(R18) Frequenting Brothels 4

Right. Again with the familiar warning of R18.

Now this will really be an H-chapter… so do be careful lol.
You see a star next to the chapter title, you close the door, alright ?

Editor-san kinda died a bit inside editing this one though…
All those sfx and…………………………………….

Have fun!

OK, to the Red-light district Part 2 ★ (A kiss and 30 cm)

Kashima-chan smiled deviously and brought her face closer.

「Is this also your first kiss?」


「Ufufu……since we can’t kiss much during the play, we’ll do plenty of it now okay?」

Kashima-chan said so and wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine.

「Nn……Mchuu……*kiss*……*schlurp*……*lick lick*……」 (TN: Tongue entwining sfx)

(Uoooooo!! So soooooooft!! She smells sooo good!!)

I sat there as Kashima-chan’s tongue slowly caressed the inside of my mouth, I worked up my courage and timidly entwined my tongue with hers.

「*kiss*……Ufu♥ It’s fine if you want to touch my breasts you know? *Muchuu*……」

Since I had gotten permission from Kashima-chan, I timidly fondled her left breast through her white uniform.

「Ahn♥ *kiss*……*kiss*……it’s fine if you want to be rougher you know? *lick*……」

Hearing this, I rubbed Kashima-chan’s breast more violently.


I got so excited from the kiss and her breasts that my dick got rock hard.


Kashima-chan slowly separated our lips.

「First of all……I’ll use my mouth okay?」

Kashima-chan murmured this and let her uniform fall to the floor before unfastening her bra and exposing her breasts, she was left wearing only her white panties and stockings.


Kashima-chan’s breasts were shapely and beautiful and she pushed on her small, perky, and pink nipples.
(TN: Actual sentence says they are “cherry blossom color”)

「Excuse me okay?」

As I sat on the bed, Kashima-chan knelt down in front of me and removed my underwear.

「Huge♥ not only that, it looks really energetic doesn’t it?」

Kashima-chan gently poked my dick with a *chon*.



Kashima-chan smiled and grasped my ‘son’ and softly wrapped the tip with her tender lips.

「Nn……*Muchuu*……*schlurp*……*lick*……♥」 (TN: Yep, tongue sfx again)

(OOOOO!! T、This is fellatio!! A、Amazing!! Feels too good!!)
(TN: This is spartaaaaa… ok I’m sorry)

Kashima-chan took my dick deep into her mouth and started to suck on it while her tongue caressed it.

「Nn、*lick*、Nn、Nn、*schluuurp*……if you’re going to cum、you can let it out anytime you want, you know? *lick*……」

Kashima-chan’s intense blowjob was the first experience I’d had with any kind of sex, so I quickly reached the limits of what I could endure.

「A、Aaa! It’s N、No good, I’m coming!!」

「Nnmu!! ……Nn……*gulp*……*gulp*……」

I came violently inside her mouth, Kashima-chan was surprised at first but she recovered and started to swallow my cum.

「Fheww……You came a lot~♥ Did Kashima’s fellatio feel good?」

「It、It was the best……」

After being released from Kashima-chan’s mouth, my son still stood pointing skyward.

「Maa~♥ Dear customer、It’s still so full of energy♥ Then、I’ll clean it up for you before we continue」

「I-I’ll leave it to you……」


I stood inside the adjoining bathroom, letting Kashima-chan wash my body.
Kashima-chan bent down and took off her panties and stockings, which left the both of us naked.


Kashima-chan hummed a little tune as she carefully washed my son and my anus.

When my anus was traced with a finger, it felt strange and ticklish.

「Then、please excuse me a little okay? I’ll wash the inside♥」

Saying so, Kashima-chan put one finger into my anus.

「W、Wait! T、That’s……!」

「Please endure it~♥ because this is necessary」

Kashima-chan covered her finger with bubbles and stuck her finger inside my ass to wash it

It felt really strange, like I was in the middle of taking a shit. (TN: Yup… this one needs some love from Editor-sama){EN: why me?}(TN: Muwuhahaha)

「There、this fine already♥ then let’s take a hot bath~」

I felt like I’d lost something important to me as a man after that, I thought that as we entered the bath to wash off all the bubbles.

Kashima-chan dried my body with a towel and kissed my face whenever she had the chance.

「Then、before sex、would you please lie face-down on the bed? Kashima’s special service, will send you straight to heaven♥」

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incoming anal? and not for her


hes going to lose the pride


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He can go in and out a game world and the first thing he does is go to a brothel and doesn’t even pick a fantasy type girl what is the point, there are brothels in this world. My last flat was only 2 blocks away from a brothel and about 4 from a strip club, I had to go past the strip club on my way to uni every day.


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It felt really strange, like I was in the middle of taking a shit.

^^^ I feel that the author has some experience in this area if he knows what it feels like XD.