Alice Tale ~ Chapter 45 ~ Riot in the Royal Capital

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Riot in the Royal Capital ~ Alice Tale Chapter 45

I was totally engrossed in my conversation with Francesca.
The sky outside is getting dyed in madder red as evening hour approaches.
The countermeasures for the battle tournament have concluded early and we are just chatting.
Her hobby is painting.
Being asked to model for it, refusing, insisting, refusing, insisting, just bickering like that.

She will without fail practice everyday the swordplay she learnt from her dead gallant mother.
When she was young,she met the so-called Persius wanderer by chance and chosen to be her attendant despite objections from the surrounding people.

And the interest in guys!
We are not alike in that regard.
There is a huge disparity between our thoughts.

「Alice. You dream too much desuwa~. Completely like an Ohime-sama.」
「……If it’s being said by Fran, that’s all there is to it.」

The end result of me being called an Ohime-sama like this.
It’s not about the talk about me beginning to like guys in particular but aren’t those kind of guys okay?
To start off with it isn’t about talking about me liking guys in particular but isn’t that kind of guy okay
So we are nowhere in line.

「So, if I were to be a guy, will you fall in love with me?」
「Falling in love with Alice? For Alice to be a gentleman…. I cannot imagine it at all.」
「No way!?」
「Why are you that surprised?」

….. Consequently, thinking about it, my acting must be flawless, isn’t it?
If so, I should be happy.
There is no mistaking it.

「But, yeah desuwa~…. I think I will surely not hate Alice desuwa~」

With her reddening face being illuminated by the sunset, my heart jumps.

「Re-Really? I see…If I were to be born as a male, it will be good. 」

For some reasons, I am sad and wish for a sex change right here right now or something…

「Ufufu, Let’s wait for the next world, Alice.」

I according to Til’s words, will have a long life( This sentence has a tinge of implied sadness )
In the midst of the broken conversation, the attendant frantically enters the dining room.
Planning to tell her something in private, when he saw me, he stopped talking.

「It’s okay. Talk here.」

With a single sentence from Francesca, the attendant talked despite being bewildered.

――There is movement from Austria.

After listening to that, Francesca immediately stood up.

「I can’t wait till the battle tournament ends. Those undisciplined dogs desuwa!」

The exchange between Fran and the attendant, compared to before is not appropriate for her age.
Francesca Wilmington.
She is a commander with a lot of authority and duty burdened on her shoulders.
In a flash her attendants gathered and the messengers dashed off.

「Order for the knight company to evacuate the citizens.」

After listening to Francesca’s instructions, the attendants dash out.
As for the others, after listening to general instructions from all sides, they left, leaving behind the person in charge.

「Advance party move out! Rear Guards, keep up with the pace. Communications relayers, tighten the network! 」

The girl is not fazed
Nay――With a leader who is lost here, you will be sorry for the citizens.
Francesca definitely understands the present situation.

「The soldier’s preparations?」
「They are in the midst of preparation.」
「The royal army is not moving. They cannot create a gap for the republic to take advantage of. Wilmington’s private army will be the ones deciding this.」
「I understand.」

The ikemen butler’s flat voice.
He replied tactfully and calmly
Even I who was  watching the development from the start had the worst thought floating up in my mind.

「Fran! Are we going to war?!」

Letting the army hear such words, I reflexively placed my hands on my mouth
And Francesca while receiving her own rapier from the butler, declared coldly.

「This is not a war――――But Terrorism. Insurgent Suppression!」

The Royal big 3 families.
Austria, Sacramento, Wilmington.
Those 3 distinguished families, each respectively have their own exclusive huge residence.
The place Francesca is in now can be said to be like a holiday villa.
Because they are all aristocracy, ducal lineages.
In short, the head of the household.

Swearing their loyalty to the monarchy, they serve the king close by his side. However, they have their own citizens, their own land, and their own country
The power these 3 big families hold is huge. They set up a kingdom in the middle of the triangle set up by the 3 of them.

As Romusu Wilmington works as a regent, so Wilmington family presently has huge numbers of garrison in the royal capital.
And now, at this point of junction, Francesca grasped the information that Austria has raised an army in his own country.
A statement has yet to be announced but having this information made him lose his initiative.
His intention is clear but uncertain. However, this is definitely an insurgence.

――And now, even the Royal Capital has been engulfed in a sea of flames.

「The battle between the royal kingdom and the republic has been averted but there is mutiny within the castle walls!」

While helping out the guidance of refuges in the bunkers, I looks towards the royal palace.
The skirmishes between Austria’s normal soldiers and the knights battalion who had in one breathe taken over the inner citadels have unfolded.
Even on the way, the conflict between the knights battalion and the enemies can be seen here and there.

The knights in the knight’s battalion have the kingdom’s crest of the Sun and Lion engraved into their armour making them easy to be distinguished.
Equipment and teamwork are very important during a group campaign.
As it is not like there is no danger of friendly fire.
Francesca’s correspondence and the knight’s battalion movement are fast but the confusion of the citizens in the royal capital which has abruptly transformed into a revolt stage has reached its peak.

Both my conspicuous appearances and excessive name are useful for such a time like this.
According to what Francesca said, there are many people who know about my results in the Battle tournament and being Wilmington’s representative, so they obediently listened to my directions

I guide the citizens to the evacuation site arranged by Francesca previously.

「Please excuse me, but I don’t want to go through those feelings ever again! Even if it’s just one person, I must save them!」

I remembered the incident in Rinnal Street.
I also want to do the things I am able to do.
I do not have time for Francesca.
This rebellion, is within and out of the royal capital. A double Whammy.
Although it is a must to quickly settle the chaos within the district, I am battling my life against 10 thousand Austria troops.

In comparison, the royal capital’s troops aren’t moving while her own personal troops that are under her command number at 8 thousand.
That’s some grave numbers.
The troops proficiencies.
The choice of tactics.
Either way , there are no room for any mistakes.
While it may be true, if the royal army were to move, the risk of losing the war will decrease.

But the tension with the republic can be said to be excessively fiery.
No, that just might be part of my opponent’s plan
The girl’s enemy is placing considerable pressure on Francesca’s shoulders both in and out of the city.
As Romusu Wilmington is unable to take direct command, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Francesca* has been currently entrusted as the kingdom’s helmsman.
With the absence of the governing king, the regent being entrusted by the substitute young king does not work out.
With that gap in governance, the rebellion arises at the perfect time.
Arusento kingdom now is in the midst of facing tenacity.
I sent those troops who are setting streets on fire and swooping down onto the escaping residents to their graves with Thunder.

「The flashy representative in the Battle tournament huh… Certainly, it’s a rising event and the citizens are rising in favour of you as well. 」
I didn’t think I will be bewildered by Francesca but there is no mistaking that it’s hard to be vigilant during the merry making festival.
With enemy soldiers within the district is the evidence for it.
Austria’s stationary troops are truly troublesome.

There is also another matter I am worried about.
The information that I am in the midst of collecting while moving on my own.


Before the street, a small girl lack hair and eyes fell.
Those enemy soldiers! Ruthlessly cutting her down!

「Why in the hell are you guys able to do this!!?」

Favoring accuracy over power with concentration rivaling that sniper, I will pierce just the enemy troops.


The enemy troops with his sword raise overhead, fell over.
Converging my thunder into a thin line, it pierce through his defenseless stomach.
The opponent loses his strength and crumples down.
I immediately ran forward and finally arrive by the girl’s side.

「You! Where is Salt-san!? It’s dangerous being alone!」
「Ehhhh, De-Deshi? Aaaah!」

The girl who recognised me, hugged me.
「There there, it’s gonna be alright? What happened to Onii- chan?」

Presently,I cuddle the girl and stroke her back to calm her down. She is terrified to the point of being unable to talk.
With that, the girl, slowly started weeping and squeezed out her voice.


Hearing the voice close to my ears, my thoughts stopped.

「Onii-chan DIEDDDDDD!」
I dazed.
In that instant, I do not what to say.
――He died?
That Kuro Zukume?

「It… can’t… be….」

In Rinnal’s street, robbers were nothing to him.
The person I saw who was fighting with the Ice dragon… that Salt san?

「――Opps, thinking back about your appearances, aren’t you Anego?」

I couldn’t think properly.
With fog obscuring my thoughts, I raised my voice.


Lowering the long sword drenched in blood, he was wearing a conspicuous hat on his head.
At Ruffin street, having a drinking contest with me.. That guy!

「You have participated huh. Meeting in such a place. What a joke fate played on us.」

The gentleman left his blood drenched sword hanging by his shoulder guard while looking down at me.
The girl who saw that scene shivered violently, clinging onto me tightly.

「You … have cut down people?」
「Well, since it is this time, it’s obvious you know.」

Such a smile is strangely out of place, giving me the chills.

「Ahh~Detestable Detestable. I want to be a gentleman to girls, in particular since I had a good relationship with Anego.」

Contrary to such light words, he is not laughing at all.
Gradually, he walked closer to us.

「Hikkku, Deshi! That person! That person… O-Onii-chan」

During the moment she cried, I dodge the sword which slashed in from the top by jumping backwards.
Hugging the girl I use the magic power to compensate for my loss in agility.

「Wow, Anego. The nickname Silver Lightning isn’t just for show. Such movement while holding the kid. 」
「Did you slash?」
「Did you… slash Salt-san?」
「Salt? Dear me, I do not know anyone about Salt. But if he is completely black, I had cut him a while back. Despite being a beastman, his movement is amateur. 」

With those words, the girl started crying loudly.

「Therefore, If I didn’t chase after that missy, wouldn’t it be cruel? Don’t you think so, anego?” [he means that the merciful thing to do after killing the older brother is to kill the little sister so that they both reunite in death」
「How… How could you do such a thing!?」

While soothing the crying girl, I stared daggers at the guy who was laughing foolishly.
And he took off his hat which was on his head all the while.
On top of his head is a ears that are chipped ――Neko’s ears

「Beast Tribe……」
「Yeah, Anego. Do you know our living hell?」

The gentleman took his hat just like that and threw it away as if it’s not necessary anymore.

「From the past, each time there is a small skirmish between the Kingdom and the Republic, we will be sent to the front line. I who was borned from the remote countryside in the Republic, with the carnage of death everyday, have no time to rest my soul. 」

As he speaks to me, the gentlemen slowly move towards us again.

「For the sake of the country never had I once thought about. However, for the sake of the brethren standing beside me, for the sake of my family back at the countryside, we will rampage through the battle as though we are abandoned pieces of shogi.」
「And other than our lifes what do we have when returning back from the battlefield? Sustaining considerable damage, and getting oppressed by being an outlet for humans dissatisfaction. We are slovenly so we became an avenue of torment for the humans, there are companions of mine who died after getting lynched by humans. 」

He let out a sigh.

「Therefore, I am already fed up. I am fed up with war. Thus, I plan to exterminate all of my foes. That’s the reason I am here.」

Once again, the gentlemen stood before me

「If you are alone, you are able to escape. I do not happen to have a fragment of mercy to my opponent due to them being my enemies and my reputation.―― How is it? Anego? Do you have any resolution? Such a pitiful me, will you be able to cut me down? 」

I gritted my back teeth.
With the girl’s wailing, my awareness became clear.
The gentleman once again raised his sword overhead.


This time, his stepping in is fast.
Carrying the girl as it is and jumping back is dangerous!
I have no choice but to stop the slash with the least amount of damage and heal it, huh!?
「――――The sharpness of this strike!」
Before my eyes, jumping in like a gust of wind.
With a unique shaped sword ―― Knife―― parrying away the opponent’s decapitation strike. That dearly missed performance.

Chestnut colored short hair.
Wearing a light plate, an equipment which highly stressed on movement.
Ever since coming to the fantasy world, a back where I had seen many times which made me calm down.


There is no confusion, It’s Shion.


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