(R18) Frequenting Brothels 8

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TL: Nymphriel
TLC/ED: Weslykan

The mysterious old man

School started at the beginning of the week……。

After the release of Dorahun, the atmosphere at school has clearly been split into two halves. (TN: Reminder, Dorahun is for short of Dragon Hunter Cross)

On one side, is the group that spends time studying for exams.

On the other side is the group that have quit studying and that get excited as they quietly talk about Dorahan.

They wouldn’t be able to enter their school of choice if their rank dropped, and they’d have to test for their back up school, so it wasn’t like they could completely stop studying. I, on the other hand, am studying properly, so it shouldn’t be a problem even if I’m part of the Dorahun group.

Every break I get asked how far I’ve played in Dorahun, and each time I give a vague answer..

……by no means would people believe I’ve experienced the game first-hand.

I paid little attention to the classes because I was reminiscing about Kashima-chan’s body, I wished classes would hurry up and finish already.

……I wanna go back in there and have sex with that angel Kashima-chan once again……。

When the bell rang, I instantly gathered my stuff and dashed out of class.

「I’m leaving first!!」


「? That guy、why’s he running so fast?」


As I was dashing home, I spotted the figure of a familiar person, so I quickly crossed the pedestrian walkway and stood in front of him.

「O、Ojiisan!!」 (TN: Uncle-san)

「Oh、it’s you」

The mysterious old man that had given me the 3PS and Dorahan was sitting casually in his wheelchair.

「T……That game, what on earth is it!?


「Ho ho ho、judging from that face, it looks like you had quite a bit of fun」

The old man’s shoulders shook as he laughed.

「That’s……um……That’s right……but、what on earth……?」

「Ma~、don’t be so hasty、can you push the wheelchair?
We’ll slowly talk along the way」


I went to behind him and pushed the wheelchair along slowly.


「Those things were、to pay back the 『Sincerity』you have shown me」

The old man said so while the wheelchair shook.

「The price……for that……」

That’s too much for a return gift.

「You don’t like it? The thing shouldn’t harm you in any way though…」


Indeed、the Dorahan series was developed with no Game Over concept、and the protagonist dying is completely impossible.
There’s only a rule called “Quest Fail” when you exhausted all your strength 3 times on the same quest.
It’s equivalent to a ‘Death Penalty’ in other games.

「Because I handed you that game、so you should just enjoy yourself to the fullest」

「That’s……fine……but、what I did for you wasn’t that great, you know?
It was just an ordinary thing……um、honestly、I don’t know why you think I’m so great……」

The old man shoulders shook as he laughed once more.

「Your 『Sincerity』 was really only an excuse……mostly it’s something I wanted to do on a whim」

「On a whim……is it……?」

「You’re still a student、what do you think? Aren’t there times when you feel trapped and stuck in a dull repetitive life?」

「That’s, well……it would be a lie if I said there wasn’t any……」

「Because we live in such a stifling world、even if you treat someone well and look at them positively, they might just curse back at you, you know?」


It was a strange logic that I kinda got and at the same time kinda didn’t get.

「That’s why、you don’t really need to worry about such risk.
Just enjoy yourself as much as you like」

「To enjoy……as I like……」

「That’s right、yep、oh there we are、we have arrived.
Here、you’ll be able to hear more about your game、they are more knowledgeable about it than me」

There、a common antique shop was before my eyes.

(TN: So this one, it can also be TL-ed as Restart/Reboot, but since it’s an Antique Shop, I think leaving the romaji name sounds better)

When I looked back the old  man had suddenly disappeared with his wheelchair again.

「Wha……What kind of person……is that old man……?」

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