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When we return home after hunting and buying a large quantity of milk, there was a message from Luke.
I leave both the activities for the next day.
After enjoying the fried whole fish (it was actually Miria who enjoyed it), taking bath and producing a large quantity of ice, I go to the bed.
With the bed surrounded by five buckets of ice, it feels refreshing.

I wonder if the room temperature has fallen by 1-2 degrees.
But it’s just 1-2 degrees. Well, it’s still 1-2 degrees.
It’s some achievement to cool a midsummer night, which tends to be quite hot, down a bit.
I need a human cooler.

Setting up five buckets, with one person carrying a bucket each, was no issue.
Roxanne gleefully carried a bucket from the bathroom.
Lately, it has been getting too hot sticking to all the members while sleeping.
I have no intention of stopping, though, of course.

I put the buckets on a piece of cloth which I laid out.
Otherwise, it would wet the floor.
A bucket that gets wet is not a good bucket.
I don’t think the molten ice is particularly leaking, though.

The next morning, I receive the Kobold Monster Card from Luke.
I hand it to Sherry along with the Wind Resistant Damascus Steel Forehead Protector and the Mermaid Monster Card.

“……This one has multiple skills already, doesn’t it?”
“It’s alright.”

For she fused herself, she clearly remembers.
Sherry’s eyes are swimming.
I can’t let you off just because of that.

“I-I’ll try.”
“As expected of Sherry.”

Since I was tired, I had put the items on the table. Sherry picks the forehead protector up.
Wind Resistance, Fire Resistance and Water resistance skills have been attached but the name has still not changed.
That’s the way it’s supposed to be, I guess.

We go to and stay in the labyrinth till the evening. After returning, I collect the fresh cream.
I have recalled about the fresh cream. Some years back, I watched a show on TV where they made ice cream at home.
They definitely used fresh cream.
If I remember correctly, they added egg yolk, too.
I remember them saying how it tasted like egg, so I can’t be mistaken.
Also, they heated it over fire, I think.
Although I don’t understand it fully, it’s better to heat the milk, which was left as is for a day, over fire before using it.

After preparing the bath, I heat the fresh cream, milk, egg yolk and sugar over fire, and gently mix it.
After it was mixed, I remove it from fire and put it in the container with salted ice. I have Vesta stir it until it’s chilled.
Because it’s the second time, there’s no problem in having Vesta do it.

Quantities of ingredients are about right. Even if it fails, we will have sherbet, at least.
I add a bit of egg white.
Using low fat milk in stew is not recommended but it can’t be helped.
I have to compromise.

“Umm, it seems to be going well but it hasn’t hardened.”

Vesta reports.
When I check, it looked a lot like ice cream.

“Ooh, it’s good. It’s a success. You did well.”
“Is it really good?”
“It’s nicely smooth. After stirring it a little more, we will leave it to chill in the ice.”
“Okay, understood.”

Only, it’s strangely yellow.
Did I add too much egg yolk?
I’m worried now. Doesn’t ‘egg flavored ice cream’ sound a bit odd?

We try the dessert after the dinner.
I take a scoop with a wooden spoon and put it in my mouth.
It’s smooth and soft, and slowly melts on your tongue.
It’s delicious.

It’s a true ice cream.
I didn’t eat such a delicious ice cream even back in Japan.
The rich cream has a tender flavor.
If this is ice cream, what was it that I ate back in Japan?

Is it because of the natural ingredients? Or because of the time and effort I put in?
That it’s smooth shows how well Vesta stirred it.

“Master, it’s really delicious.”
“It’s sweet, it’s chilly and it melts in your mouth. It’s amazing.”
“Amazing, desu.”
“It’s soft. I think it’s amazing.”

It’s not ‘I think it’s amazing’, it actually is amazing!
It seems to have received great reviews from the four of them.

“It’s Vesta who stirred it which made it so delicious, so thank you.”
“Not at all.”
“When I make it next time, I’ll have to trouble you.”
“Leave it to me, please.”

Vesta says, gratified.
It’ll be even more delicious next time because I have already succeeded once.

The next day, I try to make jelly.
While making the breakfast, I put some water, some fruit the name of which I don’t know, kobold sucrose and coral gelatin in a pot, and heat it over fire.
I put some ice in a bucket and leave the pot to cool inside the bucket for a day.

I replaced the ice twice during the day, once at noon and once at dusk. By the dinner, it had chilled.
It’s a chilly and *purupuru* jiggly dessert.
Unlike ice cream, it can be made in large quantity.

“The one yesterday was delicious but this one is terrific, too.”
“That’s right. Compared to the one yesterday, this one is light. It slips down the throat so easily.”
“Tasty, desu.”
“Will I get to eat such dishes everyday?”

Jelly is easy to make, it refreshes you, and it’s definitely a dessert.
The fruits in this world are too sour, so you don’t find many desserts. With jelly, however, there’s no problem because it contains sugar.
Pineapple doesn’t harden successfully but this fruit hardened properly.

You can simply leave it to cool.
You don’t have to maintain low temperature like in case of ice cream.
It’s easy and convenient.
All you need is ice.

If you have ice, you can use it in many ways. It really is convenient.
Other than ice cream, there’s another thing I can make. Frozen yogurt, that is.
Since it’s claimed to be low fat and low calorie, fresh cream won’t be an issue.

“Yogurt……There’s that, too.”

I’m glad.
That it was properly translated to Brahim.
I try to enquire from the four of them.

“I think it will be available in the winter.”
“That’s right.”

Roxanne replies.
Yogurt seems to be a seasonal item in this world.
So that’s the reason why I haven’t seen it yet.
Would there really be any need to make frozen yogurt in winter?

“If you go to a farm, it may be available there.”

Sherry interjects.
Where’s the farm? I have yet to see one.
Well, I have yet to look for one specifically.

“Why don’t they sell it here?”
“Basically, only milk is consumed in the summer. Yogurt appears in the winter because milk is completely consumed by then.”
“Is that so?”
“Is that really so?”

Roxanne wasn’t aware as to why yogurt appears in winter, it seems. However, the reason as to why she is surprised is most likely not the same as to why I’m surprised.
Why is there no milk in the winter?
Why is it seasonal?

“Cows bear calves in the spring season. They produce milk for half a year postnatally. Therefore, milk is available from early spring till early fall. In the winter, the aged milk is converted to yogurt. In this region, yogurt is the winter food.”

Indeed, a cow doesn’t produce milk unless it bears a calf.
Cows bear calves in the spring and produce milk for half a year thenceforth.
Therefore, fresh milk isn’t available for the rest of the seasons.
Furthermore, yogurt is fermented milk. It can be preserved for longer period.

“I didn’t know that. As expected of Sherry.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Amazing, desu.”

I thought Sherry’s eyes would be cold again that I didn’t know even such a trivial thing but they were not.
It doesn’t seem to be general knowledge for even Roxanne and Miria weren’t aware of it.
Although Miria said ‘amazing’, we weren’t talking about fish, so it must merely be superficial.

“Did you know about it, Vesta?”
“My previous master had cows, so we used to squeeze milk for half a year. It was a good work because we got to drink milk. There, they used to produce cheese, too.”

So you’re supposed to know that only if you have cows?
Vesta seems to like milk.
Or all the dairy products, perhaps?
Dairy products, huh?


Sherry mutters.
The same night, I make full use of the milk.
When the dawn breaks, I’ll have to go to the Duke of Harz.
After hunting early morning, I rearrange the jobs and head to the Bode castle.

“The leader is waiting for you in the office.”

When I go to the reception, they let me in without authorization.
When I’m alone, they are not cautious.
Rather than ‘not cautious’, it’s more like ‘careless’.

Do they allow anyone who they’re familiar with inside the castle?
I don’t know any other place inside the castle other than the office.
I arrive in front of the office and knock the door.

“Come in.”

It’s Gozer’s voice.
He seems to be here today.

“It’s Michio.”
“Ooh, Michio-dono. We were waiting for you.”

When I go in, the Duke receives me.
This time, there’s one more person inside apart from the Duke and Gozer.
A huge, dog-eared Holy Knight. And a male.
He’s tall and imposing.

“Hou, so this man was the one who defeated Sabo Baradam, huh?”

He suddenly starts talking to me.
His head is covered by the droopy dog-ears.
At first glance, it is difficult to tell that they are dog-ears.
They look just like a Saint Bernard’s ears.

“Michio-dono defeated him in a duel.”

When I was flustered at the abrupt question, Gozer supports.
I did have a duel with someone from Baradam family.

“Although Sabo Baradam was a violent person, his ability was on par with me in the wolfkin tribe. If you were able to defeat him, then I don’t have any objection.”
“There’s no doubt that Michio-dono defeated him. I was there as a witness.”

That he said ‘I don’t have any objection’, he seems to be a member of the Empire Liberation Society.
Or is he perhaps the examiner?

“Michio-dono, his name is Ester. He will be conducting the Empire Liberation Society entry test.”

The Duke introduces him.
So he’s the examiner, after all.

“I’m Ester.”
“Michio here.”
“As for his official position.”
“No, there’s no need. My official position has no relation to my position in the Empire Liberation Society.”

The man declines to be introduced any further.
I already know via Appraisal that he’s Ester Baron, Ester Esterretse n’Esterra.
His name is quite complicated.
Either of his parents could do without ‘Ester’ in their name.

“Oh well, if Ester says so.”
“Michio can call me Ester. There’s no need for honorifics. I’ll call you Michio, too.”

Because he didn’t introduce himself as a noble, there’s no problem in calling him normally.
If I had a noble post, it would be great.

“Just in case, I’ll explain it to you again. The Empire Liberation Society is a support organization which exists for those who aim to liberate the empire from the labyrinths. If you become a member, you’ll have to fight in the labyrinths everyday in order to clear the labyrinths and work hard in order to improve yourself. This will be your only obligation.”

Ester explains.
There doesn’t seem to be many duties and restrictions.
So there shouldn’t be any problem if I join, right?

I already fight in the labyrinths.
As for the improving oneself part.

“Is there no other obligation?”
“Because you were recommended by Brocken, Michio, you are an exception. You’ll have to clear 45th floor within the next 20 years. Other members of the Empire Liberation Society are able to fight on the floors beyond 45th.”

Brocken is the Duke of Harz’s name.
This person really doesn’t care about titles at all.

“45th floor?”
“If you are able to clear ahead of time, the date of your test can be accelerated and you can take it whenever you like. Even if you’re not able to clear 45th floor within 20 years, you’ll only be asked to withdraw from the group, so you don’t have to be worried.”
“Oh well, I’m not worried.”

It’s one floor per year, so it’s not unreasonable.
For a person who aims to reach the top of the labyrinth.
If I cleared one floor a year, I’d be 45 years old by the time I clear 45th floor. I don’t want that.

“Discrimination against other races is prohibited. The Empire Liberation Society aims to liberate everyone regardless of their race. I want you to observe that.”
“I understand.”
“One more thing, you cannot leak any inside information of the Empire Liberation Society to outsiders. Especially, information related to the members. You can’t tell anyone that you’re a member either. This rule is in place because the labyrinths, in order to defend themselves, launch counterattack against those who fight with the objective of killing them. They may also resort to cowardly methods which may not be limited to assassination.”

Is this the reason as to why it’s a secret society?
I think it’s just their imagination.
However, that they are claiming so confidently, they must have a reason to back it.

“What do you mean by ‘outsiders’? Is talking about it to my party members not allowed either?
“Normally, only the representative of the party is admitted to the group. If the representative joined the group, it would be difficult to keep it confidential from other party members.”

I don’t have to keep it a secret from Roxanne and the girls.
Which reminds me, Gozer is here as well. Does it mean that Gozer is a member, too?

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