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Chapter 34 <<Disaster>> girl determination, <<Monster>> boy anguish

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I —- Altria-gram, was baffled.
Regarding yesterday case—— since the time my curse was removed, I couldn’t help but be conscious of Seiichi.


Yet, this morning, looking at the figure of Seiichi, somehow my chest is…… as if being squeezed, is attacked by a painful sadness.
Moreover, even though it should be painful, somehow it feels good.


But, as it was a new experience for me, I was baffled.
What is the cause of this sadness?

Furthermore, even though it has been like this from the beginning, looking at the familiar exchange between Seiichi and Saria, somehow I get this…. depressing feeling, and start becoming displeased.

And, I start to feel really sad for some reason.
That’s why, when I looked at Seiichi’s figure, I ran away.
…… I want to know the identity of this feeling.
But, once I know the identity, I somehow feel that there would be no return.
That I might lose something important. That is the feeling I have.
And that is…… very scary.

“I……just what’s happening with me…..?”

As it wasn’t directed at anyone, she murmured to herself.
“Then, want me to give you some advice?”



“Good morning, Altria-chan”

The one who talked to me, was the person who contracted us in the quest I did together with Seiichi, Adrianna-san.

By chance, she met me in the city, and just like that I was invited to Adriana’s house, where she would give me a consultation.
“……I, am somewhat weird”
“Weird it is?”
“Do you remember Seiichi?”

“Yes, of course”

“That…… Since yesterday, whenever I see him, my heart accelerates….. I can’t find the words even though it’s painful, I am happy, it’s warm…… that type of feeling”
“Fumufumu”(TL: nodding)

Adriana-san, while listening to my story, took a sip of tea.

“And it’s not only that, well…… that Seiichi, might have a girlfriend……. I think, that girl is really cute, and when she is talking happily with him somehow……… like I said earlier I get this painful feeling”
“I see……”

When Adrianna-san finished listening to my story, took a sip of tea again.

As expected, am I weird in some way?

Is it a side effect of removing the curse?

To me who was having uneasy feelings, Adriana-san took a breath, and affirmed.
“That’s love. Whats more, a bittersweet first love at that” (TL: What an unexpected turn of events no…..?)

“Wha!? Lo, love!?”


Without realising I, made a weird voice.
To the confused me, Adriana-san continued.

“Yeah. Altria-chan …… you, have fallen in love.”
“~ ~ ~ ~ Tsu !!”

Being told directly at my face, it’s like a fire burned my face, it is crimson.

Th, that…… love, me……?
“Im, impossible! That me!? Absolutely not!”

For some reason, I denied it desperately.
However, even with such a negative response, Adriana-san shook it off lightly.

“But, what other explanation can there be? Moreover, Altria-chan is a very charming woman as well. It’s fine to have one or two loves, it’s nor weird at all. What’s more, is that you didn’t fall in love until now is weirder”
“Th, that is——“
“Well then, what is that ring you have on your left hand ring finger for?



On reflex of being asked, touched the ring in my left hand.
On the ring finger of my left hand, is a ring embedded with beautiful purple gem.

And, the fact that the men gave a fitting ring on the left hand of the ring finger of a woman means—-.

“A promise of eternal love……. That’s common sense no?”
“~~~~~~~~~~ Tsu!”

As though looking in my mind, Adrianna-san confronted me with the appropriate words. With a face reddened to the maximum, with embarrassment so great it couldn’t be exlained in words.
Then, without minding such an appearance, Adrianna-san continued on.
“Thanks to the ring that Seiichi-san gave you, your curse has been lifted, no?”
“Seiichi-san, is most likely from the east countrys, so his common sense may be different, the ring may not have a deep meaning”
My heart is, weird.
If that is true, then that is good.
Seiichi has Saria.
But he gave me a ring, isn’t that dishonest!?
That’s why, I shouldn’t need to think about it too deeply.
By chance, the ring fitted perfectly on my ring finger.

Isn’t it fine?
……even so ……. Even so, why I am so sad? So lonely?

If there is a deep meaning, there is the curse….. Isn’t it fine?

My own heart, I don’t understand myself.
Why, is it so painful……
I don’t understand……
Unbeknownst, tears had accumulated my eyes.
While I had my head down in silence, Adriana-san spoke gently.

“Altria-chan, won’t you admit it already?”


“You, about Seiichi—— love him”



With tear filled eyes, I slowly turn my sight to Adrianna-san
Mou, I can’t evade it anymore.
…… I, about seiichi…… came to love him.
The moment that I admitted it, tears overflowed from my eyes.
Until now, there was not a guy who got close to me.


The guys in the Guild, and in the city…… they were kind to me, but didn’t get close due to my curse, the first one who apprached me seriously was Seiichi.
When Seiichi, said I was needed, by everyone, that Seiichi liked me, I was really happy.
Gently, as to calm me when he hugged me from behind……. my heart felt warm.

I see…… I—– was in love.

To me that barely me noticed it, Adriana-san smiled gently and embraced me.
“To the clumsy Altria-chan, I will tell you one thing, if the boy you like is talking to another girl, it is not weird for your heart to feel sad you know?”


“……Is, that so……?”
“Yeah. It is jealousy. Excessive jealousy is bad, but a little bit is okay. Is it Altria-chan first love? To be confused is a very natural thing, it’s normal.”
“What’s more, even if Seiichi-san has a girlfriend, it doesn’t matter. It all depends of the resourcefulness of the man, bigamy, it might be common outside the continent.  If you don’t like that then, Altria-chan it is fine to become the first for Seiichi-san.”
“……such a thing, I can’t do that. In the first place…… I am not cute at all. Such a toned, rough womam. It’s obvious that Seiichi will think bad of me.”
As I said so earnestly, Adrianna-san made a wry smile.
“mou, Altria-chan be more confidente in yourself. Next, I will introduce you to my friend that is well versed in romance, but first if Altria-chan doesn’t admit her own charm nothing will begin, Futhermore, Seiichi-san, do you thing he is the type to think such a thing?”

I shook my head in silence.

That guy is not the type to worry about such a thing.
If not, then he wouldn’t help me, that time when I stepped onto the metastasis trap. To seriously get close with me.
With the  <Disaster> me, he properly caught me.
“…… I, wonder if is good for me to fall in love …?”




“…… Won’t I be a nuisance…?”


“not at all. Rather, he should happy”


“……I see……”
I too, am glad I fell in love.

Mo, I won’t be tied down by <Disaster>, I am glad……


—-Finally, I can take the first step.

At that moment, I was attacked by a different feeling than the one until a while ago.


It is, unlike the feelings of a while ago, it was a very positive feeling.

“……Adrianna-san. I, what should I do to make Seiichi look my way……?”
“Until a little while ago, it was painful, and lonely … although it was very hard, now I feel very happy. This feeling, it’s the first time that I had it”
“Like I said…… my feelings, I want them to reach Seiichi. Even though this me is without a woman’s attractiveness….. I still love him, and I want him to like me”
“Thats why, Adrianna-san. That…… first the things about love I don’t know about can you teach me about it? What should I do……”

Adriana who was listening to my serious thoughts, nods and say at once with a smile.

“Leave it to me! The perfect way to bring down Seiichi-san, I’ll teach it to you!”

After such a promising remark, I had Adriana-san teach me a lot of things.

“——So there that happened”
“haaa~ Adventurers have it hard”

I Hiiragi Seiichi, had a small talk with Noado-san in the “cafe Akkoriente” that i entered.


Right now, I spoke about the story where I and Altria-san was mysteriously transported to a strange labyrinth.


“uhn, there is one thing I am curious, what happened to that <<disaster>> girl?”

When I reached the part about lifting the curse, Ranze-san asked that.
“About that…… for some reason I don’t know, she is completely avoiding me”
“Ah? Why? Thanks to Seiichi her curse was dispelled no?”
“That’s true…… well….. it may be a weird thing to ask but, a man, putting a ring on a woman left hand ring finger…… does that have any meaning?”

“Un? That’s true…… Seiichi wasn’t born in this continent, you were from the east country, then it is normal not to know…… n? Wait a minute. That you ask this means……”


“…… As you have guessed. The item for lifting the curse happened to be a ring by chance, and without giving it a lot of thought, I put it on her left hand ring finger”


“You are lying!?”

At my confession, not only Ranze-san opened his eyes wide, even Noado-san did so as well.

What should I do. I only have bad feelings.
“Etto…… is it as bad as expected?
“It is not at the level of being bad……”

While Ranze-san was surprised, Noado-san properly explained to me.
“……Seiichi-san. In this continent, when a man gives a woman a ring, and put it on her left hand ring finger, it means a promise of eternal love”

It was outside my expectations, what an absurd thing I did!
As I involuntary coughed, at the impatient me Noado-san said with his eyes half opened.
“…… I think it is beyond reparations in various ways. Even though I lived longer than you I’ve never made such a mistake”
“…… it was unexpected to me too”
“What’s more, such an important oath? That is a lie, try to say it was a misunderstanding, there is no doubt you will be killed.”
“Love alone is an important thing to a woman. In your country could be different, but here it is the most important”
“……that true. After hearing the talk, Seiichi-san was actually a bit…… too thoughtless”

The words just now stabbed my chest! It did it! Stabbed!
But….. that’s true

No matter how much I try to ignore it by thinking it didn’t happen, without a doubt I messed with a woman’s precious love. If there is a misunderstanding, then it has to be cleared. I don’t want to become dishonest, but that is…..
“What should I do……”

To think I would be at my wit’s end .
In the first place, is not like I am well balanced with Altria-san!
With Saria too, I don’t think we are well balanced!

Then,  Ranze-san said with a laugh.

“What to do you say, there is no other choice but marriage”
“haa!? Ma,marriage!?”

“Ah? What are you getting surprised for? Anyways, a promise of eternal love, there is no other choice but marriage”

“Th, that’s true…… But I have…..”

Yes, i already, have an important woman called Saria…… she is a gorilla though.

To such an answer, Noado-san got close silently.

“……Seiichi-san, so you had a woman who you set your heart on.”
“……Well, yes”
“Oioi, seriously!? You, even though you have such a suspicious get up are popular?”

“Suspicious you say……”

Well yes, a man with his face hidden by a hood is quite suspicious. I am already used to it though.
“But well….. if you had a woman you like already. Then, together with that woman, just marry both and that’s all.”
“Aahh!? Both!?”

At Ranze-san outrageous remarks, I raised a load voice instinctively.

“Did I say something strange?”
“Iye, it was quite strange! Normally you do it with one person in a marriage!”

As I tell them with a loud voice, Renze-sam and Noado-san made a strange face for a second, then suddenly made a convinced face.
“It can’t be, is the east country different?”



“Well, in this country polygamy is allowed. Heck, it was so common that I thought its not only this continent but everywhere was the same…..”

What did you say!? Is polygamy allowed!?
Seeing me surprised, both of them made convinced expressions.
“It seems I was wrong”
“……Well, even though polygamy is accepted, is rare to see it outside royalty or nobility”

“Mou, I am completely recognised as a person from the East, and polygamy hasn’t been approved there. Why?

Well that won’t become a problem, I hope.

More important than that, first is Altria-san. Really what should I do……

As I was suffering from a headache, and thinking desperately, in front of my face tea was placed

“…… it’s a tea made from Artel leaves that have a relaxing effect”
“Eh? But I didn’t order it……”
“……Let’s say is my treat. Next just once, let me give you one advice as an elder”
“……Absolutely, don’t give an ambiguous answer. But I think it will be okay, Seiichi knows what should be done, and how heavy love is. So accept it or reject it, please be sure to do it firmly”

An ambiguous answer is not allowed. More importantly, I won’t allow it.

Even though I ended like this without realising, giving an ambiguous answer, it’s the worst.


…… If unknowingly I end in a situation similar again, I think I will be the worst
“……I understand, I with my mouth, will say it properly”
“……is that so”

Noado-san heard my answer, and smiled contently
I drink the tea that has been prepared for me with much trouble, somehow getting my strength back in my body, and feeling in a better mood.

The taste, was a perfect mild sweetness.
Upon drinking it all, I am reminded of the time.
Come to think of it. I was talking quite a long time, it might be better to return soon.
As I thought so, thanked Noado-san, and stand up,

“Thanks for the meal. The tea, was delicious”
“……Thank you very much. I look forward to your next visit”

“That so, let us talk the next time we meet.”
Ranze-san said that to me with a smile.

“Yes, by all means!”

It was a good shop. Let’s return again.。

With such a determination in my chest. I left the shop.

“Whew…… Youth”

After Seiichi went out of the store, Ranze muttered so.
To such a Ranze, Noado quietly said.


Ranze , it is fine for you not to return home?”
「 “Aah…… if i want to go back. Someone will come to pick me up”

At Ranze’s words, Noado sigh.

“……No matter that I am here, coming here alone, isn’t it too much defenceless?”
“Be at ease. I am not alone so its fine, Ruise is following me properly”
“……haaaa. To come following you here everytime, Ruise-sama sure has it hard”


“That can’t be helped. It’s his job after all.”
“……if you the boss stop coming here, i think it will make it easier.”
“That’s your fault because your food is so good!”
“……It is so easy passing the Buck”

While sighing, Noado showed his bad state.
You can feel everywhere the peaceful atmosphere of Acorriente

“It’s evening already…..?”

I left the coffee shop Acorriente, Orly to find the sky stained orange, and muttered so.


“Today, it seems I won’t be able to buy a horse…..” (TL: So no new animal harem today?)

Well there is no hurry, it’s fine to do it tomorrow.

“Hmmn…… let’s head back to the inn?”

I don’t know when Saria will be back.
And…… there is also the matter with Altria-san
“……Really, I am so useless,”
I made the decision, but when the time to convey the facts came. I became afraid.
In this world, the act I did, is something more important than on Earth.

“…… I was thrown out of destination, I know I am useless but……”

While muttering so, i was heading to a certain location.
That is the orphanage where Saria was.
……Really so pathetic, I am the lowest.
While I was feeling anxiety alone, I naturally went to Saria.
This lowest and miserable me, I fell into a murderously dull mood.
I, with a dull mood, headed to the orphanage.
Before long, the church where the orphanage came into view.
“…… I arrived”

I sinked into a more depressed mood.

With such a mood, it happened when i was about to enter the church.


In a speed that surprised even myself, I turned around.


The one that was standing there, is the person I should confront with the truth…… Altria-san



Altria-san and I, we both stay silent facing each other.
The sunset is on Altria-san back, so I can’t see her expression.
There is no one around, just Altria-san and me alone.
For a while, there was a time of silence.
……Altria-san is in front of my eyes.
Now, isn’t it the time to tell her the misunderstanding of the ring.
I might not receive forgiveness, but shouldn’t I apologize?

Of course, I am scared that my relation with Altria-san might end.

…. It is scary. Super scary.

But…. To keep silent, to cheat her…… is even worse.

That’s why, say it me. Open your mouth.
What do I fear.
Say it, say it, say it, say it……!
“Ah…… Altria-san! That……. The ring—-“



Finally I summoned the courage, but the moment I thought words were flowing.
My mouth was closed by something soft, and I was unable to speak.
Within reach of my face, there is Altria-san face that has her eyes shut with all her strength.
And, my lips and Altria-san lips are…… overlapped
I…… now, what I am doing?
Why are my lips, and Altria-san lips overlapped?
This is…… kiss……kiss, a kiss?

I who understood the situation, suddenly felt my face become hot.
I……I…… and Altria-san, kiss……kissed……!?
After I analysed the situation I can only stand there with my face bright red.
Still, Altria-san without minding, gently…… continued with a clumsy kiss.

Now, I and Altria-san were in a posture of confronting each other.
In addition, from the impact of receiving Altria-san attack, the hood hiding my face fell of.

Altria-san, who finished the long kiss, downcasted her face.
“…… That, don’t say it”
“…… I knew, that Seiichi, didn’t have that kind of feelings, when you gave me that ring……”

Such a thing…… in other words, that I didn’t give it to her in order to swear eternal love.
“ Well that—-“
“But, it doesn’t matter”

My words have been blocked by Altria-san words with a clear tone.
Then, Altria-san buried her face in my chest.
“A relationship, I don’t….!”

“It doesnt matter……! Because…… I came to like you”


Altria-san, shouted so in my chest.
“It’s the first time, this feeling! I know Seiichi has Saria. Even a woman like me knows how super cute she is!”
“But……but…… I fell in love with you! My chest hurts looking at you!”


“I am…… no good? I can’t be beside Seiichi?”

“That’s not……!”


“It can’t be helped. falling in love! I am not feminine, not cute at all, without charm it was impossible! But even so, I, fell in love with you Seiichi……”
After Altria-san said that, she started sobbing in my chest.

I, what should I do?

I already, have Saria.

Polygamy may be allowed, but I am an Earthling.

Earth…… specially, Japan ethics are getting in my way.

I am pathetic.

Altria-san is important.
But this, I don’t know how should I cherish……someone from the opposite sex.
No matter how much strong my status is, now it’s useless.

I have, to make a choice

“Can you accept her? Seiichi”
At the abrupt voice we heard, Altria-san and I are surprised.
Following the origin of the voice…… Saria was there, standing.
“Sa, Saria! This! That……!”
“It is fine, I understand”
I feel like a dad caugh in an affair
“Seiichi, about Altria-san, can you accept her?”
“Bu, but…… is that fine with you?”

Though it is a bad talk, I want to cherish Altria-san, as a member of the opposite sex.
But, I already , have Saria.

Because Saria is here, I about Altria-san, can’t look at here that way.
But, Saria was, with a little lonely smile, nodded.
“Un. Of course, I think is sad that I won’t be able to keep Seiichi for myself, but, Seiichi’s charm, as I thought it is impossible to keep it all for myself”
“Futhermore you know? Seiichi. A Strong male, will atract women naturally, that is the law of nature”
A, a male she says……

To me who knows Saria was originally a Gorilla, this is not particularly strange, but Altria-san who doesn’t knows tilts her neck.
“Thats why Seiichi, about Altria-san, acept her ok? Because, I too love Altria-san!”

Altria-san, is staring at Saria in a state of admiration.
“Saria……is it fine?”

Unlike before, with a big smile, Saria said clearly
Ah, shit
I am so clumsy.

If a woman doesn’t give me a push in the back, I can’t even make a single decision.

Because I began to fall in self-loathing, I shook my head immediately to switch my thoughts.
I return my line of sight to Altria-san in my chest.
Then Altria-san noticing my sight and looked at me.

For a moment, her eyes opened wide open, for seeing my face for the first time.
Her clear gold pupils, now wet with tears, were looking up at me anxiously.
“About me, call me Al. Thats is what people close to me call me, it is my nickname…… So dont use honorific!”

Saying so very shyly…… Altria-san made a wry smile.
“I understand, Al”

Making a happy face, Al stared up-from-under me.
I extend my hand, to Al cheek naturally, the me from before couldnt do it normally.

But, now for some reason, without worrying, I can do it naturally.

……think, you can do it
The most important thing is, Al
“I too, about Al—- I love you”

So next, from me this time,  a kiss was given to Al.
The problem from before, I can’t feel them anymore…..
The kiss with Al, tasted like tea of Artel leafs that brewed Noado-san. A faintly sweet, very gentle kiss.

Very slowly we separated our lips.
“Al, even though I am unreliable, shameless…… I will work hard, so that you don’t regret falling in love with me.”



“I will cherish you”

As I declared clearly, I hugged Al.

“With this, you are the same as me!”
From behind me, Saria comes and hugs us.

Seriously…… I can’t win against Saria.


In front of the church stained by the sunset, as if to bless us, the bells resounded in the city.


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