Slave Harem – 170 – The Emperor

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The Emperor

From the lodge, I Warp to the living room of the house.
When I return home, Miria had the fishing gear lying on the table.
She doesn’t seem to be negligent in respect of preparations.

“Does it seem to be usable?”
“Yes, desu.”

Oh well. It’s not like it was kept unused for long.
It’s not something which will become unusable in such a short period of time.
Roxanne is sitting relaxedly next to Miria. Vesta can’t be seen; she seems to have left.

“Has Vesta gone already?”
“Yes. I had her keep the key. Will we be returning home by noon? Or should I have told her to meet up at the Adventurer’s Guild?”
“It’s fine.”

Because we are a party, meeting up won’t pose any difficulty.
That it allows you to track the direction of the party members is really convenient.
Its function is to allow a party to reunite if they separate in the labyrinth.
Such a thing hasn’t happened thus far. Is there a possibility of it happening in the future?

Leaving the fishing gear at home, the three of us — Roxanne, Miria and I — enter the labyrinth.
Quratar’s 17th floor.
I have worked together with Roxanne, Sherry and Miria, these three, as a vanguard, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

“Then let’s head to the boss room.”
“Please avoid places with numerous monsters as much as possible. It would be better if we focused on the boss battle.”

I justify the instruction of avoiding the monsters on the way.
Or did I make it more obvious instead?
Like a cowardly worm clinging, afraid of being caught.


Roxanne has seemingly gotten it.
She leads the way.

Even if we come across five monsters, us three can take care of them without any issue. However, there’s a possibility of us receiving attacks.
More like I than us.
Therefore, places with numerous monsters must be avoided.

Avoiding the monsters and hunting the boss?
Is there such a thing even possible?

We advance while kicking the monsters on the way about.
With the three of us, there’s no problem.
For we intend to retry the boss battle, there would come a time when we would be unable to find a way around if we kept avoiding the monsters, allowing them to crowd.

By the way, unlike usual, I finish the monsters petrified by Miria with magic.
Since I’m fighting mainly with Durandal, I don’t need to recover MP.
For this reason, I have removed Grand Wizard and Jobless.
With the basic magic of Wizard, which I kept as First Job, I take what was left of the monsters out.

When I go to the initiation ceremony, I’ll switch the First Job to Adventurer.
They may verify my Intelligence Card.

As the Black Diamond Tuna didn’t get petrified, I finish it off with Durandal.
So, is the effect of Abnormal Status Resistance Down, which I always use during the boss battles, that great?
Perhaps because I didn’t cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down, the boss didn’t get petrified until I took it out.
While glancing sideways at Roxanne, who was taking on the tuna from the front and lightly dodging its attacks, and Miria, who was attacking from diagonally behind the boss, I tidied the accompanying monster up.

What part of it was training?
Even the boss couldn’t make for Roxanne’s practice.
It was rather stress release.
If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t come here on my day off, would I?

The first boss drops lean tuna.
I had already selected Cook for the sake of dropped items.
This isn’t a boss that requires us to give our all, so there’s no need for Gambler.

“Lean tuna, desu.”

Miria looks delighted with lean tuna.
She’s learning Brahim properly, huh?

“We’ll be having fish sanmai for tonight’s dinner. I’ll be using this lean tuna. Whether it’ll be a fish sanmai or not depends on our catch.”
“Master’s dishes are always delicious, so I look forward to it.”
“Catch, desu.”

Putting the lean tuna in the Item Box, we take second round.
Miria petrifies the second boss.
Even without Abnormal Status Resistance Down, the boss can be petrified satisfactorily.
The boss drops lean tuna.

Third boss neither gets petrified nor drops fatty tuna.
Fourth boss doesn’t get petrified but drops fatty tuna.
Petrifying the boss seems to be difficult.

“How about having fatty tuna for the dinner the day after tomorrow?”
“Day after tomorrow, desu.”

Miria accepts my proposal.
We’ll be having fish soup tonight.
So she has no complaints in regard to the day after tomorrow.

Until we secured four fatty tunas, we stay in the labyrinth.
Since two fish suffice for one meal, we have enough for two meals.
For we have plenty for the day after tomorrow and another day, it’s enough.
If it’s kept inside the Item Box, it won’t rot.

“Although it may be early, should we leave it at that?”
“Okay, desu.”

Miria shouldn’t be dissatisfied, right?
For she’ll be able to go fishing now.

“What do you want to do, Roxanne? Do you want to go to the Imperial Capital right away? Or do you want to go after sending Miria off to fishing? Either way is fine with me.”

As for the Imperial Capital, if I first take Miria to the fishing tackles shop, then drop her at the fishing spot and then go to the lodge, that’ll make it two trips.
So, when do I take Roxanne and Vesta to the Imperial Capital?

“I’ll go together to the fishing spot. There’ll be luggage, that’s why.”
“As for the luggage, Miria and I will somehow manage. Right, Miria?”
“Manage, desu.”

When I glance at Miria, she repeats.

“Will it be fine?”
“Yeah, it’ll be fine.”
“Then I’ll take your word for it. Vesta should be home by now, too, so I would like to go to the Imperial Capital right away.”
“Got it.”

After leaving the boss room of Quratar’s 17th floor, I Warp us from the small room to home.

“Welcome back.”

Vesta, who had already returned, receives us.

“We’re home.”
“Did it go alright?”
“I won’t ever partake in a dangerous activity on my day off. Do you want to go to the Imperial Capital then?”

With Vesta having tagged along, the four of us move to the Imperial Capital.
The place is the wall inside the library.
Because this place is close to the fishing tackles shop.

“If you go this way, you’ll find the Adventurer’s Guild. Since the Adventurer’s Guild is located in the shopping area, let’s meet up there before heading back.”

After stretching my arm out and indicating the location, I exit from the library.
On the opposite side is the fishing tackles shop.

I learnt of the direction to the fishing tackles shop from Sherry.
On the opposite side of the library is the posh area.
The Empire Liberation Society’s lodge seems to be in the same direction as the Imperial residence.
It’s a good location.

“Day off is good, isn’t it?”
“Thank you very much. I’ll be going then.”
“See you later.”

I see Roxanne and Vesta off.
Having parted with them, the two of us, Miria and I, head to the fishing tackles shop.
Miria didn’t take as long a time as Roxanne does shopping. She bought only hooks.

She seems to be anticipating her time fishing.
Actually no, it might be due to Roxanne not being here to translate that she couldn’t talk about fishing gears.
Although she can speak Brahim somewhat, talking on a specialized subject is a totally different ball game.
Actually, there’s no knowing whether Roxanne would be able to translate technical terms or not even if she were here.

Since she bought hooks of different sizes, does she plan on catching different kinds of fish?
They may also be spares.
Even if one breaks, she’ll be able to carry on.

“This hook costs 20 Nars. This one costs 30 Nars.”
“Yes, desu.”

I receive the hooks from Miria and pass them to the clerk.

“4 20-Nar-hooks and 2 30-Nar-hooks. Since you’re a valued customer who purchased the recommended set the other day, I’ll give you a special discounted price of 98 Nars.”

Miria’s goods have been purchased at 30% Discount. However, because we don’t have to buy fish to eat, it offsets that.
Miria takes out 1 silver coin to pay and puts the returned 2 copper coins back in.
The hooks may seem expensive. However, if you consider that it’s nobles’ hobby, they aren’t that expensive.

I leave the fishing tackles shop, return home, pick the fishing gear up and Warp to the seashore off Hafen.
Because Hafen is in the north, is that why it doesn’t feel as hot here as in Quratar?
Still, the temperature isn’t low enough to keep her from jumping into the water. However, that Roxanne has already instructed her, she won’t.

“Don’t stray away from here till I come pick you up.”

After telling her not to wander around, I move to the lodge in the Imperial Capital.
I appear in the lobby of the lodge.
In the lobby, there are people gathered at the end of a long corridor.
Is there some meeting taking place?
Sebastian comes out from inside and meets me.

“We were waiting for you, Michio-sama. Ester-sama came but has left on account of an urgent business.”
“Is that so?”
“He should be back before long.”
“What has everyone gathered for?”

I point my gaze to the crowd and enquire.
The man, who was with Sebastian this morning, can also be seen in the crowd.
Is this staff assembly? Are they on a break before the afternoon assembly?
Although Sherry isn’t there, the woman who was with Sherry is.

“What about you, Michio-sama? Ester-sama will also be joining, too.”

I’ve been made to join.
Sebastian leads me to where the people are gathered.


Midway, someone’s voice resounds.
Sebastian starts running.
In a blink of an eye, the leader of the gathering stands up.

Someone has arrived.
The gate at the end of the corridor slowly opens.
Which reminds me, that gate is for the staff’s use.
The members aren’t allowed to use it. Will Ester be coming from there?

Both sides of the gate slowly swing open, facing outward of the lodge.

It’s a Japanese-style gate.
For some reason, the main gates in this world open inward.
So does the one at my house in Quratar.
Therefore, it’s a rarity to see a Japanese-style gate.
It’s my first time seeing one.

When the gate opens, Sebastian and everyone behind him bow.
I was late.

Whatever. This gate is for the staff’s use anyway.
Is the person someone who is superior to even Sebastian, the General Secretary?
Are they the Chairman of the Empire Liberation Society?
The atmosphere feels terrible.

People are lined up on the either sides of the gate.
So they are someone great, after all, huh?
Close to the gate, Baron Ester and the Duke of Harz can be seen, too.

I’m the only one who has yet to bow.
I wonder if it’s bad.
However, it’s too late for me to do it.
It’s just the atmosphere.

From the crowd, two people, Baron Ester and the Duke of Harz, come over.
What is it? Why are the two coming here?

“Sebastian, don’t discuss the details.”
“Okay, Ester-sama.”
“Well then.”

Ester exchanges a few words with Sebastian and halts in front of the gate.
The two, he and the Duke of Harz, move to either sides of the gate, face toward the centre and bow.
When the two bow, three men come out of the crowd at the other end and approach.

The one leading them is a thin, stern-faced, middle-aged man.
He seems to be an Earl. However, for even the Duke to bow, the other party doesn’t seem to be so simple.
Behind the middle-aged man is another one.

The Emperor, Gaius Principus n’Impera | Male | 39 Years Old
Adventurer Lv41
Equipment | Orichalcum Sword | Sacred Silver Meshwear | Sacrificial Misanga

It says that he’s the Emperor.
Someone great, indeed.
The Duke is bowing, too.

What do I do?
I know that he’s the Emperor only due to Appraisal. If I bowed in a flurry, it would look suspicious.
However, will standing straight look appropriate?

I should have read the mood.
Reading mood.
Since I’m in the back, I’m safe. Or so I want to think.

The three people enter the lodge following which Baron Ester and the Duke of Harz enter, too, after which the gate shuts close.

Sebastian steps forward before the Emperor and receives him.
Even though he’s the Emperor, he’s wearing a casual tunic.
As for the Sacred Silver Meshwear shown by Appraisal, he must be wearing it underneath his clothes.

“Gaius-sama, excuse the discourtesy of my receiving Gaius-sama in such a place.”
“No problem. We are well aware of the Empire Liberation Society’s rules.”
“To witness the admission of Gaius-sama is such a great joy which this lowly one can’t bear. I’m extremely happy.”
“From now on, please take care of Us.”

Sebastian is talking with the Emperor.
If this is his admission, then he was not a member.
I did hear that the current Emperor isn’t a member.
I didn’t hear wrong.
Wasn’t it the appointed time and place?
Hello, does anyone remember?

“Oh, Michio came, too, huh?”

Baron Ester finds me and speaks.
I wanted to complain but I swallow the words down.

“……Yes, just now.”
“Just in time. It may have upset them but it shouldn’t have offended them.

I don’t want to even think about offence.
Because I know that he’s the Emperor.

“In the society, official position isn’t relevant.”

The Emperor doesn’t plan on introducing himself, it seems.
Even if he introduced, how would I approach to talk?
Should I keep pretending that I don’t know he’s the Emperor?

“This person?”

When the Emperor sees me talking with Ester, he interrupts.
The vibes coming from him aren’t that of finding faults.
Reading mood.

“He’s Michio who’s scheduled to partake in the admission courtesy.”
“Michio here.”

Even Baron Ester is speaking respectfully. As you would expect.
I read the mood and greet him respectfully.
Albeit not deeply, I bow my head.

“Michio? Our name is Gaius.”

Well, well.
That’s a funny first-person there.
For him to say ‘Our name is Gaius’…

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