Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 258

I wonder what Shiro’s idea of a basic self-defense course would be like. I suspect it might include terms like “massacre” and “completely destroy”.

258 – Revive the Vampire Princess

That’s good enough for Divine Word Religion. I’ll go visit them again after a break of several days. Then I only need to hear their answer.

However, therein lies a problem. While I could convey what I wanted to say in a book, there’s no way to hear their reply with a book. Well, it’s basically impossible that they would take my circumstances into consideration and reply to me using a book. What’s with that exchange diary-like setting? Shouldn’t an “exchange diary” be more bittersweet or something? Just where’s the sadness in an exchange diary that is seriously discussing the fate of the world eh. On top of that the other party is an ojii-san as well. If he was an austere occhan then it would be fine, but that guy is completely past his prime you know.

So for that reason, I need someone to act as a listener-cum-negotiator. My not-so-random selection is, vampire girl. The Demon King is busy with various things anyway, and she’s still the Demon King after all. It wouldn’t do to just blithely bring her to the very center of enemy territory, surely. The Divine Word Religion is like the pillar of the human society after all.

I have various other reasons other than a process of elimination to bring vampire girl along. If I say I have them then I do! It’s not like I have no acquaintances to bring along other than vampire girl, okay! Ahem!

Well, to put it bluntly, vampire girl and the Divine Word Religion have a bit of fate between them you see. After all, the country where vampire girl was born in, was basically destroyed by the Divine Word Religion, right? Ah, I guess it was actually destroyed. The town that vampire girl was born in was completely trampled over, so I guess it’s not really any difference. Basically, they’re about equivalent to being enemies.

Vampire girl, really. Ever since Mera got angry at you, you’ve sure been depressed huh. Or not so much depressed, but in turmoil? What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be a vampire? Who am I? What am I? That kind of thing. She’s lost sight of her own identity it seems. It’s kinda like she’s interpreted what Mera wanted to convey in a different way, and has gotten lost after dashing around at full power every which way.

When I tried asking Mera whether it’s okay not to amend his explanation, he said,

「There is no meaning to it unless ojou-sama finds her own answer.」

, so it seems that he doesn’t intend to help. Are you sure? At this rate I’m worried that she might come up with some weird answer though.

In other words, to let her distract herself I’ve thus decided to throw her in at the deep end with a task that can become her current objective. As to how her contact with the Divine Word Religion will work out, that’s an unknown for now, but well, I’m sure it’ll work out somehow. As long as I hold her reins tightly, it shouldn’t develop into a particularly bad situation, probably.

「In other words, prepare.」
「What do you mean, in other words – how does that explain anything? Suddenly turning up and saying “in other words” doesn’t mean shit, obviously.」

Good girls should not say words like “shit”! Thus, a chop to the head. Maybe I heard her skull cracking or felt her neck breaking, but well, don’t mind it. I press a book into her hands.

This particular book is quite thick. It’s about time that vampire girl has to learn about important matters such as the composition of the world, about the System, and about what we are about to do next. In the first place, if she doesn’t know about such things then she won’t be able to talk with the Divine Word Religion’s pope-san anyway. Vampire girl also more or less has Taboo, so it’s fine if she maxes that, and I could also have her deliberately use her skill points to do that as well.

Muhaha. Before such an important announcement her worries over her identity should be blown away! I’ll have you forget all your little worries! Come now, you shall tremble in fear before the truth of the world!

…Oh? Haven’t I… just increased her worries?

Yup. It’s all good. Vampire girl is a fine adult. I’m sure she’ll manage one way or another by herself you know.

Now then, that’s enough about vampire girl. Maybe it’s bad but whatever. I can leave the rest to Mera, her guardian. I guess I’ll go check out oni-kun as well.

Thus I have come to oni-kun’s place. I have walked, for once. Normally I just teleport though. Well, we’re living in the same mansion after all so the distance isn’t far enough to be worth teleporting.

「Shiro-san, welcome.」

Oni-kun greets me with a gentle smile. You’d never think he held Wrath. I wonder how he actually came to hold Wrath.

「What brings you here today?」
「Heresy resistance.」
「Yeah, it’s finally risen as far as Greater Heresy Resistance level 5. It seems that Nullity will take a bit more time, but things should already have improved quite a lot since previously.」

Uh-huh, uh-huh. That’s going well. I don’t get tired having from having a conversation with oni-kun. From just a single word he can guess what I’m trying to say. I guess this is what’s meant by being able to read the mood.

「Yeah? Erm, ah-hah! That’s almost returned to normal as well. About 90% I guess. I think that’ll become fully recovered in a short while.」

It can’t be helped if he occasionally misinterprets things or misses things. Ugh, not being able to talk is painful. I don’t think I’ll be able to improve though. After all, getting in contact with others is such a pain.

Oni-kun’s physical condition is still recovering. As yet he hasn’t activated Wrath either. At this rate, I guess it’s just a matter of time until he learns Heresy Nullity. In that case, oni-kun will no longer lose his way due to Wrath anymore, probably. If that happens then oni-kun will be able to determine how he wants to proceed from now on by his own will.

I hand oni-kun a book. It has the same contents as the book I gave to vampire girl just now.

「Today’s book is a bit thicker huh.」
「Read it, then do what you want.」

I turn my back to oni-kun and leave. Once he’s read that, then it’s up to oni-kun to decide what to do next. If he decides to align with my side then good. If he becomes hostile then I’ll show no mercy. If he stays out of it then that’s fine too. I don’t have the right to decide oni-kun’s choice. Everything is up to oni-kun.

That’s not just for oni-kun either. I could say the same to vampire girl. For now it might seem like she’s working under me a bit at a time, but, I have no intention to bind vampire girl. Since picking her up I granted her the minimum amount of power to be able to get by. However, vampire girl already has enough power to be able to live freely within this world. Vampire girl is free to make whatever choice she wants afterwards. Indeed, she can even choose the path of becoming hostile to me.

I stop walking. If vampire girl becomes hostile to me, what will I do? That’s obvious. If someone stands in my way, then I will show no mercy no matter who they might be. No matter who.


Translation notes:

“Ojii-san” means grandfather or male senior-citizen. Occhan is more like “uncle” or middle-aged man and more colloquial. See here for a concept image of an “austere occhan”:

“Good girls should not…” – imagine this being said in the tone of a mother or teacher admonishing a child.

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? The Pope’s Torment
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 259

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