Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 5

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The Pet’s reward!

That day, Kazuya woke up in the morning due to a light impact.
…Ah, What happened…?
With my head slightly fuzzy, I look at the chest that received the impact. When I do so, there is…



There, Izuna’s slightly drooling face was found.
…What’s going on?!
“Go ahead and use the bed” is what I was told by Izuna. But how could I take over my Master’s bed. Therefore, I lay down on the nearby sofa covering myself with a blanket,

……She had wandered over half asleep……!!

What kind of sleeping posture does this King usually have?
As I’m thinking all of this, Izuna’s posture started changing.
As if climbing Kazuya’s body, she started nuzzling herself against Kazuya.
With the pleasurable sensation of being crushed by her softness, Kazuya’s whole body reacted to the stimulation.

「……Kuu, gu……」

There is also another thing about mornings where blood circulation becomes better in a certain part of the body. Still, I’m somehow able to keep my rationality intact.
I’m the pet. She’s the Master. There are many things that we shouldn’t be doing.
Gradually, I remove the blanket along with her body away from me.


So you’re thinking that your body pillow has disappeared…
TL note: Body Pillow, Bolster, Non Ero dakimakura. Depending on your region and fetish, take your pick.
Izuna made a dissatisfied expression but for Kazuya, he is too preoccupied to worry about it

「Ha…Ha…I was somehow able to slip away…」

Kazuya moved like he fell from the sofa, in order to escape the maou.
And then, stood up while his neck made a *Goki Goki* sound.


Right in front of Kazuya’s eyes, the blanket he used is now being hugged while she is sleeping.

To begin with, she hasn’t changed out of the suggestive outfit from earlier.
That’s why it’s even more dangerous now that she’s lying down and her outfit is in a disarray.
Even now, with every slight movement, they’re threatening to spill.

「…That won’t do, that won’t do.」

The feeling of dizziness from earlier is still there, but let’s suppress it for now.

As I thought that, I observed my surroundings.
It’s bright, even without the lighting of a lamp.
Looking around, the sun rays pierce through the window between the thin curtains.

「Alright. Well then, how about we cook some breakfast as a change of pace.」

While letting his heart to calm down, he headed to the kitchen.
While thinking, “What should I make for breakfast?” he searched the shelf for ingredients. However,


And thus I realized
Inside the ingredients’ shelf, there is only the cabbage from yesterday and a remaining fragment of smoke meat.

Izuna, who smelled the scent of breakfast, opened her eyes.
「Fuee… What a delicious smell…」

Fairy’s note: Do note that this is from Izuna’s perspective from now on.

The fragrant smell of grilled meat and vegetables are enough to assault one’s senses.
Through my blurred vision, something moved.


I’ve always woken up alone, feeling lonely, as I wait for Sefina to come and inform me of my schedule.
There is a warm presence, other than me, moving over there.


My vision cleared.
It’s not a lie.
Certainly/Indeed/Without a doubt, he is here.
(Light: Actual TL:Without a doubt, he is here.)
(Onion: I kinda like this sentence unedited. the “Certainly/Indeed/Without a doubt” flows well and has a Dr. Seuss feel to it. lol )(Pandaant: I am very tempted to leave it as well)

After finishing with work, I’ve always forced myself to sleep within this spacious room while waiting. Always… always waiting; for the company of the friend who is before me.

「Y-you’re awake. Good morning, Izuna.」

「Yeah. Good morning, Kazuya!」

There, Izuna came to a realization.
Ever since yesterday, several hours ago, it might finally be,
I am… no longer… alone…
The fortune of having someone to talk to, as soon as I open my eyes.
Only Kazuya and Izuna were sitting at the breakfast table.

「Sefina doesn’t eat in the mornings, huh…」

「Yeah. Sefina typically doesn’t wake up before noon. It’s fine just making enough for two people.」

「Is that so. Although I would say, today, we got nothing but smoked meat and cabbage soup for breakfast… 」

Fairy’s note: Izuna’s PoV ends here.

Because there aren’t any cooking ingredients, I had no choice but to make use of the leftovers from yesterday.

「Nah, it’s enough! When our stocked up ingredients run out, I’m fine without eating breakfast.
That’s how my lifestyle works.」

「Don’t say that while smiling. If you don’t eat something in the morning, you won’t be able to think. 」

Although it is not necessary to eat, but when you don’t put anything inside your stomach, then the body will have a hard time waking up.

「Un. Therefore, having Kazuya around really saved me a lot. Thank you Kazuya」

The small girl with her peculiar just woke up characteristic, smiled and said words of gratitude with no vigour in it.
A trifling thought, but it really gives you motivation when you’re appreciated.

「Now then, Now that we’re feeling motivated, I have something I want to do today.」

「Nn? What is it? What is it? 」

Kazuya answered Izuna, who had leaned forward as she inquire, while pointing at at the kitchen’s food shelf.

「I’m thinking of shopping for cooking ingredients. 」

Without ingredients, I can’t cook.
That’s why, I wanted to go shopping today.

「Ah, come to think of it, we have nothing in the storage…」

「Come to think of it, How the hell have you survived until now?」

「Till now, I have always been eating home delivery or eating at ‘special of the day’ diners and so on. Eating 3 meals a day is troublesome. There are times I settled with 1 meal a day.」

「It seems like there is a need to improve this area properly as well…!!」

Only eating one meal a day, just because it’s troublesome, will ruin your body due to it being a totally unstable rhythm.
It’s a wonder really, how you survived until now with an intact physique.

「During the time I want to lose weight, it’s fine if I don’t eat, you know?」

She is proclaiming to Kazuya.

「Tell me those kinds of words later!」

This is no good. The more this continues, the more darkness and dirt I am going to dig out.

This is more ingrained than I thought.

「W-Well, I gently request.―― Ah, I understand. I had forgotten about an item that I had brought over here. 」

「Eh? For me?」

The item being transferred over; what could it be?
During the time I am thinking about it, Izuna fishes through the drawers in the room and,

「Umu, This is for you to use at your discretion.」

After saying so, Izuna *Bon* placed a leather bag on top of the table.
Within the leather bag, are gold coins.

「Ano… What’s this?」

「One gold coin is 1000 dorato. I think there is 100 in it.」
1 dorato = 10 yen
100,000 dorato per month = 1,000,000 yen
1,200,000 dorato per year = 12, 000,000 yen per year.

「Ah. No, not that. Why did you pass me this wallet?」

Or perhaps, by passing me the wallet, she is commanding me to go shopping. That sort of thing?

「Eh? Ah, no. You are mistaken. That is not a wallet. You are free to use it as you wish. It’s your money.」


This world’s currency――It seems to be called Dorato, I’m not really sure about it’s value.
However, since there’s so much of it inside, it should be a significant amount for a paycheck.

「It’s because I’m going to be relying on you for housekeeping. I feel like I’ve seen somewhere that the price for house keeping is 12,000,000 Yen a year. That’s why, the 1,000,000 yen ( Per month) . Based on my calculations, 1 Dorato is about 10 Yen, thus the 100,000 Dorato. Coincedently, today so happens to be the end of the month, so this is perfect」

On the contrary, this is much more than I had expected.
An unthinkable sum of money

「No no no! I can’t accept it, it’s 1 million Yen!」

Even if it’s only a little, I’ve doonee it! Is what I’ll usually celebrate, but with simply doing housework everyday, earning 1 million yen, is bad. It’s bad in various ways.

「Eh? Why’s that? I think that I’m paying you properly for your work though…」
「Because, it’s not like I’ve been employed by Izuna. I’m just a pet, y’know?」

It’s not like I’m doing this in order to earn money. To begin with, I never thought that I’d receive money by doing this.
That’s why, I can’t accept this money. However,

「Un. That’s right. It’s not like I’ve hired Kazuya. Kazuya is mine, nothing more and nothing less. But still…」

「If that’s the case――」

「However, this is a gift of good will for the things you have been doing. In addition, the gift to repay your kindness, I do not happen to have it on hand for now. 」

Therefore, Izuna smiled bitterly.

「Th-that… I know that throwing money to your friend is a rude thing. ――Therefore just for this once, can you please receive it? 」

Therefore, Izuna placed the leather bag into Kazuya’s hands

「This… If you think of it as results of what you had done for me, I will be happy.」

「Results, huh.」

I can feel the heaviness of the gold coins.
Instantly, being perplexed by the heaviness, Kazuya said,

「… Is it really okay?」

「Ahhh! Of course! I won’t mind how you use it.」

「I understand. Thank you for letting me use it as I wish.」
And with this, just by doing housework at the start, Kazuya received the world’s money into his hands.

「――Th-then, after preparing ourselves. let’s go shopping? Kazuya.」

In front of Kazua is a Demon queen who is smiling.
Izuna who seemingly waited for Kazuya happily with her hands outstretched.

「――Ah, I see. Let’s go?」

Grasping the Demon Queen’s hands, Kazuya left for the streets.

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