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In the end, I have no choice but to conclude that the Progressive Increase in Damage skill isn’t efficacious if the number of attacks is insufficient.
However, since I don’t know the details, there is nothing I can do about it.
A few days later, having still not figured anything out, I arrive at the boss room of Haruba’s 26th floor.
There are only two doors, one in the front and one at the back. It’s the waiting room.

“Waiting room, huh?”

If I proceed to the 27th floor in this state, I will be at an even more loss than I already am.
Or, the number of attacks may perhaps reduce when I go to the 27th floor.
Or so I think; however, the HP doesn’t decrease sharply going from a Lv27 down to a Lv26 monster, so the reduction in the number of attacks cannot be absolute.

I cannot help but think of Progressive Increase in Damage showing effects already.
Now that it has come down to it, I should stop thinking.
Since I cannot see any effect, I cannot take it into consideration.

Thinking of not thinking…
Is called thinking.
(As per Diamond Wisdom Sutra)
I seem to have gotten one step closer to enlightenment.

“The Cape Carp boss is called the Curve Carp. Its weakness and resistance are same as a Cape Carp’s. Its weakness is Fire magic. Because its magic is strong, I must prevent it from casting at all costs.”

Sherry briefs as if talking to herself.
It is Sherry’s duty to stop the boss completing the incantation.
Vesta will take care of the monsters accompanying the boss using Durandal.

Now that I think about it, I can come back to the 26th floor if I want to observe Progressive Increase in Damage.
Well, it isn’t like I won’t be able to figure out Progressive Increase in Damage if I am on the 27th floor.
It isn’t like I would be forced to go to the next floor if I cleared the boss.
There shouldn’t be any problem even if I clear the 26th floor.

Because the door to the boss room opened quickly, I get ready to enter.
I take out Durandal and hand it to Vesta. I add Seventh Job and select Gambler.
I enter the boss room. Smoke gathers in the center of the room as three monsters appear.

The two monsters accompanying the boss are a Gummi Slime and a Cape Carp.
I wait while Miria and Vesta take their positions.
Miria seems to be dealing with the Cape Carp.

When Miria was a Diver, she had the benefit of the Anti-aquatic Strengthening skill.
However, since Miria is no longer a Diver, she no longer has the advantage of Anti-aquatic Strengthening.
Still, it doesn’t stop Miria from playing with her favorite – fish – huh?

It would actually have been better had Vesta, who has Durandal, taken care of the Cape Carp.
The chance of a Cape Carp using magic is higher than that of a Gummi Slime.
It would have let Sherry focus more on the boss.
If it is just this, it should be fine, no?

The Gummi Slime is unexpectedly a physical attack type monster.
It crashes and bites, and apparently has a chance to digest.
It is a little different from a physical attack, I think.
It is necessary to be careful of the Cape Carp’s magic.

After shooting a barrage of three Fire spells, I cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the Cape Carp.
I hit the boss during the cooldown period of the spells using the Sacred Spear of Increased Attack.
Because I attached a skill to the Sacred Spear, the theory dictates that I should only use physical attacks. I will, of course, not bother.

The Curve Carp is a common carp with a large curved body.
It is curved like a crescent moon, its head looking at its tail.
Although curved, it doesn’t seem to be doing that as a maneuver to get out the line of magic. Its body really is curved.

Can it really attack with its head facing its back?
While I was thinking that, it tries to squeeze Roxanne with its belly.
It is nimble.
Roxanne evades it using her Rapier and shield.

A blue magic formation floats under the curved body of the parried Curve Carp.
Sherry rushes and thrusts her spear to cancel the magic.
Since it isn’t good at physical attacks, we need to watch out for its magic, huh?
No need to worry about its magic, though, for we have Sherry to leave it to.

“Did it, desu.”

Furthermore, Miria successfully petrifies the Cape Carp.
With this, there is next to no chance for us to be defeated.
Should I attack with only the Sacred Spear of Increased Attack now? Is what I thought for a moment but I decide not to do that either.
There is no benefit for me in doing that.

Usually, inside the labyrinth, new monsters may join if a battle prolongs.
You would be in big trouble if you were caught between two groups of monsters.
This is one of the patterns (ways) of losing your life inside the labyrinth.

However, inside the boss room, no new monster comes out normally.
(There seem to be monsters that can summon other monsters.)
I can engage in a drawn out battle even against a small number of monsters unless my stamina runs out.
Progressive Increase in Damage will definitely shine in the boss battles.

However, even if I defeat this boss with the the Sacred Spear of Increased Attack, I don’t have anything to compare it with.
Hence, I abandon the stupid idea of attacking it with only the Sacred Spear of Increased Attack and apply Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the Curve Carp.
As for the boss, Miria easily petrifies it.

At almost the same time as the Curve Carp getting petrified, the Gummi Slime turns into smoke.
It wasn’t Vesta’s Durandal but my magic that finished the Gummi Slime.
Did the power somewhat increase because of Progressive Increase in Damage?
I’m thinking of such things again. Regrettable.

I have no choice but to abandon judging what I don’t understand.
I have no choice but keep silence on stuff I can’t talk about.

“The monster native to Haruba’s 27th floor is Moloch Taurus.”

While I was tidying the boss up with Durandal, Sherry informs.

“Moloch Taurus?”

Going by its name, it seems strong.
I don’t understand it well but it sounds cool.

“Although it can use magic, it basically is a power fighter. It seems to take pride in its ramming attack, so be very careful. It seems to be resistant to Fire which makes Water its weakness.”
“The exact opposite of a Cape Carp, huh?”
“It seems so. It is perhaps better for you to use Lightning magic.”

A Cape Carp has resistance against Water magic and weakness toward Fire magic.
A Moloch Taurus is the exact opposite of it.
The monster that will appear the most on Haruba’s 27th floor after the Moloch Taurus is the Cape Carp.
It is troublesome for the weak and the resistant attributes to be inversely related.

If I used [Aqua Storm] to defeat the Moloch Taurus, then I will need more time to defeat the Cape Carp; if I used [Burn Storm] to defeat the Cape Carp, then I will need more time to defeat the Moloch Taurus.
Like Sherry said, it is better for me to use Lightning magic here.
Should I set Basic Lightning Magic as the skill of Jobless?
I set the skill and move on to the 27th floor.

“This way.”

We advance under Roxanne’s guidance.
The first group we come across comprises two Moloch Tauruses.
I cast a barrage of three spells — [Aqua Storm」, [Thunder Storm] and [Water Storm].
Water magic is effective against the two Moloch Tauruses but I can’t change the skill of Jobless now to match the opponent.

The Moloch Taurus is a monster with a cow’s head.
In other words, it is a cowman. Or, maybe a cow that walks on two feet?
Since it is a cow, two horns are growing on its head. It also has a sturdy body.
However, even with that, it doesn’t look scary.

Because it has black and white mottles.
Black and white mottles.
Is the Moloch Taurus a Holstein species?
It shouldn’t be strange for it is a cow. Actually, shouldn’t it be strange for it is a cowman with black and white mottles?

Although it has a scary face, its two tone color is strangely charming.
I will, of course, shoot it with magic without mercy.
Roxanne and the girls close in on the Moloch Tauruses without them getting paralyzed.
Because I only shot one Lightning magic, it is understandable as to why they didn’t get paralyzed.

Roxanne and Vesta take positions in front of the cowmen while Miria attacks from the side.
The monster’s movement has stopped after Miria’s first attack.

“Did it, desu.”

And what’s more, it seems to be petrifaction.
Miria’s attack is more efficient than my Lightning magic.
Since her Job is Assassin, it can’t be helped.

The four girls encircle the remaining one.
I catch up and thrust my spear in.
With it surrounded by all the members, it should be an easy win, right?

So I thought but the Moloch Taurus steps forward.
One step, two steps; its walking pace turned into lightning fast speed.
Gaining control of over its stern body, it strikes.

It is a speed that can be classified as teleportation.
Or, does it look faster due to the hypnotic effect induced by the black and white mottles?
Can it even hypnotize using the black and white mottles?

Can hypnotism and super speed be shabby? Never!
I don’t know what I’m saying but its attack seems terrifying.

Roxanne lightly takes half a step back.
She dodges the cowman’s charge by a hair’s breadth.
Could it be dodged?
Furthermore, the Moloch Taurus stretches its arms out; however, Roxanne knocks them with her Rapier.

Miria launches a delayed attack.
The cowman’s movement ceases.
It seems to have been paralyzed.

Before the paralysis could wear off, I try to deliver the killing blow with magic.
Following the petrified Moloch Taurus, the paralyzed one turns into smoke.
Whether Progressive Increase in Damage worked or not, I have no idea since there is no data to compare with.

“Was that the ramming attack? It was terrifying.”

In spite of the black and white mottles.
It was on a higher level for a ramming attack.

“You are right. It may be a bit dangerous to look away even for a moment.”

But it would be dangerous just as well even if you looked at it.
We have someone more terrifying here.
Well, as far as Sherry and I are concerned, we can attack from a distance.

We exchange glances to console each other.

“Watch carefully, desu.”

Can you deal with it if you watch it carefully?

“I don’t think it is that strong since we can just collide and be done with it.”

Vesta is terrifying, too.
Vesta is even bigger than the cowman.
The shock from the collision may perhaps not be that strong for her.

Even if it were a cow woman, Vesta would be bigger.
In which sense, I cannot say.
Even though I didn’t say it, I can feel Sherry’s cold stare. It must be my imagination.

Without looking at Sherry, I watch the monster vanish.
When the Moloch Taurus turns into smoke and dissipates, there was red meat left.
It is boned rib.
It was showing as boned rib when I use Appraisal.

I have bought it from a butcher shop before.
Is this boned rib cow meat or cowman meat?
Can cowman meat be called beef?
Since it is a monster we are talking about, delving into it is useless.

Like goat meat? Pork boned rib meat? Or white fish? I have already gotten used to the monster drops.
Even though it is somewhat humanoid, it is still a monster, after all.
Moreover, there is no blood dripping off it since it is a drop item.
Let’s get this tasty stuff.

“Even though a cow doesn’t leave meat behind, a cowman does?”
“Yes, desu.”

I receive the boned rib and put it inside my Item Box.

“Does a Moloch Taurus drop any other ingredient?”
“A triangular boned rib. It seems literally to be a rare drop. People say that it doesn’t exist as it has never been left behind.”

Sherry replies to my question.
There seems to be a rare ingredient, too.
Triangular boned rib, eh?
It is a superior rib.

Thereafter, we continued to explore the 27th floor; however, a triangular boned rib never dropped.
It does seem to be an extremely rare item.
As for fighting a Moloch Taurus, whether it is due to Progressive Increase in Damage or not, I can do it.

“Does a triangular boned rib really exist?”
“It is supposed to. However, it is difficult to differentiate by appearance.”
“It is?”
“Even butchers refrain from buying triangular boned ribs to avoid troubles which makes more and more people believe that it doesn’t exist.”

Sherry teaches me.
That’s a vicious cycle.
People won’t quite believe unless they see it with their own eyes.
If they cannot recognize it by appearance, will they believe whether it is truly a triangular boned rib or not?

Like I still cannot trust the effect of Progressive Increase in Damage.
So, I cannot comment on people.
Although people know that alcohol and cigarette are bad for health, they still consume those.
The poison contained in cigarette and alcohol is indiscernible. Its continuous use damages the body over a long period of time.

I don’t know whether the people of this world realize the risks of alcohol and tobacco.
As for Sherry, she doesn’t think that liquor is harmful for a dwarf’s body.
Unless she notices chronic effect, she won’t believe me.
Honestly, whether liquor is bad for a dwarf’s body or not, I don’t really know.

When I bought wine for cooking, I asked Sherry twice if she wants liquor but she refused saying that it isn’t necessary.
Because I don’t understand what kind of effect liquor has on a dwarf’s body, I cannot recommend it much.
It isn’t my concern if the person themselves want to drink but I cannot force them to drink.

As far as triangular boned rib is concerned, since I can use Appraisal, I should be able to tell.
Even though I don’t have spare points to select Cook, it should drop sooner or later.

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Vesta is terrifying, too.
Vesta is even bigger than the cowman.
The shock from the collision may perhaps not be that strong for her.

Even if it were a cow woman, Vesta would be bigger.
In which sense, I cannot say.
Even though I didn’t say it, I can feel Sherry’s cold stare. It must be my imagination.
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