Yuusha Onna 27

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The morning after: Haruna-hen

The next day.

I woke up on the bed.

I got up from the bed with a refreshing feeling.

When I got up, my body pulled the rolled futon and on the opposite side is the nude Lilia.

I make out with Lilia yesterday, then I throw her down the bed and plunged into r18.

There’s no regret, instead I feel good that I did it.

Right now, there’s me and Lilia on the bed.

Lilia hadn’t woke up yet.

She sleeps on the bed seeming satisfied.

「I feel sorry waking her up.
I’ll wake her up later.

I said that and stood up from the bed.

*Koton*, something fell on the floor.

It’s hard to describe…
Rather, it’s described and something bad fell into the floor.

Yesterday, Lilia fell from the bed to the floor for some reason.

Of course I did over.

……Of course, hey, isn’t it strange?

Well, it’s fine.
Seeing Lilia’s satisfied face, I can’t bear but play with her.

「Switch, ON♪」

I fell on the floor and the dangerous switch was put on and I attacked Lilia.

Afterwards, we did kyaakyaa ufufuu, but let’s cut that.

「Now then, let’s make breakfast♪」


I did it.
It’s no good
I lost with a counter.

Why is Lilia so strong…in a different sense.

「I’ll go ahead and bring clothes.
It probably dried already.
Please wait here♪」

I’ll wait…

I fell in the bed disordered and I slept naked.


I felt I saw an endless wall.

I completely took the lead yesterday but I wasn’t able to breath in properly in the situation earlier.

Using that dangerous thing is dreadful, my points were held down precisely…


My chest tightens when I remembered last night, my heartbeat grows faster.

I love you…

I murmured those words many times last night, I was in agony over the bed.

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Hyuu Hyuu~

It’s getting hot in here.


I like where this is going~

I ship that

The fans demmand more kyaakyaa ufufuu in this ship