Yuusha Onna Chapter 22

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Exploring the room

Help? With what?

Then, when I was asking in my mind, Lilia continued.

「You’ll wipe your body, right? Am I wrong?」

「No. You’re not wrong. 」

Could it be that? The time when I got sick.

「But I’m not sick, N? Lilia?」

「You don’t want it?」

It’s impossible to refuse.

「Then, later okay? 」

「Yes. Without delay, let’s search for something we can use. 」

「Roger. Then, if you see something use fire. 」

I stood up and moved to the next room.

「Fuu, feels refreshing.

This cabin has a room where a treasure chest is put, I woke up in the bedroom, then there’s no restroom, I face the bedroom when I woke up.

There’s the treeasure chest room, but there’s nothing besides the treasure chest.

「Hey, isn’t it a bit cold?」

Separated from the fireplace, when I faced the bedroom where I woke up, it felt a bit chilly.

Well, I have to find something ahead that can be used was it?

Looking at the room briefly, there’s nothing but the bed.

「Muu~ Is there something?… Oh?」

When I looked carefully, there’s something like a drawer in the alcove.

「Is there something here?」

The drawer has three of the same large size, for the time being let’s pull out the rightmost.

「Bed cover kaaa~. 」

Unfortunately, it’s only the bed cover. What’s next is the pillowcase.

When I opened the center, there’s a huge variety of bottles in there.

The contents are empty.

「We can use it to draw and put water in it. But, why is it in the bed room?」

Then, I pulled out the leftmost, and closed it immediately.

「Really, what does he want to do?… The builder of this cabin… 」

What’s there is a toy played in the night. Even so, she saw some various kinds.

「It’s unnecessary., This… 」

I cursed the one who made this room, I put the bottle at the center in the item box and I went out of the room .

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