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“It has a tender taste.”
“It’s delicious. It’s mellow and soft outside while it has ample volume inside.”
“Wow, desu.”
“I think It’s nutritious and delicious.”

The tuna cutlet tamago toji seems to be popular with the four.

“This- the idea of putting egg on it is innovative. It’s delicately made. As for whether it’s delicious, It’s hard to say as I’m not used to eating it.”
“So it’s no good?”
“No, we can tell that it’s delicious because we’re used to your cooking. Generally, however, the dishes here are crudely made.”

Sherry critiques in detail.
So, is it a compliment or is it not?
One thing is certain, though, that her dere phase has ended.
She has refreshed after having slept for a while.

A dwarf’s liver is strong, surely.
Actually, if it’s a dwarf we’re talking about, every cell of theirs probably breaks the alcohol down to Acetate which is then probably consumed in the Citric Acid Cycle of Mitochondria.

Ethanol is broken down to malignant Acetaldehyde, which may be a cause of hangover, which is further broken down to Acetate.

Via the process, Acetate becomes strong Acetyl Co (Coenzyme) A.
Acetyl CoA is broken down to Glucose which produces Pyruvate. When it enters the Cirtic Acid Cycle, it generates a large quantity of energy.

In short, liquor becomes fuel, literally.

However, I do understand that tamago toji is delicate.
The egg in tamago toji is claimed to add rather delicate flavor than a strong taste.
I distribute the dragon skin soup.

Compared to tamago toji, the fish soup made by Miria and the fish saute made by Roxanne under Miria’s directions are quite simple.
I can even infer the materials used from the taste.
These dishes are mainstream.

Because the four of them are used to eating my dishes, they’re able to appreciate tamago toji.
That’s probably it.
It’s complicated.

“Which reminds me, was there any interesting shop in the Imperial Capital?”

Amidst self-analysis, I throw a topic to Roxanne at the dinner.

“Yes, there was an interesting shop. Right, Vesta?”
“Yes, I think it was an interesting shop.”

The two, Roxanne and Vesta, nod.

“Hee, what kind of shop?”
“Fufu, it’s a secret.”

Roxanne smiles, amused.

“Yes. I think it’ll be better if you don’t know for the time being.”

Even Vesta maintains it as a secret when I try to ask her.
Why can’t you tell me?
Since you said ‘for the time being’, do you plan on telling me some other time?
Although I have no idea, they seem to have enjoyed their day off.

“Did you find any interesting information in the reference room, Sherry?”

I try to enquire Sherry.
Since she has rested, she shouldn’t be drunk, so it should be alright.

“That’s right. Step Increase in Damage skill. It should be considerably useful.”
“Step Increase in Damage?”
“Yes, a skill that deals more damage with 2nd attack than 1st, 3rd attack than 2nd and so on if you attack the same monster. Even if attached to a stick, it effectively applies to magic just as well.”
“Sounds useful.”

The damage source of our party is Durandal and magic.
I have enhanced other weapons; however, it has but little significance.
Durandal can’t be enhanced any further for it doesn’t have any empty skill slot.
But Sherry isn’t aware of that.

Therefore, I’m grateful that it increases the magic damage, too.
Presently, I can’t take a monster out in a single blow.
It’ll be even less likely the higher I advance up the floors.

“To tell you the truth, I knew the existence of Increase in Damage skill; however, I wasn’t of the impression that it would be of use. After all, it’s best to attach it to a powerful weapon. If attached to a Copper Sword or the likes, you can’t expect the damage to increase much.”
“The person who submitted the report had the skill attached to an Orichalcum Spear. Also, they subjugated the labyrinth. It’s incredible that they cleared the labyrinth without relying on magic. I had no idea it was such a great skill.”

And why didn’t you inform me of such a skill till now?
So, its effect increases if the weapon is strong.
Even if it were attached to a Copper Sword, it wouldn’t produce good results. However, if it’s attached to an Orichalcum weapon, it’ll be able to dish out considerable damage.
So much so that even the last boss can be slain.

“Last, huh?”
“They said that the last boss battle was scary.”
“Because the last boss has the ability to destroy the equipment.”

Had the Orichalcum Sword with Step Increase in Damage skill been destroyed, it would’ve been all over.
You can have someone take on it from the front while you attack it from behind; however, that’s walking on a tightrope.
It would be synonymous to stepping on thin ice.

“Apparently, a Damascus Steel Spear can yield great effect, too. It was written that they obtained the Orichalcum Spear from the Empire Liberation Society. Step Increase in Damage skill seems to be rated highly in the Empire Liberation Society.”

If attached to a weak weapon, it wouldn’t produce good results; consequently, it would be rated poorly.
Sherry was of the same thought.
Because there are many members in the Empire Liberation Society who use powerful weapons, is that why this skill is rated highly?
Moreover, since the information doesn’t leak out of the Empire Liberation Society, the high rating couldn’t be passed on outside.

“Step Increase in Damage, huh? Should I ask of Luke?”
“To attach Step Increase in Damage skill, you need a Bee Monster Card and a Kobold Monster Card. If you only used a Bee Monster Card, it would grant Increase in Damage skill. If it’s fused with a strong weapon, Step Increase in Damage skill will make a clear difference and vastly improve the effect.”
“Got it.”

The higher the damage of the weapon, the more dominant the Step Increase in Damage skill.
In order to attach the skill, a Bee Monster Card will have to be fused simultaneously.

“Very well.”
“Aren’t you mistaking the Bee Monster Card skill with Anaphylactic Shock?”
“Ana what?”

When a bee stings, its poison creates Antibodies. When it stings the next time, the excessive Antibodies cause Immunoreaction.
That’s Anaphylactic Shock.
When stung a second time, the damage is higher than the first time.
That the skill granted by a Bee Monster Card deals more damage with 2nd than 1st, 3rd than 2nd and so on, it must be owing to the poison embedded into the enemy.

“If you have noticed, the poison of a bee inflicts more damage the second time compared to the first time. During the first attack, the bee produces reserve toxin in the body. During the next attack, it triggers.”

I explain to Sherry who had gotten over her dere phase.
With this, she will respect me a bit.
If I mentioned Antigen or Antibodies, she wouldn’t get it.

“Un, I haven’t heard such a thing. In the first place, there’s no explanation as to why a Bee Monster Card grants the Increase in Damage skill.”

Nope, it was of no use.
Oh well. That’s just how it is.
Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that the poison of this world’s bees is the same as Earth’s.

“Is that so? As expected for master.”

Roxanne is my only heartmate.

“Shell, desu.”
“What do you mean, Miria?”
“It’s same as the poison of a shellfish. If you eat it the first time, the symptoms aren’t apparent. However, when you eat it a second time, the symptoms are potent. It may even prove fatal. Miria says that it’s her first time hearing the reason behind it.”

Roxanne translates.
Which reminds me, the shellfish in this world is poisonous. Unless it’s a dropped item, it can’t be eaten.
Does the shellfish cause Anaphylactic Shock?

Miria directs a respectful gaze at me.
It didn’t work on Sherry but it did on Miria.

“If it’s the same in case of a shellfish, then it may be true.”

Oh, I kinda pass.
Sherry nods, too.

“Ana, Ana, desu.”
“It’s Anaphylaxis.”
“Anaphylaxis, desu.”

You don’t have to particularly learn it
Actually, it was translated into Brahim.
Oh well. It’s Miria we’re talking about. She’ll forget it by tomorrow.

After the dinner, I take bath with everyone.
There’s still some time left for the day.
I can challenge the limits of Sex Maniac.
I should let Sherry have a break.

“Master, would you please go ahead to the bedroom?”

When I step out of the bath, Roxanne requests.
Even though changing clothes with everyone is fun in its own right.

To be surrounded by four extreme beauties changing into their clothes.
My heart is throbbing.
Getting out of the bath, I move to the other side. I can just undress them again.

I can’t help but imagine Roxanne’s bulge struggling under the white nightgown.
I can’t help but imagine Vesta’s big fat lumps, covered.
I can’t afford to miss it even a single day.

“……Got it.”

While my heart was shedding tears of blood, I accept.
After changing into my clothes, I head to the bedroom.
Will I have to keep sulking in the bed?

It won’t do.
I’ll have to punish them.

“Master, may we?”

Roxanne’s voice chimes after a while.


First off, I reply appropriately.

“Excuse us.”

The door opens. Four girls enter.
The four of them line up beside the bed.


On top, the four are wearing the usual negligee dress camisole.
Nothing new.
However, on their legs, they’re wearing something black.

“How does it look?”
“Today, when I was with Vesta, we found a shop in the Imperial Capital.”

The four girls have black stockings on.
It’s knee high.

It’s stocking.
Black legs extending down the hem of the camisole look sexy.

“It was a nameless shop but it had such a thing.”
“OO. OO.”

I get close and check it.
The fabric is nicely thin.
It’s see through yet not bare.
It’s fantastic.

“It’s highly expensive but it’s not durable that’s why it’s not common.”
“O. O?”
“Yes, you can touch it.”

When I look up at Roxanne from below, she permits me.
When I touch, it was smooth and *subesube* silky.
It’s unbearable.

“I’m glad that I decided to buy it.”
“OO. OO.”

I wanted to stroke her cheeks but I control myself and slowly stroke.
From her calf to her knee to her thigh.
While I was stroking, the hem of her camisole gets disordered.

There’s……garter belt……

The stocking was hanging off the garter belt.
There was no gum (elastic) in this world, so the stocking would obviously hang off the garter belt.
Just like the stocking, the garter belt is black, too.
Between the two is the white ‘absolute territory’.

Should such a thing be permitted?
Should such a wonderful thing exist?

My heart throbbing as if in a bewitching garden.
Like a man stranded in the forest of Shangri la.
A beautiful space painted by night.
A heavenly orchard chokingly brimming with sweet, mellow fragrance.

With the tenor saxophone playing sweet blues, there’s nothing but insatiable lust.

I lose myself as if possessed.
With no sense of time, I dig in like a baby.
Lost completely, I indulge in eating.

I select Sex Maniac. I wonder, however, if I really need it.
I do. With the assist of Sex Maniac, I can go for a second round.
I bench Sherry during the second round.

The next day. I visit the Imperial Capital after having the breakfast.
Like you guessed, I have a business at the shop which Roxanne and Vesta found.
From the Adventurer’s Guild, I have the two guide me.

“Here’s the shop.”

Bathing in the yellow sunlight is a compact clothing shop.
There’s a nameless shop on the street.
Rather than order made, it seems to be pret a porter.

“Alright. Each of you may buy one piece of clothing you like.”
“Are you sure?”
“It’s okay.”

I let the four of them choose.
Honestly, it would be cheaper if they bought only stockings but I can’t say that out loud.
Although I want to compensate Roxanne and Vesta for what they spent out of their small allowance, I want to spend money discreetly.

“How may I help you?”

The clerk with overjoyed face greets us.
Because he’s sure to sell four garments at the very least.
I take him to the side while the four of them were choosing.

“There seem to be stockings in this shop.”
“Yes. The durability is a concern but it’s a prototype at this stage. As far as the fit and the texture is concerned, we can take pride in it.”

I touched it and it certainly felt good.

“Can I have one?”
“Which size?”
“Ah, normal would do.”
“Very well. One would be 500 Nars.”

It’s expensive.
It would be 2,000 Nars for four.
For they didn’t have 30% Discount, Roxanne and Vesta had to use up all their allowance.

Shouldn’t I be glad?
I am.

“I’ll pay the money at the end.”
“Very well.”

I order one stocking.
I’ll have to take it to the lodge later.
If I pass it to Sebastian, it’ll reach the Emperor eventually.
I must share this unspeakable joy with his majesty the Emperor, too.

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I must share this unspeakable joy with his majesty the Emperor, too.
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