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Chapter 42

After the Cyclops zombie was annihilated, I asked LaLu and his group to be vigilant of the town’s surroundings, then I joined up with Zir.
Zir had a smug look on her face.
A man who was suspected as the criminal was on the ground fainted at her feet. Both of his arms were tied behind his back.
Amy might be the one who did that.

[Master, the caster wast captur’d as per thy command, the aim wast to find a dubious person and I most certainly hath found one, and thither wast nay need to even use mine powers to do’t.]

I didn’t mishear what Zir just said.

[Wait a minute, without using your powers he was found at once? No way, did you just aim for any suspicious person!?]

[Forsooth, I didst not know who t’was until I notic’d the magic supply. I merely intend’d to do’t as Master instruct’d.]

Looking at Amy, who was hastily picking up the body of the man, I wondered whether it was best to ask if she also knew about that fact.
Well then, what should we do? Just when I was thinking about how to deal with him the man had awoken.

[Uhh, good morning.]

I greet him for the time being, since I don’t know what else to say.

[Damn!! Why did you know that I am the necromancer!? I had camouflaged the flow of magic, and fought the monsters to avoid being suspected!!]

Uwaa, he confessed. He really was the mastermind.
I’ll give Zir a reward for finding the mastermind later, as well as a punishment for attacking people without any confirmation.

[It’s because I sensed no seriousness in your fighting and movement in the battle. Also, when the Cyclops zombie fell, you showed an annoyed face, right?]

The other adventurers didn’t understood why I was able to see through the real identity of this man. When I said that, they agreed with me.
The caster, hung his head in shame after he heard my explanation.

[Awesome, aren’t you. To be able to confirm such happenings on the ramparts while participating in combat.]

That middle-aged Lord said some unnecessary things. (ED note: Even though in the raw it is possessive, I think according to the overall context it should be describing the lord)

[Ah, it’s because from the very beginning I felt suspicious to a certain extent. Later on, I paid full attention only to him.]

This uncle is satisfied with that, I see. Is it okay for the Lord to be convinced with this kind of explanation?

[For the time being, I’ll take custody of this man. Hibiki, I am very indebted to you. I’ll give you the rewards later. As expected from [Annihilation].]

The surrounding adventurers also collectively muttered [Annihilation]. Even though we took great pains in coming to this town, we have yet to be released from such a strange nickname.

When I heard [Goblins] and [The Disciple of Flame Whirlwind] mentioned, I had various worries, but I decided to quit caring about it..

I left the criminal to the uncle and returned back to the inn. Probably because the vicinity became brighter, the town had begun the hustle and bustle of the morning.

As you would expect, although it was probably not a usual day, the town was overflowing with vigor.

[Master, I want to meet Ruby before we return to the inn.]

When Ayla said that, I remembered the MVP of this battle was Ruby. Even though I’m worn out and want to return home, how could I have forgotten about him.
I’ll let Ruby eat the magic stone of [Shock Magic] as a reward and apology. I don’t know if it’s delicious or not though.

When we meet Ruby on the outside of the gate, it had already returned to its normal size. I patted it while telling it about its reward. Ruby might be pleased because it reacts with a ‘purupuru’.
We took Ruby back and returned to the inn. I carried out the treatment and recovery for all the injuries as soon as we arrived to our room. Since everyone’s injuries were no more than scratches we took the opportunity to have a bath and wash off the dirt. What a pleasing sight for sore eyes. Yes, a very pleasing sight indeed.

[Master, why I am being left at this place?]

[Book of Wisdom] is right now under the bed. Last night, I remember it observed intently when I had a pleasant time with Zir, so I put it under the bed which was out of its line of sight.

[In my country, books which are hidden from other people, will always be concealed under the bed.] (TN: Ero books~)

I didn’t necessarily lie to the [Book of Wisdom], I just didn’t tell it why.

[I see, it’s certainly dangerous to put out a book with such a high value as me at the place where others can see.]

It was only you who called yourself high-value. I didn’t want ero books to be seen by other people, but I didn’t say that. If you’re satisfied with this treatment, I don’t care.

[By chance Master, doth thou possess [Divine Protection]?]

Zir must have heard that I have [Divine Protection] at the Adventurer’s Guild.

[Yep, why do you ask?]

[I just want’d to ask. However, if this be true. I see.]

Zir is agreeing with herself with a *unun*.

[What is it?]

[No, I feel that I understand why I failed to make Master into my servant. But, you have displayed more than adequate combat strength as well.]

[That matter is a secret.]

[What, am I not trust’d yet?]

[It’s not like that, I also didn’t explain about my [Divine Protection] to Ayla and Amy either. This does not mean I don’t particularly distrust you.]

My multiple [Divine Protection] can’t be spoken of to anyone. Ayla might have also suspected about my [Divine Protection] when I cured her curse.
Even though it’s a matter of time before my [Divine Protection] is found out by someone, if that happens there might be people who’ll come and examine it.
At that time, if whether Ayla and the rest know about my [Divine Protection], this could easily be gleaned from our daily life.
They will not learn anything by torturing a [Slave who isn’t trusted], also a [Slave who isn’t trusted] might not be taken hostage if the master thinks the slaves are disposable.
So if you see it from the outside it will be a [Master who doesn’t trust his slaves]. This way, it should lead to the safety of the girls.
All of this done for their safety..
So I told Ayla and the rest about what I was thinking.

Then, Ayla clung on to me with watery eyes. Amy firmly held my arm and said her thanks.
Zir, she was blushing and turned her face sideways.
It had become more brighter outside the windows, so we slept while embracing each other. Even though I didn’t drink [Youth Medicine], I felt that I was able to do everyone more than usual.

When I woke-up, the evening sun was shining through the window.

[Ugh, so dazzling.]

It was not possible to continue sleeping with my face bathing in the sun.
Although I tried to run away from the sunlight by pulling the sheet over my head, I was unable to move because Ayla and Amy were both using my arms as pillows.
On top of that, Zir was holding my legs as a hugging pillow. What is with this happiness.

[Did you wake-up, Master?]

I heard a voice from under the bed.

[Good morning, [Book of Wisdom]. Were you able to sleep well?]

[Aye, I do not require sleep. I will enter a dormant state however when I am lacking magic. Rather than me would it not be better if master received sufficient sleep.]

[Yeah? But why?]

[At the beginning after you get into bed, you were unable to sleep, right? Although this place is quite comfortable, do you mind if you could dust next time? There is dust falling down whenever the bed is creaking.] (TN: Night battle is so intense)

[That’s, sorry about that.]

[I do not mind.]

Ayla on my right side woke-up when I had that foolish talk with the book. Since both of my arms were at my limit, I moved Ayla and Amy off, then Zir peeled herself off by lifting her upper body up.
Because we were hungry, we went down to the first floor to have a meal. But, the dining room was already crowded.

[Hey isn’t this impossible? Let’s go eat at another place.]

[It’s crowded earlier than the usual.]

[Where should we go?]

From Zir’s shout, we decided on [Quantity over Quality] which is the popular choice among adventurers, so we headed towards [Unicorn’s Neigh Pavilion]. This place has numerous dishes with bold flavors and quite a substantial quantity of them center on demon meat.
I would come here everyday if I was by myself, but two of my female comrades are not good with food that has a bold taste, so we rarely come here.
I don’t have to worry about Zir because she can eat it without trouble.

When we entered through the door, it turned into a scene within the shop. The clerk guided us to our seats with a smile, but we were uncomfortable.
Everyone in the surroundings were looking at us.
Since I heard the word [Annihilation], we were most likely exposed, I guess. Since it feels like we will be defeated by this atmosphere if we rise from our seats, I decided not to worry about it and order something.

[Clerk-san. What is the recommendation for today’s dish?]

[Hi, good afternoon, we recommend the Giga Buffalo stew and the Speckled Bird thigh saute.]

Hmm, having both dishes might be impossible, because there will be too much food to eat.

[Which one does everyone want?]

When I asked the three people their opinion, Ayla picked the saute of the thigh meat, Amy said both were good, and Zir wants the stew. It’s splendidly scattered.
Nothing can be done so I’ll have everyone order what they want separately, when I was thinking that…

[The stew is delicious, [Annihilation]-san.]

I heard someone’s voice. When I was about to thank the uncle on the other side…

[No-pe, the saute of the thigh meat is so delicious. It’s good as a main dish for dinner.]

Several people in the surroundings were nodding with an *un-un*, and then…

[Idiot!! The thick meat in the stew is the most delicious one.]

The uncle who suggested stew earlier began to object.
As I thought, several people in the surroundings nod in agreement.

And then, the opinions started flying one after another.
Oh my, it would be wasteful to have a belly swelling from the stew, and not be able to eat a lot of the sautes.
Right now the Speckled Bird is in season, but this year’s Giga Buffalo meat also has good quality.
This year the rain was scarce, the quality of demons have gone up, and from this cuisine has gradually been left behind.
Because Zir’s stomach seemed to be at it’s limit, I asked a plate of both dishes for the time being.
The clerk and the uncle in the kitchen were not fazed at all, it’s indeed an adventurer hangout.

[Yes, sorry for the wait.]

[Oo, it seems delicious.]

Both dishes came out at the same time probably because the kitchen was coordinated. As for the other customers, our food had barely touched our mouths when a riot became imminent.
We quickly ate the stew. The texture and the bold seasoning of the meat from the Giga Buffalo was so amazing.
Next is the saute. Yeah, I felt like there was quite a various array of saltiness which means they must of used rock salt.

[Both are good.]

I turned the plates over to Ayla and the rest to taste. Ayla had the thigh meat, Amy the stew, and as for Zir let’s say she was eating from both dishes.
After I decided to eat both dishes, I asked the clerk for an additional order.

[Aa, you’ve already eaten them!!]

The uncle who had noticed it was moving closer to me, I told him that both dishes were delicious.
As it is now the uncles who were continuing to chat seem to both be adventurers. Although the uncle who had recommended to me the stew was said to be at the Guild meeting, I can’t honestly remember.
Riding on the momentum of last night’s story, I don’t know who proposed it, but we started a drinking contest.
When the two uncles were talking to me, a pair of young men decided to participate on the spur of the moment, and then Zir and I joined.
It was unreasonable for Ayla and Amy to drink, so the best thing to do was forbid it, and after nailing that in, the drinking contest commenced.

In the first half, everyone quietly stood up and gave a toast and when the wood of the fellow tankards collided only a dry sound arose. Then everyone calmly emptied out the contents of their tankards.
When the contest was reaching the mid-point there was a new development. There’s no problem if you drink at your own pace, but the two young men who tried to match the uncles drinking speed, went down early.
Those uncles looked on and smirked as the two young men were defeated. They’re still green and have a ways to go, this is why young people are… they grumbled.
Zir and I, focused on our own drinking pace, and we safely increased our count.
When the contest had approached the last stage, the two uncles’ and Zir’s pace had begun to slow.
There was one unaffected participant, from the onset I only drank at my own pace.
Why am I able to be strong at drinking? It was an easy trick because I recovered my abnormal state [Drunk] using my [Divine Protection].
I noticed this method when I was on that escort job back then, I probably might have been killed by that Mimic Orc on the way back. I’m so lucky.
No matter how many I drink I only get slightly drunk, it’s better than being completely drunk, isn’t?
The stew uncle brought out his treasured sake merely to turn the tables with a one-shot contest.
The odor of alcohol from that sake was so strong it was able to make you drunk even without you drinking it. Without any hesitation the tankards were emptied and the uncles and Zir fell prostrate on the desk.

[The winner of the drinking contest is [Annihilation]!!]

I don’t care anymore, it seems the name [Annihilation] has already taken a hold.
The two uncles were handed over to their companions who came over, I carried Zir, who has become unable to move, on my back. Before heading out from [Unicorn’s Neigh Pavilion] I asked for the bill, but the clerk only smiled and shook his head, pointing behind me.
Apparently, it’s a treat from all the senior adventurers. I was confused at first, but soon said thanks. And then…

[It’s to express our gratitude.]

[Yeah, we would have lost this town if you weren’t here.]

I received many words of thanks. I get embarrassed by everyone’s gratitude and quickly left the shop.

[Master, everyone said thank you.]

[Yeah they did.]

[It’s somewhat embarrassing to hear.]

[Yeah, it can’t be helped I am also embarrassed.]

[Kufufu, Master’s achievement~ with this amount~ these thanks~ quite sufficient~]

[You, walk by yourself, won’t you?]

[Naay, tis comfortable up hither.]

Because Zir doesn’t want to descend from my back, we headed straight back to the inn. The surroundings of [Unicorn’s Neigh Pavilion] are already dark.

[Let’s return quickly. Tomorrow, we will confirm our loot in LaLu’s village.]

[Yes, I also want to give a reward to Ruby.]

[Tomorrow, it is very likely we will be sorting the items. Will the goblins help, I wonder?]

[Kufufu. Kufufuu~]

We return to the inn, after preparing a little bit we then immediately go to bed.
While I understand that once again the [Book of Wisdom] will complain tomorrow morning, the plan is to scatter the dust below the bed tonight.



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