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Dwarf Killer

“All the members’ admission has been accepted securely. The admission courtesy is now over.”

Ester declares the conclusion of the admission courtesy for all the members.
Is it finally over?
It was longer and more tiresome than I thought.
In particular, mentally.

“Gentlemen, congratulations on your admission.”
“We seek the power to exterminate the monsters and the labyrinths.”

The Earl and the Duke line up next to the Baron like before.
The Earl welcomes us properly.
I also straighten my back.
I don’t want to stand next to the Emperor, though.

“For those who have joined safely, I will be teaching you the hand sign.”
“Hand sign?”
“It is a sign to show you are a member of the Empire Liberation Society. You can use it when you need help from a member and you aren’t sure whether that person is member or not. This is the hand sign.”

Ester forms a cross with his hands in front of his body, the palm of his left hand against the back side of his right upper arm.
Is there such a sign?

“Is this good enough?”

The Emperor mimics it.

“Stretch your right arm. Like this.”
“Is it done like this?”

I give it a try.

“When I am not acquainted with someone and I want to recommend them to the Liberation Society, I show them this sign and see their reaction.”

Which means that I should have seen it already.
When I look at the Duke, surprised, he nods.

“I did that, too.”

I seemed to be tested as well.
I don’t remember when he showed it to me, though.
It is a pretty difficult to understand sign..
If you didn’t know whether the person is a member of the society or not, you would feel unease since it would be unwise to leak the secret of being a member.

“When someone shows you this sign, you return the same sign to them. When you are called for help, respond positively. I want you to support within your ability for the sake of camaraderie amongst the members.”
“I understand.”

For the time being, I should nod.
It is possible that I may need help.
I doubt, though, that I will be using it much.

“However, it is strictly prohibited to abuse it.”
“That’s right.”
“Also, there is a general meeting held every winter. Although there is no obligation for first and second ranked members to attend, I would like you to actively participate.”

Will there be such a troublesome general meeting after becoming a member?
Oh well. I expected such a thing.
And there is no obligation to attend.

“We have heard it is held around the same time as the lords’ conference.”
“That’s right. It is convenient since we gather at the same place and many of us are members. You can drop at the lodge and enquire from the clerk about the exact date.”
“Will it be difficult to participate for Us?”

The Emperor interrupts.
Is there such a thing as the lords’ conference?
Many from the noble circle seem to be the members.

I guess there are many nobles, like Cassia and the Emperor, who have a sense of duty toward defeating the labyrinths.
The nobles’ children create parties when they are still infant; however, only the rest of the members enter the labyrinth, forging purely the cultivation.
Only the children of the nobles and the rich can become Wizards. It is also the reason why the nobility and the affluent are stronger.

The nobles seem to gather for the lords’ conference. At the same time, the members, who are part of the Empire Liberation Society, meet.
Via [Field Walk], they can gather anytime; however, since they will already be in the Imperial Capital for the lords’ conference, it will be convenient.
It is a convenient schedule.
The lords’ conference must be held in the Imperial Capital, of course.

However, the Emperor tends to seemingly be busy at that time.
Come to think of it, he would most likely be the organizer of the lord’s conference.
There would be various reports to listen to.
Being an emperor is difficult.

“Although it will take a while, if you break through 45th floor, the breakthrough examination will be conducted. Visit the lodge and inform the Secretary.”
“Breakthrough examination?”

Oh, there was that, too.
It is decades ahead, though.

“Then, does Brocken need to add anything?”
“If you are able to challenge beyond 50th floor, you should inform the secretary of the labyrinth you enter.”

The Duke adds to it.
It doesn’t concern me.
As a member of the Empire Liberation Society, it will be easy to gain recognition if you defeat a labyrinth.
If the Emperor were to defeat a labyrinth, no one would doubt even if they didn’t know as to which labyrinth he entered.

“Is there anything Vice President Bruno wants to add?”

The barcode Earl, the policeman, seems to be the Vice President of the Empire Liberation Society.
Will this organization be alright?

“Nothing in particular. The Empire Liberation Society welcomes new members. Let’s work together and hone our skills in order to eventually exterminate the monsters and the labyrinths.”
“With this, the initiation ceremony and the admission courtesy comes to an end.”

The President and Vice President concludes it.
Someone opens the door brightens the room.
It really seems to be over, finally.

“Bring the clothes you borrowed over.”

The Earl, who had taken off the Dalmatic, quickly calls out to us.
I take the Dalmatic off and hand it over to the Earl.

“Now then, let’s move to another room and have a toast. All the members, come.”

Ester shouts after taking the Dalmatic off.
It is time for nominication. (TN: Drinking + Communication)
It is that, after all, huh?
21st century Japan had it. This world seems to have it, too.

“Because We lack time, excuse Us.”
“It is alright.”

The Emperor and the Earl talk while he was handing the Dalmatic over.

“Although it tends to be a big banquet, we will only be having a light toast today.”

The Duke comes beside me and explains the Emperor’s and the Earl’s conversation in private.
I see.
Indeed. Since the Emperor is busy, he won’t have time for a big banquet.
Our gracious Emperor.

“Is that so?”
“Because Michio has joined safely, I want to host a small banquet at my house. How about in around 10 days’ time?”
“Then, in the evening 10 days from now, come along with all your party members.”

While following behind Ester after leaving the room, I talk with the Duke.
He recommended me, after all. It would be impolite if I refused.
It isn’t like I have a reason to refuse in the first place.

“I was waiting for you. Did the initiation ceremony end without any problem?”

After we pass through the corridor and descend downstairs, Sebastian was waiting.

“It has finished.”
“The room has been prepared. This way, please.”

Sebastien guides us quickly to the room.
The General Secretary opens the door to the room following which all the members go in.
It is the same wide luxurious room we used when I first visited this place.
If the Emperor is going to be present, it will of course be this magnificent room.

Ester moves to the other side of the table.
The Duke also leaves me side.
I wonder if the other side of the table is for high ranked seats.
The three nobles are on that side.

The new members are on this side, huh?
There really doesn’t seem to be any special treatment for the Emperor.
At the very least, the Emperor is seated in the centre while I at the edge.

“Dunkel for myself. Ask Brocken and Bruno for what they would like. And one each of Dwarf Killer and Stark Seltzer for the new members.”

Baron Ester is seated in the centre at the other side of the table.
Well, he is the President, after all.


Having received the orders, Sebastian leaves the room.
Is there such a drink called Dwarf Killer?

“As for the new members, if you can drink alcohol, drink Dwarf Killer. If you can’t Drink Stark Seltzer. Take it home with you if you don’t want to drink.”

It is said that dwarves drink alcohol in place of water.
This one seems to be able to waste dwarves.
It is very strong, I guess.
The new members’ bullying doesn’t seem to have ended with just the confession.

“Stark Seltzer?”

Even though Stark Seltzer is an alternative to Dwarf killer, one who doesn’t drink alcohol should still be careful.
It is part of the new members’ bullying, surely.

Sebastian returns soon after and serves the drinks.
I am sure both the Dwarf Killer and the Stark Seltzer had been prepared beforehand.
Is bullying the new members a custom?

“This is Dwarf Killer and this one is Stark Seltzer.”

Two small jars have been placed in front of each of us.
It isn’t bisque but a glazed jar.
It has a luxurious feeling to it.

“We still have work to do after this.”

The Emperor picks Stark Seltzer up.
The guard, too, pick up Stark Seltzer.
They won’t be able to do their job if they are drunk, I guess.

“Same for me, too, then.”
“Why!? Why is nobody trying Dwarf Killer? Don’t remove the cork yet.”

When I pick Stark Seltzer up, Ester warns.
I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid drinking it.
It is Dwarf Killer, after all.
It must be lethal for humans.

Maybe the name is just for show and it isn’t that strong?
Or, is Stark Seltzer perhaps the new members’ bullying in actuality?
Is it possible to be direct here?

“If you remove the cork, drink it in one gulp.”
“You should shake the jar before drinking it.”

Instructions on how to drink it were given by the Baron and the Duke.
Shake the jar?
The Duke is so brutal.

“Then, to celebrate the admission and the future of the new members. Cheers!”

The President toasts with everyone.
I remove the cork and pour some in my mouth.

It is carbonated water.
It really was carbonated water all along.
Bubbles pop inside my mouth.

It is quite strong.
It feels like cheaply sold Cola imported from America.

But it tastes like water, not Cola.
It contains no sugar.
It is merely carbonated water.

“Gaius should know about it; however, Michio, did you know about it, too?”

As I drank Stark Seltzer without a surprised expression, Ester asks.

“I didn’t know about it but I drank something similar back in the days. It wasn’t as strong as this, though.”
“Although it is the same spring water, it is certainly stronger than the rest.”

Does the carbonated water spring out naturally?
At any rate, they would perhaps mock the person who drank it for the first time.
It is mischievous no less.

“Should I have chosen Dwarf Killer, after all?”
“Dwarf Killer is a strong liquor, too. I have never heard of a person who can drink the jar in one gulp. It won’t be easy for dwarves either.”

Whichever drink I chose, it would be a trap, huh?
So evil.

“We have heard a story that a dwarf downed Dwarf Killer in one go. We would like to meet such a brave person if they exist.”
“I don’t know either. There is no one amongst the elves who can.”

The Emperor and The Duke don’t know anyone either.
Just because they can drink doesn’t make them that great.
It just means that they don’t have that many dwarf acquaintances.

“Don’t tell me that Sherry ordered it.”

I confirm with Sebastian.
Perhaps, Sherry is drinking Dwarf Killer in the reference room.
I would be troubled if she drank such a strong liquor and acted violently.

“Sherry-sama said that Dwarf Killer might affect her work and said that just water would be fine.”

Might, she said?
It is her day off, though, not work.
Well, her water may not necessarily be H2O.
It is a reply that can be taken in more than one ways.

“As expected of senior brother. You know such a bold person.”
“Not really. I don’t know whether she can drink it in one go or not.”
“It is on the level of ‘might affect her work’.”

I knew someone would delve in it
However, I have a bad feeling about letting the small breast loving M Emperor meet Sherry.

“I wonder about that.”
“Will it be bad for Us to meet her?”
“Sebastian, can you please do me a favor and check if Sherry is free.”

Because the Emperor started being disquieting, I ask Sebastian.
Albeit rotten, he is the Emperor.
I would be troubled if he felt offended.
I can’t not change my attitude.

A wise man changes his mind, a fool never. A fool puts on a 《new》 face.
A splendid person reforms his attitude, a person who isn’t fixes but the appearance.

I didn’t order her to come here.
If Sherry declines on account of being busy, no one will raise their brows.
A competent General Secretary must surely be able to read the mood.

“Did you call for me?”

Despite that, Sebastian brings Sherry right away.
I should have expected the General Secretary to be on the Emperor’s side.
And it was fast, too.
I wonder if he hurried her up.

Nothing particularly changed as I take a look at the Emperor.
Be glad, Sherry.
It looks like you didn’t pass the Emperor’s small breasts exam.
The Earl guy would be like ‘Jesus! Lolita no touch!’

“Ah. Sherry, do you know of a liquor called Dwarf Killer?”
“Yes, it is famous amongst dwarves. Even when I used to drink together with my grandfather, I didn’t drink that liquor as much. It is a delicious liquor that burns your throat.”

Didn’t Sherry’s grandfather pass away a long time ago?
Yet they used to drink together?
I have heard that this world doesn’t have any minor drinking prohibitive law.
Is the phrase ‘burns the throat’ used to describe how good a liquor is?

“This one here is Dwarf Killer. Do you think you can drink it?”
“I don’t think this quantity will have much of an effect.”
“Th-Then, do you want to try it?”

I hand it to Sherry.
You rejected it in the reference room because you were afraid of the effect. Just how much did you plan on drinking?

“Is it alright? Isn’t it an expensive liquor?”
“Drink it in one gulp.”
“Then, I will accept it with thanks.”

Sherry removes the cork and swills the liquor down directly from the jar.
As if I quenching her thirst with water, she chugs it down just like that.

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