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Hand of God Liliana 3

Ms. Leone and my offensive and defensive battle continues.

The exercise system of moving the body is almost out.

Ms. Leone says, a pregnant woman that shuts herself in her room, and is confined to bedrest is normal.

As a result of having held out each against each other, walking every 3 days was decided.

Really, I wanted to do it everyday.

It seems, Ms. Leone is still having difficulties understanding.

It is true what they say that pregnant women eat for 2 and is necessary, but even so weight gain needs to be regulated.

However, it is said that realistically this way pregnant woman eat for two adults.

In mother’s case of having twins, they tried to give her meals of 3 people worth, I was amazed and beyond shocked.

Pregnant women or food Fighter ! !

Unconsciously, I  tsukkomi myself.

Result of our disputing it with Ms. Leone, I managed to forgive it.

To do this, I stubbornly did not budge on this either.

Mother saw me in her eyes, as her savior.

So I found out medicine in this world, isn’t considerably overdue in advancement.

Of course, it’s not like I was expecting modern-day medical practices and technology, but it was instead so bad that it still surprised me.

The people here are really too extreme.

It is common knowledge among pregnant women in this world.

But it is absurd.

And when I think about it, mother is a very unusual person.

However, because of such a mother, she accepts me.

Mother, thank you.

As such, mother moved around more compared to other pregnant women, in which Ms. Leone frowned at.

However, Ms. Leone was countered by the magic words, lost light.

Liliana-chan, healers, conceal their arts from others. Even if skills and knowledge are lost to the next generation. As the skills and knowledge are lost, they call that lost light.

If technology and knowledge weren’t lost, I can’t help thinking things would be different from how it is now.

Because Ms. Leone’s opposition seems small, things are going steadily.

Because women are prone to tooth decay when pregnant, I have mother brush her teeth with toothpaste, and continue to massage to bring down the edema.

By the way, right now I am helping wash Okaasama who can’t do it herself in the bath.

Here there is no bath like in Japan.

It’s to hard as a former japanese.

Here, the bathing method is for a bathtub large enough to fit one person inside to be moved into a room, then filled with warm water.

I’m scheming secretly, on a way to deal with this.

But still, even though Okaasama has become more plump than before due to her pregnancy, where is it coming from? This sex appeal.

Even though I shouldn’t be embarrassed because we are the same sex, but why does my heart pound when I’m not even naked.

However, can’t mother suppress her sex appeal?

I’m not sure where to look.

Ugh, it’s not because I’m jealous.

I’m still in my growth period after all!!

I’m still just a child!!

I, end up wiping from mothers arms to her chest.

This way, blood circulation improves.

When I turn around to wipe the back of mother, there is an incongruity on her smooth white skin.

From the left shoulder to the right side, there was a discolored scar

What is this!? A sword slash!!

I, stiffen in surprise unintentionally.

Mother gives a wryly smile, noticing my appearance.

「Liliana-chan, sorry for showing you something strange. However, mother was able to marry your father because of this wound, and Liliana-chan could be born, furthermore the twins that will be born.」

Mother talks about the wound happily.

Though I do not understand it well, but indeed she is a resident of a country of love.

What kind of love-hate drama was between father and mother!?

I continue to clean and avoid the scar.


「Is it painful? Mother??」

「No, it’s not painful. Thank you for worrying, Liliana-chan.」

I’m sorry for showing an unsightly display, she says that as she puts on clothes after I finished cleaning.

「I don’t think that it is ugly. However did you not think about using healing magic?」

Mother shakes her face side to side while smiling.

「No. This is a wound from a devil sword, which has power dwelling within it. Therefore, it’s not possible to cure it with magic.」

A devil sword!? Fantasy!!

It’s too fantasy-esque.

Liliana-chan too, the less you worry about getting cut by a demon sword, a time when you can come to love will pass.

That sounds nice.」 *monotone; like not interested voice*

I say bluntly monotonously.
I personally would say that I absolutely refuse to go through with such a love-hate drama.

Still, for mother this scar is proof of love as it were.

「Even the serious Leone, is such a person. She couldn’t get away without being seized with love」

Eh? Uh, Ms. Leone!?

「Her short hair is proof. All women’s hair are long. Though there is a time when the hair is cut. That is, when the one they love dies.」

Her…… Ms. Leone husband…………

「Hair is a woman’s life. When the spouse is lost, the woman cuts her hair, It is considered that it sacrifices oneself with their spouse. After that she lets her hair grow,  in one year it will grow back to it’s original length, it’s possible to live a new life. Leone’s spouse died, 30 years have passed since. Still, Leone doesn’t grow her hair. She’s had that hairstyle since when I’ve met her. 」


Bound by love.

I have not loved a person in such a way.

For this reason, love is so frightening.

「Even though she’s so stubborn, that deeply torments Leone. Therefore, she oftens knocks heads with Liliana-chan. Understand this Liliana-chan.」


「Yes, mother……. 」

I’ve become close to letting out tears.

But, it’s unreasonable for me to cry.

So, I won’t cry.

「Lilian-chan is a gentle child.」

While I am called a good child, as a good child, mother pats my head.

If Liliana-chan meets a nice person, tell mother. But, you must not tell your father. He’ll probably do a lot of things behind your back.

What does ‘do a lot of things behind your back’ mean!?

Although I’m curious, I feel like it’s a subject I shouldn’t touch, so I’ll go ahead and ignore that comment.

「Okaay, I won’t tell him.」 *monotone*

When will I change this flow, I divert my eyes from mother, thinking whether I should talk about a certain topic or not.

Because this topic is a disadvantage for me.


Then, a letter is place on the desk.

「Mother, that letter? 」

Mother, has a troubled face.

「Since an acquaintance from the Royal Capitol is also pregnant, I was thinking of sending a letter……but I decided against it.

「Why is that? You wrote that in great pains, such a waste . 」

On the letter, it feels like she put her heart into every character, anyone who received it would rejoice right?

「However, Even if I send the letter, it is likely they will be wary of it. It’s that person’s second pregnancy, but last time, in the end I wasn’t able to send it either.」

「Mother….. who on earth is your acquaintance?」

I glance at mother suspiciously.

Well, you said they will be wary of it……

Surely, it’s not connected to the love-hate drama of the scar mentioned earlier?

However, it’s a woman because she is also expecting.

Then it’s different?  but, is there the possibility of a love triangle with father.

「The first time we actually met, I was around the same age as Liliana-chan is now. But, I couldn’t make a proper conversation. I, since a young age, was brought up listening and being compared to that person.」

Hm? They don’t seem to be related to the love-hate drama.


But I’m sure we will be able to converse properly! After all, we went through the same education, we wanted the same things, we were so-called comrades. But, her surroundings, her position wouldn’t allow that, so like that I was never able to talk with her again. But, just once……since we don’t have any obligations anymore, I thought that we might be able to talk from our hearts, but it didn’t work.


Is that so. Then, mother–

「You wanted to become friends with that person, right.」

Mother is floating an amazed expression, slowly starts to understand cheerfully.

Probably, mother was not able to name the feeling herself.

Okaasama probably wanted to have someone to push her back for her.


「Mother, the difficulty will rise if you miss the opportunity. I think that the time is now. If you regret it later, so take a chance! desu」

Then all I have to do is push that back for her.


「Yeah……. that might be so. Then I will send this letter as Liliana says. 」

「That’s for the best!!」

Though it was written with great pains, it would be a waste to throw it away, isn’t that right.

「As to the letter, what did you write?」

「In the letter, I wrote about prenatal care and low salt intake that I learned from Liliana, and a variety of other things. When in trouble get help from each other.

Mama’s friend network.

After all, it’s reassuring when it’s a pregnant friend.

But still, is the world in a baby boom?

Well, even so that is an auspicious situation.



Some days later, mother was in unusually good spirits when I met her later.

「As Liliana-chan said, I recieved a reply from the letter I sent. In fact, they thought the same thing as me, I’m very happy. Thank you, Liliana-chan」

Mother after being cut-off for many years, seems exhilarated.

Stress-free is number 1.

「Good for you, Mother」

Now, just have to wait for my cute twin siblings to be born.

And, the expected day comes.

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