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1st Volume, 15th Chapter 【The Chat】

Because it was quite long, I have divided it.
What follows is a continuation of the conclusion.

By the way, I have revised a part about returning the skill.

Also, Arnold-san has ceased to possess Cooking skill. The skill has now been transferred to Lim. It won’t have any impact on the main storyline. I apologize for the inconvenience. (Author’s note)

——5th month, 2nd week, the day of the Dark. Clear weather.

It was a seemly time of broad daylight.
Pascam port town was filled with the noise of wharfed ships and bustling people.
However, it felt incredibly peaceful after having fought to death in the forest awhile ago.

The adventurer duo, who had returned and reported to the guild, were waiting at the entrance to the town, worried. When they saw the figure of the woman accompanying us, they broke into cheer and ran up to us.
It was an emotional reunion.
I was of the thought that they would hug each other. However, before their bodies could lock together, a Liver Blow was executed. (TN: Frequently used technique in boxing)

「How dare you guys leave me behind? Is that your ‘resolve’?」
「H-How could you say that? You may not know but while you were missing——Moberaa!」
「We were so frantic——Zeppurya!」

Trying to hide your embarrassment, eh? While spectating such a warm communication, we entered Pascam.
The three bowed deeply as they bade their farewells……No matter how you looked at them, they seemed close.

By the way, I have returned Arnold-san’s Sword Arts skill awhile back. His injuries, however, have yet to heal.
We rented a room at an inn and lied down to rest. We decided to hire a healer.
Although I haven’t had the opportunity of acquiring their services, there exist people with the occupation of healing injuries via magic. As to what kind of magic skill they possess has piqued my unremitting interest.
My palm *niginigi* moved reflexively.

「Then, I’ll go and report to the guild. If it’s fine with you, Seiji, I want you to come with me.」
「Eh? Ah, okay.」

Lim had already regained consciousness. It also seemed safe for her to move; however, she wanted to stay by Arnold-san’s side.
Hence, the two of us, Bays-san and I, headed to the guild.

——When I stepped into the Adventurer’s Guild, the ambience ensuing inside was unlike the hustle and bustle of the port town outside.
*zawazawa* Chatter would be more appropriate word.

Meanwhile, Bays-san proceeded to the reception and called out to a male staff member.

「Excuse me, I’m a staff member of the Merville Guild, Bays. Has the information in regard to the Blood Ogres appearing in the vicinity of the Pascam Highway been circulated?」
「Yes, we have already contacted the Pascam Garrison. An urgent quest has been published for adventurers ranked B or above. Do you have any new information in relation?」

Somehow, the Blood Ogres showing up in the vicinity of the Pascam Highway is highly exceptional. It has been quite long since they last came out of the great forest. They normally inhabit the wasteland. A pair setting out of their habitat has seldom happened.

In a close relationship, they moved to a new home after taking great troubles; however, no sooner did they set foot in a new world, they lost their lives……rest in peace.

……Listening to the content of Bays-san’s and the staff member’s conversation, my understanding deepened.

「——So, the Blood Ogres really were subdued.」
「Eeh, Seiji-san……do you have the horns of the Blood Ogres?」

Aah, is that why you brought me along?
These horns can serve as both the subjugation proof parts and the materials.
I placed the two horns, which I was keeping in my leather rucksack, on the counter.

「One of them seems to have changed in color, however……they are certainly the horns of the Blood Ogres. It may be rude of me, but……」

Having inferred what the vague words of the staff member meant, Bays-san replied with a smile.

「They are undoubtedly the horns of the Blood Ogres from the report. In capacity of a staff member of the guild, I guarantee it.」
「Very well. Then, I’ll pay you the reward.」

I thought I wouldn’t receive the reward for I didn’t subjugate the Blood Ogres subsequent to receiving the quest.
Besides, it was a high ranked quest which I couldn’t receive by rights.
Oh well. It shouldn’t be that big a problem as the guild imposed the restriction in order to entrust the quest to an adventurer with requisite level of ability. Now that I have already killed the Blood Ogres, trust shouldn’t be a concern.

I showed the guild card for verification.


……There does seem to be an issue.

「E-Everyone joined forces to kill them?」
「That’s……possible, certainly.」

Initially, he seemed dubious but was eventually convinced that I subdued them genuinely and didn’t inquire any further.
Had I looked like Arnold-san, would the correspondence have been different?

The client was the Pascam Garrison.
The reward was 1 gold coin per monster——a total of 20,000 Dalas, that is.
It was quite high.

As Bays-san wasn’t eligible, I would hand out the beastkin family’s half later.

「The horns of the Blood Ogres can be sold to the guild. Take them to the materials trading counter if you wish to.」

With this, my duty was over.
Behind me, who was heading toward the materials trading counter, Bays-san and the staff member were still engaged in the conversation.

It wasn’t likely for another Blood Ogre to exist beside the pair. Still, it was necessary to search the forest along the Pascam Highway in order to secure it. People travelling through the Pascam Highway were being cautioned in cooperation with the Pascam Garrison. The matter seemed serious in more ways than one.

「Excuse me, how much would you buy this horn for?」
「It seems to be the horn of the Blood Ogre reported awhile back. As for its condition……there doesn’t seem to be any problem. We’ll buy it for 15,000 Dalas. Huh……? This horn’s color……」

After examining the blackened horn for a while, the oneesan staff member stared at me.

「This black horn……seems to be harder compared to that of an ordinary Blood Ogre’s. How about 20,000 Dalas?」

Umu. It’s indeed quite a sum. However, 5,000 Dalas for all the troubles I took just doesn’t cut it.

「……Umm, what kind of use does this horn has?」
「It’s mainly procured by the blacksmiths. From what I understand, it gains the property of a metal upon heating; therefore, it’s used in weapons and armors.」

Then, I’d rather like to keep it than selling it.
Upon returning to Merville, I’ll give it a try at a certain place.
For now, should I be content with selling the red horn then?

Thereafter, Bays-san and I turned our steps to the trading firm.
The reason being, we had to give a detailed account to Batteau-san.

When we met each other in the trading firm, Batteau-san, as expected, didn’t criticize our actions.
When he said that it was immensely beneficial for him to be on good terms with a promising adventurer, I could only awkwardly smile.
After a few words of apology, we discussed the future plan.

According to Bays-san, the forest along the highway was being searched thoroughly for caution’s sake, so we’d rather depart tomorrow.
Batteau-san agreed to it, too.

——I returned to the inn, opened the door to the room and checked up on Arnold-san.
The healer was in the midst of the treatment, so I leant against the wall in order not to disturb them.

The treatment of his injured leg seemed to have completed. His fractured arm was being healed now.
The palms of the healer started to light up as the fractured part began to glow.
Fumufumu……《Light Magic Lv2》, huh? I hardly have any knowledge about magic; however, there seems to exist such a thing.

As for my next plan of action……since my Sword Arts skill had reverted back to Lv2, I would like to raise it back to Lv3. When I did, I would have reasonable assurance of protecting myself in peril.
Considering my current physical abilities, Lv3 would just about do.

In order to raise the skill to Lv4 or above, I’ll have to level the Physical Abilities Enhancement skill up in conjunction.
There must exist a monster like Bal somewhere. (※It must be noted that Bal is a human)
I’ll search for it once I return to Merville.

That said, it’s a world of swords and magic——Iris.
Having just the sword would be boring.
Now that magic is being used right in front on my eyes, I’ll use it, too, and take over the world……nn, I’ll just leisurely travel around the world.
As for magic, I plan on learning (stealing) it in the future.

While I was thinking over such things, the treatment was over.
Arnold-san moved his arm, which should’ve been fractured, without any trouble.

What a magic~.

Was what I shouted in my heart; however, I, whose injuries had healed automatically due to Vitality Enhancement, was the last person to say that.

Lim thanked the healer and paid the fee, which wasn’t small, out of her pouch.
Upon witnessing the desolation ensuing inside the pouch, an expression of unease floated up her face.

Without missing the timing, I set the gold coin on my thumb and aimed at the pouch.

「Lim, this is half the reward for the Blood Ogres we killed.」

Having said so, I flicked the thumb.
Once……I wanted to try it just once. Just once.
However, the coin flew in the wrong direction. No sooner, a dull clang echoed off the floor.



At that moment, my face turned red. Even more so than when I confronted the Blood Ogres.
I picked up the gold coin, which was still rolling on the floor, and handed it to Lim.

「Umm, thanks. For helping Papa……and me.」

……N? Does she retain the memory from her berserk state?

「Do you remember facing the Blood Ogre?」
「Yes, vaguely.」
「I see. I was almost hit by Lim~. It was so scary~.」

Lim’s white skin flushed red. Her erect ears *petan* drooped, so did her tail which was about to swipe the floor.
……Did I go overboard with the joke?

「At that time……my head went blank……that’s why……」

Aah, so she wasn’t aware herself that she went berserk.
When I put my hand on Lim’s head and pat, her drooped cat ears *washiwashi* wavered.

「Oh well. It’s fine, isn’t it? Because Lim was there to buy time, I was able to prepare……prepare my mind. That everyone has returned safe and sound, it’s OK.」

As her eyes regained the shine, her delighted face turned to me.
When I looked into her pretty golden eyes, they seemed to carry a surprisingly gentle warmth which was nowhere there when I first met her.

I wonder if I were of some help to this girl.
For a girl ladened with a tragic past to smile like she did, I think I was.

If the word were out……nah, it’s foolish talking about ifs.

「If I were in danger like Arnold-san, would Lim be just as riotous?」
「Err……what do you mean by that?」
「I wonder what I meant.」

It would be unreasonable for her to.

「Well, the chat ends here. We’ll be departing tomorrow is what has been decided. Till then, everyone is free to spend their time resting or however they like. It’s General Batteau’s order.」

I conveyed the message to everyone in a jest and turned to the door in order to tour Pascam.
At that moment, Lim grasped my hand, which was on her head, and stared at it fixedly.
Thereafter, her earnest eyes looked into mine.
Eh? She seemed somewhat shy.



「You look like my mother.」

「——No, I’m not your mother!」

Arnold-san, who was spectating quietly from the side, burst into a loud laughter.

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