Yuusha Onna 23

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The exceptionally violent Lilia

The small bottles was stuffed into item box one by one.

Then, an interesting thing.

【Item Box】

Bottle A x 7
Bottle B x 4
Bottle C x 5

It was organized.

When I took out bottle C as an experiment.

《How many bottle C should be taken out?》

That came out.

I see, a choice type.

While assuming two, two bottles come out of air.

Defying gravity, it stopped midair.

「Don’t worry~ Don’t worry~☆」

I’m used to it already.

「For the time being, let’s go back to Lilia. 」

I returned to the room where LIlia is with the bottle.

「I’m back. I found some bottles. 」

「Is that so? We can draw water with this then♪」

I took some bottles from the item box and show it to Lilia.

「It would be useful it we put oil in it. 」

「Oil? For what use?」

「Molotov Cocktail. 」

Another frightening name came out…

「My magic isn’t for combat yet… However, we can do somehow if we combine Molotov cocktail and magic!!」

「Y-Yeah. Then, take care when using it. 」

「Yes!! I’ll do my best!!」

Lilia split the oil from the cupboard to the bottles, I tear apart the bed cover by myself and assigned it as the fuse of the bottle cover.

Then, it was put inside Lilia’s item box.

「It will be dark soon. Let’s wipe our bodies before it’s too late. 」

「Un. Let’s do that. 」

While thinking that it’s already settled, I boiled water.

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Thanks Pun~


  Thanks   ii!i!i
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I’m part of the fanbase already, it’s really light and amusing to follow~
btw Pun, your website… it’s like Pandora’s box, now that I opened it I’m sure my mock exams score will drop because I can’t stop being addicted to what’s inside :T
In any case thanks for the chapter~
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thank for the update

Barabarossa (@Arkusar)

good thing it was taken up, didn´t want to read it,when i saw it was dropped xD