E? Heibon desu yo?? Chapter 14

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Lady Mystia of the Water 1


My name is, Mystia.

Spirits have attributes, and reside as elements in all matter in the world.

Within those, the elements that become the foundation are the four great elements.


The four great elements consist of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, these four elements.

And, the one that supervises all of the elements, is the Spirit King.

And under him, each element is ruled by a king.

As for me, In the Four Great Elements, out of those that govern water,  I am a high-ranking water spirit.


My competency at controlling water places me as the third strongest among the spirits.

Since my ability was credited as such, I received the title Lady of the Water. [Lonjest: better than water lady, it felt so wrong: p]

“You’re considered a ‘lady’ by your family?”, an insolent fellow asked at first.


They said I had the same properties as water; calm and kind from the heart, to the beautiful me the impudent child said.

Recently, those that were impudent have started to realise my greatness, giving them shivers and great joy.

What cute children.

So whenever they come, I do my best to prepare for it.

Being popular is hard work.


The spirits’ role is to maintain the world’s uniformity.


A spirit can create harmony with nature with just their presence.


Therefore, they are allowed to go freely anywhere in the universe.

Spirits have humanoid bodies, but they don’t need to live like humans so they don’t have a lot to do.

Speaking of things to do, I show those that hurt my family about what it feels like to want death so much that they will even wish for the end of the world.

You will get to play the role of helping me kill time, isn’t that a great honour? Be thankful.


Well, in other words, I have nothing to do.

We who live for a very long time, tend to get very bored.


So we bless humans.


Spirits give humans their power, humans help spirits have fun.

It is a give and take relationship.  


Myself, there is a child of man whom i gave my blessing to.


At first, it was just on a whim.

I blessed a child of man on a whim.

The small child had a problem with the status quo, but he could only struggle.

That way of thinking was interesting.

Well, if he started getting boring I could just stop blessing him.

I am famous for being whimsical even among the spirits.


But that didn’t come to happen.


The more that small child grew, the more interesting he became.

Human lives pass in an instant compared to us spirits.

Within that instant, to make proof of their existence.


That is their way of life.


That’s why humans are so interesting.


Because whether it is in a good sense or a bad sense, they can overturn my predictions.


The name of the human child I blessed, is called Sirius Leodole


But I never expected that I would end up involved with a species who can go through metempsychosis.


Sirius is in charge of the tutoring of a noble’s cute daughter.


(Today I am going to test Liliana-sama’s magic. While it is a simple task of creating ripples in a pond, be prepared for anything to happen, Mystia.)


I receive a telepathic message from Sirius.

A blessed human child and spirit can converse what they are thinking without speaking.

That is, telepathy.

But still, he has been impudent since he was little, yet he still hasn’t fixed that.

But now he is keeping a former appearance, so what am I talking about?

That is, my conversation with Sirius using telepathy tells the true feelings of the heart.

So it is not possible to keep appearances.

While I’m admiring the noble’s daughter, I suddenly sensed a large torrent of magic power from the lake.

It’s strong enough that it wouldn’t be strange if it formed a powerful tornado.

At this rate, it will begin rampaging.


(This is bad, Mystia!)


Sirius’ telepathic message rings in my head.

I use my own power to interfere with the water.


(Leave it to me! I’ll suppress it!!)


I, on top of the water surface, as if picking up an invisible weight, exert my power.

Even though I’m suppressing it, the water surface bubbles as if the water is boiling.


(Ku-, this is pretty difficult)

(Are you okay, Mystia!)

(Who do you think I am. I’m worthy of being bestowed the title of Lady of the Water by the fourth God, the water spirit Mystia-sama!)


When I look at the noble daughter, she is concentrating so much that she doesn’t realise her surroundings.

She’s still imagining.


Treating the tumult nearby as if it was nothing, such great willpower.

But that will end up hurting her.

If I could, by having her stop concentrating, this torrent of magic power might disappear.

But I am a spirit.

From what I can tell, I can only do that by blessing her.

So the noble daughter won’t notice my form or voice, I can’t contact her at all.

The only person who can stop her, Sirius, was hit by the strong magic power and can’t speak, much less get near.

Even through that, he continues frantically trying to stop the noble girl, but it’s taking all his energy to just stay conscious it seems.

Sirius’ magic power would be at the level of not being high or low, if not for my blessing.


Since I’m concentrating all my power into suppressing, it’s inevitable that Sirius would end up hit by the huge torrent of magic power.


While a human, being able to bring out such overwhelming power.

As expected of the noble girl.


(Now, listen to what I say! My cute children of water!!)


I borrow the power of the nearby water spirits, and the water covers the noble girl like ivy, breaking apart the huge magic power, dispersing.

I conduct the lake to its usual stillness.

I somehow managed to suppress the water, without bringing shame to the name of high-ranking water spirits.


(Well done, Mystia.)

(That’s obvious. Who do you think I am?)


It seems that Sirius’ body is finally free.

It’s too bad that he’s as conceited as always.


「I request the lake’s surface to create ripples!」


The adorable noble girl finally said her wish, and will probably open her eyes.


Of course, because I dispersed her magic power, the rippleless lake spread across her field of view, as it did before she started using the magic.




The noble girl hung her head as she looked at the state of the lake.


Since it was me, it ended well, but if it was a weaker spirit then it would have been very dangerous.

But still, as expected of me.

I did a good job.

Of course, today’s magic lesson is over.

I refuse to suppress another torrent of magic power that strong.

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