Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 9

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ペット 四天王を掘り出す
Pet ~ Digging out the 4 Devas

Early that day, Kazuya started cleaning the staircase connecting the first and second floors.
As expected, it’s important to be able to enter through the front gate.
Emotionally being able to enter and leave the house without borrowing Izuna’s assistance, is significant.

「But… *Cough*… As expected of being buried in a sea of dust.」

The immediate area, or perhaps I should say my entire vision, is being blocked and surrounded by a sea of grey.
However, it’s not obstructing. Rather it’s as if that disgusting feeling of dirt sinking into my skin, is being thrust into my arms.

「Ahh… I am glad I am able to use a handkerchief as a face mask.」

Unlike yesterday, this time round, I am sufficiently prepared. I have a mask, broom, and a dustpan.
Compared to scraping it out using my bare hands, it’s many times easier using them.

「Well, let’s do this before Izuna and co. wakes up.」

As Izuna played trump till late last night, she is still presently in the midst of her sleeping.

If Kazuya doesn’t return before Izuna wakes up, she will immediately display a depressed expression on her face. Therefore, if possible, Kazuya is trying to clean the house as quickly as possible. He *Gon gon* clears out the dust.

During that time,

「~ng? What’s this?」

There is some kind of cocoon like object lying in the surrounding dust of the passageway.
It’s near the staircase between the first and the second floor. Until the cleaning the other day, it was a place covered in dust and garbage.

「Because there’s moisture here, it gathered around with this as the core huh?」

Perhaps, it might be some leftover food being dumped over there. Kazuya timidly touched that cocoon. With the soft sensation of meat, Kazuya recoiled and redrew his hands.


With that sense of touching meat; At that point of realization, Kazuya had a bad premonition.
To shake off the bad premonition, he had untangled the cocoon and within it――


With her eyes closed, a pale white faced dog-girl is lying in there.
Impulsively, Kazuya grasped the girl out of the cocoon and,

「Ar-Are you okay!? No no. It’s obvious that you aren’t okay but are you alive?!」

There is no sign of vitality in the black, gothic dressed girl.
Of course, knowing Izuna, she might have placed this thing here ten thousand years ago.
However even if that’s so,

「Oiー Can you hear me―― ?!」

Kazuya struck *Pechi Pechi* the girl’s face in order to check for signs of vitality. In an instant,


Leisurely, the gothic girl moved her eyelids.
She is alive! There is still hope.
And when her dry eyes came into focus, her parched lips opened and made a voice.


「Water is it?! I understand, now I…」

…Will bring it here. Kazuya planned to say it but the girl’s hand moved faster than that.


The girl’s hand wrapped around the back of Kazuya’s neck.
With that, his own face was brought closer.

「… Looks tasty… What a wonderful smell…」

「Wa… it…」

And her parched lips connected…
…With my lips,


A sudden kiss.

Kazuya immediately tried to separate from her but,


「Mu――!! Muu――?!」

Her strength is too strong. I couldn’t separate from her.
On the contrary, her tongue is exploring the inside of my mouth.
As though she is licking away all the saliva in my mouth thoroughly.
Her’s is definitely parched but her soft lips are being pressed into mine.
Mixed with dust, there is a flowery scent tickling my nose which melt my thoughts.


In order to make noise, he can’t do anything else but groan.

――5 minutes later, Kazuya is finally released from those lips.

「Wh-What are you two doing――!!!」

During this incident, the deeply blushing Izuna flew in.

「Yo-Yo-You are yielding your body to other girls again!」

「….Wa-Wait a second. I-I do not remember taking advantage of anyone even once…」

I guess I am unable to protest strongly against this.
Since the kiss continued for 5 minutes, I am reeling.
And the girl who made me into this condition yawned.

「Fuwaaa, It’s been a long time, Izuna. As usual, you have that huge rack. I am jealous.」

「Compliments are not needed, Mary!」

「Ara~Is that so」

Ma-Mary? Is that the gothic girl’s name?
Izuna seems to know the composed girl who is exchanging words with her.

「Ah, Oh yeah. This girl is one of the 4 Devas. Mary Cross・ Reddog… Half werewolf and Half Vampire.」

「Eh, Thank you for the introduction.」

Mary sweetly smiled. At that point of her smile, one could see her gleaming long teeth.
Attached on her head, her dog ears… No, her wolf ears *hyuko hyuko* moved.

「By the way, who is this delicious male over here?」

「He is my pet, Obino Kazuya. HE IS MY PET. Therefore, no matter what time it is, do not attach yourself onto him!」

Izuna who said strongly, ripped Kazuya away from Mary’s chest.

「ng~、So violent.」

「Who is violent here!」

Stuck between Izuna and Mary, Kazuya couldn’t understand a single thing, so he stayed there as it is.

「Speaking of which, Mary! You are in such a place, huh?! I think I have not seen you for 5000 years!」

「I had lost to my sleepiness and slept here. But I guess I had slept for quite a while. But I was tired so it can’t be helped.」

「What’s this meaning of sleeping for 5000 years…」

Time doesn’t make that much of a difference for vampires?

「I am not the awful one you know~. The one who is truly awful is Izuna, isn’t it?」

「Mu? In what way am I bad?」

「I had only slept for merely a thousand years and before one knows it, the rubbish had piled up in the house. That frightened me because I couldn’t move y’know? It couldn’t be helped, so I went to be sleep again.」

「Muu… With your power, digging yourself out after waking up shouldn’t be impossible. 」

「It’s impossible. When a vampire is thirsty, they will be weak. Therefore, my current situation at that point in time was weakened wasn’t it?」

*Fu*, and Mary closed her eyes.
However in the next instant, her eyes opened again and gazed at Kazuya.

「However, there is a juicy person over there.」

Is it okay to be happy with such an evaluation? Mary’s eyes are very clouded while looking at Kazuya.

She is really lovely but at the same time, Kazuya had also seen her other terrifying side.
Such a girl with her cloudy eyes, faced Izuna.

「Nee, Izuna. I have a request for you.」

「… What is it?」

Then, she grasped Kazuya’s neck and said,

「Can you give me this kid?」

「It is definitely a NO?!」

Izuna immediately cried out but Mary’s hands did not release me.

「Ehhh, Isn’t it okay? If he gets dirty, I will return him after making him clean properly.」

「That’s not the problem. In addition, don’t you have a policy of not having family members?!」

Vampires have longevity. Therefore if one were to choose a partner, they must choose a species of the same longevity as them. If not they will eventually become alone. Therefore, Mary will never start a relationship as a friend. Having that comprehension, Kazuya understood her situation and nodded.

「Un, Therefore~, Lend him to me as emergency rations?」

「Moving into an unexpected direction?!」

Well, I never expected to be seen as a food source.

「I’ll treasure it. I’ll only lick it for about a thousand years or so~」


Izuna burst out in in frustration.
Izuna’s hair is standing on end.
She seems really angry and Mary, having seen her, gave a sigh.

「Well… If that’s the case, no matter what I say, she will never agree, I guess.

「You better give up.」

「Eh. Now. I am now as one of the 4 Devas making friends.」


「――Nice to meet you, Kazuya-san. Also, for helping me, thank you.」


WIth an extremely voluptuous smile, Kazuya unconsciously gulped as he nodded.


「Ufufu… I am really glad to have woken up.」

With this, the number of new residents in this house has increased.

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