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1st Volume, 14th Chapter 【The Conclusion】

——Just like I thought.

After my Sword Arts skill had reached Lv2, the skill points of Sword Arts Lv1 skills stolen from Smagobs started accumulating.
Arnold-san’s Sword Arts skill stood at Lv2 (20/50)——After adding Lv1 (10/10), the accumulated skill points reached a total of 30.
……It turned out well.

Let’s try——the power of Sword Arts Lv3.

With my eyes affixed, I grasped the curved sword firmly with both my hands.
Since this enemy had no skill for me to steal, there was no need for me to have one of my hands free.
In the first place, this sword was meant to be wielded in both hands.
The blade alone measured 1m. Combined with the hilt, it reached 1.20m.

The wound on my body had considerably recovered.
Although I only had gratitude for Vitality Enhancement skill, the speed of recovery wasn’t same as the Blood Ogres’ from awhile ago.
Because their natural healing ability is superior to mine, a human’s, is that why?
Oh well. It’s not like I’m contending with this fellow in a fair competition, so there’s no problem.
……All I have to do is to keep myself from getting hit.


Keeping the bare minimum air in my lungs and blowing the rest out, I closed in.
With my eyes affixed, I charged at the opponent undauntedly.

I didn’t want to involve those behind me.
In order to restrict the enemy’s movement, I scraped the flesh on its thigh, launching a combo with the curved sword.
I slashed its muscles, which had swelled as if its stats had increased upon leveling up, with the second strike while we crossed each other.


Having gotten slashed twice at exactly the same spot, its muscles ruptured as the toughness of its flesh gave in.
How do I put it……The sword……felt so familiar as if it were an extension of my arm.

With more power——
With more precision——
And with more speed——
I hit——the enemy.

The enemy’s rage erupted as it violently swept the club it was wielding over.
The violent sweep created a whirlwind which could pulverize anyone who stood in its way.
If I had only sheer willpower, I would be no match for it.
However……I have no intention of losing.

Without a care, I stepped into the circumference which the sweeping club of the Blood Ogre created with itself at the centre.
I didn’t take on the vector of the force from the front. I dodged the attack completely by tilting.
It whistled past my ear. Immediately after, an infringing cloud of dust rose by my side.

Each of the blows was heavier than the last.
However, after a number of blows——


With a thud, the huge club fell onto the ground, rolling.
The opponent, not knowing as to what had happened, got up and checked its right fist which it was grasping the club with.

Five fingers which should have been there.
——Were nowhere to be found.

「Are you looking for something? ——You lost your club……? You dropped it there.」

The enemy turned slightly rigid.
Meanwhile, I supplied oxygen to my body which was breathless after such an intense workout.

Silence ensued. Shortly after, the place was filled once again with intimidating, growling sound.
The growls carried anger……and a tinge of fear.

The fingers, which should have regenerated by now, didn’t. Enraged, the enemy recklessly brandished its right arm.
For the attack was reckless, it didn’t feel threatening.
However, it didn’t forget to pick the club back up with its left arm.

While dodging the recklessly brandished right arm, I positioned the sword overhead, raised a foot lightly and bounded off, closing the distance.
I brandished the held aloft sword to mercilessly severe the opponent’s left wrist which was trying to pick the club up.
However, I couldn’t cut it off in one strike. Since it was a severing motion, the hilt of the sword was now upturned to its left hand——so I inverted the blade of the sword.

Within point one second of slashing from overhead, I slashed back from below.
The sword’s jaw crunched the same spot of the opponent’s wrist, cutting it off halfway.

With this, it’ll be impossible for it to hold the club.

However, it was not over yet.

Advancing a step, I dealt the finishing strike from overhead, completely severing the wrist.


Secret Technique——《Blooming Flowers (Hundred Breaker)》

I’m not pleased with the processing capability of my brain.
At most, it should be 《Three Step Cut》.

Oh well. With this, the enemy’s offensive ability will plummet down.
At any rate, it won’t be able to use either of its hands to wield.

The Blood Ogre let out an agonizing cry. Still, it didn’t lose its fighting spirit.
……I can’t afford to give it time.

——I have to decide the battle in a go.

Lunging into the enemy’s bosom, I aimed at the other leg than the one I had scraped earlier.
Not longer able to bear the weight of its gigantic body, it fell down to both of its knees.

Slipping through both of its swinging arms, I finally aimed at its head.

Now……it’ll be over!
All my might contained in a strike. Horizontally, I drew my sword at the Blood Ogre’s neck——

——For a moment, the ogre’s lips curled……into a smile.
A screech of metal frictioning against metal resounded.

Its sole horn blackened, blocking my attack.
When the attack, which contained all my might, was blocked, an unimaginable shock transmitted through the hilt, making me drop the sword.

——Ah! My hand has gone numb……

Not missing the opportunity, the opponent swang its arm at me who was now defenseless.
As I wasn’t able to dodge it, I received the hit directly. A cloud of dust rose as I crashed into the ground.

An acute pain ran through my body.
The monster let out a triumphant roar which resembled laughter. It was distasteful to the ear.

Yet again, the cuts didn’t heal. Once, twice, thrice——the Blood Ogre stomped incessantly, demanding the answer.

He stomped over and over again, enraged, swollen with fury.

……Whatever it was trampling must be in a miserable state by now.

As if to confirm whether what it was trampling had died or not, it raised its foot amidst the twirling cloud of dust.

「——Hey, you’re in the middle of a battle yet you’re laughing like an idiot. Even for a moment, you can’t take your eyes off the target of your attacks. Just now, you got your left wrist cut……You’re so poor and pitiable, aren’t you?」

Gazing at the figure of the person who was stepping on its shoulders, the face of the Blood Ogre distorted into an incredulous expression.
Even if it made such a face, it wouldn’t stop the sword which had already been brandished.

「——What happened……? Smile, ogre.」

With my hand having received a positive feedback——the battle came to a conclusion.


Jumping off the collapsing Blood Ogre’s shoulders, I rushed back to everyone.
When the female adventurer, who had taken refuge in the back, saw that the battle had ended, she ran to me, gratified.
As soon as everyone has been treated, we will finally leave the forest.

There was no conspicuous wound on Lim.
Although she seemed to be in pain due to physical overexertion recoil, she would wake up after a while.
Treatment was required for Bays-san and Arnold-san, though.

「I can treat me myself……Arnold-san is in more critical condition, please attend to him first.」

Even if you tell me to attend him first, there is nothing much I can do.

「Sorry……Seiji, there’s a medicinal drug in my leather rucksack. Can you please take it out?」

Upon the request of Arnold-san, who had broken his arm, I struggled my hand into the leather rucksack and fished around. I found the medicinal drug and had Arnold-san chug it down. Thereafter, his erratic breathing calmed down.

This medicinal drug was the same as the one I bought in Merville town. It was neither cheap nor expensive.
It was effective against a range of injuries but by no means could it heal a fractured arm in an instant.
The medicine used by Bays-san for treating himself was the same type.

Because the bleeding in the leg had yet to stop, I took out the change of clothes from my rucksack to make up for the bandage. Before bandaging, I soaked it in another medicinal drug. After dabbing it on the wound, I tied it tightly.
According to Sheena-san, it was more effective than drinking it in case of an external injury.
As for the fractured arm, the female adventurer used a twig as a makeshift splint.
By the way, there’s an expensive medicinal drug which can instantly heal any injury but I have yet to see it.

——Presently, there didn’t seem to be any danger.
After the treatment was done, we decided to leave the forest and return to Pascam.
That said, we will soon have to apologize to Batteau-san jointly.

「Seiji-san, since you took great pains, you should strip the horn of the Blood Ogres. It’s quite an expensive material.」

Ooh, I forgot.

「Both of them are yours.」

Although the first one was slain by everyone……since Arnold-san and everyone were nodding, I obediently obliged.

I somehow cleft the red horn of the first monster. However, the blackened horn was excessively hard, so I couldn’t cleave it. Is the material of a monster which possesses a rare enhancement skill rare, too?
Now that it has come to this, I’ll take it by all means.

Ah, *ping* an idea.

If I can’t cut the horn……I can simply crush everything but the horn.

Sheathing the sword, I picked the club up and trotted to the Blood Ogre.


So heavy……It doesn’t suit me……I’ll just lift it to the height where it can be swung down from.

「Sei! Nooooooo」

I aimed at the head which was lying on the ground——……Warning: Gore.

——Now that the horns have been collected, let’s return.
Bays-san, albeit slightly numb, was able to walk by himself; the female adventurer was carrying Lim, who was still unconscious, on her back; and I lent my shoulder to Arnold-san.
En route, Arnold-san whispered a question to me.

「In the battle with the last Blood Ogre……Seiji’s movement was exceptional. Did, whatever you tried, yielded the effect?」

Err, did I say such a thing?
Ah~……I blurted something unnecessary out, it seems.

However, there’s no way I can tell him about my skill.
I can’t tell anyone about such an inhumane act as stealing skills without any regard. It’s not a matter I can thoughtlessly talk about with others.
By no means do I think that Arnold-san is blabbermouth but I don’t feel any need to intentionally tell him in particular.

「A person who practises martial arts has tremendous potential for growth if they know how to grasp the opportunity……」

Is he perhaps talking about ‘breaking through the barrier’?
Albeit not entirely, he’s correct.

That’s right……Although he’s unable to wield a sword right now, I’ll have to return his Sword Arts skill to him before he gets suspicious.

There’s an option to return the skill, isn’t there?
I concentrated my consciousness, albeit nervously, for it was my first time attempting it.
N? Huh, did nothing happen?

Hey, don’t tell me that it’s impossible to return the skill!

No, wait. Don’t be hasty.
That it’s required for the hand to be in physical contact while stealing, it should be the same in case of returning, too……shouldn’t it?

Because I was already lending a shoulder to him, I touched him without seeming unnatural.
Un……It went well.

When I concentrated my consciousness, I felt a strange sensation of something warm moving through my body.
In terms of image——it was like clay.

The quantity that belonged to Arnold-san was torn off from the total quantity.
……Ah, shouldn’t I keep the Sword Arts skill until we safely reach Pascam?
If the 1 in 10,000 chance of another Blood Ogre appearing did come to pass, it wouldn’t be funny.
I withheld the portion which I was in the process of returning.

However, when I return it, my Sword Arts skill will be back to being Lv2.
I’d better not rashly say 「ehh, I broke through the barrier.」
Therefore, to Arnold-san’s question——

「When I wished that I didn’t want everyone to die in front of me……I felt an enormous power burning inside me. I thought I’d try it and see as to how far I could go by myself.」

「——As for me, I was curious when Seiji-san wasn’t affected in the least even after you were drenched in the blood of the Blood Ogre. Another thing which piqued my interest was the strange phenomenon that occurred in the body of the second Blood Ogre.」

Abruptly, someone whispered into my ear. It was precisely Bays-san who had bent backward in order to lean closer.

「……About the Blood Ogre’s unusual phenomenon, how can I possibly know? As for the paralytic poison, I’m sure it has something to do with my constitution.」
「I see. You’re so young, yet- did you receive any special training? You were also under attack and received several wounds……」

……Eeh, yes. From the caterpillars.
But I can’t say that out loud.
Now, what do I make up for Vitality Enhancement……?

「I was the first to ask question. Also, you don’t bother your savior with questions, you thank them, examiner-dono.」
「True. I was just asking out of curiosity. However——」

Although he was not wearing his glasses for they had broken, Bays-san still gestured as if fixing his glasses.

「——You slew the Blood Ogre single handedly. Even Sheena, who believes that you are promising, would be surprised if she knew.」

Aah……I somewhat feel like seeing that face.

——Thus, we safely reached Pascam port town.
I want you to make me a new weapon out of the horn I obtained, Jig-san!

Seiji-kun tends to have a slightly violent disposition during an intense battle. (Author’s note)

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