the unstable emotions in herself, her eyes wavered like ripples on a lake surface.
It held enough destructive power to cause what small amount of pride I held in myself to waver violently.

「That is of course something even I know of, you know? That master’s personality is one with a strong sense of responsibility. A self-punishing personality is also present in you. I know very well. I do, but…」

Tears spilled over and fell in large drops from Lily’s eyes.

「Taking on things, is already something that cannot be helped but… …rely on us a little.」


I suddenly remembered.
During the time when I returned in a tattered state after getting caught perfectly in the balloon fox’s trap,
Upon seeing me, although at first Lily showed an upset expression, after that she treated me based on her own judgement until the end.
Although if it was the Lily I know, it wouldn’t be strange even if she panicked.
She hadn’t shown any tears.
Even so that does not equal 『Lily became able to not feel anything』
Under a resolute mask, she had been suppressing her agitated self. To borrow her own words, she conducted herself『fittingly as an eldest daughter』. Until this moment, she has been enduring it.
But now, here it was only the two of us.
There isn’t a reason for Lily to act strong as an elder sister.

「I was scared. That maybe Master would die…」

Lily who suppressed her agitated self and accomplished her responsibility as an elder sister, is no longer the girl from when we just met, from when she had just consumed Mizushima Miho and obtained her girl form.

Change has definitely paid a visit
And for what purpose?
I don’t know is something I won’t say even if my mouth was torn apart.
That’s obviously because, like she herself said, it is for the sake of 『Supporting me』.

However being the crux of the group, I not relying on her, her devotion was not rewarded.
Even Rose and Gerbera, In order to support me, they have been working hard in respective ways.

I had intended to do my best, but I probably made a mistake somewhere. The tears spilling over in front of me is proof of that.
In any case, now is not a good situation to abandon myself to regret.
I have other things to do. This time, I cannot afford to make a mistake.

「I’m sorry…」

Extending my hands towards the crying Lily, I embraced her.
Lily didn’t resist. Instead she threw herself to me.
As I hugged her tightly, her sobbing leaked out from within my arms. I once again thought “I really made her anxious”.


We remained snuggled together for a while.
It was a strangely calming period. If it could be this calm, I could have undoubtedly remained indifferent to that failure.
Before long, the sound of sniffing *SunSun* disappeared.

「This is something I’m saying from consulting Mizushima Miho’s memories but…」

Having seemed to have calmed down, Lily spoke.

「There are various type of leaders」


Lily nodded.
With her bangs rubbing against my chest, it was slightly ticklish.

「Such as Powerful types that lead others along forcefully, or those that are a charisma-type that charms others……」

「Both don’t apply to me」

I let out a wry smile.

「Un. That’s right」

Lily also didn’t venture to deny my words.


「But Master. I don’t think we would want to follow those types of people」


「『Never being composed, being cornered by personal worries, the plans I think of are full of holes. I don’t have the power to solve everyone’s problems』was it? Just now, didn’t Master say something like that. But you know……」

Lily gazed up at me from below.

「Always remaining composed, never worrying about anything, being able to solve any problems, a leader with the power to save everything reflected in his eyes. That is just some sort of an ideal」

Returning my own lamentation, clearly showing me the Image I held of 『As the leader of the girls’ family, the me that I should be/must be』, and Lily expressed that as an 『Ideal/Dream』.

「If such a person really existed, I think it would be a very wonderful person. But that is just the fairytale hero that everyone dreams of. Denying something like that is something that is impossible to do.」

Lily slowly shook her head.

「But you see, even if there was such a person, we don’t think we would want to follow him. After all, that’s not『You』」

In the eyes of lily who said that, the me who was lost in her words is reflected.

Right here, right now, she was firmly gazing at me.

「The one I like is not some ideal person. He is not someone being drawn from my ideal form. I can’t like something that is just an illusion. I like the Master that tries to do something for us, even if lacking power or something, trying desperately for us. Whether he has sufficient power or not, it doesn’t matter at all.」

「……but, I’m your Master, as the leader I can’t be a burden. As such I can’t be so powerless right?」
「There is no such thing」

Lily pressed and rubbed her flaxen head into my chest.

「Then conversely, if we were useless would Master abandon us?」

「No way!」

I denied that immediately.

「No way, that is impossible!」

「……Un. If it was Master, I thought it would be like that. Fufu. As one of the Family, being happy here is no good but..」

A bittersweet smile floated on the face of Lily who had raised her face.

「But, I’m happy.」

Lily gently clasped my cheeks with both hands.

「But Master, That this is the same for us, is something I want you to understand.」

Lily’s palm affectionately stroked my cheek.

「Let us support you. Rely on us more. Don’t do the impossible alone. It’s fine to lack power. Us Family are useless creatures unless we join forces but… Master is definitely also the same…」

「I’m also… the same?」

「Un. Isn’t that surely, the way that Master and us Family are supposed to be.」

The way we are supposed to be.
The words that Lily spoke, I have never thought of that until now. That is because, to me, that was something I hadn’t tried to think about.
There was no need to think about it, it was because I was under such an impression.
I thought that I must lead them along.
I had decided that was the way it had to be.
However, originally that was not something to be unequivocally decided.

As Lily said earlier, there are various ways of being a leader. Taking into account the leader’s own personality and the nature of the group, there is no choice but to individually look for ways to become better.
I had been neglecting something so obvious.

And thinking about it, it was not that Lily said anything wild. Instead she did nothing more than point out the blatantly obvious.

Certainly if someone is as charismatic as god, have the power to lead others along, and have the intelligence to resolve any and everything, there is nothing that can surpass that.
But I am nothing except a normal student you can find anywhere. It’s vexing but that is the me right now. The seventeen year old me known as Majima Takahiro. That is something I myself cannot deny.

On that fated day, on the border of life and death in that cave, awakening the power I possessed, I suddenly became the master leading Lily and the rest of the family.
However, even so nothing about me changed.
Without any preparation, a brat that could be found anywhere like me, there was no way to be able to display the nature of a stereotypical leader.

Even still trying to act as a 『Splendid leader』, overdoing it somewhere is a matter of course.

――I have to somehow do it.
――I will resolve it all.

Thinking those things……was in a sense conceited.

Looking at me, there were those who helped me.
Those who said they want to support me.
Joining hands with them, focusing on the same goal, proceeding on while cooperating.
Probably, what I should be aiming at, is that.

If it is us now, we should be able to do that.
That is because, having become aware of my own inexperience and limits, accepting them I can now take measures. Even Lily and the others, they were by no means weak existences that need to be lead by me.

「All of us will combine our power. Live by supporting each other. If that was the way that we were originally supposed to be…I’ve been mistaken the whole time…」

Because of this, this is the new starting point for me and the girls.
Strangely, same as that time in that cave, alone with Lily in a small space, I embraced a new determination in my chest.
Everyone helping each other, let’s survive in this other world.
The power that dwells in my body is for that sake after all.

「Thank you, Lily. Thanks to you I came to my senses.」

To the precious Lily who taught me that, putting in my flood of emotions, I thanked her.

「From now on I will be relying on you. Please support me.」

「Un…Unn. Master!」

Seeming to be overcome with emotion, Lily hugged my body tightly.
Once again I hugged her in return,
Our faces moved naturally, closing even closer from the already close distance, we smiled at each other.
Our bodies came into contact through the texture of the wet jersey. Not enough. Not enough at all. Hugging as to fill the gaps, the path informed me of Lily’s desire.
That was, the same as what I am desiring now.


Linking our eyes, the tips of our noses touching, our lips met like we were trying to suck each other in.
I suddenly thought that it’s been awhile since we were 『alone together』.
Well that doesn’t mean anything in particular.
I’m so satisfied I can’t move anyway.

Embracing Lily who wrapped her arms behind my head, exchanging a kiss with her, feeling her abundant bulge through the soaking wet material of the jersey, as I thought that――


――at the pain that ran through the back of my left hand, I gave a small cry of pain.

「Ah. Sorry」

At the voice I leaked out, Lily separated from me.
Seeming to think she had put a burden on my body, her fine eyebrows lowered.

「No. It’s not that Lily did anything」

As I straightened my body that had curled up in surprise to the pain, I waved my hand at her.

「For some reason my hand suddenly hurt……」

As I began saying that, I was startled

「What’s wrong…」

Lily’s words also cut off in the middle.

The speechless her stared. At the back of my left hand where I felt the pain just now.

There, an emerald green protrusion had grown.
A small amount of red blood flowed from the edge of the growth. This is probably the cause of the pain. Drop by drop, it fell into the water the bath tub and diluted.
The emerald green protrusion, was even now energetically growing rapidly.
The I finally realised, that was the seedling of a plant.

In such an abnormal situation, there was no way it was just an ordinary seedling. At the tip, like a snake raising its neck, a head with no eyes or nose and only a mouth appeared.

「M, aS, Ter」

……It spoke.

Although the pronunciation was awkward and creaky, that was certainly the call of a monster of the Family yearning for me as a master.
To be at a loss of words is this huh.
Why would 『a monster grow out of my body』. I don’t understand. Since when did such an omen…


That my blanked head had arrived at 『that truth』might be something miraculous.
I called out to Lily who seems to be dumbfounded like me.

「Naa, Lily」

「Whaat, Master」

「Do you have any memory of extracting a Gun Vine’s seed from my left hand?」

The place I was first shot by a seed, was the back of my left hand.
Since it was such a violent scene, that remembering it almosts makes me feel unwell, that memory was left vividly in my brain.
And, during the operation where the seeds were being dug out of me, there is no memory of a seed being extracted from my left hand.
Since my consciousness was hazy at that time, I thought it was just that I don’t remember it, but when Lily who carried out that operation shook her head sideways, that possibility disappeared.

Which means… …that, probably.

「By any chance, my magic power being exhausted, is because of this guy?」

I almost died due to lack of magic power.
The Gun Vine is a parasitic monster.
Absorbing nutrients from its host could be said to be its way of life.

「No. But, at most that is for trees. Something nonsensical like growing from a person’s body…」

「Ah. Wait, Master. That is a bit wrong.」

Lily interrupted my words.

「The attack method of Gun Vines is similar to how lilies shoot out seeds from their flowers right? It is something obvious but, seeds are usually a method of reproduction, not a method of attack」

「Maa, that’s right」

「And yet why do you think Gun Vines shoot out seeds like bullets?」

Once questioned, it does seem to be a weird phenomenon. Based on my knowledge relating to living things, to create seeds or fruits should be an event that requires a lot of energy. To use that as a disposable method of attack, in the end is that possible?

As I pondered without having an response, Lily told me the answer.

「The reason why Gun Vines use seeds as a method of attack, is because it is part of their life cycle.This type of plants like Gun Vines, will shoot the prey to death and absorb the nutrients to germinate.I to date had seen many cases of this before. 」

「So, growing from my body is not impossible?」

Thinking of vegetation growing from my corpse like caterpillar fungus, I shivered.
If not for Gerbera giving me magic power, I would have been sucked dry and died already. This situation is in the end nothing more than the result of her haphazard ability…
「Besides, in this first place is this really a Gun Vine?」

「What do you mean?」

「Isn’t the shape and appearance entire different」

Now that it was mentioned, it seems so. This thing before me seems to differ slightly from the standard shape of Gun Vines.
The greatest difference is probably the lack of Lily-like flowers blooming. Like this, it is unable to fulfill its function as a Gun Vine. If that is that case, this is――

「――the same a Lily. A Unique Monster」

An extremely rare occurrence of a mutated species among monsters.
The monster lodged in me, just happens to be one of those.
Could such a coincidence even occur.

If thought about like that, the reverse way of thinking fits much more.

「It’s because it lodged in me, that this guy germinated as a Unique Monster……?」

My body, even if provisionally, is that of a cheat ability wielder. Like killing a dragon with a single punch, the same as a jack-in-the-box that overturns logic. No matter what happens it wouldn’t be strange.

「… Well if we embedded some other seed into my body once again, we would be able to make it clear…」

「Don’t say stupid things. This time time you will die for sure.」


There is no guarantee I could live after doing it a second time. Even Garbera would probably be against a second time. There was no way I could propose something that would be throwing dirt on her hard work, it was obviously a joke.

「So, Master, what do we do about this?」

Shooting a glare at me who said a bad joke, Lily inquired.
With the right hand where there is no parasitic monster growing, I scratched my hair which had become somewhat shorter.

「What to do… …tearing it off is probably not an option.」

I can clearly feel the path with this parasitic monster, and that it has no hostility is being transmitted to me.

「Mas, T, eR! tEr!」
Maybe because it was just born, it doesn’t seem to be very intelligent. It also doesn’t seem able to say anything other than call to me.
But, even so I could understand it innocently adores me. Pulling it out and killing it is an act that would cause considerably strong stabbing feelings of guilt.

Besides, thinking about it, the one who shot seeds into my body was the Gun Vine that was this one’s mother, in the end this guy just germinated.
Even if the mother tried to kill me, it is not the fault of the child that was born. The situation might be slightly different, but that way of thinking was not impossible.

「From what can be seen, the condition seems stable, there is also no reason to have to try to kill it… In the first place, can this guy even be torn off.」

Its roots seem to spread in my body but how deeply it has taken root is unknown. If done poorly, there maybe a need to chop off my arm. The risk for that is too high.

When such thought are being conveyed to it or not, a creaking sound rang out in protest.

「Goshuji, MaSta! Goshu, Sama! Sama!」

「I understand I understand. I will not peel you off.」

「Is this okay? Goshujin-sama?」

At Lily’s question, I shrugged my head.

The feeling of being parasitized by something which tried to kill is delicate but if you were to think about it, the story/experience about Gerbera is also about the same.

… And, because I had thought about that.

「Thy Lord! Thy Lord, Where art thou!」

Speak of the devil.
Along with Gerbera’s voice, I can heard flurried movements.

「… What is it this time?」
There is Gerbera’s presence who is searching for me at the other side of the wall.

「Thou art over there , thy Lord!」

After walking to and fro, she seems to deduce my location and her peculiar walking sound started moving towards our direction.
「thy Lord!」

*Ban* with a huge noise, the door was thrown open.

With fluttering white hair, Gerbera entered the 『Bathroom』. It appears somehow or another that she just woke up since there are some disarranged bed hair.
When her presence comes before our very eyes, Lily and I hug each other absentmindedly
Just that, Gerbera’s appearance is now in a state of shock.


I inquired.

「There is something riding on your head, isn’t it?」

Riding on top of her white hair which made people believe that it’s spider’s silk, there is a beast drained of energy.
It’s tail swelled and it’s pointed ears are triangular.
The round and *fuwafuwa*( fluffy) and soft light reddish brown fur on it’s body. No matter how you see it, it gives off an atmosphere as if it just borned only a few months ago.
Opening it’s mouth, sharp and small cute teeth are exposed. When it breathes in, the body which was sitting on my palm expanded.
The body who completely expanded like a balloon shrinked and thin smokes are being puffed out from his mouth (and rising into the air)

There is no mistaking this.

「Balloon Fox」

「……’s kid. Gerbera. Where did you pick this up?」

When Lili took my question from my mouth and inquired, the balloon fox which belched and lost it’s balance making Gerbera flustered, and Gerbera stopped moving immediately.

「I did not pick it up. A little while back, it came along.」

「It came along…」
「From the place where thy Lord almost died till here, it is a considerable distance. It’s probably not weird for the fox cub to travel here by foot in 1 day. 」

Looking at it closely, this fox’s fur is also very dirty.
During the time my life is hanging by a thread, this child fox probably faced great danger as well.

「So, why is that thing riding on Gerbera’s head?」

「I don’t know. Don’t ask me. Ask this brat.」

「No, it’s okay to take it down.」

「Thinking if I were to touch it, it will break down. Such a possibility might exist.」

Unthinkable! Gerbera who look at me with eyes which seem to not have faith in me. Tentatively, it seems like she has forgotten that this fox cub is a monster.
With an atmosphere where I can’t say anything, I gazed at Gerbera. Then, Rose and Kato-san both turned up and peek inside.

「Master, did something happen? …Oh?」

「For some reason it became something troublesome didn’t it.」

With a fox kit riding atop Gerbera’s head, looking at the parasitic plant growing on the back of my hand, the girls look wide eyed.
In a blink of an eye the bath became completely lively.


Inside the arm, Lili begins to stir/moved.
I read her intention and let go of her hand, this causes her to give out a bitter smile.

「Somehow, it didn’t turn into『That kind of mood』, right…」

「… That’s right isn’t it.」

I also return a bitter smile. With it being just the two of us for a while, it seems like that time was over. It was a little disappointing.


「Yes? …Ah. Thank you.」

Lily who was standing up, to help me stand/get out reached out with her hand.
When taking her hand, Lily put on a happy expression out of nowhere.

「But, isn’t that okay.」

「? What is that you’re saying?」

「Master was saying something like『Impatiently, Fruitlessly, Not able to do anything. Not being able to obtain anything. 』.」

Lili tilted her head to me and she greeted me with an earnest smile.

「It wasn’t meaningless for Master and Ganbera doing their best you know.」

And like that, we ended up adding our friends getting the fourth and fifth member added to our family.

Master of Monsters Vol 2 Chapter 8
Master of Monsters Vol 2 Chapter 10 ~ The Scenery I Wish To Protect

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