Yuusha Onna 30

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The meal presented is bread, bacon-ish meat, two kinds of jam the drink is coffee I guess.

Come to think of it, I didn’t have a meal last night.

「Looks delicious. I’m hungry. 」

「Please. Please it♪」

「Itadakimasu. 」

I took the bread for the, let’s take a bit for the time being.

The bread is soft and fluffy, it had a little sweet taste.

「Yup, delicious. Thank you. Lilia. 」

「No no, I just cut and baked it. 」

I eat the delicious food while looking at the humble yet happy LIlia.

I wonder which is Lilia’s true nature.

The that makes my heart throb when I look at her right now or the Lilia on the top of the bed.

Un. I should stop thinking

Let’s concentrate on the meal right now.

「Ah, I’ll spread the jam then♪」

「Un. Thanks. 」

She spread the red jam on the bread.

MoguMoguMogu[TN: Chewing sounds]

「I’m going to cut the bacon then. 」

「Un. Thanks. 」

I nodded while munching the bread.

Lilia cuts the bacon and stabbed it with a fork.

「Okay. Aaahn~♪」

「Nn. A~… 」

I opened my mouth and Lilia feed me the bacon.

Mogu Mogu, Gokun[TN: Gulp]

「Ah, jam on your cheek… Please face this way」


When I turned my face, Lilia closed her faceup.


「Hyaa!? Lilia?」

「Ufufu. It was delicious♪」

It seems I was licked.

Un. Lilia really has a koakuma[TN: Small devil] attitude

「Geez, Lilia is sly! Let me do that next time」

I tear up th ebread and put a small cut of bacon.

「Okay♪ Aaaahn~♪」

Okay, it’s my turn!![TN: Draw!!]

I put out a front in front of Lilia.


「Eh, Munyaa!! Liliaaa, my hand, you’re licking it!?」

She licked my hand along with the bread.

「Nn, Nn, Delicious♪」

「Geez, Lilia, I’m now sticky… 」

Lilia’s saliva covers my hand.

「I’m sorry♪, I made a mistake♪」

「Geez~ You did it on purpose~ 」

I hit Lilia gently with my other hand.

「Let’s continue♪」

「Okay!! I’d be glad to!!」

Then, I and Lilia continued to have a bit fierce breakfast.

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I know it was heading to yuri but it did escalate and now they are a married couple.


Lilia was a blaze dragon with the appearance of a small, blond girl with red eyes and a big rack, right? Not a succubus, right?! Why is this happening?!


thank for the yuri


Aww man! I just washed these panties!!


Anyway gochisou-sama

Albedo\'s Ahoge

Mnnn… red bean jam toast. 🙂