Slave Harem – 176 – Increased Attack

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Increased Attack

After I order a stocking, the four girls return.
The four of them have yet to choose any clothes.
For now, let’s hear the state of affairs.
First up is Roxanne who has a ghastly expression about her face. Pass.

“There is hardly any of small size.”

Next up is Sherry who’s complaining. Pass.


Miria is muttering something. Pass.

“There aren’t many of big size. Which one do I choose?”

Vesta seems to be troubled as well.
I pass Vesta, too.
Should I first go to Roxanne, after all?

“What do you think? Found anything good?”
“All the dresses are of high quality. It will be difficult to wear them inside the labyrinth.”
“It will be fine to wear such clothes. We have been invited by the Duke again. ”
“Thank you very much.”

It really is a luxury shop, like I suspected, even though it is small.
Well, it is alright to choose such clothes if you like to wear them.

“By the way, what was Miria saying?”
“Apparently, she is looking for clothes which can assist her in catching fish.”

What the hell kinda clothes are you looking for!?
Actually, this kind of clothes may be available in this world.
Or, there may be clothes applied with fluorescent paint.

Thereafter, I decide to observe quietly.
Amongst the four, Vesta is the first one to select clothes.
Is that because there were fewer choices?

The dress is an extravagant one-piece.
If it is this one, it will do.
If she chose one for the piano recital, it would be embarrassing.

Unfortunately, however, the dress Vesta chose doesn’t receive Roxanne’s approval.
It has been adjudged bad for reason unknown and returned.
Nevertheless, the direction they are going in isn’t wrong. The four girls take their time choosing clothes and finally decide on one after trying them on.

“It really looks good on you.”
“Yes, thank you very much. Then, I think I will take this one.”

Roxanne finally selects her dress.

“Are you guys fine with yours?”

Sherry and Vesta seem to have found the clothes they like.
As for Miria, she seems to have given up searching for clothes designed to lure fish.

“Then, I would like to order these, please.”
“Okay. Since you are buying the clothes in bundle and, umm, since it’s your first time as my customer, it will be 8,750 Nars as a special service.”

30% Discount worked, huh?
It would be 1 gold coin if it weren’t for 30% Discount.
It does seem to be expensive.

After the girls receive their respective clothes, we leave the shop.
I’m holding the bag which has the stocking I bought.

“Thank you for such expensive clothes.”
“Because you guys looked good in them.”

This much is okay since I am not troubled with money.
And, if the four girls get to dress up, it will make me happy.
I can enjoy this and that (and that).

“Master seems to have gotten something, too.”
“Yeah, it is just a…”
“Just a…?”

Roxanne is probing.
A stocking is for women, after all.
She probably knows what is inside.

“Sherry received liquor yesterday, so it is just a ‘thank you’ gift.”

I wonder if she bought that.
Giving a stocking as a ‘thank you’ gift in return of liquor sounds weird.
However, truth is stranger than fiction.
The one I am giving it to is unexpectedly a pervert who exceeds the common sense.

I move from the Imperial Capital Adventurer’s Guild to the lodge.

“Thank you very much for this pleasant surprise, Michio-sama, Roxanne-sama, Sherry-sama, Miria-sama and Vesta-sama.”

Sebastian comes to greet us.

“I wasn’t able to see the shop yesterday, so I came to have a look.”
“Yes, as you please.”
“Also, when Gaius visits, I would like you to give this to him.”

I pass Sebastian the bag with the stocking inside.
Because I passed to him what I bought from the shop, Roxanne would believe that I didn’t gift it to a woman.
Sherry can testify that Gaius is not a young woman.

Wasn’t his name not mentioned in front of Sherry?

“This is?”
“This is a ‘thank you’ gift for the liquor Sherry received yesterday. It isn’t anything suspicious.”

On a second thought, it really is suspicious.
Sebastien will surely check it since it will be given to the Emperor; however, the content is merely a stocking.
It isn’t an explosive or a cutter or poison.

“I understand. I will keep it.”
“Tell him to ‘work hard’.”

Whether the Emperor will get it or not by just receiving the stocking, I am not sure.
So, I left him a hint.
As for the meaning of ‘work hard’, the Emperor needs to figure it out himself.
The Emperor will perhaps think of how to get stepped on.

“This way then, please.”

Thereafter, Sebastian guides us to the shop.
The outstanding equipment were not there but they seem to have been replaced with several other equipment.
New products seem to arrive about every 6 days.
It would be troublesome to check everyday; however, it will be fine if I drop by once every week, no?

When I look at the new equipment in front of me, there was a Staff of Increased Attack.
It has the Progressive Increase in Damage skill attached to it.
It is the skill Sherry mentioned.

“This wasn’t here the last time I came.”
“Yes. It is an equipment that came recently. It is called Staff of Increased Attack. I recommend this staff if there is a Wizard, from beginner to high level, in the party.”

I don’t think there would be a beginner in the Empire Liberation Society, though.
Oh well. It can also be used as a present, I guess.

“It is certainly a good as staff.”
“Conditions apply, though, as It would be problematic if anyone beside the party members of the society members used it.”
“Ah, so it really is like I thought.”

Looks like it can’t be used as a present.
If I used an excellent weapon that has Progressive Increase in Damage attached, I could figure out how Progressive Increase in Damage works.
That’s why only the party members of a society member can use it.
Is it in place to safeguard information leakage?

I don’t think it would be wrong, though, if it were made public.
However, not everything can be shared.
Since it is rarely seen around here, is it perhaps to inhibit equality?

It is preservation of a secret society’s secret.
I am afraid I would be secretly disposed of if I leaked the secret.
I have to do my best to be careful.

Rather, if I didn’t know the circumstances, ‘the Staff of Increased Attack seems to be a good weapon,’ is what I could blabber outside.
It will be bad if I don’t pay attention.
I better instruct the four of them.

“Still, it is a considerably popular piece of equipment. I believe it will be sold within 10 to 20 days and I don’t know when I will be able to get one again. What do you think?”

Is that the pace which it sells here at?
It does look like it will be fine if I visit once every week, after all.

“I still don’t have any point.”
“So, it is like that?”

The Staff of Increased Attack really is a good weapon but I cannot purchase it now.
I tell Sebastian I will visit again and leave the lodge.
Upon returning home, we put the clothes down.

“About that staff, don’t leak the information about the Empire Liberation Society even by mistake. Everyone needs to be careful.”
“I see. We will be careful.”

Only Sherry responds.
Miria and Vesta don’t seem to have gotten a hint.
As they tilt their neck, thinking hard.
Roxanne doesn’t say anything but she isn’t the sort that speaks thoughtlessly outside.

In the evening the same day, I receive a word from Luke about the successful bid on a Kobold Monster Card. I decide to pick it up in the morning the next day.
Because I bought a Kobold Monster Card 5 days ago, this will be a second.

By the way, after the bath, the four girls put the clothes we purchased today on.
It’s a lovely silk one piece. Brilliant.
What do you think, though?
What kind of a man do you four think I am?

What if it gets wrinkled?
It’s a soft silk one piece. It feels good to touch.
It feels great to touch and hug.

I enjoy it without minding it getting wrinkled, of course.
This kind of a man I am.

“This is the Kobold Monster Card.”

I receive the Kobold monster card at the Merchant’s Guild.

“More Kobold Monster Cards to spare will be better. Can I count on you to buy the next one at 5,000 Nars?”

I place the order for a Kobold Monster Card.
I won’t be bothered no matter how much it costs.

“I was forced to use a Misanga of Sacrifice. I want you to go for a Caterpillar Monster Card same as before.”
“The labyrinth seems to be going in good direction. That is great.”
“I guess it is better to have a spare.”
“As you wish.”

To tell the truth, I will be selling the Misanga of Sacrifice in the lodge. It won’t be a spare.
I already have a spare.

“Also, I want to procure a Bee Monster Card.”

I come to the main point: the Bee Monster Card.

“Bee Monster Card?”
“That’s right.”
“Even though the fused skill of a bee monster card isn’t popular, it still sells for a high price.”

From the fact that Sherry didn’t know about it, you can tell that this skill isn’t popular.
It would be so if the weapons with this skill attached, exhibited at the auction, were weak.
Therefore, the price shouldn’t be high.

However, if it is fused with a strong weapon, it will be another story.
Those who know bid high on it.
Like the Empire Liberation Society members.
Therefore, the price of a Bee Monster Card is high.

There is, of course, no way I can tell him that a Bee Monster Card is useful.
Because I would breach the confidentiality of the Empire Liberation Society if I did.

“Is that so? Well, I was asked a favor by an acquaintance.”
“I have a sword fused with a Bee Monster Card, would you like to see it? I purchased a lot some time ago from a certain place. It was a pile of stock that didn’t sell, though.”

When I come up with an appropriate excuse, he clings onto it.
But it is a skill that won’t work with weak weapons.
How do I decline him?

“They intend to fuse it with a weapon they use, it seems. They will give up after failing a few time.”
“Is that so? Then, it cannot be helped. It is called Damascus Steel Sword of Increased Attack by the way.”

Since it is called ‘Increased Attack’, the skill must be Progressive Increase in Damage.
Same as the Staff of Increase Attack back at the lodge.

Earlier, Sherry said that Damascus Steel would be fine, too.
Whether it will be of use to our party or not, I will not lose anything if I get it.
There shouldn’t be a problem in selling it at the lodge.
How do I secure it?

“Since there is nothing to lose, should I recommend it to them? They may accept it. There is a chance since they seem to mostly fail.”
“Can you, please?”
“It is a Damascus Steel Sword of Increased Attack, after all.”

Because I want to fuse it with the Sacred Spear, I want a Bee Monster Card.
As it doesn’t seem to be a card that can easily be procured, I should take this opportunity to order another one.
Procuring Damascus Steel Sword of Increased Attack sounds good, too.
It is rather to sell at the lodge than to strengthen our party.

“Based on the price of the swords and the monster card, it should be 200,000 Nars, so I would like to receive at least 200,000 Nars; however, since it is an unpopular skill, how about 180,000 Nars?”
“180,000 Nars? I will convey the offer to them.”

If Luke himself fought inside the labyrinth, he would realize how helpful Damascus Steel Sword of Increased Attack is.
He would fall for such a trap if he worked only as a broker.

“As for the Bee Monster Card, I think it will be difficult to get one within 5,000. It will cost a little more.”
“How about 5,500?”
“Then, I should be able to obtain it soon.”
“Go ahead with that then.”

After placing the order for a Bee Monster Card, I leave the Merchant’s Guild.
The acquisition of the Bee Monster Card turned out to be rather quick.
Two days later, when I finished exploration for the day and returned from the labyrinth, I found a note from Luke.

“Master, there is a message from Mr. Luke. It says that he has managed to successfully acquire a Bee Monster Card at 5,500 Nars.”

Roxanne reads the note out.
It was quicker than even the Kobold and the Caterpillar Monster Cards?
The successful bid is exactly 5,500.
I knew it would be so.

“I should be able to make it there in time, right? I will be heading out for a while.”
“Okay. Please take care.”

I was seen off as I left the house.
I [Warp] to the Merchant’s Guild.
Luke shows up immediately after I call for him.

“Here is the Bee Monster Card.”

He takes out the monster card after we move to the meeting room.
It is genuinely a Bee Monster Card.

“I managed to win it easily this time because there wasn’t much competition.”

You raised the bid to 5,500 even though there was no competition?
I wonder if he has noticed that he is contradicting himself.
I am pretty sure he managed to get it immediately after I placed the order.

“Then, wouldn’t 5,100 have been fine?”
“N-Nope, because the competition wasn’t zero.”
“Will the next one cost the same?”
“It may take quite some time, though.”

There is that matter of buying the Damascus Steel Sword of Increased Attack from Luke after a few failures.
Luke will be the one troubled if it takes time.
As for me, I have already gotten one Bee Monster Card. The second one will only be a spare.

“Then, I would like the next one within 5,300, please.”

Because it was pathetic, I cut it down to 5,300.
Luke will deal with it himself.
If you don’t want to, don’t do it.

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