So I moved the site.

Some things went well. The new comment system seems like a definite improvement. The switch to chatango also seems like a definite improvement.

The actual server…. not so much. I went for high performance shared hosting instead of dedicated hosting which seems to have been a mistake. Live & learn. So the site will be moving again. I’ll find somewhere & get it setup & it will probably happen next week, so for now you guys will be stuck with all the F5’ing to get pages to load. Sorry 🙁

UPDATE: Until we fix the issues with the servers, we won’t be fixing anything else as it too much of  hassle to keep on refreshing. I have heard your complaints for a subscription button I have plans to implement one when we fix the issues with the server, and then we can start repairing broken links. If you want to read past chapters go here wartdf.wordpress.com – MidnightWill

UPDATE2: There is now a Subcribe button you type your email in, and you will get updates when a new post comes out.


Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
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The ruins.
Smartphone update

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If it’s up for discussion, change comment system to disqus too plz. I don’t like wordpress’s comment system layout plus disqus compiles user’s conversations better and is featured on many other sites.


Do remember however: On dedicated hosting, you have to manage *everything* yourself. It comes with a rather high management overhead, because you need to stay up-to-date with the latest info about vulnerabilities, upgrade compatibility and whatnot.

Also: Backups. WordPress is popular and target to many attacks. You probably will be hacked at some point.


is it possible to follow the entire site and get updates through email? i can’t find the follow button for this domain…


At last i see the good site! Right!? It’s a good place? …someone?


It says all the time “Error establishing a database connection”


Just an FYI, you seem to be missing some of your database when you moved it; Kumo Desu Ka is only at 256, when it had at least 5-6 more chapters of Blood/Oni after that. Who knows what else ended up not transferring over, too.


hmm the new site is look so cool! i love it, is that the banners who win the IOU competition event last year?


I reeeaaallyy dont like how the chat comes up on mobile when you swipe up quickly. Its a serious problem when youre trying to get down a page so can you fix that?

plain dude

Do you need some help? i am an admin sys :). I can help you chose your server or give a hand on the maintenance of the server.


Someone let Karinosugata2 know that you moved the site? it seems like all the new Kumo posts are going to the old site instead of the new one.

I’ve been interested in Vermillion for quite awhile so I’ve just recently began to translate it. It’s my first time translating and I am a perfectionist so I tend to go over my translations in a meticulous manner. I also have no experiences with wordpress so I’m just slowly experimenting with the website. It would be nice if a senpai gives me some pointers 😀 Here is a link to what I’ve done so far – https://snowtranslations.wordpress.com/ And if you have some good japanese novels that aren’t being translated yet or dropped, please tell me as I would like to… Read more »

The forever scrolling text at the bottom of the site’s mobile version is incredibly annoying and makes it impossible for me to read due to the distraction. I’m hoping that it being present is something temporary that will be fixed along with the aforementioned site issues.