(R18) Frequenting Brothels 9

This chapter hurt the brain of many people during the process of translation……and it still does.

Not an H-chapter, it explains the plot.
Now without any further ado, enjoy your stay.

TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan


I timidly opened the door of 「Ayakidou」 and entered the dimly lit shop.

「E、Excuse m—e……」

There were several antique vases and tea ceremony items displayed, I made sure to not touch anything whenever possible. I called out into the shop, and the middle aged shopkeeper, wearing glasses and casual clothing, glanced over as if appraising me.

Ah I get it、normally a high school student wouldn’t come into an antique shop、but I have lots of things I want to learn about in this place.

「Um……regarding a game、an old man told me to come here and ask about it……」

As soon as he heard that、the owner broke into a broad smile.

「Ah、you、you’re the one His Excellency came to like and handed the game to」

「His Excellency?」

That old man、was he an important person?

「Ah no、it’s nothing you need to concern yourself with.
You have some things to ask right?」

The owner offered me a chair and brought out some coffee.

「Um……that game、where did it come from?」


The owner tapped the table with his finger and thought about something.

「It’s something like a 『Thing you don’t need to know』 like……for example、a car should be able to run even if you don’t know how it’s built、you can still drive it without knowing what’s inside the car right?
And just like that, where the game came from is also a 『Thing you don’t need to know』 kind of thing」


Somehow、my intuition spoke to me.
It said that it’d be better for me if I didn’t dig too far into this.

「By the way、that game……」


Because I actually played the game, I had some doubts and problems I had to ask the owner about.

That game、aside from the normal offline mode、I could even go to the base of [Dragon Hunter Online].
The unique equipment from Dorahun X didn’t seem to be usable in Bijo Olde, as I was forced to unequip it, and even my hunter rank. It seemed like I was unable to carry these over from Cross to Online or vice versa.
(TN: X = Cross… goddamn it… and Bijo Olde is the name of the main zone/town of the Online Version of this Dorahun game)

In other words、only items and equipment common to both games will carry over and are usable in both games at once.

「Nah、that’s when you play with others, if you play solo then it’s possible to use stuff from both versions.
But as expected、when you do play online the lack of consistency between equipment and status is inconvenient, am I right?」

The storekeeper said so casually.

This is just unbelievable.

3PS isn’t a platform that Dorahun Online was released on.
At the moment、3PS shouldn’t be able to even run Dorahun Online at all.
(TN: This Dorahun game has 2 version, the Cross and the Online…damn)
{EN: Dorahun X is on 3PS Dorahun Online should be on PC and other platforms}

「The online version should have a monthly subscription though……」

「Hmm? Would you like to know about the billing? Because I set it to charge with in-game gold so it should be fine.
I’ll teach you another way of doing it later」

「In-game gold!?」

I can’t believe it……if that’s possible、then even if it’s a huge amount of bills I should be alright.

「Ma~、the way of a serpent is tricky.
For now、it should be a secret to others、as it’s not really legal okay?」

I can’t say anything about that.

If this is true, I have the privilege to play the expensive Dragon Hunter Online unlimited for free.

It takes time to play Dorahan Online, but as long as I’m inside the game it only takes an instant.

If what the store manager said is true, as long as I play solo, I can use G-rank weapon  to hunt low-level monsters such as Teacher Roosters in Dorahun X in less than a minute.
(TN: Thanks Philosopher Stone)

I have a strange feeling that I’ve become a cheater.

「Then、I have one warning for you」


「Even though you may have dove into the game already, do note that reality and the game world will interfere with each other and there may be some effects」


「For example、your physique has already merged with your hunter’s from the game world」

「P、Please wait a moment, such a ridiculous notion……」

「No、that’s the truth……if you were attacked by a huge monster in the game and the damage you got didn’t kill you, then, if you got hit by a big truck in reality you’d probably survive while taking similar amounts of damage.」


「Did you not realize it? Your own ability has been reflected into and from the the game」


That reminds me、I could ejaculate as many time in the game as in reality.

「Therefore、be careful OK?
Because right now you have enough power to kill a small monster, and that power can easily kill a human too」


After that, the shopkeeper told me different ways to adjust the monthly billing, and various other pieces of advice.

「I also deal with other games, so when you’re tired of Dorahan you can come again.
But that time, there will be a price as it is real business」

「You can also go into different games!?」

「Yup、but there’s also limit to it you know」

「No……I’ll ask about that later as I’m currently busy with Dorahun」

「Is that so?
Then、I hope you have a good hunter life」

「Thank you……」

Though I had a feeling I just became the member of an evil organization, I left Ayakidou with a strange sensation and headed home.

Putting aside the confusing things, tonight I’ll make sure to play with women to my heart’s content……。

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“Umm, would the cost for buying more games be monetary, physical, or spiritual…?”


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If what the store manager said is true, as long as I play solo, I can use G-rank weapon that can be used to hunt low-level monsters such Teacher Roosters in less than a minute


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