(R18) Frequenting Brothels 3

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OK to the Red-light district

Before returning to the game, I clipped my nails, took a bath, and brushed my teeth.
Even though the girls are inside a game, I think they would be disgusted if I was dirty.

Then I entered the game with my heart pounding, and selected the Red-light district from the Blimp Cat’s list of destinations.
The place had a suspicious atmosphere as usual, with a pink hue. The barkers were still standing here and there calling out to people.

I recalled the MAP in my head and started walking towards the luxurious brothel that I’d had my eyes on before.

In front of that place、the 「Dragon Brothel」、was a barker。
I timidly presented my Hunter Card.

「U、Um……will this be enough for one night?」

The barker confirmed the card.

「Yes、it’s enough、is this customer’s first time utilizing our services?」


「Our shop is prepaid. But since this is dear customer’s  first time, we will give you a discount of    2000 gold」

「T、Thank you very much……U、Um、can I see the girls and learn their names before I choose?」

「Dear customer can look through the girls in this album and decide. Please take your time, no need to hurry」

The barker said so and brought out an album.
I flipped through the pages, all the girls were so beautiful it was hard to decide on one.
Then a certain girl caught my attention.
She had slanted, almond shaped eyes, she didn’t give off a sexy or foxy feeling, but instead her ambience was gentle, her hair was tied up into a fluffy side-tail.

「U、Um……what kind of person is this girl?」

「Miss Kashima? Dear customer、you’re lucky、this girl just started working here、her service is good、her popularity is rising fast、so it’s hard to get a chance to be with her.
She’s a gentle, polite, and cute girl you know?」

「T、Then、I’ll choose this girl」

「Yes、then the total will be 18,000 gold. Please wait in the parlor.」


I was guided to the parlor to wait. I was nervously sitting in the room when someone knocked on the door.

「Y、Yes! E、Enter!」

「Excuse me……Kishima desu~♥ Thank you very much for choosing me today♥」

「Fuwaa……!」 (TN: Whoa…)

I was completely stunned by the beauty who just entered the room.

It wasn’t clear from the black and white portrait, but now before my eyes is a gorgeous girl with beautiful silver hair that shines whenever her side-tail shakes.
Her skin was white, and her face is waaaay cuter than in the portrait.
Though she had foxy almond shaped eyes, the gentle aura is still there, and her smiling lips are charming too.
She had the same uniform as the receptionist lady, but in white, she substituted the tie with a red ribbon, but that just made her even cuter.

「……Dear customer? What’s wrong?」

「Ah、N、No, I didn’t think a girl this cute would come…you’re much cuter than in the portrait」

「Maa~♥ Thank you very much、Ufufu♥」
(TN: There’s no good way to translate “Maa”, if you watch anime then I think you’ll understand, if you never watched anime, I’m sorry, so go ask your friends who watch anime)

She smiled pleasantly and gave a little bow.

「Now then, let me guide you to the room……would you lend me your hand?」

Saying so, Kashima-chan grasped my hand.
That alone felt so good that I already felt like I’d gone to heaven .

「Ara……? your nails、you took care of them?」

「Y、Yeah! It’s the manners a man should have!」

「Ufufu♥ such consideration、I love that you know?
Now then、this way please♥」

Kashima-chan led me by the hand up the stairs to a room inside the brothel.

In the room, there was an extravagant bed, a sideboard, and a bathroom.
The faint smell of perfume and the lewd atmosphere, started to excite me.

「Excuse me……I’ll take care of your equipment okay?」


My equipment was taken off and I was left standing there in my underwear.

「You seem pretty nervous……is this your first time coming to a place like this?」

「N、No……A、Actually……it’s my first time having sex……」

It was no use trying to pretend otherwise, so I honestly confessed.

「Maa~♥ Then、Kashima is going to be dear customer’s first time♥」


Kashima-chan settled me down on the bed and tenderly kissed my forehead.


「Please relax, ok? Ufufu、then、let’s begin♥」

(R18) Frequenting Brothels 2
Takami no Kago Chapter 42

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Rainbow curry of Agonizing death!

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