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1st Volume, 16th Chapter 【The Warm Welcome】

Finally, 1st volume ends.
Although it was tiring……I’m feeling satisfied. (Author’s note)

——5th month, 2nd week, the day of the Light. Clear weather.
Before the sunset.
We safely arrived in Merville town, bade farewell to Batteau-san and underwent the formal procedure of promotion.

As for the result, all three of us passed.
Although Batteau-san included whatnot in the feedback, there was no issue with the escort quest itself. According to Bays-san’s revelation, 「in case of a complaint, an adventurer below rank B may be demoted to rank E」.

「——So, you broke my precious baselard just like that.」
「……I’m sorry.」

And so, here I am in front of a grim bearded dwarf, Jig-san——who’s demanding an explanation.
He shot these words at me after witnessing the blade of the sword which had snapped from the base.
I was trembling.

「Then, what do you want from me?」

I fearfully took the horn of the Blood Ogre out and put it down.

「I’ll be glad if you make me a new sword with this, I think.」
「So, now you bring your own material and want an order made sword. Didn’t you so brazenly say that you were a novice adventurer? Didn’t I give you the baselard the other day because you said that you weren’t proficient at using any weapon? Did you lie to me?」
「I’ve just been promoted……to rank D-……」

I’ll just buy an available for sale sword. I apologize for being impertinent.

「But……it’s an authentic horn of a Blood Ogre. Moreover, being an odd variant, the quality of the material is excellent. So, the story of the battle with the Blood Ogres really was true.」
「Show me your hand.」

He grabbed my arm and stared at my palm for a while.
No sooner he released me, he threw a suitable sword available at the shop.

Since there was no hostility, I took it as a permission and practice swang a bit.
I slashed with all the power the current me could muster.

「……Fumu……oh well. Looks fine.」
「Eh, can I keep it?」
「Don’t misunderstand! You’re just a young bird that has yet to grow. It just means that I’ll make you a sword, so don’t get ahead of yourself!」
「T-Thank you very much.」

Inside my head, it went like this, 『d-don’t misunderstand. It has only just begun, so don’t be hasty☆』 I banged my head on the table to delete it.

「……What the heck are you doing!? So……what kind of a sword do you want?」
「A black and hard sword, please!」
「A black, hard and cool sword, please!」
「That’s not what I meant! The material is already black and it’s hard, too! What I mean is……should it be a single handed sword or double handed? Single edged or double edged? And, what should the length of the blade of the sword be?」

After having calmed my excitement, I reflected on what I just babbled out and agonized in my mind.

「I-I’m sorry. Normally, I use only one hand; however, I would be grateful if I could use both hands if needs be. Edge……make it single edged, please. Length……should be appropriate for my height.」

As to why I chose single edge, it’s because it would be useful if I were to fight a human.

After I placed my order, Jig-san measured the height of my body. Right then, I recalled something important which I had forgotten.

「Umm, Jig-san……what will be the price……」
「Aah, I totally forgot……on the contrary, how much will you pay me?」

Hey, returning a question with a question is a foul play!
If I quoted an inappropriate price, he might refuse to forge.
How much? How much will be appropriate?

E-Ei! I don’t have time to think. Take however much you want!

Don! I put my pouch on the table .
That’s to say——

「——That’s all I have. It may not be enough, but……」

It may indeed not be enough. There are as little as 30,000 Dalas inside.
Although I brought the material with me, there are a lot of items in Jig-san’s shop the price of which far exceeds easily.
Once again, I’m in debt……

At such an answer, Jig-san approached me quickly.

「Even though my skill is too expensive to buy……」

Without looking at the contents of the pouch, Jig-san laughed heartily, seemingly satisfied with my answer.
After receiving the payment from the pouch, Jig-san tossed 1 gold coin to me.

「——Umm, this……?」
「It’s a congratulatory gift. After all……you have promoted to rank D-, haven’t you?」

Yes, I have. Don’t make me cry~


——On the verge of crying, I returned to Feeder Pops’ and took a seat in the dining area on the first floor.

By the way, I had already turned up to Dario-san a while ago.
Since I returned one full day later than planned, in order to relieve their worries, I acted all uppity. Because of that act, there would be a modest celebration with everyone here in the dining area.

When I conveyed to the rest of us three, who were promoted, that Dario-san would be putting all his effort, they were enthusiastic.
They were quite excited.

「Huh? Just Arnold-san? Where’s Lim?」
「She left her seat just now. She’ll probably come back right before it starts.」
「Ah, okay.」

A few minutes later, Dario-san and Flower-san brought the disher over one after another.

All the dishes which Dario-san had made thus far were absolute gems.
However, the items he lined up tonight were so extravagant that they exceeded by far. Although I was feeling sorry for Lim, I couldn’t hold my chopsticks back.
With Sword Arts skill in full throttle, I stabbed the knife I was holding into the meat. After cutting a mouthful, I moved immediately to the next dish.

I shook my fork into the salad, which was lavishly filled with cheese and vegetables, and covered with oil fried flake shaped pastry. Its aroma fragrant and texture mouth watering.

「Kuha! It’s tasty. Pops, another cup of booze.」

While Arnold-san and I were immersed in the gluttonous galore, the lid was blown off something which looked like a dessert.
I remember it……isn’t it the fruits pie from that time?

Disregarding such a concept as ‘after meal dessert’, I tossed it into my mouth.

……N? This is……not bad.
But……why does it taste different?
Did Dario-san meet failure?

「How is it?」

For Dario-san was pressing for my impression with a beaming smile, I gave my honest opinion without reservation.

「Actually, it……doesn’t taste like Dario-san’s usual……oh well. It’s natural to fail once in a while.」

In response, a somewhat puzzled look floated up Dario-san’s face.
Don’t tell me he has the glass heart of an owner! If that’s the case, then I’ll immediately——

When Dario-san shifted his body with a *sui* swish……there stood……Lim.
Dunno why my body was trembling as I stood up.

「O-Ou. Lim, where were you? Why don’t you have a seat and eat with us?」
「I made……that……」

Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

「That fruits pie. It was so delicious……that I had Dario-san teach me and made it myself.」


As for Lim’s expression, I couldn’t tell for she had her head drooped.
Wait- wait a minute! What did I say earlier!?
When Dario-san solicited my impression……then——

——’It’s natural to fail once in a while,’ is what I said. Teehee *pero*☆


「No, it’s not like that! Yeah, I thought it was made by Dario-san; hence, I said so. As for general evaluation, it would be ‘delicious’.」

I make excuses, flustered.
While I was speaking, I heard some sound. When I turned to the source of the sound, Arnold-san, who was sitting across from me, stood up with one of his hands on his sword.

「Seiji……Let’s go outside. Since it’s a full moon night, I’ll have to show you my true self.」

「No! No- no- no! I know that Lim put in all her effort to make it. You know it, too, Arnold-san. Please don’t be so angry!」

The dining area was filled with clamor. Amidst the explosive situation——came the sound of the door opening.
「Oh, I came here to congratulate you, but……why is it so noisy inside?」
「Seiji-san, everyone, congratulations on your promotion.」

Bays-san and……Sheena-san!?

「Since it’s time for the change of shifts, we stopped by for a bit……」
「Ah, thank you very much. Both of you, please have a seat. Dario-san, the bill is on me. Please bring the dishes *janjan* non stop.」

I grabbed Lim’s arm, who was still standing, and forced her to sit.

「You, too, Lim. Sit here and eat all you want. It’s okay……Lim, you have reached the level where you can make terrific dishes.」

It wasn’t a lie for she had Cooking skill.


「You, too, Arnold-san. Please sit down. You seem to be pretty drunk because you were downing alcohol *dondon* so quickly.」

When everything somehow calmed down, I finally took a breather and looked around.

Fuu……that was so scary.

——However, I really am indebted to everyone.

The Dario couple needn’t be mentioned. The two guild staff members, the beastkin father and daughter, Batteau-san, who’s not present, and Jig-san who’ll be making me a sword.

Although I have spent but a short time in this world……that I’m able to harbor such feelings is owing to these people around me.

Un, not bad.

Not half bad——this world.

Such were my thoughts while looking at everyone’s jubilant visage.

The dishes were brought over until everyone’s stomach was jampacked as the merrytime continued till late night.

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Thank you for the chapter as always~
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Jig:「Don’t misunderstand! You’re just a young bird that has yet to grow. It just means that I’ll make you a sword, so don’t get ahead of yourself!」 ▼ Inside Seiji’s head: 『d-don’t misunderstand. It has only just begun, so don’t be hasty☆』 I banged my head on the table to delete it. ^ Did the same as MC cause of that line, cause i was reading this while supporting my head with my hands on the table …. Literally banged my head with laughter XD

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