Tensei Simulator (UPDATED : 26/03/2016 ) BUILD 17D

Hi everyone again, this is my python game, Tensei Simulator.  This was submitted to the RTD competition and I’ve continued to update it regularly.  Feedback, suggestions and bug reports welcome.

This update brings a raft of much needed changes under the hood so that I can work on the interface and generally prettify the game.



Tensei Simulator

Download Here:
Update : Build 17D

Monster army battles would not be removed from the attack queue if the player participated in them
Loading scenario duplicated towns and player party (broke party screen)
Weapon attack ranges do not respect race native attack range (was always Enemy Melee)
Pacify resources increased in quantity, a bug preventing collection sometimes also corrected

How to play:

Basic controls are the arrow keys to navigate, Z for confirm and X to cancel.

On main map, Z enters area, X brings up options menu (config, save and load aren’t implemented yet).

On battlemap, Z edits actions for the character under the green selection, X brings up the battlemenu (use that to end turn after setting actions).

Detailed explanations show up as one-time text menus in-game when you enter the relevant area (one time each time you start the game).

Reporting Errors:

The game will print lots of things to the command prompt window that starts before the main window.  If you meet an error, please copy the command prompt output just before the error and send that to me.  (right click -> Mark -> select the area of the messages -> ‘Enter’ key copies to clipboard)

If you see anything in the command prompt related to an error (especially if the bottom line is “(pdb)”) , the game is most likely unplayable afterwards as the game is in an error state.  I would appreciate it if you reported any such errors by copying it.


If this is your first time playing, you should start by accepting quests together with the town NPCs.  You do this by going into towns (Z) and in the View Quests menu.  Select the quests that have NPC allies waiting to start.

You complete quests together with the NPCs (check the number of participants in the quest screen) in order to gather material and earn money. Craft basic equipment to help you out and to sell for money, eventually this will let you hire more party members so completing quests becomes easier.

Once you have two or three helpers and have the weapons for a defined combat strategy, Forest Town has fallen to the monsters and perhaps Lakeside Town as well. Do not try to save Forest Town, as the scenario is balanced, achieving this is virtually impossible.

Using your combat team and the NPCs, you defend River Town while building up experience and pacifying the easier areas. Don’t be afraid to fight hopeless battles, you and your party do not suffer permadeath if you fall in battle.  (call it the tensei ‘cheat’  =P)

Once you are powerful enough and you have a large party (5 – 10), you can drive the monsters back to Forest Town by recapturing Lakeside. Once Icy Lake and Magic Forest are pacified, the flood of unemployed NPC adventurers heading up to Forest Town should win the game easily.

Intended storyline: (under construction)

The Dark Wizard in his tower has performed a fell ritual to open monster portals throughout the land!  As the wanna-be hero, it falls to you to repel the monsters and pacify the lands once again.

The fate of the world rests on your shoulders, go forth!

About this game:

Tensei Sim. is an RPG, in which you control a group of monster-murdering adventurers on a quest to reclaim the lands from the monsters.

The difference with other RPGs is that towns and monster locations will spawn monsters and adventurers, attack each other and generally behave as if they were actual entities.  Towns even craft their own items using drops from the monsters they kill! (currently only copying the player’s recipes)

In this way, I hope to create an RPG where the monsters and towns don’t exist in vacuums driven only by the player or scripted events.  Attacking a monster location has strategic implications that go beyond killing 10 enemies for a quest, perhaps you want the drop items to craft a specific recipe or maybe you need to rush to the frontlines to help against an invasion of monster armies.


The game may take some time to load the art assets from the command line.  Give it a few seconds to a minute.

The compiled version is Windows only, it has low system requirements, having a low graphics load.


Save and Load implementation may be a little unstable, I’m still finding the occasional bug in it.  If you meet with any crashes or hangs or weird behaviour after loading, please send me your save file and a description of the error.

Each day generates a flurry of NPC activity that may take some time to process; the faster your computer, the less time it will take to process. As of build 17, most computers should not lag more than a few seconds at the end of each day.


RTD for hosting
paint.net – used for making icons
Hexmapper – used for making the main map
RP Music – Battle SFX from collection 508
Liossenel Ashfox – terrain icons and animation sequences, play testing
NW_Kohaku – inspiration for the alchemy system
theblackcat – character art


Major changes since build 12

  • The scenario no longer auto-wins; humans have been nerfed by about ~30%
  • The scenario definition file is a text file scenarios folder, you can edit this now!
  • Save and load works from a folder called saves (auto generated); save slots are not yet implemented
  • New areas: Spring Town and Desecrated Temple
  • New friendly NPC race: Angel (spawns in Spring Town once Temple is pacified)
  • Battle AI implemented, NPCs are no longer stupid
Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
If you want to help support/encourage me, you can add me on Patreon.
What's your favorite dead series?
Demon Lord's Pet ~ Chapter 9

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This is interesting, I’ll try this when I have access to my crappy notebook.




After a comment that the game was too grindy, I’ve halved all hp.

You can find the alternate “fast” build here:

Also considering adding low level weak skills, any ideas are welcome.


This looks promising ^^


Weird… Even though i’m using windows 7, why does it said that i could only play it on windows?


Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I almost universally end up with all the towns getting taken over before I manage to recruit a single person. It’s always, ALWAYS because of an endless treant horde.


Not sure if this was intentional, but on character creation you have infinite points for stat adjusting(the counter goes into negative)


Build 17d
Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pb6newkpl4jlwi3/tensei%20build%2017d.zip?dl=0

Monster army battles would not be removed from the attack queue if the player participated in them
Loading scenario duplicated towns and player party (broke party screen)
Weapon attack ranges do not respect race native attack range (was always Enemy Melee)
Pacify resources increased in quantity, a bug preventing collection sometimes also corrected


how to get a skill?