Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 10

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The next morning, Mary was clinging to Kazuya’s back.
Ever since Mary woke up, she has been staying at the same house as Izuna since she did not have a home.

「Nene, Kazuya san~」

「Uwahh, I-I am making breakfast now, so won’t you leave me alone, Mary? It’s a little dangerous.」

「It’s okay. Or rather, Kazuya, shall we sleep together today~?」

「Ehh, today as well? It’s a little……」

Yeah. Since last night, she has been by my ears, whispering sweet temptations to me continuously.
Her voice is extremely bewitching. Even if I try my best to exercise reason, I will probably not last. Although there are some places I can venture to, I am able to show basic self-control.

On the contrary, the one who is unable to show self-control…

「Ehh, Erm, Mary. I do have limits to my self-control, you know?」

Izuna said. For a few days now, there has been this pulsing vein on her forehead.

「Eh~. Isn’t it okay if it’s this much.」

「If it’s this much, it’s way too much….!」

「Is that so……?」

「Yes, it is!」

Well, their war of words thus continued.
….However, now and then, they would stare at each other with really scary eyes.

Kazuya wasn’t able to resolve their issue easily either.

「However, it can’t be helped. Kazuya who stays at the same house as me looks so delicious. If I were to stay with him, I would become a vampire who would go *beta beta* sticking all over him. 」

「….Well, regarding that, it can’t be helped. It’s a trait of a lone vampire, after all.」

「Ehh, does she really have such a trait?」

「Umu, when there is a human close by, she will seek human warmth. It’s the same for all the vampires in this world.」

I see. So, that’s why she was *beta beta* sticking all over me like this. She has a really nice smell to her, so it’s very dangerous for me.

「I am sorry, Kazuya san~. This is my special trait, so I am unable to control myself~」

「No, you do not need to apologize.」

If she did not do this purposely to make Izuna angry, it can’t be helped.

「Un, I guess so. It can’t be helped. Therefore, you will sleep in the hall at level 1.」

「Ahh~. So cruel~」

As Mary *shiku shiku* sobbed, she raised her hands to hold her tears back . They are totally crocodile tears.
But there is something that I have noticed.

….Such a situation transpired because she was staying in the same room as me.
If that’s the case…

「Will you listen to me for a little, Mary?」

「What is it?」

「If you have your own room, you won’t be sticking to me anymore?」

「Probably, I guess.」

「Yoshi, I got it.」

Kazuya placed the freshly made breakfast on the table as he nodded.

「~Ng? What’s wrong, Kazuya?」

「In order to make a room available for you, I will clean up level 1 of the castle.」

Thus, today as well, I decided to make an effort at the cleaning duty.

The interior of Level 1.

Previously, I had cleaned up about 5 % of level 1, so I was able to see the deepest part of the hall.
However, considering the dust left behind, there was still some way to go.

「Yoshi, let’s do it now?」

Today, Kazuya had prepared a handkerchief mask, too, as well as a dustpan and a broom as he proceeded to the battle with the garbage. Incidentally, both Mary and Izuna went back to sleep on the 2nd floor.
Sefina had not woken up in the first place.

…. I can say with confidence that the one who is the most hardworking is me, the pet….

Argh, it’s okay. Today, my heart is prepared.

「Yesterday, I experienced someone buried; therefore, no matter what comes out today, I will not be surprised anymore. 」

Mustering my courage, I gazed at the mountain of dust.
Hence, without a shred of eagerness, I entered the fray.
Or so I thought, however――

「――I’ve found something……」

Within the garbage, there was someone.
Not again! This is why I didn’t feel like entering.

「Why are people so casually buried in this house……」

Snuck in the dust and metallic garbage was a white clothed young girl with white hair.
She is the exact opposite of the black gothic vampire from yesterday; however, compared to the gothic girl, her figure is probably smaller in size.

Her chest is pretty decent, though. (Light: Thinking with his lower half again…)

「――Eh, that’s wrong. I must wake her up.」

I checked whether she was alive by calling out to her. Oh well, it’s alright.
Whatever is buried in this castle; whatever happens inside; it’s not strange at all.
Kazuya psyched himself up as he tried to wake the white-haired girl up. However…

The memories from the other day resurfaced. That time, I became a victim because I carelessly approached her.

「Right, but I’ve learned……」

I won’t be a victim twice.

「Ooo~iiii, Are you alriiiiiight?」

It may be improper to do that to an unconscious girl; however, because I was slightly far away, I stretched out my hand and *tap tap* shook her.
I shook her arms and poked her face to stimulate her, but…

She wouldn’t wake up.
Not even a twitch.
「This, surely……」

No, wait. Isn’t that the worst possible case?
I cannot say that she is dead just yet.
Although her breathing appears to have stopped, although her breathing cannot be sensed through her palms, it cannot be said that she is dead just yet.

「~Te OIIII! Are you dead!!!?」

Kazuya hurriedly jumped to her side and placed his ears on her chest.
There was no sound; however, he caught a faint warmth to her.
In other words…

「There is still hope……!」

I will carry the girl to Izuna and ask of a recommendation for a doctor.
Thinking so, I brought my hands below the girl’s neck. Right then…

「Restart request validated.」

The white girl’s eyes *gabatto* opened.

「Acknowledging Restart requirement. Absorbing moisture through mucous membrane.」

At that juncture, she grasped Kazuya who was before her eyes. However――

「……Fuu……This time, I have dodged it……」

Kazuya wasn’t there.
Kazuya had backed about 1 meter away from the white girl’s hand.
He had learnt from the incident with the vampire.
……That he must not get close to an awakened girl in the midst of the garbage……
While thinking so, the increase in ability due to the cleaning day after day had come into use.

……I dodged magnificently.
With a triumphant pose in my heart. However, the next moment…


The white girl’s arm got detached.

It was flying towards me.
If you asked me, I would say it was a rocket punch.
Although that rocket like arm wasn’t spurting out fire from the back, it grasped Kazuya’s body with a strong force.
Then pulled and completely restrained.

「Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat is this!?」

「Due to suspension of function, the authority of the previous master has been revoked. Resonating heat source confirmed. ――Restarting. Confirmation of the new master required. Requesting contact with mucous membrane.」

And then, the white girl took a quick look at Kazuya’s face as she drew near.

「Wa-Wa Wait a mom……」

「Confirming waiting request reply……Rejected」

「Th-this agaaaaaaain!」

Thus, Kazuya, for the second time ever since coming to this world, was kissed.

「Ahh, Kazuya got into trouble……! I didn’t make it in time……!!」

「You probably never had the intention to be on time……Izuna……」

This time, I could not shout for help, so I was thoroughly attacked for 1 hour. (Fairy: HUHHHHH HE WAS FUCKING ATTACKED FOR 1 HOUR?!)
I was licked at every part imaginable. She had insane strength which made me unable to escape.
I was rescued by Izuna who was coincidentally going out to take a walk.

「Ah. Good morning, Ex-Master. Shall I quickly check on your bust size with Rena’s eyes.」

「Will you stop it, stupid fool!」

Then, the white girl who was sucking on Kazuya cheerfully greeted Izuna.

「Seriously. Mary aside, crossing the line before me is really a downer, Renarisu・Sebustart」

「Where did I cross the line, Ex- Master?」

「Right here. He is my pet!」

Kazuya, with the pure white girl’s saliva *doro doro* dripping over him, stared at Izuna with dead eyes.

「I-Izuna……What is this kid……」

Why did she kiss me to such an extent. Furthermore, her saliva had a citrus fragrance and there is this fragrance on her body which smells really good.

「Umu, as you may probably have noticed, she is one of the 4 Devas. An Automaton, Renarisu・Sebustart」

As I suspected. How did the 4 Devas get buried in your castle?
Is this castle the 4 Devas’ scrap yard?

「Or rather, an Automaton, huh….」

「To put it simply, she is an android.」

「Ahh, I see! Rena is an android! I really do not know anything at all.」

Albeit fairly stupid, she really is an android.
Certainly, a normal being cannot have a citrus smelling saliva; however, at a glance, from the way she talks, you cannot see her as anything but a normal girl.

「No, No, Rena is definitely an Automaton, Present Master.」

「Ma-Mast……? Nee, Izuna. I am not sure what’s going on now….」

Upon Kazuya’s enquiry, Izuna looked at Rena with a bitter expression.

「For an Automaton, a 「Master」is required to give commands to it. During the Startup, that 「Master」is designated. Isn’t that so, Renarisu?」

「Yes, you are right, Ex-Master. You have studied real hard!」

*Pachi pachi pachi * Rena clapped and diverted her sights away from Izuna.
Then, with a bitter expression, Rena looked at Kazuya.

「Ex-Master… Ahh, I see. 4,000 years back, I was your Master….」


「Ahh…… I do not have that authority anymore, it seems. And this kid’s present Master seems to be Kazuya.」

「Yes! From now on till eternity, till your last breath, please take care of me Present Master! ―― Erm, may I have the honour of knowing your name?」

I was just looking for an available room.
For some reason, I have been shoved with the role of a Master.

Author’s note: And this time, it’s a perfect Loli. A Loli Android! ……Are, thinking about it now, the females surrounding the MC have increased by a teeny weeny bit.
Maa, isn’t that great!

Light: For those who didn’t catch my april fools, sorry! Hopefully I’ll do it in time next year. If you want an idea of what I’ve done, take a look at the comments~

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ok, so far he has found a vampire and a robot buried in the dust I wonder what the remaining 2 devas (which probably are also buried in the dust of the level 1) might be. I’m going to bet that either a dulhan or a zombie (remember that needs to be something that can hibernate for god know how long)



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