(R18) Frequenting Brothels 6

Alright… new site is working again, meaning that it’s time for the familiar R18 warning.

Another reason for some delay is that, apparently my Editor-san is an Oni.
He drugged me with Majikoi and made me neglected a crap ton of work, I haven’t left my room for 4 days binging on this game lol…

Without any further ado… let’s jump into the chapter. It is indeed an H-chapter, though not too hardcore you should still be careful ._____.

OK, to the Red-light district Part 4 ★ (Virgin sex)

Kashima-chan crawls into the bed and straddles my prone body. She slowly lowers her ass down over my cock and rubs my glans against her wet pussy.

「A、Oh God……」

「Then、I’ll put it in okay? Nnn……」

Kashima-chan gripped my cock and let her hips sink down.


I slipped further and further into her as her wet fleshy walls surrounded and tightened on my cock.
My heart started pounding violently as I experienced this never-before-felt sensation.



Kashima-chan suddenly dropped her hips all the way down, the shock from suddenly being deep inside made me embarrassingly shoot early.

「Aah♥ So much is coming out……Congratulations on losing your virginity~♥」

「S、Sorry……inside……I came inside you……」

「You don’t have to mind, you know? I have a really great contraceptive pill for later」

「Great contraceptive drug?」

「Ehh、mixing laurel and mandrake together will do the trick, so rest assured and come lots inside me okay♥」

Is there such a drug……I’ll trying making some later.

「What’s wrong? You came lots already, how about taking a break……A、Ara?」

Kashima-chan noticed my son get hard inside her once more.

「You’re amazing、dear customer……you came 3 times and yet……well then let’s go another round……I’ll start moving♥」

Kashima-chan wrapped her arms around my head and started to bounce her hips up and down.
It felt so good that I thought I’d come immediately, but I thought that’d be too pathetic, so I clenched my buttocks and endured.

「Aa♥ Nn♥ Nn♥ It、It’s fine even if you don’t hold back you know? There’s still lots of time before the night ends……so just come、Nn♥ Ufufu♥ lots inside Kashima♥」

「Even if you say so……it’s the pride of a man……Nn、*churu*……」 (TN: ちゅるっ is probably the sfx of him grabbing her boob)

I grab onto Kashima-chan’s beautiful breasts, which are bouncing and shaking right in front of me, to distract myself from the urge to come.

「Ahaa♥ Mou! You’re so mischievous aren’t you? Nnn♥ Ufufu♥ Such a naughty kid must be punished, Eii♥」 (TN: heave-ho!)

Kashima-chan tightened her pussy while pistoning and grinding on my dick.


I immediately succumbed to the pleasure, and once again shot a huge load right inside of Kashima-chan.

「Nn……you came so much and you’re still hard……now that it’s come to this, Kashima will have to squeeze you dry to the very last drop♥」

「P、Please go easy on me……」


After that, we changed to various position and enjoyed each other’s bodies, I pounded Kashima-chan hard and came 9 times inside her pussy, Kashima-chan also reached her limit at the end of the night.

「HaaHaa……C、Cumming again! Kashima-chan!!」

「Aa♥ Aa♥ Aa♥ Ka、Kashima’s cumming too~~~!! Aaaaa!!」

While grabbing her breasts to support her body, I pounded Kashima-chan and came hard inside her as Kashima-chan’s pussy tightened and convulsed.

「HaaHaa……Th, This is my limit……」

I pulled out my dick, that had lost all of its power, from Kashima-chan’s vagina and collapsed flat onto the bed.

「Haa……Haa……Dear customer……you’re amazing……♥ How was Kashima’s body?」

「It、It was the best……」

「Ufufu♥ We’re going to take a break?」

「Right……I used up all my strength……」

「Then、Kashima will wake you up in the morning okay?」


I went to sleep wrapped in the smell of Kashima-chan’s and my love making.

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