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1st Volume, 13th Chapter 【That Which must be Protected】

This time, it’s rather long. (Author’s note)

I ran and ran inside the forest which didn’t even have an animal trail.
After getting scratched by the twigs, my body was lacerated all over; however, it didn’t matter.

I caught up with the figure running in front of me and called out when I was by the side of the figure; Lim, that was.

「Don’t be so reckless.」
「——!? ……Un」

After receiving a short reply, I searched for the signs of the two who had preceded us, remaining vigilant of the surroundings all the while.

An ear piercing roar, like a distant thunder, resounded.
The vibrating air was forcing the blood flowing inside my body to resonate.
Having sensed the abnormality, my heart accelerated the blood circulation, quickening my heartbeat.

「——That way.」

My eyes met Lim’s. No sooner, we rushed toward the epicentre of the roar from awhile ago.
I don’t want to overthink, however……the roar——sounded overlapping.

A bad premonition……almost always comes to pass.
Terribly enough, there existed a pair (duet).

When the thickly grown trees and shrubs thinned, two red silhouettes could be seen.
As for their height……it seemed to be about 4m.

Somewhat……they resembled the 『Red Ogre』 from the folktale. (TN: The red ogre, blue ogre tale. Can also be found in Ore Monogatari)
Their face looked like a human’s; their eyes cloudy and stagnant; tusks protruding out of their mouth; their body dyed red as if with blood.
Their clothing minimal; only a piece of skin wrapped around their waist……Eh? What they were grasping in their hand was a club far, far bigger than the one which the Orcs had.

And finally, their most distinguishing feature was a huge horn growing on their head.
An ogre, indeed.

I remember seeing this several cm thick horn on the guild’s tradeable materials list.

There were two more rather familiar silhouettes.
Bays-san and Arnold-san.
Actually……there was one more figure, which was unfamiliar, belonging to a female.

I see. She must be the friend of that adventurer duo. A rank D……She was sitting tight on the ground, her body trembling.

「Yareyare. Eventually, all the members are here. In the capacity of an examiner, I can’t give you appreciative assessment, however……in all honesty, I’m grateful. It’s quite difficult to escape from two monsters.」
「Earlier, didn’t I tell you to run away? ……Even so, you are here, Seiji.」

Having already retracted open hostility, the Blood Ogres had a perplexed expression about their face upon the arrival of the reinforcements.

「What you said were but words, Arnold-san……Being a father, you were well aware of how your daughter would act. Please don’t go running around with your life in your hands.」

Saying that much, I pulled the baselard out of its sheath and held it just above midsection.


「——Lim, stay together with that woman.」
「……I’ll fight, too.」
「Listen to me!」

After all, these enemies were a bit too much for Lim.
When I raised my voice, Lim didn’t resist any further. She hurried to the woman and lent her a shoulder for her to stand up.

——Well then, let’s do this!
I lined up next to Bays-san and Arnold-san, keeping the enemies from focus-targeting.

First things first. Their skills……
《Stick Arts Lv2 (37/50)》
《Vitality Enhancement Lv2 (32/50)》
Damn……They’re high.
With their body covered in thick muscles, their physical abilities must naturally be considerable, too.
To tell you the truth, I could feel cold sweat running down my back.

《Vitality Enhancement》——enhances self-healing ability.


「Even if you injure the Blood Ogres, they immediately heal themselves. Moreover, their blood contains a paralytic poison, so please be careful not to come in contact with their blood. It can even penetrate through the skin.」

As expected of Bays-san. His knowledge about monsters is abundant. I’m not sure whether it’s due to him being a staff member of the guild or a former adventurer. However, I’m thankful for the information on the monsters I’m encountering for the first time.
The healing injuries part must be related to Vitality Enhancement.

Thus far, I haven’t stolen a skill with the objective of defeating a monster.

However, an enemy is, in the end, an enemy.
All that can be stolen will be stolen.
I’ll weaken them as much as I can and then kill them after I strip them naked.
Although the success rate is low, this skill is effective in battle, nonetheless.
The skill constitution of the second one must be the same but let’s confirm just in case.

……What the-

《Stick Arts Lv2 (36/50)》
《Vitality Enhancement Lv2 (31/50)》
《Bond of Blood (Blood Alliance) Lv2 (12/50)》

As for the first two skills, although the skill points were slightly different, there was not much difference.
The main issue was the third one.

Somehow……it’s the same as mine.
I don’t mean exactly ‘same’; however, like in my case, it has a pseudonym attached.
Is it a rare skill?

《Bond of Blood (Blood Alliance)》——In the event of a comrade’s death, all the abilities shall increase in level.

……This skill is quite dicey.
In order for visual confirmation to be possible, I’ll have to kill the other one. This time, however, the priority is to win.

It’ll be a waste but I’ll have to kill this one first.
However, no can say……as to how the actual battle will unfold.

「It was a good decision to have Lim-san pull back. A Blood Ogre will be a difficult opponent for her. Arnold-san and I will hold back one monster each. Since you have shown to be more flexible, you will be acting as a shortstop, interrupting both——please!」

That’s what I wanted.
……The moment I find a gap, I’ll steal their skills!

The two red ogres roared and simultaneously rushed onward, their gigantic bodies leaning forward.
Defying their weight, which shouldn’t be light, they chomped the distance in a moment.
Their clubs aiming at us——

——We weren’t kind enough as to wait for them to swing it down.
I leapt back while the other two sprang left and right, dodging the attack.

The one with the rare skill was facing Arnold-san.
Bays-san took on the other one.

Other than the the club hitting the ground, there was rigoring silence.
Unaffected, Arnold-san kicked with all his might.
The low kick from a thoroughly trained body of a beastkin contained tremendous power.

The ankle of the Blood Ogre, which was thick like a log, trembled upon impact as a cracking sound reverberated.
If it were me……my ankle would have broken, surely.
Staggering, his enemy got down to one knee which he followed up with the lopping curved sword.
However, it was blocked by the club. It was put to an end by sheer strength.

As it is, whether I, who possess Physical Abilities Enhancement skill, will be able to match their naturally pure strength or not, there’s no knowing.
The ankle, which should have been badly injured, had healed between attack and defense as it calmly got up on its feet as if nothing happened.

Bays-san mowed the short spear slantingly down. For the second strike, he rotated the spear and struck with the extraordinary centrifugal force.
Both the strikes were blocked but the combo had yet to end. The third strike, a full powered stab, successfully penetrated into the enemy’s body.

However, due to its thick skin and muscles, it couldn’t penetrate deep into the body.

In order to remove the annoying protuberance stuck into its body, the Blood Ogre stretched its hand and shook it off to pull the spear out.
Its blood gushed out. Immediately after, however, it came to a stop as its wound gradually shrank.

Hey, that natural healing ability is not acting its level!

I can’t be the only one to cower facing the oppressive Blood Ogres.
With this, almost everything had been visually confirmed.
Even if the enemies weakened out of nowhere, I wouldn’t necessarily be suspected amidst the ongoings.
——All that can be stolen will be stolen.


I walloped the ground with my leg, which had stiffened under anxiety, and galloped to the battlefield
As a shortstop, I threw myself into the 2-on-2 battle.

First, I decided to focus on Bays-san’s enemy. Slipping through the whirlwinds from the reeling spear and club, I closed in on the enemy’s flank.


I slipped the baselard, which I was grasping in my right hand, into its flesh and slid it.
With a metal grating *gigigigi*sound, I drew a slash. However, it hardly left any gash.
Just how hard is its skin? Or rather, its muscles.
So much so that I could hardly reach its organs.

On the contrary……If I do it poorly, the sword may end up broken.
However……——I have successfully stolen one.

Vitality Enhancement……If mastered, this skill would truly become inhuman.
With this……the injuries of this fellow won’t heal anymore.


After landing with a side slashing stance, I moved perpendicularly.
This time, I’ll plunder the one possessing the rare skill.

Since it’s covered in thick skin and bulky muscles, I have to attack where it’s weak——its neck.

The rare skill ogre, who was engaged in the battle with Arnold-san, smacked the club mercilessly.
The moment it was drawn to the limit, he parried it with the curved sword.
Such a meaty sword, the blade of which was about 1m long, is fitting for a beastkin.
Even the Sword Arts skill of Arnold-san is considerable.

Shifting the trajectory, I ran over the sunk in club. Then, stepping on the enemy’s arm, I jumped.

Reaching the neck of an over 4m high body in a breath, I stabbed the sword in with all my might.

*guburi*……Although my palm could feel it pushing through the flesh, I knew it wasn’t over yet.

「Not yeeet!」

When I was trying to push it further in, the Blood Ogre hurriedly shook its arm off in order to squash me.
Before it could pettanko (flatten) me, I pulled the sword out, landed on the ground and opened up the distance.

……Was I able to steal nothing from this fellow?
With this, the number of times the skill had been invoked was 4.
With a success rate of merely 30%……there’s no helping it.
I knew it. With the success rate this low, it wouldn’t work when it mattered the most.

Now then, what do I do?

Leaving the one with the rare skill for last would be troublesome; therefore, I have to finish it off first. However, it still has Vitality Enhancement skill left.
The wound on its neck had already stopped bleeding.

After killing the other one that has weakened, the three of us should be able to encircle this fellow……I think. Although all of its abilities will supposedly increase in level……there must be a limitation.

We have the advantage of numbers——so there shouldn’t be any problem.

「——The healing of this Blood Ogre seems to have dulled. Compared to awhile back, it’s powerless; therefore, we should concentrate our power on the remaining one.」

At Bays-san’s words, Arnold-san and I nodded.
Due probably to the wound on its neck, the enemy wavered, resulting in its strike slipping through. Without a moment’s delay, we chipped in the offensive on the weakened Blood Ogre.


The howling short spear tore into the Blood Ogre’s leg.
Thereafter, with the enemy’s stance disrupted, Arnold-san and I rushed on vigorously.
After a number of sword strikes, its right hand, which it was wielding the club in, hurled into the air, severed.
The offensive had yet to end, of course.

The three of us launched the finishing strikes synchronously.
Two aimed at its heart.
While I at its neck.

Stepping on Arnold-san’s shoulder, I reached sufficient height.

「Here goes the first one!」

Having received the feedback of muscles severing, I swang the baselard with all my might and pulled it out.
At that moment, following an unpleasant ‘bekyo!’ sound, something surged up my palm.
A foreboding sensation of metal snapping.

The parting gift I received from Jig-san……from the base——came apart!

And there’s one more monster still left……Fuck!
I clicked my tongue soundlessly and rushed down to the two.


——Right then.

An agonizing metallic cry resounded. A reflexive impulse to cover my ears assaulted me.
The Blood Ogre, which was supposed to be dead, no idea how or why, pushed the spear and the sword sticking into its chest further in, and spat more than a mouthful of blood into the air.
Enshrouding us in the fog of blood.

「Shi……Guys! Please get away, quick!」

Upon Bays-san’s words, everyone got away.
Even so, our bodies were already drenched. Damn it!

「……Kuh- my body- numb……」

Groaning, the two leaked out such words.
Ah……Paralytic poison!?
That it didn’t work on me……Was that due to Abnormal Status Resistance skill?

That was probably its last struggle. The Blood Ogre collapsed onto the ground and ceased moving.

This is bad……

「Gi……Gi- gurua- gugaaaaaaaaa!!」

Resounded a cry that could freeze the blood flowing inside one’s body.
The state of the remaining monster……was strange.

Its bright red skin turned dark red. Its red horn was dyed jet black.
I could feel the intimidating air on my skin.
Hey……it’s not a different monster, is it?

——Is it……《Bond of Blood (Blood Alliance)》’s effect?

Still, still——
If the three of us challenged it in perfect condition, we could win.


Visibly maddened, the monster howled and charged at us.
With two of us paralyzed, we won’t be able to cope with it, surely.
If that’s the case……I shouldn’t go, right?

Totally unarmed, I went to confront the Blood Ogre.
I had no intention of clashing head on, of course.
However, I had now visually confirmed the rare skill.
If……if only——I somehow manage to steal it.

Slipping through the blow encapsulating its increased strength and speed, I managed to touch the body of the enemy, somehow.

However——it resulted in failure.

For a moment, I was forced to stop and think.
So……is there really no way to turn it around?

The enemy, the power of whose was not abating in the least, opened a fierce attack on the two behind me.
The two picked their weapons back up. However, they didn’t seem as agile.

——First hit.

———Second hit.

——————Third hit.

After getting thrashed by the club and flicked into the air, the bodies of the two cruelly crashed into the tree trunks.

「——Stop it, you! You goddamned ogre, aaah!」

That was a lack of plan.
Hitting barehanded was foolish.

To hit the Blood Ogre hard, I raised my fist overhead and threw myself into it.

Unfortunately, however, I ate a direct hit of the side sweeping club. Just like a ball, I bounced off and tumbled onto the ground.
I felt an acute pain of bones breaking.

「——Ow~~! Gu……a」

However, I wasn’t dead yet.
It was an opportune decision to have had a proper armor made.

Not far, Arnold-san and Bays-san could be seen, collapsed.


Lim ran up to Arnold-san.
Even though I told her to stay back……
Better yet, Lim and that adventurer woman should already have run away.

「Gu……u……? Ha……Lim, run- away. Don’t mind me.」
「No……no……Don’t leave……don’t leave me alone……」

Trying hard to breathe, Arnold-san coughed up blood and dyed the ground red.
His arm was crooked, his leg bleeding.

「……No……no way……never……Noooo!」

She screamed in denial.
She was wailing.

The air about Lim changed completely.
There was no change in her appearance, however……something felt off.

By the grace of the skill stolen from the Blood Ogre, my body seemed to have recovered to the point of moving.
I have no idea as to what she intends to do……

「Hey, Lim, what ar——……」

The moment I tried to grab the arm of Lim who was walking unsteadily *furufuru* toward the Blood Ogre——
Her fist cut through the air.

Had I not evaded, it would surely have hit my face.
This……Don’t tell me——


I couldn’t bear to look at Lim, who was visibly in pain, as she dashed straight to the Blood Ogre.


This is perhaps the effect of……《Bersekification》. (TN: Changed Berserkization to Berserkification)
As for the invocation condition, it may vary depending on the circumstances of acquisition of this a posteriori skill.
It was probably when her village was invaded that she first acquired this skill.
If that’s the case……then, is having your closed one’s life exposed to danger the invocation condition……?

No, it’s not the time to think. If I don’t stop her——



Lim’s fist crashed into the Blood Ogre’s abdomen as a bam resounded.
Followed by a roundhouse kick, followed by a palm heel; she attacked the enemy incessantly.

Although the person loses reasoning……Berserkification somehow grants the person incredible power.

Unfortunately, she was still lacking to be this Blood Ogre’s opponent.
Besides, no matter how you looked at it, Lim’s body was taking the toll.

「Seiji……please. Take Lim and escape.」
「If she continued to fight in this state, she would collapse before long……Please.」
「But then, what of you two……?」
「Don’t……mind us, please. Miserable it may be……but that’s an adventurer’s life; full of dangers. Please train well and grow into a fine adventurer. You have our best wishes.」

……Why do you two have to try so badly to look cool?

But you know what?
I’m infected with this disease, too.

It’s natural to be attracted to ‘cool’.
When you were young, didn’t you unconditionally long for ‘cool’?
Even when you grew up, you had a trace of it left somewhere.
However, when you realized that they were nothing but wild delusions……deep down your heart……it hurt.

They were wild delusions……only because they couldn’t be realized.

They 『were』.

Now, however, making those wild delusions a reality is no longer a dream.
……So then, would it be wise if I ran away?

No, that’s not what I longed for.
If I turned my back……the disease I’m infected with would die.

——If I did……wouldn’t I be a boring normie?

I firmly refuse!

For me——

For my sake——

I can’t run away from this place.

……After all, I have to look cool.

「Arnold-san, there’s one thing……which I would like to try. And regardless of the result……I will have to borrow your sword——」

I have 《Sword Arts Lv2 (25/50)》. If I could add his——


The toll on Lim’s body had surpassed her limit. The Blood Ogre started to press her. Having received a hit of the club, her body was sent flying.

Somehow, I caught her midair and landed safely.
I pulled Lim, who was still riotous, into my embrace, caressed her head and told her ‘it’s okay’ many times over.
Having gradually regained her calm, Lim collapsed after the backlash of the toll kicked in.

Laying her beside Arnold-san, I spoke a few words of gratitude.

「Lim, you did well……Next time, you won’t have to lose your closed ones. I won’t let it happen.」

I turned around to face the howling Blood Ogre and held the large curved sword up.

……It’s alright. My body can keep up with this Lv.

「——Is this what you call breaking through the barrier?」

「Guruaa! Buguruaaaagaaaaaaaa!!」

「You have gotten more noisy than awhile back……don’t you think? 《Bond of Blood (Blood Alliance)》……huh? Even though I have failed to steal it, doesn’t mean I don’t have other skills——」

Without averting my eyes from the enemy which had turned dark red, I spoke filled with confidence.

「Your face is flushed red——I see. Are you mad that your partner is dead?」

——An air trembling roar resounded, kicking the battle to death off.

「……It’s finale!!」

Name: Seiji・Agatsuma
Race: Human
Age: 18
Job: Adventurer (Rank E+)
Unique: Scholar’s Knowledge
・Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper) Lv2 (8/50)
・Physical Abilities Enhancement Lv3 (5/150)
・Sword Arts Lv3 (5/150)
・Abnormal Status Resistance Lv2 (2/50)
・Stick Arts Lv1 (7/10)
・Vitality Enhancement Lv2 (32/50)

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