Slave Harem – 171 – Initiation Ceremony

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Initiation Ceremony

“Then let’s head to the room.”

I don’t know whether he read the awkward mood or not; however, Baron Ester offers me a way out.
He quickly starts walking and leads.
I am grateful to him.
I quickly follow behind him.

I can feel a strange pressure coming from behind me.
Four people — including the Emperor, the Duke and the Earl — have tagged along, too.
Sebastian and the other staff members seem to be staying behind.

The initiation ceremony will seemingly be held with these members.
Even the party members don’t seem to be present.
Will the initiation ceremony be held together with the Emperor?

Ester goes upstairs to the third floor, walks down the corridor and opens the first door.
I enter, determined.
It is but an ordinary room.
After I enter, the four behind me follow in as well.

“I am glad you were able to join, as I expected, without any issue.”

When the Duke comes in, we exchange a few words.
Following in right after him is the Emperor.

From a glance, you can tell that the Earl, who was standing next to the Emperor, is a stern warrior.
Is he the Emperor’s guard?
In contrast with his abundant moustache, the hair on his head seems desolate.

If viewed from the top, it would probably look like a bar code.
He has a tall stature. He will be able to look down on everyone excepting Vesta.

“Alright then, now that everyone is inside, the initiation ceremony and the admission courtesy will be conducted for Gaius, Carlos and Michio as soon as the preparations have been completed.”

Ester, who preceded us in the room, turns around and faces everyone.
However, was it really necessary to call my name in the last?
The other guy, beside the Duke, seems to be a new member, too.
Since he entered the lodge with the Emperor, he must be an official.

“Please take care of me.”

The Emperor bows.

“Please treat me well.”
“I-I will be in your care.”

I have no idea as to whom the Emperor was addressed to; however, since the other guy followed suit, I go along and greet, too.

“Gaius and Carlos have joined as second rank while Michio first rank. The initiation ceremony requires a minimum of three members as witnesses. Today, in addition to myself, Bruno, who is the referrer of Gaius and Carlos, and Brocken, who is the referrer of Michio, are present.”
“Bruno here.”
“Brocken here.”

Following Ester’s introduction, both the Duke and the Earl proceed to stand next to the Baron.
So the Earl was the referrer?
Unsurprisingly, the Emperor has joined as a higher rank than me.
I am glad.

“Then you three wait in this room for a while.”

Done with the greetings, Ester moves to the next room.
Wait a moment.
Why am I being left behind with the Emperor?
And there is another man, who may be an official, with the Emperor.

I gaze at them with pleading eyes; however, the Baron and the Duke vanish into the next room.
Oh well. Unless they know about my background, there is no way for it to be a trap.
Even the Earl leaves the Emperor behind and goes ahead.

Let’s be positive.
And look at it from another perspective.
The ratio of the nobility has decreased from 4/6 to 1/3.
Considering the fact that the Emperor is not supposedly a noble, all the nobles have disappeared from the room.

“Is Michio from the human tribe?”
“Indeed. Pleased to meet you.”

I am speaking with the Emperor.

“Casual language is fine. It is a rule of the lodge to communicate on equal terms. People around Us only use courteous words. I am eager to learn of the words spoken on the streets.”

It is because you are the Emperor your majesty that people use courteous words.

“I-I understand.”
“So then, are 《you》 from the human tribe?” (TN: Addressing someone of lower status)

That second-person is awkward.

“That’s right.”
“You are considerably younger in that case. How old are you?”
“I am 17 years old.”

He will know my age if he looks at my Intelligence Card.
The server had better not read it.

“Are you joining at this age? That is extraordinarily excellent.”
“No, it is not much.”
“Disappointing. Truly disappointing. When modesty exceeds limit, it becomes immorality. Be considerate of other members and others who were not admitted.”

I have been rebuked by the Emperor.
He is right. Since there would be people who were rejected even though they wanted to join, I cannot assume the air of superiority in front of those people.
As the Emperor said, huh?
He seems to be an upright person by nature.

“I see.”
“Because We were admitted after growing old.”
“That is still great.”
“It may seem an excuse but the day is too short for Us to earnestly enter the labyrinth. We tend to be busy with various matters.”

That is obvious.
You are the Emperor, after all.
On the contrary, I want to ask as to why do you even enter?

“Although Our official position is confidential, We have a duty of raising an heir.”

Ignoring We, Our and Us for a moment, is that the reason as to why he intends to keep it a secret?
For the time being, it seems better if I don’t know.
I don’t know.
I don’t know that this person is the Emperor.

“An heir?”
“Because there are teachings from Our ancestors which We have to pass on to Our descendents.”

I wonder.
It sounds like Uesugi Youzan, the benevolent feudal lord from Edo period.
‘The state is inherited from one’s ancestors and passed on to one’s descendants; it should not be administered selfishly.’ That guy.
Because the state is transmitted from the ancestors to the descendants, the rulers cannot do as they please is what I have heard.

Didn’t you want to say ‘Our state’?

“I don’t really get it but it sounds troublesome.”
“We could not enter the labyrinth earnestly after Our eldest child grew up to the age of 15 and became an adult. It has been a decade.”

He will be able to enter the labyrinth when the crown prince reaches the age when he can take over.
Mortality rate of infants in this world seems to be high.
Until he ensures that there is a successor, he cannot do as he pleases.

As per Appraisal, the Emperor is 39 years old.
If his child was 15 years old 10 years ago, then he must be 25 years old now.
Doesn’t this calculation seem off?

“Are you having suspicions?”
“You look too young for that.”
“You can say that. It was Our duty.”

Did you procreate at the age of 14?
Including one year of pregnancy period, he must have procreated when he was 13 years old.
Even if it is assumed that one turns adult at the age of 15, he procreated when he was 15 years old.
When an emperor turns 15 and becomes adult, does he receive a sex partner?

I am envious.
Actually, I am not sure whether I should be envious or not.
I have heard that having sex as a duty is toilsome.
T-There is no reason for me to be envious.

“Is that so? But why are you joining after getting old?”
“If We don’t exterminate the labyrinths, there is no meaning to Our life. Because Our child needs to grow to adulthood, we have to do it in their stead.”

The Emperor gives a heroic justification.
Being an emperor doesn’t seem to always be good.
Even the Duchess, Cassia, is like that. The nobles in this world seem to have noble thoughts.
Is everyone here like that?

“Shall we begin then?”

When I was puzzled after learning of his heroic resolve, Ester comes back.
Nice timing.

“Are we starting?”
“Everyone, wear this.”

The Baron is carrying while clothes.
And is wearing one himself.
It is an oversized T-shirt.
According to Appraisal, it seems to be called Dalmatic.

“It is commendable for Michio to recognize it. It is an equipment handed down in the society. It is required to be worn on the occasion of admission courtesy.”

Ester passes me the Dalmatic.

“I think I saw it somewhere.”
“It is the equipment one of our Wizards wears.”
“Ah, so it was that, huh?”

The Emperor and the other man are conversing.
Like I speculated, the other man is one of the Emperor’s officials.
Since he said ‘one of our Wizards’, are they both part of the same party?
Can other party members join, too?

“Put this on and head to the next room.”
“Baron, We heard that it is unusual for more than one person to join at the same time. Is that true?”

The Emperor asks Ester.

“That’s right. This is the first time more than one person are joining at the same time ever since I became the president.”

Okay, now that is something important.
Baron Ester seems to be the Empire Liberation Society’s President.
As a President, he is more than qualified to judge.

“As We thought, it is unusual, huh?”
“There are not many talented people appropriate for admission. There may almost be no precedent of three joining at the same time. As for you two, as you may be aware, it is a custom for the Imperial Guard to join together with the Emperor. It happened in the past, too.”

The other man is the Imperial Guard?
Since he is the one chosen from the Imperial Guards, he must be strong.
As you would expect from an emperor. They need to be guarded at all times.

There are no guards with the Duke and Baron here.
But they do have Sacrificial Misanga, so it should be alright, no?
I don’t care about the Duke, though.

“Uh, alright then. As for the order of joining, Michio should be first.”

After pondering over something, the Emperor announces.

“Because of Our occupation, we are not used to respecting others. We often look down on our companions. That is not supposed to be good. We want Michio to be admitted first, so that We respect him as Our senior brother 《senior》. This way, Our arrogant heart may soften up a bit. It is unusual for three to join at the same time, so this must be a kind of guidance, certainly.”

No, wait!
Even though what you said is absolutely wonderful.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person being respected.
My heart will not soften.
The Emperor must be aware of the situation of the person being respected from his experience.
Because it is natural for the Emperor to be respected, is that why he can maintain composure?

“Admirable resolve.”

Ester appreciates him.

“Is that so?”
“The order of joining will be Michio, Gaius and Carlos.”
“That is good.”

The order has been decided.
As if it were an Imperial decree.
The Emperor’s proposal must not be denied.

Actually, the Guard Carlos is in the last, after Gaius.
Is it unacceptable to show respect to a guard who accompanies you at all times?
Why don’t you have your way with your officials?

“Well then, once you have finished your preparations, come over.”

Since I can’t help it, I put the Dalmatic on top-down and move to the next room.
It is quite dark inside the neighboring room.
Only two thin candles are lit.

The two candlesticks are on a long and narrow table lying on which is a white cloth. Both the Duke and the Earl are on the other side.
Both of them have the Dalmatic on.
Ester goes to the other side and positions himself between the two.

“Close the door, please.”

Upon Ester’s request, the Emperor’s guard closes the door. The light from the previous room vanishes, making the room even darker.
The atmosphere feels occult.
Only the candlelight is illuminating the surroundings dimly.

“Michio, step forward.”

Upon the Baron’s instruction, I step forward to the front of the table.
At the same time, the Duke moves.
He shifts to the side of the table and puts equal distance between me and the Baron.

“We will now hold Michio’s initiation ceremony to the Empire Liberation Society. The referrer will address the referred.”
“I, Brocken, a member of the Empire Liberation Society, recognize the strength and the character of this person named Michio. I recommended him as I found him suitable to be a member of the Empire Liberation Society. Michio will bring new ideas and competition to the Empire Liberation Society. He will probably become a force in exterminating the monsters and the labyrinths.”
“I, Ester, confirmed Michio’s ability. If there is a person who objects his admission, come forward.”

Even if you say ‘a person who objects’, it is my first time meeting the people here beside the examiner and the referrer.
This speech is probably a part of the courtesy.

“Michio’s admission can be deemed unobjected.”

After waiting for a while, the other witness, the Earl, speaks.
Summing it up was his role, it seems.

“I acknowledge Michio’s admission to the Empire Liberation Society. Michio, repeat the words of oath after me.”

Is there even such a thing?

“I promise that as a member of the Empire Liberation Society, I will not neglect putting effort and devotion in exterminating the monsters and the labyrinths.”
“I, Michio, promise that as a member of the Empire Liberation Society, I will not neglect putting effort and devotion in exterminating the monsters and the labyrinths.”
“And I swear not to leak any internal information of the Empire Liberation Society.”
“And I swear not to leak any internal information of the Empire Liberation Society.”

I repeat Ester’s words and take the oath.
I don’t have any reservations about the content of the oath.

“The initiation ceremony is now over. Welcome to the Empire Liberation Society.”
“After the initiation ceremony for the remaining two people has been conducted, the new members will partake in the admission courtesy. You will have to confess one of your embarrassing sexual secrets. This courtesy is essential in order for you to reborn as a strong member of the Empire Liberation Society.”

Do we have to go so far as to partake in such a courtesy?
Confession will raise sense of solidarity which will enforce sense of belonging to the society, huh?
This initiation thing.
I have a lot of secrets.

“A secret?”
“Now that you have joined the Empire Liberation Society, it is against the rules to expose secrets. Because it will not leak outside this room not matter what kind of confession it is, rest assured. As for the referrer, because they are often close, it is possible to have them leave if you wish. As for the two in the back, think over what you will confess during the initiation ceremony.”
“Very well.”

The Emperor and the Guard answer.
Are you going to make even the Emperor confess?

Should I rather reveal that I came from Earth?
If I reveal that secret here, I can have only the Emperor, the Duke and the people here know about the secret without it leaking outside.
It may come in handy if something happens at some point in future.

However, they might consider it a joke if I said I came from another world.
Or if I revealed that I can cast magic even though I am an Adventurer.
It is possible to be verified without moving out of this place.
If I showed it in front of them, they would have to believe it, no?

“I have gotten tired of hearing confessions of not being able to stop masturbating. Keep in mind that until I recognize your confession, you will have to keep going.”

So It is like that.
It will not be acceptable if it is not an embarrassing sexual secret?
I wonder if something related to Sex Maniac would do.

There is a merit in sharing a secret with the Emperor or the Duke; however, exactly what kind of secret, it is difficult to decide.
If there is a research institution in the Empire’s infrastructure relating to fighting against the labyrinths, it may be sent there as research material.
Confessing a normal secret should be fine.

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