Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 6

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The charm of shopping together with Pet

Station is a very huge city.

The people living in the city are all kings so each of their respective living quarters is huge. Therefore, it’s inevitable that the town becomes huge. It’s huge to the point where you cannot walk the perimeter in one day.

In such a city’s main street, Kazuya and Izuna are walking together.

「It takes quite long from the castle to here, doesn’t it?」

「My castle is on the fringe of the city. It takes time to reach the main street. In addition, it’s boring so I usually use my High Ace and transfer but… Since Kazuya is here today, it will not be boring!」

While saying that, she hugged my arms.
Walking together makes me happy but…
…It’s hitting on me, It’s hitting on me…!!

Kazuya is desperately keeping his sanity while walking with all his might.

In order to distract himself from the soft feeling of Izuna, he began memorizing the townscape.

In the surroundings, similar to Izuna, there are people with long ears, people with beast ears, and frightfully small yet muscular people. It seems that there aren’t any people similar to Kazuya.

「In this world, there are elves and beastmen huh…」

「Un, There are! At any rate, the demon tribe are also present!」
(TL Note: Mazoku = Demon Tribe)
Izuna touched her own ears while speaking.
Oh, Izuna’s ears are pointed as well.

「Based on looks, it’s obvious that I am different from others. So generally, there is no need to worry about being with humans.」

「Ou. I understand… In addition, the pedestrian traffic is unexpectedly heavy… 」

「It’s the main street. The crowd of people is amazing but it makes the atmosphere alive, no?」

Hora, The merchants Izuna pointed to are selling goods which filled to the store front.


Loud assertive voices resound throughout the street.
Amidst those voices there is a loud noticeable voice which came from a female, in the prime of her life, with a huge back and rack.

「~elcome! The general merchant with all the best items in my possession!!」

In order to hear the voices, the people passing by aimlessly drop by the shops.

「In this zone, these shops are opened by various lords and their retainers. That one calling out is the Merchant Queen, Shouou, Sekibane. 」

「Ehh… …~ãt. Is it alright for the Queen herself to do this kind of job personally?!」

「Ahhー, It’s okay. It’s okay. Everyone wished for motivation and she volunteered to do it.」

Seriously, when I am in this city, my understanding of a King crumbles.
As I am thinking about it, I stared at the shop house.

「Saa, Kazuya. This is perfect. Let’s enter that shop over there.」

Izuna pulled my hand and led the way.
Her small hands’ strong power is transmitted to me.

「Over there, is Queen Sekibane’s shop? 」

「Yes. I think foodstuffs are also sold over there as well.」

If it’s foodstuffs, even if that store does not have them, it’s obvious that other stores will sell them.

「I am a regular customer after all, so it’s better to buy there if you are buying a variety of goods 」

「I see.」

If it is that sort of reason, Kazuya does not have any particular reason to reject. Therefore, being pulled by Izuna, both of them entered the merchant Queen’s shop.

The Merchant Queen’s shop is certainly a general store.
Other than the entrance, the 3 walls are entirely filled with shelves and the goods are lined up and cramped together.
The last remaining wall is the counter and that’s where the Merchant Queen shopkeeper is.
With a lined scar on her face, she seems to be a brave person, doesn’t she.
In her hands, she held a huge fan in replacement for a megaphone to project her voice.

「~elcome!! I-Izuna! You are here!」

「Un, Long time no see, Sekibane」

「The good for nothing demon queen who idles around with just her fixed income. Coming alone is rare for you. Is that child not with you? 」
(TL note: She is referring to Sefina.)

「Today is the day that my car goes for servicing. In addition, I am not alone. 」

「~Ng? ――Speaking of which, that boy over there…」

Sekibane’s line of sight went to Kazuya.
A sharp glance which is seemingly able to discern people.

「My pet and my friend Kazuya!」

「The lazy you, is now taking care of a pet?! Even I cannot imagine it. Times have changed huh…」

「Muー. Please do not say that as though I am the sort of person who does not make progress. Thanks to Kazuya, I am being changed! 」

As she stated assertively, her ears went *pin*. After seeing this scene, Sekibane raises her hands in defeat.

「Fumu. Well, if you had changed, then what’s there to complain about. That person, Kazuya? I am the Merchant Queen, Sekibane. Nice to meet you. 」

「A-Ah, Nice to meet you…?」

I grasped her hand in a handshake. It’s completely different from Izuna. Her grip is strong and firm to the point where if you were to tell me that this queen is a distinguished warrior, I would believe it.

「Well, you are quite a weird guy. But if you do get along with me, I will be happy, you know?」


「Do not teach my pet weird things――!」

In the midst of my handshake, Izuna thrust in, canceling the handshake.
It appears somehow or another, Izuna is being bullied by Sekibane.

「Seriously! Really! This is not the attitude to treat your guest!」

「Yes, yes. This is my bad. So what do you come here to buy today?」

With that said, Sekibane spread out her hands to bring appeal to the shop interior.

「If you have anything that you wish for, do not hesitate to bring it up! I will guide you around!」


Izuna slowly look at the shop’s shelves.
Lined up on one side of the shelves, there are typically things such as ham and sausages type of processed food, fresh food, dairy products. On the other side, there are weaponry such as swords and bucklers in addition to machineries as well as general goods. Close to the counter, there are thick books lined up.
Looking at the scene, Izuna inquired Kazuya,

「Kazuya has interest in books?」

「Ahh… If I were to live in this world, I would probably want to read several books.」

「I see, I see.」

After listening to Kazuya’s answer, Izuna casually approach the counter,

「What is this book? I had never seen this before?」

「Ah, It is a precious and useful grimoire which I had obtained in from the extreme west. It’s quite hard to obtain this. 」

「Un, I want it. How much is it?」

「One hundred thousand … Dorato.」

「I Understand.」

With that said, Izuna touched it and:


With just that, the book vanished.

TL Note:Izuna said this. it’s a shortened form about what’s this?

「Necronomicon. It is an interesting book which I think it’s the same as the grimoire. 」

「If that’s the case, I want it as well. Price?」

「150 thousand Dorato.」

「I understand.」

She once again touched the book.
It vanished as well.
There are no remaining traces of shape nor shadow.
Izuna asked Kazuya who is starting at this scene.
「Ah, Kazuya. You will be happier if she has a large variety of foodstuffs, right?」

「Eh? Ah, well. That’s right.」

「Un, well then… Sekibane. I also wish for food ingredients. If I take all the variety of food ingredients, is it okay?」

「Ah, I don’t mind. 」

「I understand.」

While they are conversing, Izuna lightly touched the food ingredients.
As soon as the food ingredient is touched, it disappeared.

「――it, Wait. Izuna, What are you doing?!」

「Buying things that suit me?」

「You are buying… everything?」

「Don’t you worry about money. I have brought sufficient money to pay for all these. 」

*Nikotto* As Izuna brought our her purse from her breast pocket.
TL note: There is even a breast pocket? I thought it’s within the gap between….

No. Certainly I am worried about money but I have something on my mind that is more worrying.

「The things had disappeared. Why is it?」

「It has been transferred to the house. Using my powers」

Un, Transfer magic sure is useful.
If carrying them is troublesome, I will do the same as well.
However, I have one concern. That is,

「…Eh, Where are the items transferred to… in the house?」

「There are some calculation errors. But it will probably be in the house, I think. 」

「What are these calculation errors!」

What do you mean by that?!

「We-Well. Please do not worry. Once in awhile, it will enter into some weird place within the castle and finding it will be troublesome. Things like getting stuck within the wall or something. But it is really nothing but once in a blue moon. 」

That is not the problem.
Ah, If that’s the case, I understand.

「… I understood! Izuna.」

「Fue, What is it?」

「First of all, I must readjust your wasteful habits!」

A house with items gradually piling up all the while.
Due to that, it is wasteful.
It’s bad to be buying things like this without thinking of the consequences.

「Eh? It is not wasteful at all, I believe?」

Such an answer was returned to me.
This is no good. This bourgeois demon queen. I must do something about it.

「Because of you buying without thinking, the house has become weird!」

「I-Is that so? The house has become really clean, so even if it gets messy again, you can just clean it up…
「Why are you thinking in that manner…」

No, if it can get cleaned, then that’s perfect. However, if it can’t get cleaned, 「Let’s use it while it’s clean」is the feeling you have in your heart, this demon lord.

「Wa, That seems interesting!」

She’s not listening at all.
Sekibane also thought that it’s bad with the look in her eyes.
Kusou(Dammit), as it is, the house will definitely get messed up again.
“I need to to do something”, thought Kazuya in a fluster.


*Futo* Kazuya felt a cold breeze on his forehead.
“What the…” he thought, as he searched around for the origin of the cold air.

「Is that a… refrigerator?」

It was a rectangular shaped box made of stone.

「Oh, You have an interest in a icebox made of Ice Magical stone?」

「Eh? Magical stone…?」

「Oh. This is the newly developed invention created by the research vassals of the Discover king, who tried really hard. Using Magical stones and Freezing rocks to create the box, it is able to to store fresh produce at low temperatures. The Discovery King is really happy. It’s not tedious at all… 」

I see. There are refrigerators in this world as well. Speaking of which, in Izuna’s house, there are no refrigerators.
I want it…

I really want it. With just that, the variety of cuisine I can make will expand as I am able to preserve the ingredients. I can even prepare food in advance. Speaking of which, with this, we are left with properly heating up the food.
If I were to think about , I desire it very much. But glancing at the number written on the price tag. 200,000. I am unable to buy it. In addition,

「With size like this, am I able to bring it home… or maybe not…」

From the feeling I get when I tried touching it, it feels like a rock.
If it’s a huge box made of rock, it’s weight will be in the tens of kilos. If I underestimate it, it might exceed 100 kilos and up.
I do not have the physical strength to move it. In the first place, I do not know if I am able to use it or not. So there is a possibility that I will be squandering the money away.
Therefore, I will give it up. As I move away from that location.

「Fumu Fumu, Kazuya. Do you need to use my powers?」

「Ou, Izuna?!」

Before I noticed, Izuna is behind me.

「Since some time ago, I was loitering aimlessly around those shelves. Thinking about it, I see. Do you wish for this icebox? 」

「N-No, That?」

Still deep in my troubled thoughts, I said before thinking.

「Sekibane. I will take this!」

「Thank you for your continued patronage!」

「Yosh. So, I will send it over now.」

The icebox has been sent to the house. It is a job that takes merely seconds.

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