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Hand of God Liliana 2


It turns out that my cute siblings are actually twins.

It certainly is a surprise.

「While it comes hand-in-hand with danger, having twins is a very joyous occasion.」

Leone-san explains why to me after I recover from the sudden twins statement.

「Why is that ?」

「In our pantheon, there are a lot of pairs of gods, born as twins. From the 12 Gods, half of them are in fact 3 pairs of twins.」


Incidentally, the 12 Gods are, excluding the God of Creation Seirulen since they are in a class of their own, 6 Men and 6 Women with very strong divine power.

In other words, there are a lot of twin Gods.

「Also remember this; as twins are beings that are closest to the Gods, this generation of people consider them the children of Gods. And since they bring blessings to everyone, they are welcomed by all.」


Double the joy, but above all the burden on the mother is doubled too.

In my previous life, I had a person that I called onee-chan.

When I was young, I innocently wanted a father and brother. After I said those taboo words, a short time later, mother suddenly suggested we move away.

The house where I lived in until then had a beautiful view of the sea.

I lived there ever since mother and father married, there are a lot of memories in that house.

Nevertheless, we moved.

When we arrived, we were greeted by my mother’s little sister’s family.


Surprisingly, we ended up moving next door to my Aunt’s family.

Auntie said “We’re Yukari’s family”.

My uncle said:

“Please think of me as a father”.

And my cousin said that I may think of her as my onee-chan.


Okaasan gave me a Father and a Sister.

She chose my selfish wish over the memories of our home.

My Aunt’s family is my other family.

By the way, if I call her Auntie, she is really scary so I call her Ai-okaasan.


Since Ai is Auntie’s name…

I wanted to do something for Ai-okaasan who is always busy at work, so she taught me how to do chores and a lot of other things.

Like that, I went from a lonely life to a fun life.

When I was a middle school student, Oneechan got married and I got a new older brother.

They were really gentle people.

But if I’m far away then it’s lonely, isn’t it? So I started to live close by to my family.

Then, my elder sister became pregnant.

Moreover , twins.

At that time, when I heard that they were twins, I carelessly thought it would be twice as fun.

For the sake of the mother’s health and the babies’s safety, Oneechan had to go through a Caesarean operation even though she wanted to give birth naturally.

I didn’t know.

Twin pregnancy is a high-risk thing.

Anemia, premature delivery… and above all, getting blood poisoning easily.

Formally, pregnancy high blood pressure syndrome.

With eight months of pregnancy, and with the symptoms of high blood pressure, proteinuria and edema can occur.

There is an increased risk of cerebral hemorrhage… and people can die.

I knew that childbearing isn’t only delight at that time.

Oneechan got pregnancy toxemia.

Not severe, but mild.

Everyone supported Oneechan.

She was put on a diabetic treatment; a reduction of salt, high-protein, low fat diet.

She especially had to watch her calorie intake to make sure she didn’t get too fat.

Because that happened, Okaasama’s situation made me remember and prepare the menu from that time.

And Oneechan at the hospital gave birth through a caesarean operation safely.

The mother and children are all safe.

Oneechan’s smile when she met the twins was unforgettable.

Everyone was rejoicing in tears.

That was with modern technology.

In this world, the amount of deaths from pregnancy is not surprising.

After all, a little while ago what did Leone-san say?

Didn’t she say that it was dangerous.

I think that is the answer.

Doing nothing, just watching and mourning at the outcome, I don’t want that.

Then, I will work hard where I can help.

Without the memories of a previous life, an 8-year-old girl like me would never know a thing about delivery.

I’m thankful for having my previous life’s memories.


Okaasama has entered a period of stability, so I have to get her exercise moderately. I called her and invited her for a walk.

I am currently taking a walk peacefully around the house alongside Okaasama.

The official situation is walking.

the real one is pregnancy weight management and stress alleviation.

We don’t have any magnificent garden like nobles’ castles, but wild vegetables and flowers are lovely enough.

It isn’t like our house is poor and only grows practical plants.

Look at the dandelions growing there. No matter how much you step on them, seeing their strong life force fills you with determination.

We will not yield to poverty.

「Because I was in a closed room in seclusion recently, it feels good to be outside.」

「Okaasama, you need some moderate exercise. It’s bad to get too tired.」

When Okaasama’s pregnancy was discovered she spent most of her first month in her room.

I’m glad that she’s enjoying this walk.

「Okaasama, let’s take a walk every day. Of course, if you feel bad then you can’t go, and if, while you walk, you become ill, please tell me.」

「That sounds like fun.  I would like to ask by all means.  Yes , I’ll pay attention to their own physical condition . Thank you , Liliana-chan.」

This walking course should take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Yes, that’s a good amount.

I go over the walking course once more and the two of us head back to Okaasama’s room.

There, Leone-san is waiting for us with a pale face as her blood was drained away.

「Ma’am! Where did you go?」

She ask us with such coldness that it froze me when Leone-san look at us.

「Liliana and I took a walk together, Leone」

「Goodness! I understand that Liliana-ojousama wants her fill of enjoyment. But, you can’t involve Madame! Pregnant women need absolute rest!!」

Like that, Leone-san starts muttering about how terrible this is.

「Also, Madame, no matter how cute she is, you can’t play with Ojousama. If something were to happen, it would be too late. It could become something irreversible!!」

「Leone, try to keep calm. Liliana-chan is startled. I will be okay」

Mother hugs me to soothe me.

The always calm Leone-san, has a threatening look which left me dumbfounded.

Could it be that they not only lack parental care knowledge, but also take the misconception that pregnant women need absolute rest as common sense in this world?

「Ms. Leone, pregnant women surely must not carry out any intensive activity. However, they shouldn’t not move at all. Moderate exercise is necessary. I’m not playing, either.」

It is just that I did what I believe is right for Okaasama and unborn siblings.

「On what basis are you saying this?」

Knowledge from my previous life.

How I wish I could say that, but it’s not good.

Even if I say the knowledge came from a book, I’m certain that Leone-san will ask me to show her.

Because I think that this person believes only what she sees with her own eyes.

Then, the truth.

「…… I heard it from someone.」

It’s something that I heard from Oneechan in my last life, so it’s not a lie.

However, this is a different world.

「Who is that?」

「She is not here now. I’m just trying to stop a regrettable ending from occurring because of false knowledge.」

Leone-san flinched at my words, but that was just for a moment.

「Do you want to endanger your mother and siblings with such ambiguous knowledge?」

「No! !」

I cry in a loud voice towards Leone unintentionally.

「However, I just –」

「Please stop.」

Rather than the usual gentle mother ‘s voice, it’s a harsh tone of voice.

The arm my mother is hugging me with increases in strength to stop me.

The arm Okaasama is hugging me with tenses up, stopping me.

「Liliana-chan, Leone, thank you for worrying about me. You need to calm down as well, Leone. Liliana-chan, who was it that taught you “Don’t fight, smile”?」

I hug mother tightly in return.

「Okaasama, and babies, I’m sorry I shouted out loud so suddenly.」

「It’s okay, Liliana-chan. As for the children in my stomach, they’re saying that they are okay.」

Okaasama says so in a way to try to relieve me.

Thank you very much for stopping me.

Because at that rate, I might have ended up saying something heartless while heated up.

I move away from Okaasama, and lower my head to Leone-san who is standing in front of the door.

「Leone-san, I’m sorry. But I want you to understand. Even if our ways are different, our feelings are the same.」

Our feelings are the same.

「Liliana-ojousama, please raise your head. I also sincerely apologise. I understand Liliana-ojousama cherishes her family a lot. But……」

When I lift my head, I see that Leone-san is also bowing.

While I can’t see her expression because it is covered by her pure white hair, it seems like my feelings got through to her.

But as expected, she is still not convinced about my methods.

「Leone, I want to try what Liliana is saying. It might be a long lost light. If it feels dangerous, I will stop it immediately, and I will consult with Leone before I do anything. Is that no good?」

「A lost light……」

As Leone-san reacts to Okaasama’s words, she raises her head and puts her hand to her mouth and she starts thinking.

Lost light?

Because the atmosphere doesn’t seem right for asking, I will secretly study about it later.

「I see. Liliana-ojousama, if you ever do something, please consult me before you do. And if I judge it to be dangerous, please be sure to stop.」

「Thank you, Leone-san!!」

I cling to Leone-san in happiness.

Her body was stiff at first, but she gradually relaxed.

It makes me feel as if she has accepted me.

「I’m glad you two reconciled.」


Okaasama smiles.

It’s like the harsh tone from earlier never happened.

「There are a lot of other things I want Okaasama to do as well!!」

Then, Leone-san’s body stiffens again.

When I look up at Leone-san whom I’m hugging fearfully, her face is not smiling.

Honestly, it’s scary.

I didn’t even do anything that strange.

「I would like to perform edema countermeasures.」

「「Edema countermeasures??」」

Both of them must have been surprised at my statement, as they both raise their voices simultaneously.

Okaasama has yet to be affected by edema, but that is only for as long as we apply prevention methods.

Apparently, 30% of all pregnant women suffer from edema.

Edema is a woman’s enemy.

「Yes. I will now begin to massage Okaasama’s legs and arms. By doing that, blood will circulate better, preventing edema.」

In other words, I want to massage her.

Because in my previous life, my massaging was extremely popular.

Thanks to that, Okaasan and family started jokingly naming it The Hand of God(GOD HAND).

The problem is, since I am a child now I don’t have enough strength to apply proper pressure.

「How is it, Leone?」

「If it’s this much, then there should be no problem.」

I get approval from Leone-san.

Now, I can do it without holding back.

「Mother when you sleep, please put cushions under your feet to raise them, so you can get high quality sleep. Because it is effective with swelling prevention.」

「Okaasama, when you sleep, please put cushions under your feet to raise them, and sleep well. This is effective against edema.」

「Yes, I understand.」

「Now, Okaasama, please lay down. I will now begin the treatment.」

It seems the time has come to test my ability.

See the ability of The Hand of God!!

The result, I show Okaasama a glimpse of heaven.

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