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Hand of God Liliana 1


It was announced that the Queen of Sherfield Kingdom was pregnant.


As only those of direct lineage to the Royal Family are allowed as the princes and princesses, the entire kingdom is in a festive mood.

Since in Oliviria Territory Okaasama is also pregnant, people are getting further stirred up.


Happy news comes in groups.


「I’m your oneechan. Are you growing up well?」


I cup my hands around my mouth like a loudspeaker, which is on Okaasama’s swelling stomach to talk.

Okaasama is sitting comfortably against a pillow on a bed, in her room.

As for me I had my head on her lap, repeatedly doing things like patting Okaasama’s stomach and talking to it.


It seems that Okaasama has been misinterpreting that as me acting childish.

As in, she takes my actions as trying to act childish to draw her attention due to neglect because of the new younger sibling.

However, I’m not that much of spoiled child.

Today I again, as soon as entering Okaasama’s room, forcibly go for a lap pillow.

But thinking about this scene properly, from a mental age perspective this is out isn’t it… but from a physical age perspective it’s safe……right?


「Liliana-chan, as always you’re doing something amusing.」


Okaasama had been affected by severe morning sickness a few days ago, but it’s finally settled and she has now entered a stable period.

I think it’s about time for prenatal training.


But still, what is ‘as always’ supposed to mean, Okaasama?

It’s not like I’m trying to be constantly amusing.


「It’s prenatal care, Okaasama. Not only will a child that has undergone prenatal care be born a bright, good child, but the mothers tend to also experience an easy childbirthing.」

「Prenatal care? What does that mean, Liliana-chan??」


Okaasama tilts her head as she combs my hair as I lay on her lap.


Even looking from below, she is beautiful… there’s no chink in it.


「Prenatal care is an act to influence an unborn child for the better, for the purpose of mental stability for Okaasama.」

「Well, how lovely. Then we’ll have to talk to them as much as we can, right?」


Straight away, Okaasama introduces herself to the baby in her belly.


「Talking and giving affection to the baby in your belly is a good thing. While that may be the case, if you talk too much to them they will get tired, so you have to do it in moderation, Okaasama.」

「Ah, that’s right. There is a limit to how much you should do anything, after all. What else is there, I wonder?」


As I thought, it seems Okaasama was planning to talk to the baby all day.

And if Okaasama is doing it, then I have no doubt that Otousama will end up talking to them non-stop as well.

I’m glad I warned her.


「Doing things like having them listen to music, or read picture books to them are also good. The things that you should avoid are drinking and, since keeping a smile is important, getting into fights with Otousama.」


Well, I’ve not seen or heard of that lovey-dovey couple fighting, so talking about matrimonial quarrels is probably unnecessary caution.


Matrimonial happiness is best.


Thinking that, I hear a small chuckle.


「Liliana-ojousama knows some pretty interesting things, doesn’t she?」


The healer, Reone-san said that.

Healers take the role of what would be called ‘doctors’ in my previous world.

Giving off a veteran feel, she is a female healer, probably in her early fifties.

You’re not allowed to ask a girl about her age.

No matter what world you’re in, that rule is absolute.


Reone-san has snow-like, pure white hair and vivid, verdure-coloured eyes,

An uncommon hairstyle for women, she has her pure white hair cut even a bit below her chin, for a bob-style haircut.

Since most women have their hair reaching their backs in length, it feels ‘fresh’ to me.

But that hairstyle fits Reone-san’s ‘proper’ atmosphere perfectly.


Usually Reone-san is constantly bustling around all over Oliviria Territory to look at patients.

But, since Okaasama’s pregnancy was brought to light, she has been staying in the manor.

How reassuring.


Now that the examination is almost over, since I want to know the progress I intrude into Okaasama’s room.

There are no amazing machines like in our modern-era, but there is the magnificent power known as magic here.

Amazingly, Reone-san is diagnosing Okaasama using ultrasound from her hand.


T-, too amazing.


From what I can hear, it seems like they can’t be seen clearly.

But, it’s being able to sense the baby inside Okaasama’s belly by just touching it with her hand.

Only, it seems that it uses up quite a bit of magic power, so it can’t be used every day, and echoes can only be emitted to total to a pace of one examination a week.

Okaasama said that there are very few healers who can do this, so “Reone will greedily do anything to save a life”, she said.


Magic is great, isn’t it?


「Since the fetus is moving, there is a chance it can hear now. If it can, then they must have been very happy listening to Liliana-sama.」


Ah, she doesn’t believe me.

Well, from a glance I’m a child after all.

If she thought it was just a child’s inane prattling then it can’t be helped.

But even so, it does feel a bit depressing.


But it doesn’t seem like she’s even considering prenatal care as a valid medical technique.


「Thank you for teaching me such a lovely thing. Liliana-chan, what do you want to do once your sibling is born?」


Okaasama asks me with a face full of affection.


「I want teach them all about this world. The beautiful things this world is full of. To teach them the joy of living. For that reason, I need to do more and more studying.」


As I thought, siblings are nice.


Since I lived in a fatherless family in my last life, I was lonely when waiting alone in the house for Okaasan to come home.

During those times, I wondered what it would be like if I had siblings.

I didn’t tell that to Okaasan though.

But actually there was just one time when I said something.


At that time I was a simple-minded child.


A child’s innocence is sometimes cruel.


That’s why I said it.


『Why doesn’t our family have a father? My friends have fathers, and siblings so it sounds fun. Okaasan, Yukari wants a father and sibling.』


If I could return to that time, I want to shut myself up.

Because I said the taboo words.


Hearing that, Okaasan repeatedly said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” while breaking down crying.

I felt sad watching okaasan cry and started crying while repeating “I’m sorry” as well.


Afterwards, I thought that that I shouldn’t talk about it again.

Well, because of that statement a lot happened and I stopped thinking about that.


But, I wonder what kind of child will be born.


Otousama has shining golden hair like the sun, and amethyst eyes.


Okaasama has shining silver hair like the moon, and amber eyes.


I was born, as those two’s child, with Okaasama’s silver hair and Otousama’s amethyst-tinted eyes.


Then, if my new sibling has Otousama’s golden hair and Okaasama’s amber-tinted eyes, we would have split them evenly between us.


It gives a feeling of intimate siblings, and sounds good.


For that reason, come out healthy.

My cute, cute younger brother or sister.


Since learning of Okaasama’s pregnancy, I’ve been focusing completely on supporting the childbirthing.

The first thing I was looking out for, was meals.


Currently, Oliviria Manor’s cuisine is based around sodium restriction.

But without any salt the food would taste bland, so instead lemon juice and the umami in the broth is used to mimic its taste.

And since it would be pitiful to force only Okaasama to go through sodium restriction, we are all undertaking a low sodium diet.

Everyone is following along without complaining.

At the beginning Okaasama’s portion was cooked separately from everyone else’s, but “Please don’t just make Madame go through with it, make all of ours the same way” was the general consensus of the people who work at the Oliviria Manor.


That’s why everyone gets the same food.


Okaasama is really loved.


Aside from that, vegetables high in beta-carotene and fruits, legume grain seeds, liver, dairy products and so on.

Basically, healthy foods.


They seem like foods that are chosen after carefully looking at the nutritional balance.

Well, as expected the idea of ‘nutritions’ don’t exist here though.

But since the food here has the same form and taste as Earth’s variants, they probably contain the same composition.


Aside from that, Okaasama is to drink lots of water.


We decided in our hearts that when Okaasama has finished her delivery, we would treat ourselves to as grand a meal as we can in our house.

Please wait patiently while looking forward to it.


「Liliana-ojousama seems to be pretty reliable. Earl Oliviria Manor is in good hands.」

「That should be the case, Reone. After all, Liliana-chan is my smart, kind, cute, prided daughter.」


Wai-… could you not go full doting parent-mode right in front of the person you’re talking about.

It’s too embarrassing.

What do you call this type of torture?


「The result of today’s examination showed no problems in the progression. On top of that, there is something concerning that sibling that has been discovered, warranting joy.」


I take on a serious aura, straightening myself up as I get up from Okaasama’s lap, sitting next to her.


Then, the two of us wait for Reone-san’s statement.


「Congratulations. The child of nobility in Madame’s belly is actually not one child but twins.」






No wonder Okaasama’s belly has been swelling more than it should at this stage.


「Ufufu, that is something to be celebrated.」

「Okaasama, why are you so calm?」


It’s a feeling like ‘two for the price of one’, those twins will be born.

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