Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 8

Third chapter out of four~

ペットの力 カズヤの個性
The pet’s strength Kazuya’s personality

With the successful reclamation of the icebox, the pet faced the next problem. That is,

「Guu… heavy…」

It’s moving the icebox into the room. Due to the rocks filled with magical power or their other name Magical Stones, the icebox is very heavy. Although it is as big as a refrigerator’s door, I could not move it at all. How many kilograms is it, I am really not sure.

「Uumu. As expected, is it better that I teleport it over?」

「Your teleportation will have calculation errors, won’t it…」

Izuna’s teleportation magic is convenient. However according to the girl’s words, in the situation where it’s this heavy, reasonable calculation errors will arise.

I will be troubled if it falls into that sea of dust again or gets stuck in the wall. I cannot let that happen.

「Eh, Even if it gets stuck into a wall, isn’t it okay to buy a new one again?」

「Why are you moving in the direction of squandering money?!」

From now on, if the things that we don’t use increases, the room will become cramped.

Therefore, as Kazuya, there is no other choice other than to use this refrigerator. However,


The only thing that seems to be going up is my lower back.
Somehow I have a feeling that my backbone is making some weird sounds.

「Rather, couldn’t you just leave it here as it is and use it?」

Since it’s an icebox which certainly does not need an electrical supply, even if it’s placed in the hall, it can still be used.
However, the room is on the 2nd floor, so wading through the sea of dust and the mountainous pile of rubbish just to get the chilled items, it’s extremely troublesome.
It cannot be said to be a pleasant pet’s life. However,

「… I’ll challenge it for a bit more, and if it doesn’t work then I’ll do so…」

「Muu… Unexpectedly, you seem to love challenges. I’ve been thinking so, ever since we started playing poker though…」

「I only like bluffing… Yotto…!!」

I won’t do anything that is impossible. However if there’s a possibility, I just feel like betting on it.
It’s same as well when winning with weak cards. I have the same intuition that I will be able to somehow carry this heavy object as well.

「There… isn’t anything… that I can’t… do… eee!」

「Even if you say that, with your abilities, please don’t do anything reckle――」


Because it’s the last time I challenge it, I got fired up, and put all of my strength into my arms.
And then,

「… Eee?」

It lifted a little.
The icebox that refused to lift from the ground since earlier, was lifted to about knee level.


However, breathing out without being able to last for 10 seconds, ended up placing it back on to the ground.

「Haaa… haaaa… But I was able to do it.」

Just a bit more, changing the way I hold it, it’ll probably be alright.

Kazuya rotated his arms, to get rid of the lactic acid piled up.
With a surprise on Izuna’s face, she looked at Kazuya.

「What’s wrong Izuna? Your pupils are wide.」

「Eh, I-iya iya iya, w-why are you able to carry it, Kazuya? 」

「Eh? Why… Because I got used to it, i guess…」

Kazuya turned to Izuna while massaging his arms.

It’ll likely take a while to recover, so let’s converse.

「The ways you exert your power for example, or the way that you position your center of gravity, can actually make a difference.」

「That’s absurd… eh, huh?」

Izuna who was surprised, turned her eyes to look at the bottom of Kazuya’s neck.
And then, tilted her head.

「Nn? What’s wrong?」

「Why are Kazuya’s parameters rising?」


「Ah, yes, that thing on your neck.」

「Speaking about my neck…」

What Izuna pointed at, was the engraved incantation on the collar.

However, with its position, I can only see the bottom half of it.

「Is this supposed to be the “Parameters”?」

「U-umu, wasn’t there numerical values written there? Those numbers on the parameters show the individual’s health and ability. 」

「Heee, this wasn’t, a proof of my pet’s contract, or something like that huh. 」

「It has that kind of meaning as well. However, outside of that it confirms the physical conditions of my family or it can be used to ascertain your battle records, for example. Even so, you’ve never fought any monsters or people since coming here, right? 」

「Of course not.」

I didn’t even know there were monsters.
Nor do I have enmity directed at someone.

「… Ah. Well, you’ve still fought against dust and garbage, so it counts as a degree of fighting evil.」

Later, I should try poking fun at her by telling her that she is doing well fighting against weight.

But things like fighting, other than those sorts of things, I have not done it at all.
[TL Note: だなんても~ it has implied meaning. Which means that Kazuya thinks of it as insignificant or unimportant.]

「Then, could it possibly be…」

For some reason, Izuna is making a difficult face while deep in thought. As he wonders what’s so strange, Kazuya couldn’t understand.

First of all, let’s do the things that I am able to as I look at the freezer one more time. This time around, I gather my energy and grasped it with my hands. At that point in time,

I noticed something.

「Ah… The dust has even gathered in such a place」

At the corners of the freezer, dust has gathered. When I lifted it, it became easy to slide.
Therefore, it’s easy to wipe out. Using the cuffs of my shirt, I cleaned it.
It became clean quickly.

「As expected, it’s easy to clean up…」

With that triumphant look on my face,

「――Ahh! As expected!!!」


Izuna grasped both my shoulders
As there is a difference in our height, it looks like we are hugging each other. *Guri Guri * *Fuwa Fuwa* Her two assets are being squashed. In addition,

「This is great! You are fantastic!」

「Wa~ I-Izuna. Izuna san?!」

Her body is rubbing against me.
In addition, it’s hitting me on a fairly dangerous place, so it’s bad. In particular, on my specific place.
Ho-However, why are you so happy?

「That’s something to be happy about! It’s due to, ever since you have become a part of my household, your parameters have risen!」


「It’s a very rare skill! You can even say that it’s a unique skill! Congrats Kazuya!」

I could not understand what she’s talking about. What’s so good about it? I really do not understand.

「Wa-Wait a little bit. I am going to show you your numbers.」

*Papa* as she hurried back from the house bringing back pen and paper. With that, *Sara Sara* she wrote the numbers.

「During the time when you came into this world, your parameters were this:」

Obino Kazuya Level.0
Physical Strength  20
Defence  45
Speed/Agility   10
Magical Power/ Mana  0
Resistance  30

「Is this… high?」

「Honestly, at your age, it’s on the low end. Other than your defence, it can be said to be of the lowest rank.」

「I see.」

Well, it can’t be helped, I guess.
I was living in Japan without a care in the world, as well.

「However, the you who is living in this world, is growing.」

Obino Kazuya Level.0
Physical Strength  70
Defence  90
Speed/Agility   20
Magical Power/ Mana  1
Resistance  25
[ED Note: Why did his Resistance go down?!]

「… It went up twice…」

「Umu. Therefore, isn’t it cool?! Within one or two days, even without fighting with monsters, there is no one who has grown to this level! 」

The excited Izuna is rubbing against Kazuya’s body * Peta Peta*

「I see. I was able to carry the weight, that I couldn’t carry just now, thanks to the growth.」

「My muscle mass didn’t change at all?」(Light: Still Kazuya.)

「There is a distinction between that and your parameters. Parameters are powers that Humans are able to display.」

「I see…」

「… Really. You really made me happy. It’s great that you are my pet! I thought so over and over again!」

Being glad with a smile on her face, she revolves around Kazuya as though she is having fun.
To what extent he is able to do this, Kazuya is unable to imagine it. But,

「If you are happy about it, I will be your pet more than anything else, Master Izuna. 」


The girl smiled without any worries.
Just looking at her face, Kazuya felt his strength surging.
When his arm strength came back, Kazuya had the strength to carry the freezer into the room.

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Thanks for the new chapter! He loses a resistance point whenever he has a lucky pervert moment. XD When it goes to 0, his restraint flies out the window and the novel becomes R18 as he pounces on Izuna. Lol.


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Well, he did just defeat a 10,000 year old evil laying in the castle of a demon king.

That has to be worth at least some XP, right?

James Bruewer

He’s getting end game XP by grinding (cleaning) in the demon lords castle . And I agree his resistance is dropping due to being tempted by demons


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[…] Tradução feita por (ShinigamiHentai) – Esse capítulo foi traduzido da Raising the Dead. […]