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1st Volume, Characters Summary

[Main Characters]


【Physical Attributes】
Height: 175cm
Weight: 64kg
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years old

【Character Profile】
The protagonist treasures his chuuni ideals. However, he doesn’t always put it out on the table. Normally, he keeps the mask of an ordinary boy on.
Due to having lived two lives, after having reincarnated into another world, and having come across a variety of people and things, the chance of blurting embarrassing remarks out has increased.
He’s endowed with good manners for he doesn’t neglect to be courteous toward his seniors owing to which he’s on good terms with everyone.
He’s warmly humane as he cherishes people close to him.
Although he’s usually level headed, during a battle, his emotions run wild and he turns overzealous.
He loves Lim like a younger sister; however, his occasional words and conduct suggest that he harbors more feelings than that.

Has short black hair, average looks and……slightly gentle countenance.
His build isn’t bad; however, in comparison to the adventurers of this otherworld, it’s poor.
His choice color is black.
As an adventurer, the equipment he has prepared include: durable high laced boots, black dye trousers, and on his upper body, a black inner underneath a liver colored leather armor.
During a battle, he employs both sword and magic.


【Physical Attributes】
Height: 158cm
Weight: ??kg
Race: Beastkin (Cat)
Gender: Female
Age: 16 years old

【Character Profile】
A beastkin girl who lost her mother to the invasion of the village they used to live in by the demons. Now, she makes a living as an adventurer with her father.
When she met Seiji, the protagonist, she was dejected at the invasion of her village.
After talking with someone her age – Seiji – upon her father’s – Arnold – advice, she regained her exuberance.
Although she’s not highly educated, due to the village she used to live in being remote, she’s pure and kind.
Her father, her only family member, is an indispensable existence to her.
She trusts Seiji as her guardian. Whether she harbors special feelings for him or not is yet unknown.
She likes sweets. She’s good at cooking for she possesses Cooking skill (the skill Lv is low, though).

Has chestnut colored wolf cut hair reaching her shoulders, golden eyes, cat ears and tail, fair skin and human like features.
Is equipped with adventurer use durable leather boots, short pantsu for the ease of movement and lightweight leather armor on her body to mitigate movement inhibition.
Her weapon is the leather thimble gloves. In favor of her dominant right arm, her left arm, padded from forearm up till upperarm with metal, acts as a shield.
Her fighting style centres around Body Arts.


【Physical Attributes】
Height: 192cm
Weight: 90kg
Race: Beastkin (Wolf)
Gender: Male
Age: 38 years old

【Character Profile】
Lim’s father. Possesses overflowing manliness and broadminded disposition.
Contrary to his rough appearance, he’s a good father who cares for his daughter.
Whenever Lim gets anxious amidst a nightmare of the attack on her village, he grasps her hand and stays by her side all night.
When he drinks too much, he doesn’t get up before noon the next day; however, it doesn’t mean that he has bad drinking habits.

A genuine beastkin with a stern looking beast like face.
Has moderately long ash brown hair, which resembles a wolf’s mane, golden eyes, wolf ears and tail.
As for equipment, his body is firmly clad in leather class armor. For weapon, he possesses a two handed curved sword.
During a battle, he uses both sword and Body Arts.


【Physical Attributes】
Height: 181cm
Weight: 85kg
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 43 years old

【Character Profile】
The man who runs the inn 『Feeder Pops’』 in Merville town.
Contrary to his bald head and stern face, he’s gentle and a man of character.
His Cooking skill is high leveled. He started the inn in order to serve delicious food to others.
Let alone Seiji’s, he has fully captured even Arnold’s stomach.
Rivalry is burning surreptitiously within Lim; however, the day she will be victorious is out of sight.

A bald headed stern old man. He’s a civilian, not possessing any combat oriented skill.
However, the kitchen is his battlefield, the apron his battlesuit.


【Physical Attributes】
Height: 162cm
Weight: ??kg
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years old

【Character Profile】
The receptionist lady at Merville Adventurer’s Guild.
An adult who holds the status of Seiji’s oneesan. She was the one who handled the procedure of his registration to the Adventurer’s Guild.
There are other staff members at the guild; however, coincidentally, Seiji always takes the quest paper to Sheena to receive a quest.

A beauty with reddish brown eyes and light brown long hair, tied into a ponytail.
Dresses up elegantly like a receptionist lady should.


【Physical Attributes】
Height: 180cm
Weight: 76kg
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30 years old

【Character Profile】
The male staff member at Merville Adventurer’s Guild.
Formerly, a rank B adventurer who now works as a staff member at the Adventurer’s Guild.
Made his appearance as an examiner for the adventurer rank up exam.
Dealt in a single strike with those who didn’t possess the requisite level of ability for promotion. Thereafter, he skillfully persuaded the very same people using the carrot and stick policy.
S glasses was Seiji’s first impression of him. However, although he likes to play with simplistic people, he’s not a wicked person.
When someone else’s life is in danger, he rushes to help without any regard for his own. That’s when he surprisingly shows his hot blooded side.

A handsome man with blond hair, blue eyes and gentle countenance. On top of that, his glasses add to his geniality……However, he’s an S type.
As for his equipment, his chest, elbows and knees are protected by a light metal armor. He possesses a short spear about the same length as his slightly short height.
During a battle, he uses the spear.


【Physical Attributes】
Height: 155cm
Weight: 72kg
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 57 years old

【Character Profile】
The male blacksmith working in the Industrial district of Merville town.
The dwarf whom Seiji acquainted with during his very first quest. He gave the baselard to Seiji the novice adventurer as a present.
Possesses Smithing skill. In Merville, his smithing ability is top class.
Has foul mouth. However, there are many a kind words for others to get a hint from.
Unbeknownst to him, Seiji translates his words to that of a tsundere inside his mind.
If he knew, he would smash Seiji’s head with his hammer.

A bushy bearded old man. Has short stature but heavy weight owing to his muscular body. Has *bosabosa* ruffled black hair extending to his waist.
His brown eyes glint sharply through his, otherwise covered with hair and moustache, face.
The hammer and the apron is jig’s standard style due to the smithery work.

[Side Characters]

The man who works as a sentinel in Merville.
Guided Seiji, when he reincarnated into this otherworld, to the Adventurer’s Guild.

Dario’s wife.
Assists Dario in running 『Feeder Pops’』.
Gives the impression of a caring hostess.

The male merchant the activities of whom are based in Merville.
The person whom Seiji received his first quest from.

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Thank u always for ur great work…

Aha, so that’s why I feel a bit odd when they always see Seiji age younger than his actual one, cz normaly they have a big and tall physique and a bit bulky if compare with Seiji body…
One of the mystery has been revealed…



Past One/ Hikari to Kage
Past One/ Hikari to Kage


King of the End

Thanks for all your hard work in finishing this volume, here’s hoping for more. Am I the only one who though of Lan Fan from FMA:B when they showed Lim’s full name as Lim Fan?


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