Slave Harem – 179 – Labyrinth Subjugation

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Labyrinth Subjugation

We break through 26th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth.
The monster native to Quratar’s 27th floor is Scissor Lizard.
That and the monster of the 26th floor, Cape Carp, I have already fought in Haruba’s labyrinth before, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

A Cape Carp is weak against Fire magic which a Scissor Lizard is resistant to; however, since I won’t be staying in Quratar’s labyrinth for too long, it is fine.
In any and all cases, the conditions aren’t as severe as Haruba’s 27th floor.
After fighting a few times on Quratar’s 27th floor, we immediately move to Haruba’s.

I will mainly be using Lightning magic on Haruba’s 27th floor similar to Quratar’s 27th floor.
2 Moloch Tauruses and 3 Cape Carps show up. With this combination, [Thunder Storm] will be the most effective.
That there are 5 enemies, at least one of them will get paralyzed within the first two spells.

On the group of 3 cowmen and 2 carps, I pour [Thunder Storm], [Thunder Storm]and [Fire Storm]. Luckily, 3 of them have gotten paralyzed this time.
For Wizard, I have decided to use Fire magic.
Although the Moloch Tauruses have Fire resistance, my experience tells me that it is better to defeat the monsters in order when there is a large number of them.
It would perhaps have been more effective; however, based on the results of paralysis and petrifaction, I will change my pattern.

“Did it, desu.”

One of the remaining two gets paralyzed with the next [Thunder Storm] while Miria petrifies the remaining one.
With this, the battle has come to an end.
Well, there is a chance for paralysis to naturally wear off; however, all of them eventually die without anyone regaining consciousness.

“Next, we will continue straight from here. There may be a small number of monsters, though.”

We resume exploration under Roxanne’s guidance.
I ask Roxanne if it is possible for her to guide us to a place with a lot of monsters.
It isn’t convenient, however, since I gave priority to exploring.

Two Moloch Tauruses appear next.
I cast a barrage of [Aqua Storm], [Thunder Storm] and [Water Storm]. This time, however, only one of them gets paralyzed.
What’s with that!
The fewer the number of monsters, the more troublesome it seems to get.

Actually, the degree of difficulty doesn’t increase when there is a fewer number.
The problem is the efficiency.
Call it labor, call it cost performance or call it balance of return; the larger the number of monsters, the better.
It feels so good when so many monsters stop moving.

In extreme case, a barrage of 3 against 5 monsters will paralyze 3. It is the same as a barrage of 3 against 2 monsters paralyzing 1.
It can recover from paralysis. I can finish it off faster with Grand Wizard’s [Aqua Storm], so it isn’t completely same.

“Did it, desu.”

Out of the two, one gets petrified.
It would be nice if the remaining one got paralyzed; however, it is extremely difficult.
If there were five, one won’t matter; however, that there is just one, it will be hard.

“Here it comes.”

Before it could get paralyzed, Roxanne issues a warning.
There was nothing like a magic formation under the cowman’s feet.
The Moloch Taurus suddenly charges.
It is a ramming attack.

Was the warning for this?
She really grasped it well.
Roxanne pulls back half a step and dodges the cowman’s ram.
She’s reliable.

After its ramming attack was over, everyone concentrates their attacks on the stupid black and white mottled cow.
I thrust my spear in, too.

“Did it, desu.”

Miria seems to have inflicted petrifaction once again.
There is a merit even in a fewer number.
When there are 5 of them, it is nearly impossible to petrify all of them.
It is usually over by the time Miria petrifies 2-3.

Since both of them have been petrified, it is Durandal’s turn.
I add Seventh Job and select cook.
With Durandal, I finish the Moloch Tauruses off.
The monsters turn into smoke and dissipate.

Oh, a triangular boned rib!
When the smoke vanishes, there was a triangular boned rib left behind by the last Moloch Taurus.
Finally, huh?
It is the first time dropping after all the Moloch Tauruses I have hunted thus far.

“Yes, desu.”

Miria brings the boned rib dropped by the first Moloch Taurus over.


Vesta picks up the triangular boned rib.
So, this is a triangular boned rib, huh?
It looks no different from a normal boned rib.
It is merely a piece of meat.

I kinda understand the reason as to why the butchers tend to be reluctant to buy it to avoid the troubles.
I can differentiate it, though, because I have [Appraisal].
However, even if I said that this is a triangular boned rib, how would I explain if I were asked?
What would I do?

“Is that possibly a triangular boned rib?”

While I was a little puzzled, Sherry asks me.
Is Sherry able to tell that it is a triangular boned rib?

“You can tell?”
“Nope. Well, if it is a triangular boned rib, it shouldn’t be able to be put in the same space as a boned rib in the Item Box.”

I see.
Is that how you can tell them apart?
Same items can be put in the same space in the Item Box. Different items cannot be.
A boned rib and a triangular boned rib should consistently be treated as different items.

Sure enough, the triangular boned rib occupies a different row from the boned rib when I put it inside.
It occupies a new row where there was no item.

“Oh, so it was like that, huh?”

Oh shit!
I should have said from the beginning that it was a triangular boned rib.
It could have added to the appeal of my intelligence.

Nah. Although it could add to the appeal of my intelligence…
I don’t have to disguise myself as having a good head.
I am smart without having to disguise myself as one.

Sherry saw me puzzled as I was hesitating while putting it inside my Item Box.
In Sherry’s eyes, I must have looked like an idiot who didn’t notice that it was a triangular boned rib.
Her eyes look a little cold.
I hope it is my imagination.

It is so annoying. However…

With the Item Box, the butchers should be able to deal in it.
But not all customers have the Item Box. So, it really is futile, huh?
They cannot deal in something limited to Explorers and Adventurers.
Even with the Item Box, if they don’t have a boned rib, it won’t work.

By the end of the day, I only got one triangular boned rib.
I attached Cook several times and defeated the Moloch Tauruses; however, it still didn’t appear again.
A triangular boned rib seems to be rare even amongst the rare ingredients.
It should rather be called a premium ingredient.

The next day, for the dinner, I roast the triangular boned rib simply with salt and pepper.
I don’t know how to make Kalbi sauce. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t find the ingredients.
Although I roasted it merely with salt and pepper, the triangular boned rib is surely delicious.
Is this a premium ingredient, after all?

“Thank you for this delicious food.”
“Certainly, a normal boned rib cannot even compare to it.”

Roxanne and Sherry like it.

“Delicious, desu.”
“It is triangular boned rib.”
“Triangular boned rib, desu.”

Did you like it as much as the last night’s whole fish for the floor breakthrough celebration?
Oh well. She will forget it since it isn’t a fish.

“Is it alright for me to be allowed this kind of luxury?”
“Because it doesn’t seem to drop much, it may only be for today.”

Vesta likes it; however, there is no more premium ingredient left.
Thereafter, I fought for several days on Haruba’s 27th floor but I haven’t received even one triangular boned rib.
If I always select Cook and use Durandal to kill the Moloch Tauruses when they get petrified, will I be able to get one someday?

It might be different if I always had Cook on; however, it will be difficult.
There are other skills that I want to spend the bonus points on.
I could temporarily select Cook for one full day; however, getting one per day would be worthless.
Assuming I want to eat one everyday.

Also, I will lose the chance to eat it when I move on to the next floor.
Luxury is an enemy.

“Triangular boned rib, desu.”

Miria picks up the triangular boned rib and brings it over.
With this, we 3 have in total.
Triangular boned rib hardly ever drops, really.

“You really can tell if it is a triangular boned rib or not.”
“Different color, desu.”
“So, it was like that, huh?”

I receive the triangular boned rib and put it inside my Item Box.
Miria seems to be able to tell the difference between a boned rib and a triangular boned rib.
I will never be able to understand the difference.
Honestly, I would like someone who understands the difference between a boned rib and a triangular boned rib to teach me who can differentiate via Appraisal.

I thought Miria wouldn’t remember the word triangle boned rib but she actually did. It is unbelievable.
It shows as to how much she liked the triangular boned rib.
I want to give her a choice: which one would she like to eat more? This or the fatty tuna?

“Because I heard that it is really difficult for a triangular boned rib to drop, I thought there would be fewer yet we got this many. It really is great.”

Sherry is not directing her white eyes at me, so it can be considered a good thing, I guess.
Which reminds me, all the triangle boned ribs dropped when I had Cook on and Durandal equipped.
It might not have dropped had I not have Cook selected.

“It is naturally because of Master. As expected of Master.”

Roxanne trusts heavily.

“Really? I think you are amazing.”

Vesta’s trust, in comparison, is light.

“Th-Then, let’s go to the next one?”
“Uhh, I am sorry.”

Roxanne apologizes when I said that we should quickly get back to hunting.

“I have lost the monsters.”
“Yes, their positions and numbers.”

Roxanne seems confused herself.
Is such a thing even possible?
It is the first time she is at a loss.
Is it the sign of a powerful monster appearing?

“Ah, the labyrinth may have been subjugated.”

Sherry informs us.

“Subjugated? Speaking of subjugation, what happens when a labyrinth gets subjugated?”
“When the last boss of a labyrinth has been defeated, no new monsters spawn. The monsters that aren’t engaged in battles seem to disappear. The labyrinth itself seems to stay in the same state without monsters for several days. During that period of time, it is possible for you to come out but you cannot go back in. When you use [Dungeon Walk], you return to the entrance no matter where you try to go to.”

When a labyrinth has been subjugated, it doesn’t seem to disappear all of a sudden.
I wonder what would happen to the people inside if it were to disappear suddenly.
The labyrinth remains for several days but the monsters don’t spawn.
That’s why Roxanne wasn’t able to detect them.

“Really? Should we move to the first small room with [Dungeons Walk]?”

I select Explorer, which I no longer use, and invoke [Dungeon Walk].
After a while, the black wall of [Dungeon Walk] manifests.
However, it feels like there is a bug in the movement.
Is it okay?

“Dungeon Walk surely is acting funny.”
“Because Dungeon Walk of all the parties is leading to the same exit, I think it is taking some time.”
“Is that so?”

I am convinced by Sherry’s explanation.
So, there is no problem, is there?
Oh well. Not going isn’t an option anyway
We will be able leave the labyrinth soon.

Over time, the movement of Dungeon Walk should stabilize as well.
I don’t know when will it happen, though. Also, there is even a possibility of it getting worse.
As per my observation, the movement magic itself is behaving suspiciously.

I’d better not use [Warp].
If the labyrinth has been subjugated, I won’t be able to go back in once I come out.

I resolve myself and step into the black wall.
After a moment’s lag, I appear outside in the forest.
It is the corner of the forest where Haruba’s labyrinth is located in.

What Sherry said seems to be true.
The entrance to the labyrinth seems to still be there.
The four girls come out following me.
In the vicinity of the entrance to the labyrinth, there seem to be some people.


Gozer is here, too, and he calls out to me.

“By any chance, did Gozer-dono get the last boss?”
“It was merely a young labyrinth with fifty floors. I couldn’t be defeated by it.”

Gozer seems to be the one who subjugated the labyrinth.
As you would expect from the most elite party of the order of Harz knights.

“That’s great. Congratulations.”
“No, no. it is also thanks to Michio-dono’s support.”

I am glad I was able to be here just in time for the labyrinth’s subjugation.
Had I not come out after a long time, ‘Where is he? What is he doing?’ would have happened
I am glad I didn’t use [Warp].

“This labyrinth has been subjugated successfully by the order of Harz knights. Thank you for your cooperation, everyone.”

They are probably Gozer’s party members.
They greet the people who came out behind us.

“Two labyrinths are still left within our territory; we shouldn’t lose focus.”
“Ah- oh well.”

Is it possible to get the instruction as to which one of the two should I go to?
I wonder which one of the two I should enter from now on.
Which one should I go to?

“I cannot recommend any one of the remaining two to Michio-dono. Since there are only two, we will somehow be able to manage with just us knights.”
“Ah, you are right.”
“In order for the Duke to enter this labyrinth, we cleared every room with the monsters on every floor. In these parts, Tare’s labyrinth is the only one remaining. Bode’s labyrinth is scheduled to be cleared next; however, the exploration there isn’t progressing.”

One of the most dreadful things about a labyrinth is the small room brimming with monsters.
Since it was the labyrinth the Duke entered, the order of knights would definitely eradicate these dangers.
As it turns out, I seem to have been entering a safe labyrinth unbeknownst.

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